Bible Belt Bride Ch. 03

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I would like to thank Grania2 for editing and advice during the development of this story.

This is a three part story of a frustrated young bride who finds sexual satisfaction outside of her new marriage.

Knoxville, The Orgy

Nicky and Shawn were actually part of a larger group of couples that frequently got together. Sometimes it was just a few couples, other times it could turn into an all-out orgy of twenty people or more. It just depended on who could make it. One of the couples in the group was very wealthy. They owned a huge house in Knoxville. The guy’s father was big in real estate. The son was also into the business. They were still a young couple though, and had no children as yet. They were party people who knew all the important movers and shakers around town. Shawn and Nicky had been introduced to them through others in their swinging circle. Every so often they would host a get-together. No one wanted to miss these events. The wife would often put on a party just for her husband’s birthday or some other excuse.

Nicky went on and on about the house. The wife had very expensive taste in décor. The place was an absolute showcase. A private pool area out back had a large party room attached to it. The previous get-togethers had all been held there. The wife would spare no expense in putting together an extravagant party. Nicky was practically begging me to attend with them. There were some rules though, and one was couples only. No singles allowed. You also had to be vouched for by someone the hosts knew too. I wasn’t going to be with anyone so, I figured I would not be allowed in. Nicky said that it was no problem for Shawn to find a partner for me. We didn’t have to be a couple in the normal sense; they just wanted an even ratio of men to women attending.

The events were no limits. Couples could come and participate, swim, just hang-out and as long as they didn’t bother anyone, could even just sit and watch, but no one ever did. Alcohol was free-flowing, all top-notch label stuff too. Drugs were not allowed, except weed, and of course Viagra. Pairings were done at your own discretion. Anyone could hook-up with anyone else as they wished. Clothing was optional. And very shortly into it, all were usually naked. Everyone got in on the free-for-all orgy that always started after some of the women started drinking.

This would be a big leap for me. I had met with Shawn and Nicky three times and each evening with them opened my eyes to the bigger world. I had been sheltered as a kid. I had no idea stuff like this went on. My life with Kenny was stifling me. I needed more that he was offering. It was a shame, because in most things he was ok. But he would always be his momma’s son. If it ever came down to it, I knew he would always side with her on anything over me.

I decided to go to the party. I guess there was never really a question that I wouldn’t since Nicky had brought it up. We would drive up together and come back late that evening. I met them near the airport and left my car. The guy they had paired me up was with them. Curt was a nice looking guy, maybe about thirty-something. We introduced ourselves, and spent the ride up to Knoxville talking about general things. Nicky was in the front seat constantly turning around to jump into the conversation if it lagged. We seemed like a couple. I guess it really didn’t matter too much because I figured to join in with the others in the whole group thing anyway. Still it was good to have someone to be with until then. I guess it felt more like a first blind date.

Nicky wasn’t kidding about the house. It was in an exclusive part of town and was lavishly landscaped. The property had a long curving two lane drive which was already half full of cars. The house was lit up like a movie-star’s home. I could see people heading around the side and I guess to the pool area. As we pulled in behind another car, Nicky spotted a friend and started hollering like a high-school girl. They almost ran to each other and hugged. The guys did a friendly wave, but that was about it for them. Nicky was hopping around like a little kid. She couldn’t wait to introduce me. I extended my hand for a handshake and was immediately grabbed by both of them and together they began hopping up and down.

No one appeared to go into the main house. I guess the party would only be in the pool area. The party-house across from the pool was amazing. It was a house in itself. There was a complete bar and a buffet line of steaming food. There were changing rooms and showers towards the back. The main area was really just one big open area. Leather couches were scattered around the room in clusters. A huge screen television hung from the one wall. An audio system somewhere thumped out a driving beat. The entire side facing the pool was glass sliding wall panels. All were pushed back allowing for a completely open access to the pool area. Wow, was all I could think. I never would have canlı bahis şirketleri ever thought I would be included into this type of world. Curt handed me a glass of wine. I looked for a spot to sit, but Nicky grabbed my arm and lead me around the crowd introducing me to everyone.

“There’s no sitting down here,” she laughed.

The driving beat of music already had some of the women dancing by themselves or in small groups. Nicky lead me over to the hosts. They were genuinely nice people. I was hugged and politely kissed by both.

“No handshakes here,” said the host. He laughed and practically lifted me off my feet.

“You must make yourself at home and stay late,” he laughed.

Nicky continued to lead me around introducing me to all of her closest friends. I lost Curt somewhere in all this. Later I saw him by the bar with Shawn. Drinks flowed and the food was delicious. Nicky and I were finishing our plates out at a table by the pool when I noticed two couples enter from the front of the house. Two black guy’s escorting two beautiful black girls entered the pool area. The guys had to be six foot-six or better. They were massively built and absolutely gorgeous.

“You like?” Nicky said, jabbing me with an elbow.

My mouth must have been hanging open.

“Better close your mouth kid, or you’ll swallow a fly,” Nicky said laughing loudly.

Visions of my favorite video began playing in my head. I had never even told Nicky about it, but these two studs could certainly fulfill my wildest dreams.

“Nicky was still giggling and said, “Don’t you go getting near Reggie or Lucas first girl, they will completely wreck you for anyone else here.”

I know I was being impolite, but I tracked their every movement for a couple minutes. Nicky finally bumped me and asked if I wanted to take a dip in the pool. I had a brand new suit on under my clothing, so it was just a short visit to the change room to shed my outer clothing. Others were already congregating around the edges of the pool. No one was actually swimming just yet. I guess the women didn’t want to mess up their hair. After a few minutes Shawn and Curt came up and sat at the edge of the pool with us. Each had another drink for us. They had changed to swim trunks also. We paired up and were sort of flirting with them. It was nice of Curt to pay attention to me.

Eventually with drinks in hand, Nicky and I slid into the pool and just stayed in the shallow end and sort of just toured the edges talking to others. As we past Shawn again, Nicky slipped off her top and handed it to him. She was now going topless. This was the first time I had worn my new suit. Kenny and I never went anywhere where I could have worn it. I was still a little shy and kept mine on for a while yet. Most couples had finished eating and were either at the pool’s edge or back in the party-room. The level of the music was cranked up noticeably. Of the people at the pool now most of the women were topless and swim tops were scattered all along the edge of the pool. Being the newbie I felt others were checking me out. Having scanned the other women’s figures I felt I could compete. I was probably one of the younger ones there. My breast size was as good as any except for some obvious implants. I had enough to drink now and I figured what the hell. Mine was off too.

The thumping base from inside the party room was felt even in the pool water. People began drying off and standing near the open side of the party-room. Nicky asked if I was cooled off enough.

“Sure,” I said.

“Want to check it out?” she asked with a smirk on her face.

I found my top and we followed some others standing by the opening. Inside the big TV was on. On the screen was a video playing of an all-out gang-fuck in progress. The TV was high- definition and the video extremely was extremely sharp. It was almost like a large window into a room full of people fucking.

Glancing around many people were already naked. Some engaged with one another already. Guys had women bouncing up and down on their laps. Several women had on little costumes or lingerie. Little school girl’s plaid skirts covered maybe the slightly overweight or older women’s bottoms. Another favorite seemed to be the black and white French maid outfits. The younger ones like Nicky’s age just were totally nude and strutting their stuff.

I scanned the room looking for Reggie and Lucas. Sure enough there in the center of the room, they were putting on a show. The girls that they had brought with them were slurping away on each of them. Their cocks were enormous. No other guys would even sit near them out of shame. The two cocks dwarfed all others in the room. The two girls weren’t really going down on them as much as they mostly licking around the sides and were nibbling on them.

Nicky and I surveyed the room looking for an open spot. Shawn and Curt followed us towards the back. We still had towels canlı kaçak iddaa wrapped around our waists. As we sat, we stripped completely. Shawn and Curt ditched their suits and we got down to some heavy kissing. Others around us were outright fucking and groaning. Maybe it was the cool air or the pressure from Curt leaning on me, but after all that drinking, I suddenly had to go pee. I asked Nicky if she would go with me. Going into the bathroom naked and coming out naked is a really strange experience. As we returned to our guys, two middle aged women ahead of us grabbed our seats and each planted a kiss on our men. They grabbed hold of their cocks and started stroking them. I was sort of pissed at first. Nicky turned to me and said.

“You snooze, I guess you lose.”

I didn’t exactly know what the protocol for any of this was. Then Nicky says to me, “Let’s go shopping.” We turned and started looking for other open partners in the room. On the way out of the restroom I had noticed the two black girls standing in the line to go pee. I quickly scanned the room and saw Reggie and Lucas alone. They were slouched back on a couch downing a couple shots of some kind of drink. Their cocks were stiff as hell and flopping around whenever they moved. I broke away from Nicky. I knew now might be my only chance. I was like a moth seeing a bright light. Only one thing was on my mind now. I didn’t know if I would ever be re-invited to something like this again or not, so I wasn’t going to let this moment slip by. I could hear Nicky somewhere behind me.

“Girl, are you nuts?”

I reached the couch where they were sitting. Both guys looked up at me. Nicky caught up with me and was pulling at my shoulder. I extended my hand and introduced myself. Reggie stood up. His cock was bouncing around like a horse cock. It was the color of dark licorice candy. The shine on it glistened in the room’s soft light. Every vein seemed to be pumping fresh blood into it to keep it going. I knew I was being rude, but how do you just ignore something that big pointing right back at you.

Lucas stood too and was trying to look at Nicky who had partially hidden herself behind me. She finally reached around me and nervously said hello. I couldn’t say which guy was bigger. Both of them actually kept their eyes focused on our faces at first. The first thing out of my mouth was.

“This is some serious cock you got here,” I said.

My mind slapped my face for being so forward. “Jesus, what a thing to say right off.” I felt so stupid I could have died.

Reggie laughed and shook it. “For the serious people only,” he said grinning.

Thank God he had a sense of humor. I felt so awkward standing there. I tried to keep it together, but my mouth actually began watering. My words made no sense. I was blithering like an idiot. Standing there trying to make small talk with someone with a twelve inch bloated cock only inches from your belly-button was impossible. Finally, I just went for it. That cock was huge, but that cucumber Tina had shoved into my mouth was as big and I had handled it. I wasn’t letting this opportunity go by.

“Mind if I try?” I asked, looking downward.

I didn’t wait for an answer and just knelt down in front of him. His cock sort of hung in a downward arc. It was at least ten to twelve inches, but I just knew it would fit in my throat. I kissed the head a couple times while I got my mouth wet. I flicked my tongue at the piss slit and was even able to get the tip of my tongue in there a little ways. I relaxed my throat and opened wide. I took a deep breath and began to work my mouth over the head of it. The tip hit the back of my mouth and slid easily right into the spot Papa always seemed to touch. I continued to work it downward. I struggled some, because it was a little tight at first, but I kept pushing. Finally, I just reached through Reggie’s leg and grabbed him by the butt. I pulled his stomach right up to my lips. My face mashed out against his groin, and I held him there. Reggie instantly let out an embarrassingly loud roar.

“God-damm little girl,” he shouted.

When I’ve got something in my throat like that my hearing is affected. I can’t breathe either, maybe that’s why. But clearly everyone around us turned to see what had just happened. My lips were buried against his crotch, and I just stayed that way. One woman nearby actually let out a loud screech, causing almost everyone else in the room to turn to see what had just happened. There I was with the biggest cock in the room hanging somewhere between my windpipe and my stomach.

I had never shown or told Nicky about my ability to deep throat anything because I felt she would ask questions, and I didn’t want to explain it too much, especially about my papa and me. I saw Nicky out of the corner of my eye leaning over to see if in-fact I had actually swallowed the entire thing. Reggie had grabbed at my head and was holding me still.

“Jesus canlı kaçak bahis girl, what the hell,” Nicky gasped.

“God-damm, God-damm,” Reggie kept repeating his voice rising. His hips involuntarily started bucking against my mouth, but I held on.

Some people in the room had literally stopped fucking and were standing up looking at us. I felt like every eye in the place was on me right now. Maybe twenty seconds passed before I let his cock withdraw from my throat. Drool slipped out of my mouth and I left a coating of white covering the entire length of his cock. I stood up. I looked at him and smiled.

I could hear the whispering of voices around us. There was a buzz all around the room. People who didn’t know me were talking to one another. I knew it was about me. Nicky was staring at me.

“What the fuck was that?” she asked.

Lucas was staring at me in disbelief too. He gripped his cock and aimed it right at me. I knelt back down and proceeded to work his cock also. His slid in easily. I don’t make that retching sound that I’ve heard other girls do when they gag. I just get the head past my tonsils and the rest just follows. I sometimes have to twist my head some, but usually it just slides right down. I began bobbing my head up and down halfway a couple times and then went all the way down and stayed that way.

With Lucas’s cock filling my throat, old memories of times with my papa filled my brain, if these people only knew where I had perfected my talent.

Two women who were fucking some guys nearby stood up and walked over to watch what I was doing. I started to wonder if I would be making Reggie and Lucas’s girlfriend’s mad when they returned. I was looking towards the restrooms when they came out. They didn’t make it past the first couple guys before they stopped and began talking with them. I was really surprised at the cordial atmosphere here. No one was jealous or possessive. If you were open, you just hooked up with the next available person. There were a couple men standing around while their wives lay on a couch nearby each taking on multiple partners. But even they seemed to just be sitting it out for a little bit. Everyone was sure to have their fill of sex. No worries. No one would be leaving here unsatisfied.

The women who came over and were watching me actually started cheering me on. I felt like someone special that others had started noticing. Nicky stayed with me, and together we traded guys back and forth. Deep throating these two guys was intense. Several times Nicky watched and tried to follow my lead. She came up coughing and gagging. I think she might have even puked a little. I was stunned at the size of their balls. Each sported a pair which felt like a couple soft-boiled eggs. Their sheer weight suggested they would unload with a torrent of jizz when these guys came. Reggie and Lucas allowed us to do as we wished. I knew they would eventually want to fuck and I was more than down with that.

Someone, I guess maybe the hosts, had placed purple colored bottles of personal lubricant on many of the end tables. I knew I would need all the help I could get. By the time I started lathering up Reggie’s cock there were three women and one guy standing nearby just waiting to watch me try him on. Maybe, I had taken on more than I could handle? The deep-throating part I had done before. But shoving a cock this size into a hole that my husband Kenny could fill was maybe a little too much.

Nicky was just stroking Lucas’s cock and looking at me. I guess she figured “you started this, you go first.” I straddled Reggie, and held his cock steady and began trying to fit it inside of me. He was enormous. His cockhead spread and then stretched the very limit of what I could take. I was hoping these guys were very patient. With cocks like theirs they couldn’t just ram the thing in a girl right away. It definably took some getting adjusted to. Reggie stayed still as I put more and more of my weight on it. The first few inches hurt like hell. I closed my eyes and breathed softly. To my surprise the worst seemed over. The next five or six inches seemed to just slip into place. I didn’t get all of him in because I figured he was going to need some room for stroking. I lifted up some and he began moving slowly.

My fantasy video played over and over in my head. I don’t think I could have handled this much cock while being held in the air, but maybe someday. For right now having the biggest damn cock I had ever seen pulsing inside me was enough. Reggie began a slow rhythmic stroke. I tried to hold still as he moved inside me. He gripped my hips and held me in place on top and he began to speed up. Nicky was right next to me and I guess she could see the lust in my face.

She followed my lead and mounted Lucas. We were suddenly like competitive sisters. Each of us had more than we could handle and we both knew it. I had tried to sit upright but the length of Reggie’s cock felt like it was poking right into the bottom of my stomach. I stayed hunched over him and rode him like that. In a little bit I began to feel his balls slapping against my ass. I didn’t look, but I knew the people standing behind us were shocked.

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