Bi-Sexual Seminar

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I am a happily married man with a great wife and tow wonderful children, yet there was always something missing in my life and I never could figure it out until recently.

I work as an insurance claim estimator, a boring job, but it pays well and allows for a lot of downtime.

I recently was sent by my company to attend a two-day seminar on estimating guidelines with some government regulation classes mixed in. I was never a very out going person so I did not enjoy the camaraderie associated with the attendees at seminars or conventions, so I usually just attended what I was required to attend and then headed back to my room to check emails or work on some pending projects.

Unfortunately, as part of this convention, all attendees were assigned a partner to work with during some of the seminar activities and this person was also assigned as your roommate at the hotel.

My name is Michael and the guy I would be rooming with Rob. As it turned out we had a great deal in common…Married with two young children, working for very small appraisal companies and not really into the whole get wild at a seminar idea many of our colleagues shared. After dinner on the first night, both Rob and I headed back to our room to change and relax for a while. I ended up taking a shower and so did Rob.

Following our showers we were hanging out shooting the shit and having a few over-priced drinks from the in-room min-bar.

As we quickly ran out of things to talk about and by the fact it was only 8 p.m., Rob suggested renting a movie from the in-room rental service and I told him fine with me. He then grabbed the remote when went through the listings of movies offered by the hotel. Both of us being fathers with young children, we quickly realized we had never heard of most of the movies that were offered and the few we had heard of, we had no interest in.

“We could always watch one of the adult movies that are offered,” suggested Rob. “At least we know the plot of all of those movies and that we both have an interest in watching women get fucked.”

“That’s not a bad idea,” I replied, “Although is it at all gay that we are going to watch a porn together in a hotel room?”

Rob laughed and said, “I watched porn with buddies before and it is not gay unless we end up fucking each other in the ass while watching gay porn and go out tomorrow and start looking at bedspreads together,”

“You are probably right about that, pick one out while I go take a leak,” I said.

As I headed to the bathroom, many thoughts were running through my mind and they were all new thoughts that I had never considered before. Yes, I had watched porn with other guys in the past, but it had always been with a group of guys at a bachelor party and I had never been in a hotel room with a guy drinking scotch and watching porn.

As I finished taking a leak and went back to the room, Rob and the television on pause and said he had picked out the one that looked the best to him. I did notice that he had turned the lights out while I was in bathroom, which didn’t upset me at all as it helped hide the semi-hard-on I as now sporting.

As the movie started, we were both in shorts and t-shirts lying on our own beds above the covers with a scotch or vodka in our hands. It was your normal porno, woman bahis şirketleri at home consoling her friend over a bad boyfriend, suddenly both naked except for high heels and women’s husband walks in and a threesome ensues…things that happen everyday in the real world.

At this point, I was now had a full hard-on and was making a tent in my shorts that I was trying to hide. At this point Rob got up and said, “I’m ready for another round are you?”

“No, I’m still nursing this one,” I replied. At that moment, Rob crossed in front of the television screen and the first thing that past was the long pole sticking out making a huge tent in front of his shorts. I am not sure what hit me, but I laughed out loud and said, “It looks like you are enjoying the movie.” He looked over to me and then down towards his dick and said, “Oh shit, sorry about that, I guess I am enjoying the movie.”

“Don’t worry about it, I am enjoying the movie as much as you are, I am as hard as a rock right now,” I told him.

We both had a good laugh about it as he grabbed his drink and lay back on his bed. At this point as the movie moved to another scene where three beautiful, big-titted blondes end up fucking in a bathtub, I decided to grab a glass of water and get more comfortable so I could feel a little less confined. As I got up to grab some ice and a bottle of water, Rob said, “It does look like you are enjoying the movie,” as he saw that I was also tenting out my boxers.

“Now that you mention it, it was a good choice of movies and has kept my interest so to speak,” I replied.

As I got back onto my bed, I actually climbed under the covers and bent my knees in hopes of hiding the fact that I need to pull on my dick a little bit.

“What are you cold?” Rob asked.

“Just getting more comfortable that is all,” I said.

“If you mean comfortable as in under the covers so you can secretly jerk your dick, that is what I am going to do as well,” Rob laughed.

I also laughed as he said it and told him that the movie had got my engine going and that yes, I need to “readjust” myself a little bit.

As we both got under the covers, it was obvious that we were both slowly pulling on our dicks, but not overtly jerking off. As a new scene started on the movie, two women were making out in a bedroom and in walked a guy with a huge dick and both women screamed…”It’s SUPERDICK.” The man in the movie had to have a dick that was 15″ long. At the same time, both Rob and I said, “Holy Shit, look at the size of that dick.” We were silent after this as we watched this guy fuck both of the women and each took the whole 15″ all the way into their pussies. That ended the movie and the screen went black.

“Do you think a guy could really have a dick that big and could a woman take it all into her cunt?” Rob asked.

“I don’t know, it could have been a movie trick or something, I have never seen one that big,” I replied.

“You haven’t seen mine, I’m packing some serious meat,” joked Rob as he grabbed at his crotch.

“Yaaaah whatever big boy, if you were packing more than a foot, you would be in the movies, not watching them with me. Besides, I’m packing a big one here as well that would put yours to shame,” I joked as I grabbed my crotch as well.

Obviously the alcohol had caught bahis firmaları up to us both and we had gotten a little carried away and although I could not speak for Rob, my dick was still very hard and I needed to get off.

“That sounded like a challenge little man, I know I am packing more than you, what do you want to bet that I have more inches where it counts than you do?” suggested Rob.

“Sounds like a challenge pee wee…how about the guy with the smallest dick is the personal slave of the one of us with the bigger dick…the only question would be how do we tell who is bigger,” I asked.

“We should be able to tell from looking at each of them next to each other, besides I already have several ideas for you slave,” Rob said. “So let’s see who is bigger.”

With that we both got out of bed and stood facing each other and pulled our shorts down to expose two very hard dicks. From an initial look, this was going to be a close call, my dick looked to be a little longer than his, but Rob’s was thicker than mine and very close in size to mine.

“I think I got you by about a half inch, ” I said.

“No way dude, mine is bigger than yours,” replied Rob.

“I don’t think so,” I answered. “So what do we do now.”

“Wait, believe it or not, I can decide this,” said Rob, as he went to the closet and pulled out a mini-tape measure. “I got this from one of those vendor booths, it is a tape measure for your key chain, here measure your dick and I will do mine.”

“I don’t trust you, you will not measure your own properly and once I tell you my size, you will tell me you are an inch bigger,” I said.

“Fine, pee wee, do you want to measure mine for me?” laughed Rob.

That was a good point, I really didn’t want to handle his dick, but if I didn’t trust him, it would be the only way to find out who was bigger. After some thought, I gave in and measured my own dick and cheated a little bit and came up with almost 7.5″.

“There you go, 7.5″, beat that,” I said with alcohol bravery.

“No problem and when I do beat 7.5″, you will be beating me off to start,” Rob snickered.

“8.25” read the tape and weep,” said Rob.

“No way,” I said.

“Measure it yourself pee wee, you said you were 7.5″ and I say I am 8.25″ so you lose,” claimed Rob.

“You suck,” I screamed back at him.

“Actually, you will be sucking slave before your hour is up if you are not nice to me. Right now, I want my slave naked for the next hour, so off with the t-shirt,” said Rob.

Knowing I had lost and that his dick was bigger than mine, I took my t-shirt off and stood naked in front of him.

“Nice body, now I think we need some more ice, the ice machine is at the end of the hall, go get some and leave the clothes here,” said Rob.

“You want me to go down the hallway naked and get ice, I’m not doing it,” I screamed at him

“Fine pussyboy, small dick chickened out fast,” Rob laughed. I knew I could not live down not paying off the bet so pissed off now more than ever and still drunk, but not hard anymore, I grabbed the ice bucket, looked out the door, saw no one in the hallway and ran to the ice machine. I filled it as fast as I could and ran back to my room and went to open the door and it was locked. Since I couldn’t bang on the door and scream at Rob kaçak bahis siteleri and get the attention of everyone on the floor, I knocked and cursed him out until he laughingly opened the door.

“You are an asshole, thanks for nothing with that bullshit,” I screamed at him.

“Sorry, I could not resist, it was classic,” said Rob. Now your still mine for 55 minutes so I think it is time for you to service me.”

With that he sat down on the edge of his bed and spread his legs and waited.

“Get to it cocksucker, it is time for you to pay your debt, start by kissing my dick and licking my balls then deep-throating my big dick.

Now I had to decide, did I chicken out or do what he said and suck his dick. I decided to pay off on the bet and dropped to my knees and stared at his semi-hard dick. With me kneeling in front of him, he took the shaft and slapped me on across the face with.

“Feel good bitch,” Rob said, as he slapped me again. “No kiss the thick head and lick the pre-cum cocksucker.”

With that he pushed his cock into my mouth and started to face-fuck me. As bad as I thought it would, sucking a dick was not that bad, it was actually very exciting. “You are doing a good job whore, keeping sucking and don’t forget my balls,” said Rob. With the little bit of humiliation that Rob was passing on, I was really getting into blowing him and my dick was still hard as a rock while doing it.

“Stop, I’m getting close to cumming, I want to try something else, lay on your back on your bed,” Rob commanded me. While I get onto my bad, Rob sat on my chest and laid his hard dick on my lips and started to feed it to me slowly. As he continued to do this as well as jerk his cock, I felt his cockhead start to swell and right then without any warning, he started to cum all over my face. He kept jacking onto my face as hot and huge spurts of cum got pumped onto my face.

“How does it feel to have a load of cum on your face, cocksucker,” Rob asked as he scooped up a shot of cum with the head of his dick and wiped it on my lips.

“Actually, it wasn’t as bad as I would have thought it would have been, it was kind of exciting, I replied.

“Glad you liked it as I can get you some more cum very soon. I think I want to try sucking dick as well so sit up so I can see if dick and cum tastes as good as you say,” said Rob. With this statement, my dick immediately went back to full staff as I sat up and spread my legs and Rob kneeled between my legs and took my whole dick into his mouth and started to bob up and down on the pole. I reached down and held his face forward as I started to face fuck him faster. I figure he had abused me a little bit and I had loved it, why not return the favor. I started to fuck his face fast and hard and had my balls bouncing off his chin. With one sudden thrust, I started to cum and got one shot down his throat and one shot in his mouth before he pulled my throbbing dick out of his mouth and held it in place as it spit cum out all over his lips, nose and into his hair.

“AAAAAAHhhhhhhhh, that was a good cum, your mouth felt like a pussy wrapped around my dick, you sure you haven’t done this before,” I joked at Rob.

“Fuck you, prick, you came in my mouth, and if I hadn’t of stopped you, it would have all been down my throat,” screamed as pissed off Rob.

“Turnabout is fair play, you abused me a little bit with locking me in the hallway naked, I needed a little payback,” I replied.

“I have a feeling that the rest of the night could be some more fun,” said Rob.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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