Better Than a Gold Star

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Jillian was thrilled, thrilled, THRILLED that she’d pulled her grades up and was now getting B+’s, A’s and even an A+ on her most recent English essay. She’d worked hard, given up dating and partying – which for an eighteen-year old girl was torture – to achieve these great marks.

She pushed back a stray lock of corn silk blonde hair from her face and looked down at her most recent essay, a dissertation on “Hamlet” and the many film versions. She’d had to sit through the many versions of the dreary play on celluloid, although she did have to admit, Mel Gibson was kinda dreamy in his portrayal.

Grades were very important to Jillian’s status-conscious parents, who wanted their baby girl to get into the most prestigious University she could. Jillian herself didn’t care, she only wanted to paint and express her artistic side. Art was the only subject she didn’t have to work at, it came naturally to her, painting, sketching, cartooning, all of it came from her soul.

Jillian noticed the little note at the bottom of her paper that read, in bold red letters: “Jillian, for your hard work this past term, you’ve earned a Special Reward. Come see me at the end of class. — Mrs. Matthis”

Amanda Matthis was one of the most popular teachers in school. Both students and faculty alike admired the pretty redhead. Students liked her because her classes were fun, challenging and – well, Jillian figured the boys liked her because the tall redhead was very easy on the eye. She favored short skirts and high heels, wore her way locks long and tossed, and her smile could light up a room. Even some of the girls had little crushes on her.

The faculty admired her because she had been the first teacher to motivate some of the jocks into getting good grades. Some D-student Football players were now up to B’s and it was all due to her efforts. Jillian figured that some of the faculty members had also noticed Mrs. Matthis’ sexy figure as well.

Mrs. Matthis smiled at the pretty blonde as she approached her desk. “You wanted to see me, Mrs. Matthis?”

Amanda smiled at the pretty teen, who looked adorable in a white cashmere sweater and too-tight black jeans. “Yes, dear. I wanted to let you know how pleased I was to see your grades improving. You seem to have made a major jump forward and I know it mustn’t have been easy for you.”

Amanda smiled at the pretty teacher. Amanda Matthis was likely around 40, yet barely looked 30. She was dressed today in a light mauve blouse and a black short skirt, with light mauve stockings. She was wearing her hair back and had her glasses on, instead of her contacts, but if one looked in her greenish-blue eyes, you could still see the true beauty of the woman. She was a few inches taller than Jillian’s own 5’8″ and her figure was more slender than Jillian’s own lush form.

Jillian said to her lovely teacher “No, it wasn’t. I had to give up dating, parties and everything. I know good grades are important, although my Art Classes always helped bring my grades up.”

Amanda brightened. “I’ve seen some of your work, you’re very talented. Have you ever done a Portrait?”

Shaking her head, Jillian said “No, not yet. I haven’t been able to find a model.”

Amanda clapped her hands with glee. “This is wonderful. I was trying to think of a way to reward you for doing so well. Tell me, would you like to paint ME?”

Jillian sputtered a bit and Amanda said “Oh, I’m sorry dear, I didn’t mean to embarrass you.”

Jillian regained her composure and said “Oh no, you didn’t. It’s a lovely offer and I think you’d make a terrific model. You’re so lovely…” She felt herself blushing.

“What a lovely compliment, thank you dear. So you would like to paint me?”

Jillian nodded. “Yes, it would be a great chance to practice for my submission to Art School next year. When could we start?”

Amanda Matthis smiled broadly at her pretty young student. “No time like the present. Why don’t you come to my home … ” she wrote down her address “… around 7 tonight and we’ll get started. Sound good?”

Jillian left her teacher’s office and caught up with her best friend, Dina. She told the pretty brunette all about her teacher’s offer and Dina giggled.

“Haven’t you heard the rumor about her `rewards’, Jilly?” she said with a tiny giggle.

“No, not a word!” Jillian said, punching her friend on the arm. “C’mon Dina, let me in on it!”

Dina shook her long, curly brown hair and said “Nope. It could just be a rumor. You’ll find out tonight.”

Amanda lived in a nice, older section of town, with plenty of big old trees, nice front yards and manicured hedges. The pretty girl felt a bit apprehensive as she rang the front doorbell, art supplies under her arm.

A man opened the door, husky, but rugged looking, with a Salt & Pepper beard and warm, inviting smile. “You must be Jillian, I’m Bryce, Amanda’s husband. Please, come in and I’ll go get Amanda.”

Amanda came down the stairs a few minutes later, her slender body clad in bahis siteleri a burgundy robe. “Jillian dearest, how lovely to see you. And you’re so punctual. Did Bryce offer you something to drink?”

“No, but I’d love something. What do you have?”

Once again, Amanda displayed a row of dazzling white teeth. “Would you like a chilled glass of Chardonnay? I promise not to tell!”

Jillian told Amanda “That would be lovely.” Amanda added “We know how to keep a secret in this house, don’t we Bryce?”

Bryce came back from the kitchen with 2 glasses and excused himself. That left the two women in the living room, chatting.

“This is very kind of you, posing for me.” Jillian said, brushing away that stubborn blonde curl again. “I really appreciate it.”

“I like to reward good students for hard work, dear” Amanda said, voice dropping to a sultry purr. “You may have heard that about me.”

Jillian gave a wan smile, unsure of what to say. “Umm — yes, there are rumors going around.”

Amanda put down her wine and leaned forward, taking Jillian’s soft hand in her own. “They’re true dear. All true.”

Jillian didn’t know what to make of this, but Amanda went on. “Dearest Jillian, the world runs on sex. Most rewards boil down to sex, of one form or another. If my students do well in their schoolwork , I offer them – sexual pleasures. The rumored rewards.” Jillian was scared, yet fascinated.

Amanda continued. “I love attractive young people. So does Bryce. We have our little `circle’ of friends we invite here and only the best and brightest are welcome. If you are interested, you can be one of them. Or you can just stay here and paint me. Or, there are other things I can offer you.”

Jillian’s own curiosity was piqued. “Like what, Mrs. Matthis?”

“Got her!” Amanda smiled inwardly. “Well, if you have a boyfriend – or even a girlfriend – you can bring them here to avoid prying eyes. As I just told you, Bryce and I are very sexual people.”

Jillian found herself intrigued. She had sacrificed so much to achieve grades, including her budding sex life. Now, a sex life of amazing proportions lay before her, all she had to do was reach out and take it.

“What do I have to do? This sounds wonderful Mrs ….”

Amanda held up her hand. “The first thing you have to do Jillian, is stop calling me Mrs. Matthis. It’s Amanda.”

She leaned in and kissed Jillian softly on the lips. “Or lover.”

Jillian didn’t fight the kiss, not even for a second. She let herself be drawn into Amanda’s decadent world, she was going to be a true devotee. Little whimpers escaped her throat as Amanda’s kiss deepened, tongue probing between her lips. When Amanda pulled away, Jillian knew she didn’t want her to.

Amanda smiled sexily at her new little playmate. “Do you have a bra under that sexy cashmere sweater darlin’?” she said, a faint Southern twang coming through.

“No” was Jillian’s quiet reply.

“Naughty girl.” Amanda stood up and let her robe fall open. Amanda was standing there in a Teal-colored bustier and G-string, white stockings and stilettos to match. She was stunning, Jillian felt a flush of desire creep over her body. She had never thought sexually about another woman before, now that was all she could think of, how much she wanted to be in Amanda’s embrace.

Amanda extended her hand and took Jillian’s in her own. “We’re going upstairs darlin'” she told Jillian. “I’m going to give you a night you’ll never forget.”

Jillian believed that whole-heartedly. They walked up the stairs and the young blonde couldn’t take her eyes off of Amanda. Her beautiful teacher exuded sex from every pore, but she carried herself with style and grace, confident in her own skin. She thought the light dusting of freckles across Amanda’s body, including the rounded buttocks, was very sexy.

She followed Amanda into the Master Bedroom, saw an Easel set up in the corner. “In case you wanted to paint after all ” Amanda told Jillian. “You’ll have to do a bit of painting, to keep up the cover story.” Jillian nodded in agreement as Amanda stretched out on her bed, burgundy sheets underneath her. She was so intoxicating in her beauty, Jillian could barely breathe.

The bedroom was beautiful, dimly lit, as if furnished for seduction. The bed was large and inviting, pillows everywhere. There was a soft breeze blowing in through the window and Jillian could smell the scent of the flowers in Amanda’s garden. It was going to be a lovely, magical night, Jillian sensed.

“Come, sit by me” Amanda said and Jillian walked almost robotically to the side of the bed. She sat on the edge and Amanda sat up and drew the blonde teenager into her arms. The kiss this time was not gentle, it was fierce, demanding, she wanted all of Jillian’s passion. As they kissed, Jillian could feel Amanda’s arms fumbling to remove her cashmere sweater, clumsy in the desperation to make the pretty teen naked. Jillian raised her arms and let the sweater slide off.

Her soft, round, canlı bahis siteleri full breasts spilled out, bouncing slightly on her chest. Amanda’s slim, manicured hands reached out for them, she said “May I?” and Jillian nodded as her lover took them in her hands. She ran her hands gently over them, under them, around them, taking in the full measure of the beauty of Jillian’s breasts before kissing one pink nipple, then the other. “Ooohhhh” was the sound that loosed from Jillian’s soft lips, no one had ever pleasured her titties this way, Amanda’s touch was so delicate, so light, so sensual.

Amanda pulled herself away from Jillian, gently breaking the kiss. “Oh, little darlin’, you are a delight!” she smiled. “Would you like me to undress now?” Jillian shook her head “No.”

“Why not?” Amanda wanted to know.

Jillian smiled. “That outfit is very sexy. I’m flattered that you wore it for me. I’d like to make love to my first woman while she’s looking all soft and feminine, as you do. But you could lose the panties!” Jillian giggled.

Amanda smiled softly at her young playmate and heeded her request, sliding them down her long, silk-clad legs. Jillian reached out and ran her hands down Amanda’s legs, from her thighs to her ankles. “The guys all love your legs!” she exclaimed. “Now I know why.”

“Oh, do you?” Amanda sighed as she leaned back on the bed. “Well, one of us should be naked, don’t you think?”

Jillian giggled and slipped away from the bed, squirming out of her tight black jeans. Her body came into view and Amanda thought she was scrumptious, cuddly and adorable. All the girl had on now was a black thong and her socks and shoes, which she removed. Jillian crawled back into the bed and cuddled beside Amanda. She was trembling a bit, Amanda thought that was so endearing. She pulled Jillian close to her and pressed her lips to the girl’s in the gentlest of kisses. “Have you ever made love – to a woman or a man?” she asked the sweet teen.

Jillian nodded shyly, blushing a bit as she felt Amanda’s soft hands running over her arms. “I had sex a few times with Russ, the captain of the basketball team.”

Amanda smiled. Jillian wasn’t the only one. Russ had benefited greatly from her “tutorials’ – in bed and out. No need to tell her little friend about that just yet, though.

She pulled the girl on top of her, Jillian’s naked, cuddly body felt so soft against her own. She could feel the girl’s soft pussy rubbing against her own fiery patch and she saw Jillian lower her head towards her breasts as she pulled the top of the bustier aside. Her nipple exposed to her new young lover, Amanda shuddered as the girl’s tongue licked her flesh for the first time.

Jillian felt a naughty tingle throughout her entire being. Having sex was always fun, but the kink of having sex with another girl – correction, woman – was extra-fun. She plucked at the pretty nipples on the redhead’s breasts, there were also smatterings of freckles on her chest as well, which Jillian thought extremely sexy.

The murmurs of approval escaping Amanda’s lips let Jillian know she was pleasing her new lover. She swirled her tongue around the soft peg while her hands caressed Amanda’s body, still sexy in the fancy lingerie. The sheets were going askew as the unfolding passion of the two women caused them to move all over the bed.

Instinctively, Jillian’s fingers found Amanda’s soft pussy and began rubbing it, much as she had self-pleasured herself. She fingered the tight cunt while licking her lover-teacher, louder moans encouraging Jillian’s boldness.

Jillian was going crazy with passion, this was certainly more fun than getting an “A” on a test. She loved the feeling of the soft flesh under her tongue and fingers and continued her erotic ministrations. It became important to her that she pleasure Amanda and a thought came to her.

“Do you have a dildo or a vibrator? I could use that on you.”

Amanda shook her head. “I do, but I don’t like to use them often during girl-play. You’re doing fine darlin’, you’ve got the softest little tongue.”

Jillian leaned forward and kissed her sweet lover. “Thank you. I think I’ll do a little exploring.”

Jillian moved her face from Amanda’s breasts and ran her hands down the sides of Amanda’s body, loving the feeling of the satiny bustier under her hands and how Amanda’s body shook with passion underneath her. She saw that Amanda’s red-thatched pussy was glistening and she knew that it was time to do what was expected of her. Without hesitation, she leaned down and tasted her first pussy.

It was wonderful, a sweet taste that flowed copiously onto her tongue as she licked the adorable pussy before her. She was tender at first, but with every lick, she licked harder and harder, which made Amanda cry out in passion. She found herself really getting into the wild sex of eating a pussy and ate Amanda’s cunt with relish, wanting to taste all she could.

“Jillian, dearest?” she could hear Amanda say.


“I’d canlı bahis like to taste you too, darlin’. I want to do you at the same time you’re doing me, do you know what that’s called?”

Jillian shook her head, Amanda found the girl’s naivety charming. “It is called `69′ darlin’, and I can’t wait for you to try it. Swing your body around until your sweet little muff is on my face and you are facing mine. You’ll love it, promise.”

Jillian didn’t hesitate for a second, everything that had happened so far had delighted her. She moved into the desired position and felt Amanda’s tongue flat against her wet pussy, then slithering inside of her. It felt so good, so sinfully delicious, to have this sexy older woman loving her up. She wanted more!

She’d eaten many, many pussies in her sexually active years, but Amanda felt that Jillian was one of the sweetest she’d ever tasted. She used all her pussy-eating techniques, flattening her tongue and licking along the folds, then rolling it across, then stabbing into the girl’s wetness. The nubile girl was chirping with delight as Amanda worked her over and she tongued Amanda in turn.

She inserted her own slender digits into the girl’s pussy, as she had told Jillian, sex toys during girl-on-girl sex were not her preference. She loved the kinky fun of lesbian sex, fingers, tongues and getting nasty, but toys were something to be used on occasion, for novelty.

Jillian didn’t have much in the way of skill yet, but her unbridled enthusiasm for the task of satisfying Amanda led the pretty teacher to orgasm from the girl’s licking tongue. She heard Jillian’s high-pitched scream and knew the blonde teenager had done the same. She pulled the girl down harder on her face and attacked her sweet blonde muff again, hearing Jillian howl with delight and squirm all over her face.

Amanda’s hands ran up and down Jillian’s naked legs as her new lover caressed her own stocking-clad legs. “I can see why men go nuts for lingerie!” she murmured to Amanda, between licks at the delectable pussy.

“You don’t have any of your own?” Amanda said, working her tongue deep into the girl’s cunt. Jillian shook her head and Amanda replied “We’ll have to fix that.”

Their bodies moved as one, rubbing against each other’s, the curvy and cuddly blonde against the silky, lean redhead. Both women were gasping for air, cumming over and over again, but not wanting to stop.

Yet, stop they did. Then Jillian heard a voice from the door. “I thought by now you might want some more wine.”

It was Bryce, Amanda’s husband, standing there in a brown velour robe and carrying a tray. Jillian drew the sheets around her, slightly mortified, until Amanda giggled.

“Baby, you haven’t got anything he hasn’t seen before, although yours is cuter than most. Thanks darlin’, I know I could use another drink. How about you Jillian?”

Jillian realized Amanda was right, she was being silly. Bryce had to know what was going on, they weren’t exactly quiet about it. She took the glass of wine from him and drank while Amanda and Bryce chatted beside her. Amanda said something she didn’t quite catch.

“I’m sorry Amanda, I didn’t catch what you said.”

“Jillian darlin’, my naughty husband would like to know if you’d like him to fuck you.”

Jillian felt a warm glow suffuse her entire body. She hadn’t even considered all the naughty things that had occurred tonight, or the future ramifications. But as she looked at Amanda’s husky mate, she realized that she wanted a hard cock too. She nodded and Bryce smiled warmly.

He got off the bed and dropped his robe to the floor. Jillian’s eyes went wide with amazement. His body was stocky, but without any flab, and wide. Bryce’s cock, his huge cock, must have been 10 inches long and at least – oh, Jillian had no idea how thick he was, but she doubted it would fit inside her tiny little pussy.

As if sensing her fears, Amanda reached across and caressed Jillian’s naked body. “Don’t worry darlin’, pussies stretch. My man will be able to give you the fucking of a lifetime and I’ll be here, doin’ my part.”

Amanda’s reassurance allayed some of Jillian’s fears as she felt the weight of Bryce joining them on the bed. His strong hands reached out for her and drew her into a strong kiss as Amanda caressed her breasts from behind. Jillian felt lost in a wonderland of lusts, Bryce’s strong hands rubbing her front, squeezing her tits while Amanda raked her manicured nails along Jillian’s smooth back. She loved pleasure, all of her senses were attuned to this amazing moment.

The handsome couple lay her on the bed and she saw Bryce straddle her face as Amanda went between her legs. She felt Amanda’s tongue dip into her pussy again as she saw Bryce’s huge member come towards her mouth. She had licked a few cocks before, but as Bryce’s shaft forced her lips apart, she felt like a wanton, depraved slut. She took as much of his thick rod as possible as his depraved bride tasted of her heated flesh.

Enjoying the cock in her mouth, she was still feeling some trepidation about having it in her cunt, but her desire won out over her fear. Her body was alive with lust, she couldn’t wait to feel this monster fucking the hell out of her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32