Better Late Than Never

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Authors note: This is my first attempt at erotica so any feedback would be appreciated. I’d also like to thank Seth for his input.

Now, I know how they say men and women can’t be friends without sex getting in the way, but John was the exception. He was the best friend any girl could want and I always knew that he would make the best boyfriend. Nothing ever clicked between us, even though to hear us talk about what we were looking for, romantically speaking, you would think we described each other to a “t”.

We had met in a study group for a Western Lit class and he was ever as much a romantic as I. For a long time I knew he had to be gay because men like him just didn’t exist. He believed that chivalry was not dead, courtly love should forever be alive and well and romance in general was greatly neglected. When you talked to him he made you feel as if you were the most important woman in the world. He would listen with genuine interest and concern for as long as you needed or closing time, whichever came first.

Physically, he was far from lacking as well. John was about six two and one could tell he worked out regularly but as with everything else about John he was very modest which only made him all the more attractive. He has dark brown hair, with golden strands throughout; not long, but definitely not short either, with just the right amount of curl to get your fingers twitching to run though it. His eyes are the bluest blue eyes I have ever seen and when he stares at you, you can feel their warmth or coldness. His skin is the perfect olive complexion that to tan would be a crime. Believe it or not, it’s hard to pick one thing about him, but the dimples definitely lend to his overall charm.

After our study group ended we continued to meet minus the rest of the group. Neither of us really mentioned it, it just seemed to be the normal thing to do. We adapted our new syllabi to our sessions and kept on studying together. Occasionally other friends would join us, but we tended to drift off into our own little world so we ended up alone anyway, the way we both seemed to like it.

For me this was nothing too outrageous, I was in heaven. I’ve been a very social person, I mean I had lots of friends on a casual take em or leave em basis but I was always shy. As far as dating went, well let’s just say it never happened. Okay, I shouldn’t say never, but you have to wonder about a guy that takes you to Denny’s for a first date and doesn’t leave a tip.

To say I had never fantasized about John would be a lie. Before I realized he was my best friend I was convinced I was in love with him. I never told John this, but he was so perfect for me that I let my feelings get confused, believing that because I loved him and he was my closest friend he must be my soul mate. Luckily for me I told this theory to my long time friend Melony who pointed out that I loved her too and she had been my best friend for thirteen years but I never thought she was my soul mate. We had a good laugh and I was saved from utter humiliation.

Sorry, I’ve always had a problem with talking too much when I’m nervous. I never want to leave anything important out you see, and you can never know how important the stupidest detail might be later. I’m sure that that logic really doesn’t apply here though, so I’ll just get on with what happened…

“Hey what’s up?” Gotta love caller I.D.

“I thought maybe, instead of sitting home on yet another Friday night, I might be able to convince you to actually venture out for the evening”

“John….” I must have sounded pathetic, he loves it when I whine, but a night out actually sounded pretty good for a change and at least he wasn’t ditching me for the guys.

“Come on Sam, my treat.” This got a chuckle out of me because we shared everything like an old married couple.

” I swear you’ll have fun. Who knows, maybe we’ll get lucky. I’ve heard, that some of our friends actually have…sex.” His whispering the word sex followed by a mock gasp garnered yet more giggles from me.

“Wow. Ok, you got me. I need to give it up sooner or later right?” I laughed and started thinking of what to wear, but just for the record, I implied I was a virgin. No, I didn’t state it implicitly but he just wasn’t listening.

“Oh sooner is definitely better than later. I’ll be over in hour or so.”

We wouldn’t be leaving for at least three hours but I was used to having John over. I rushed around getting all the girly things I needed to do done before he arrived. I could hear his deep laughter as I stepped out of the shower, he was on the phone. I wrapped my robe around me, twisted a towel around my hair and slapped him on the butt as I passed him on my way to the kitchen.

“Hey! Oh Sam’s just prancing around here half naked again grabbing my ass. I tell ya, she wants me.” He smiled at me, shaking his head as he watched me grab a glass and fill it with ice.

“He doesn’t believe me.”

“Hmmm?” I just smiled at him as I casino şirketleri poured my soda.

“I don’t know how you’ve managed to fool everyone into thinking you’re all innocent.” I laughed, ignoring him, as I plopped on the couch and grabbed the remote to do some channel hopping.

“No, it’ll probably take her forever to get ready, so we’ll just meet up with you guys around 9 or so.” He batted away the pillow I threw at him, hung up the phone and turned to me with a grin on his face.

“Mike?” I asked, pausing on E! News.

“Yep.” he sank down into the couch next to me and casually took the control from my hand. Being friends with him, I learned early how important it is to pick your battles so I let it go.

“You know John, he’s so much fun! Tell me again why he isn’t my type.” The remote was resting on his leg so I took my chance and snagged it.

“I never said he wasn’t your type, I said you weren’t his type.”

I held my hand away as he reached for the control, stopping on the Discovery channel and slowly turned to look at him.

“If I’m not his type then why’s he always trying to get me to go out with him? Huh?” At his blank stare I tossed the control to him, he smiled, aiming at the set before he answered me.

“Oh he thinks you’re his type, but you aren’t.”

“Ok wait a minute. Mute that.” I turned to him, the top of my robe opening suggestively as I tucked my leg underneath me and rested my arm on the back of the sofa, “Explain.”

I noticed him quickly glance away from my legs only to get caught looking at the top of my robe. I felt a little thrill thinking he was aware that I’m a woman, but adjusted my robe to make sure I was covered as he began to flip through the silent channels.

“Sam, with Mike you either have to be a slut or a virgin to be his type.”

“Ok, so what’s the problem?” I watched him intently wondering if he really didn’t realize I was a virgin. We had never talked about it directly but I just figured he knew and that was one of the reasons he never tried anything.

“Oh and where was I when you were sleeping with all these guys? I can’t think of one guy in all the time….that I’ve known you. Unless you’re a born again virgin,” He laughed out loud.

I just smiled sweetly at him. I didn’t say a word as I watched the truth sink in.

“Bullshit! You’re thirty fucking years old..” He looked at me with an incredulous look on his face waiting for me to say something.

“So what? You don’t believe me?” I stood up, pulling the towel from my head as I stepped over his legs scrunching my damp hair as it fell around my shoulders and walked into my bedroom, “Hey, I told you I was a good girl…”

He followed me into the bedroom. I don’t know what came over me but I started to get so turned on. With my back to him I let my robe fall open. As I stepped into my underwear I knew he could see the outline of my breasts in the mirror, the knowledge sent a chill through me. I pulled the robe loosely closed as I turned around to face him again.

“Why can’t I be a virgin? I mean, granted I’m a little old…” John cut me off mid sentence.

“A little?! I hate to break it to you hun but most women your age are having kids…” he looked more baffled than anything else. I could see his mind turning as he thought about all our past explicit conversations.

“You sure talk about it like you know what you are talking about.” I shrugged, turned, took a deep breath to garner some courage, let my robe pool at my feet and slipped my tank top over my head.

“AND you don’t have a modest bone in your body!” He plopped down on my bed shaking his head in exasperation.

“What? Why should I be modest around you? You’re my best friend.” I turned and squeezed some gel in my hand to smooth through my hair, watching him in the mirror. I felt a little giddy seeing his eyes roam over my body. My cropped tank settled loosely just under my breasts and my panties, while modest left little to the imagination.

“I’m still a man Sam, incase you haven’t noticed… and…oh never mind.” He rested his arms behind his head and watched me.

“What?” I stared into his eyes.

“Nothing.” He stared back, his expression impossible to read.

“No, say it.” I turned to face him one hand on my cocked hip, “What?”

“You’re hot.” He sat up and turned, trying hard not to look at me, sitting on the edge of my bed with his back to me. I was shocked. I had no idea how those words from him could make me feel. It was like a jolt ran through me simultaneously making want to run away and rip his clothes off.

“You, think I’m hot?”

“I’m not blind.” he still wasn’t looking at me. Instead, he was staring off at some point on the carpet, his elbows resting on his thighs.

“Wow.” I watched his back in the mirror as I absently ran my gel covered fingers through my hair letting his words sink in, neither of us saying a word for several moments.

“Oh cut the crap, you casino firmaları know you’re hot.” He spoke after several minutes, his tone was teasing, like he was calling me on some bullshit like he had a million times before. We were having our first awkward moment.

I continued silently watching him in the mirror. He seemed restless and had turned and was now sitting against the pillows sneaking glances at me as he examined the dirt under his nails. I couldn’t help but take note of how handsome he really was. I had always known this, but other than when I mistakenly fancied myself in love with him, I had never really thought about him sexually.

“Well, I like to think that I’m hot, but you’ve never told me,” I spoke softly, the playfulness from before was gone, a more serious vulnerable note taking it’s place. I was really torn. Do I tell him I want him? Beg him to take me? Was that it? Did I want him? I had never been in this situation before and here I was with my best friend, someone I told everything to and I didn’t know how to act.

“Ah, I’m sorry hon,” his voice oozed sarcasm, “I didn’t realize you were one of those women who required constant validation.” He laid back on the bed, his arms behind his head, his feet crossed and the sexiest smirk on his face I had ever seen. I faced him with my hand on my hip glaring playfully.

“You better watch it or you’re gonna get it.”

The corner of his mouth turned up ever so slightly and I caught my breath as his eyes slowly, deliberately moved down my body lingering on several areas long enough for my butterflies to really start dancing. I bit on my lower lip, holding my breath mentally forcing myself to not move, I wanted him to look at me, to really see me. Mostly, I wanted him to want me. I concentrated on his eyes as they moved back up my body and locked with mine.

“And what is it I’m gonna get?”

This was getting good and I didn’t want it to end. I figured if this was his idea of a staring match he was going to be the one to blink first if I could help it. I took my turn checking him out, dragging my eyes down the length of his body stretched across my bed, slowly licking my lip as I locked eyes with him once again.

“What do you want?”

“I want you..” my heart skipped a beat…”to get ready!” He raised his voice on the last word and I wanted to scream in frustration.

“You jerk,” I said jokingly but disappointed,

“Teasing me like that…” I turned to the mirror and watched him as he rose from the bed and walked towards me deliberately, his easy sexy smile beaming making me feel weak in the knees. I froze as his hands reached towards my hips. I could feel his warmth radiating along my back., his fingers biting softly into the flesh at my hips, our eyes locked in the mirror, my heart sinking to my stomach.

“Sweetheart…”His voice was low and husky, his breath warm and moist on my neck. He raised one hand to pull my hair aside exposing my ear and neck. I let my eyes flutter closed as I anxiously awaited the feel of his mouth on my skin, his breathing tickling my ear sending chills down my back, my stomach tightening in anticipation.

“Teasing, is when you can feel my breath on your neck,” he expelled his breath slowly, enunciating every word. “but I’m not touching you.”

For several seconds I waited for his lips to touch my neck or my ear, his words not completely sinking in. His hands no longer held my hips, his warmth was gone. Then I opened my eyes to see him staring at me a slow smile forming on his lips. As his little joke slowly dawned on me I turned to watch as he casually walked to my bed plopping down, chuckling at my expense.

“You are such an ass!” The only response I got was more laughter. Without thinking too much I jumped onto the bed and slapped his arm a couple times to punctuate the many names I was calling him. John captured my hands easily in his and I pretty much threw myself at him in attempt to get my arms free. I could feel my tank top riding up as my panties were starting to creep down a little not really considering the wisdom in my plan of attack.

As I struggled to get off of him we rolled and I found myself breathlessly pinned to the bed beneath him. He held my hands to the sides of my head, our breathing ragged, he shifted his weight and I parted my legs slightly letting his leg fall between them to keep from being crushed.

Instead of abating, my breathing only became deeper and more labored as I watched him, my eyes darting from his eyes to his lips, wanting so bad for him to kiss me. The feel of his body on top of mine was exquisite. As my chest rose and fell my nipples rubbed softly against his chest only adding to my arousal. His knee was pressed between my legs with enough pressure that my slightest movement started the most incredible sensations stirring.

Johns’ breathing returned to normal and I felt his grip on my wrists loosen. I licked my lips slowly but made no attempt to move. His face güvenilir casino remained expressionless as his eyes moved to my lips. I started to think he might not kiss me, that any second he would jump off and this moment might be lost forever.

“Please kiss me.” I whispered, definitely pleading but John wasted no time in complying.

His eyes briefly met mine as he pressed his warm lips softly against mine. Just the feel of his lips were electric. They seemed to mold to mine as they parted slightly guiding mine to do the same. His velvety tongue slipped over my lower lip sensually pressing into my mouth just barely touching the tip of my tongue, before pulling out slowly urging mine to follow. I traced my tongue across his lower lip softly sucking it into my mouth before he pulled away from me breathlessly and just looked down at me.

“What?” I sounded exceedingly calm but I wanted to scream. My eyes bounced back and forth between his eyes and mouth silently willing him to continue.

He wiped a wisp of hair away from my face. I shifted beneath him, spreading my legs, letting him settle between them and laced my hands behind his head, my fingers playing in his dark curls. I could feel his cock hard inside his jeans pressing against my panties and noticed him wince at the new contact.

“Please John…” I whispered, hoping I didn’t sound as desperate as I felt.

His lips came down hard crushing mine, his tongue thrusting into my mouth this time. I savored his sweet warmth my fingers pressing into his scalp, holding his head to mine. I sighed into his mouth as I felt his palm running down my side, over my ribs sliding under my tank top. His fingers brushed over my ribs as his hand came to cup my breast, his thumb flicking my nipple. I heard my self whimper as his mouth moved along my jaw kissing and licking down as I let my head lull exposing my neck, his teeth nipping at the delicate skin.

His hands pushed my top up exposing my breasts as he moved to close his lips over one of my hardening nipples. I arched into his touch, little cries escaping me as his tongue swirled around the rosy peak before he sucked it hard into his mouth eliciting a groan from me. I ran my hands over his shoulders, kneading, trying to concentrate on the sensations he was creating in me. Trailing kisses across my chest, he flicked only the hardened bud of my other nipple with his tongue several times before sucking it long and hard.

I was lost in his touch. His hands had moved down my body caressing my hips and thighs, soft, gentle one moment, rough and desperate the next pulling at me. I felt his fingers digging into the flesh of my butt before he dragged his hand slowly down the length of my thigh. His finger tips caressed the sensitive skin behind my knee and then he was pulling my leg up. I hooked my ankle behind his thigh as I pulled my other leg up so I was cradling him between my thighs. I pressed my foot against the bed, raising my hips as I squeezed my knees around him feeling the denim rough against my smooth flesh, his cock hard and straining against me through the material.

I was overwhelmed. I squirmed beneath him wanting to get closer, to feel his body. I squeezed my thighs together as I pressed my hips up towards him, my pussy starting to throb and pulse as he moved between my breasts sucking and biting just hard enough to make me writhe under him crying out some more. He rose up and kissed me franticly, his tongue exploring my mouth, then sucking mine into his. I felt his hand slip between us, into the front of my panties. He cupped my mound with his hand, letting his index finger sink between my lips into my wetness.

“Oh John…” It was more of a moan that escaped me as I felt his finger sink into my pussy, my stomach tightening, tingles slowly spreading throughout my body.

“God, you’re so wet.” His voice was deeper than I had ever heard it. His hot moist breath giving me goose bumps as he alternated between nibbling on my neck and sucking my earlobes hard into his warm mouth. He slowly slid his finger up and down my slit brushing my swollen clit with each stroke eliciting whimpers between my moans and heavy breathing. My pussy ached, I had never felt this way before, like I had an itch deep inside of me and it needed to be scratched so bad almost like my skin was crawling, everything was sensitive and amplified.

“Oh God John, please…”

Finally, I felt his finger moving between my folds, starting to press inside me. Reflexively, I jerked my hips not used to feeling anything other than my own finger inside of me.

“Relax Sam.”

John had stopped kissing me and was watching my face intently as his finger pressed deep inside me. I closed my eyes letting my head roll to the side, concentrating on everything he was making me feel as he began to push his finger deep inside of me in short slow motions. Knowing he was watching my face made me even more aware as my muscles tightened around his finger. When I felt him slowly withdrawing his finger from me I opened my eyes to see him staring intently at me. I watched as he held his finger, glistening with my juices, under his nose taking a deep whiff. Slowly he ran his finger along his lower lip before sucking it into his mouth.

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