Benefits of a Home Office

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I’d been in John and Sue’s basement family room many times. We’d had neighborhood billiard tournaments, poker games and holiday parties. In many ways, it was the neighborhood party place.

But today was different. Sue and I were alone. The very pretty, blond, 37 year old, mother of two was naked. A lavender silk scarf restrained her hands in front of her and a second scarf covered her eyes.

Sue is an athletically built woman. Her bright blue eyes were covered, but the rest of her facial features were perfect, highlighted by plump red lips and pearly white teeth. Sue’s breasts are a small A/B cup. They are firm and high and are topped by small pink nipples. A flat hard stomach leads to the swell of slim womanly hips, a small round ass and runners legs. A small blond landing strip is the only hair around an otherwise aroused and swollen pussy lips.

I had slowly circled my sexy neighbor twice and was currently standing ten feet behind her. “Are you ready,” were the first words she’d heard.

Sue tentatively nodded.

“I want you to verbally respond to my question.”

After a short pause, she answered, “Yes. Yes, I’m ready.”

“You’re mine Sue. You’re mine for the next five hours.”

“I know,” she weakly admitted.

Ten days earlier:

I was sitting in my home office, preparing for an upcoming sales presentation. When our home phone rang, I immediately recognized the number as our neighbor.

I answered, “This is Chris.”

“Hi Chris. It’s Sue … Sue Williams.”

“Hi Sue, how’s your day?”

The only response was silence and I wondered if I’d lost my connection with Sue. When I asked, “Are you there?” Sue quickly answered, “Yes.”

She continued, “I’m hoping we could talk.”

I answered, “Sure Sue, I have a few minutes, before I have to leave.”

“It’s not something I want to talk about on the phone.”

I was mildly interested and suggested, “I’ll leave the slider on the deck open. Why don’t you come over for a cup of coffee?”

“No! Not at your house or mine.”

My curiosity was tuning to concern, as I asked, “Sue, is everything OK?”

“No. Things aren’t OK. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not anything urgent. It’s taken me two weeks to get the nerve to call you.”

I was surprised and said, “We’ve known each other for years. You were afraid to call me?”

Sue promised, “You’ll understand when we talk.”

Hesitantly, I responded, “OK.”

“Will you meet me at Dunkin Donut?”

“I don’t have time today. I’m flying to Chicago. I’ll be back on Wednesday night and can meet you Thursday.”

“Thanks Chris. Can we meet at 10 a.m. on Thursday?”

As I plugged the appointment into my Blackberry, I said, “You’re on the calendar. Can you give me a hint about what this is about?”

“I don’t think so, Chris. Let’s wait till Thursday.”

“You’ve got it Sue. See you then.”

I had a successful presentation the next day, with my client in Chicago. On Thursday I was sitting at an out-of-the-way table at Dunkin Donut, when I saw Sue pull into the parking lot. I smiled when I saw her step from her SUV. A great deal of leg, led the way, as she was dressed in a navy blue tennis skirt and white top, peds and tennis sneakers.

My long held belief that she was the sexiest woman in the neighborhood was confirmed. Sue waved as she passed through the front door and headed to the counter. A few minutes later, she sat across from me, with her double mocha, bocha fancy-pants coffee.

I asked her about her match and we chatted for a few minutes. When we had exhausted the everyday chit-chat, I asked, “So, what’s this all about?”

Sue stared at me for almost a minute, before simply saying, “Sex.”

After years of business negotiation, I have a pretty good poker-face and Sue’s one word answer tested me. I didn’t feel comfortable answering, so I waited.

When she realized that I wasn’t going to answer, Sue asked, “Can you tell me about your sex life with Terri?”

I shook my head and answered, “No.”

“I understand that you’re a Dom … ummmm … a sexual dominant.”

I continued to stare at her and she went on, “And Terri is your submissive.”

As our staring contest reached a minute, I said, “I told you, I’m not going to discuss my sex life.”


I was on the verge on being annoyed and answered, “Because it’s none of your business.”

Sue nodded in agreement and started to slide from her seat, as she apologized, “Chris, I’m really sorry …”

“Sit,” I commanded. Startled, Sue slid back into her seat. I looked into Sue’s blue eyes and wondered if I was going to regret were this was leading, when I asked, “If you’d like to tell me about your sex life, then I’d like to listen.”

Sue fidgeted for a second, before admitting, “I don’t have a sex life. We make love. We do it with the lights off in the missionary position. It lasts a very short time and John cums, kisses me gently, rolls over and falls asleep.”

I was stunned at her admission and asked, “Do you have oral sex?”

She sadly answered, “No. bahis şirketleri John thinks it’s dirty.”

Astonished, I continued, “You’ve never given a blowjob?”

Sue laughed, “I’ve given a ton of them, starting in high school, but none since I married John.”

I was trying to comprehend how an incredible MILF had such a tame sex life, when she offered, “I was very sexually active, before John. I wasn’t a slut … well … maybe I was, but the point is, I like sex a lot. I like a certain kind of sex. I like to give up control.”

“Have you talked with John about this?”

Sue told me, “I’ve talked and talked and talked. We’ve even gone to counseling, but … nothing. He says he loves me and wants to treat me special. He doesn’t understand that ‘special’ might mean treating me like a slut.”

“Sue, have you ever cheated on John?”

She was quiet for a beat before answering, “It depends on what you mean by cheating.”

“It’s a fairly easy question, Sue.”

She was nodding, as she explained, “The simple answer is, I’ve never cheated. But, I’ve met a few online Doms.” She was looking at the table and finished, “And they really excite me.”

“Why haven’t you acted on your need?”

Sue was shaking her head as she answered, “I’m getting to the point, where I can’t answer that question any-more. At first it was easy. I didn’t trust the men online. I didn’t want to be physically hurt. So it was easy to keep the online fun … online.” She shook her head again and finished, “But I’m getting overwhelmed … desperate. I’m starting to resent John. I’m starting to come unglued.”

Sue looked across the table at me and I could see that her admission had helped her psyche, but I also saw that she was pleading for help.

“Why are you and I together talking about this?”

“Because I think you’re a Dom,” was her simple answer.

“Why would you think that?”

“That’s a hard question to answer Chris. I’m around Terri a lot. She’s said things over the years to me and others. I’m just putting two and two together. It’s kind of an educated guess.”

I choose my words carefully and said, “Rule number 1 is, you may never ask or comment about my relationship with Terri. It’s none of your business and off limits. Understood?”

She quickly answered, “Yes. Yes. I understand.”

And then I told her, “You’re right. I’m a Dom.” I let her think about what I said for a few moments, before asking, “So? What now?”

“Before I answer, can I ask you a question?”

After I agreed, Sue asked, “Have you ever cheated on your marriage?”

“That question is pretty close to breaking my first rule.”

Sue nodded in agreement, but didn’t say anything. Deciding to answer, I told her, “No. I’ve never cheated.”

“Can I ask why?” She wondered.

“I’ve never had a good enough reason to.”

Sue gave me a fairly seductive smile and asked, “Might I be a good enough reason to cheat?”

“I don’t know Sue. What exactly are you offering?”

Sue had her head down as she told me, “I’m offering to … maybe … be your sexual submissive.”

“What does that mean to you?” I asked.

Sue looked a bit confused. She shrugged and so I told her, “There’s no right or wrong answer. I’m just trying to understand what you expect.”

“Ok. Thanks. This is kind of hard.” She took a couple of moments to gather her thoughts before she told me, “Being a submissive means doing whatever you want, when you want. It’s not making love. It’s having sex. The sex is probably going to be rough. Maybe really rough.”

“That’s a good start. Have you thought about the limitations you would want to set, as a submissive?”

Sue quickly answered, “Yes. John can never know, so you can’t leave any marks. You can’t hurt me, …you …”

I interrupted and told her, “Sue, if you and I have a Dom/sub relationship, there will be some ‘hurt and some ‘pain’. I would never harm a woman, but I’ll push you. You’ll hurt a lot.”

Sue smiled and continued, “I get that and just said it wrong. I don’t want to be harmed. I don’t want to be pissed on. I won’t play with crap. I won’t play with blood.”

“Those are very sensible limits. You’ve given it a great deal of thought, but I need to know if you also realize that you’ve left a great deal open to me as a Dom.”

She answered, “I know. I guess that’s why I wanted to talk with you. I’ve known you for years. I’m attracted to you. And … I guess … I trust you. I don’t want to put too many limits on a relationship, at least at the start.

We took a moment to think about our conversation, before I asked, “Tell me what you think you know about me … sexually.”

Sue started, “It’s hard to put into words. Terri has never come out and told stories. She’s just said … she’s used … strange choices of words over the years.” Sue thought some more before continuing, “Terri will say, ‘Sorry I didn’t call last night, I was kind of tied up,’ or ‘Chris was mad and gave me a special spanking’. Just little hints. I get the impression that you’re pretty well hung and that excites bahis firmaları me. Plus, I think you’re a good looking guy. You’re in great shape. I don’t know …,” she trailed off.

She looked at me from over her coffee and asked, “I suppose you need to get back to work?”

In response, I laughed and answered, “I have a ton to do, but I don’t want to leave this unexpectedly exciting conversation unfinished.”

I was rewarded with a huge smile and then Sue said, “I’ve been drinking water and coffee since the end of my tennis match.” She slid to the edge of her chair and started to stand, while continuing, “Excuse me for a minute.”

When she grabbed her purse and started to turn to the restroom, I said, “Sue?”

When she turned, I wagged my finger at her. Sue took a step back to me and leaned in, as I instructed, “While you’re in the stall, take off your panties and bra and put them in your purse.”

Sue’s eyes grew wide, but before she could respond, I told her, “Just do it!”

She straightened, nodded and retreated to the lady’s room.

When Sue returned a few minutes later, I could easily see the outline of two small nipples pressed against her white tennis blouse. “Good girl!” I thought.

As she reached the table and started to sit, I instructed, “Sit Indian style.” When she immediately started to look around, I scolded, “Sue, if you don’t trust me, this is never going to work.” I could tell that she was incredible tense, but she sat and folded her legs over and around each other.

She asked, “Can I pull my skirt down?”

I smiled and said, “Of course. As long as you’re sitting like I asked.” I watched intently as Sue adjusted herself and finally asked, “How does it feel?”

It took a few moments before a brief smile appeared and she answered, “I’m dripping.”

I smiled back and continued, “What’s dripping?”

“My vagina.”

“It’s not a vagina Sue. Try again?”

She was nervous, but was enjoying our game. She answered, “My pussy is dripping!”

“Try the “C” word Sue.”

“OK. OK. My cunt is dripping.”

“Thank you, Sue.” I waited a beat and asked, “Describe your cunt to me?”

“Oh God. Why don’t you just look at it?”

I gave Sue a stern look and said, “Because I don’t want to look at it. I want you to describe it.”

She took a sip of her coffee and answered, “John likes me trimmed. I have a full, short bush. I have small lips. I think I’m tight.”

I leaned as far as I could across the table, kept eye contact and told her, “I like my cunt completely bald, so you’ll need to shave.” Her breath caught in her throat, so Sue just nodded. I leaned back and relaxed and asked, “Tell me three sexual escapades that you’ve had before meeting John, that might make me think you are a slut.”

Sue was breathing a little more heavily. It took her a couple of minutes before she began, “Well … in college, I blew three guys at one time.” She looked at me for a comment, but I didn’t offer one. “Ummm … well another time, I let my boyfriend cum on my face.” Again she looked for recognition, but didn’t get any. “And a sorority sister and I switched partners after … you know … after we’d had sex.”

“It’s been a long time since college.”

She admitted, “I know. It’s been a real long time.”

“What did you enjoy most about the online Doms you’ve met?”

“That’s easy to answer. I was able to act slutty, but stay safe. It was incredible to follow most of their instructions.”

“Most?” It was a one word question.

“Well I used toys on myself and did what they’d ask. But when they wanted me to do anal, I faked it and said I did.”

“Have you ever had anal sex?”

“I tried in college, but wasn’t able to get it in. It hurt too much.”

I asked, “How about a finger or a toy?”

Sue answered, “No. Nothing. I haven’t had any anal.”

“What’s the biggest cock you’ve ever had?”

“It’s funny,” she started, “I’ve read about big cocks and seen some online, but all of the ones I’ve had have been similar. Not exact, but five or six inches. They’ve been about the same thickness …” Instead of continuing with words, Sue formed an “O” with her thumb and middle finger to show me the girth of an average size cock.

“Sue. How do you see this happening?”

She quickly responded, “I’ve been thinking about this a lot. John travels almost every week for work and I know his schedule about two weeks in advance. He leaves his itinerary on the refrigerator. I can call him in his hotel, to make sure he’s out-of-state. Terri teaches school and can’t come home during the day. Your office is in your home and I only work at the Florist, when they’re busy. I’m hoping we can set up … well you know … dates … maybe … a few times a month.”

“They’ll never be at my home, Sue.”

“I know. Since John is out of town, it’ll be best at our home. Plus, I know you take some time to jog every day. You can go home in your exercise clothes; on the off-chance that Terri comes home early.”

I smiled and admitted, “You have thought this through.”

Sue kaçak bahis siteleri smiled at my praise and asked, “So? Will you do it?”

She was looking at me intently. I answered, “Maybe.” I waited a few seconds before continuing, “Let’s finish this conversation in your vehicle.”

I stood and watched Sue unbend her legs. She patted down her skirt. When I gestured to the front door, Sue led the way. I followed her to her SUV. She pressed the auto unlock button on her pod and I reached for the driver’s side door and opened it for her.

As she started to raise her right foot to the running board, I said, “Sue, raise your foot all the way into the car.”

Initially she stopped at the running board and almost immediately continued and raised her foot until it was resting inside her car. The extra high step caused her skirt to rise and her bare ass was completely uncovered. The SUV door blocked her from the Dunkin Donut and I blocked any prying eyes in the parking lot.

“I’ve always loved your ass, Sue. I’ll admit that it looks even better naked.”

Sue croaked out an excited, “Thanks.”

I instructed, “Reach back with your right hand and pull your right ass cheek open.”

She was wordlessly nodding and reached back, took a firm grip of her small tight cheek and pulled it open.

Her crease opened to my gaze. Sue’s entire ass crack was drenched with pussy juice and her crinkled asshole looked inviting. I reached a finger to it and circled.

“Wrong place,” she croaked.

I pushed in, to the first knuckle and asked, “What do you mean, ‘wrong place’?”

Sue grunted, “UUUgggg! Your finger’s in my ass!”

“I know Sue.” I pulled out until only the tip was in her vise like sphincter and then I pushed back in. “Your ass is going to get a work-out, if we start a relationship.”

While Sue continued to grunt, I slowly finger fucked her asshole with half my finger. “Tell me what you’re thinking, Sue?”

I smiled to myself as she answered, “Think? I can’t think!!!”

I pushed three quarters of my finger in and continued to finger her, while reaching my left hand around her slim waist and ran a finger along the wet folds of her pussy.

Sue reacted immediately, jumped and sagged into me when I circled her sensitive clit. “Sooooo gooood!” was her response.

With fingers working her front and back holes, I asked, “How long has it been since a man made you cum?”

Half-panting and half pleading, Sue said, “I can’t remember, it’s been so long.”

“I can feel you getting close, Sue.”

My left finger was dancing around her steaming clit causing her to buck and push my right middle finger deeper into her ass. It was completely buried.

“I am. I’m so close. Feels good. Feels so fucking good!”

I moved my finger through her folds and let two sink deep into her twat.

“Help yourself Sue. Work on your clit!”

Her hand darted to her clit and she rubbed in a circle, as I kept her pussy and ass filled with fingers.

“Cum for me Sue. Cum all over my hands.”

Sue humped into me and rubbed harder, “Sooo nice. You make me feel sooooo good!”

With one foot on the ground and the other perched in her SUV, Sue was wide open. She started a slow, but urgent bouncing motion. Her right hand, moved from her ass and gripped the steering wheel, as she slightly hunched over and ground into my hands.

“Oh yessssss! Fuck yesssss!” She bounced in silence for a few moments, stiffened, hunched further over and gowled, “Fuuuuuuuuuck!” As she came over my hand and wrist.

I let Sue rest for a bit, as I pulled my fingers from her tight asshole and overflowing cunt and then helped her climb into the driver’s seat. I circled the vehicle and jumped into the passenger side.

Sue and I watched each other in silence, as she glowed in the after-effects of a surprise orgasm. After nearly a minute, Sue shyly said, “Thanks.”

“Hopefully, that will be the first of many,” I sincerely told her, followed up by, “Move closer, Sue.”

She had been leaning against the door and shifted to the center divider, as I asked, “How long since you’ve had a new cock?”

Sue’s eyes automatically dropped to my lap and she could easily see the outline of my engorged meat, running down my left leg.

“Over ten years,” was her quick answer.

“And the last time you had a mouth full of cum?”

“Oh God! The same. Ten years!”

I was looking at Sue with an expectant gaze, when she asked, “What do you want me to do?”

I smiled and replied, “You know what I want Sue. Please don’t make me ask.”

Sue reached out and traced her hand along my pant-covered cock. “You are big. I mean …really big!

She struggled to unfasten my belt and pants. I lifted off the seat, so Sue could drag my slacks and boxers over my hips and when they dropped to mid-thigh, my cock burst into view.

Sue pulled back in surprise. “Holy fuck. It’s bigger than Pam.”

“Bigger than Pam? What are you talking about?”

“Pam! You know. The cooking spray. You’re bigger than a can of Pam.”

I laughed to myself, because years ago, my wife had made the same observation. She brought home a can of Pam from her next visit to the grocery store. I ended up being two inches longer, at nine inches, but not as fat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32