Beltane Pt. 06

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Hello! If you haven’t already, I recommend reading the pretext on parts 1-4 to get an idea of what you’re in for before continuing.

As a disclaimer, this story contains ~consensual~, but harsh cuckquean content – humiliation, degradation, emotional abuse, and body shaming. Take this as a potential trigger warning. And if you’ve been sticking around since part 1 waiting for the cuckquean through-line to come back, it’s about to get even messier.




I led Gemma into the bedroom, where the cat was lying on a pillow. He got up and ran out when he saw us. Ann’s four poster bed was high off the ground and had lovely sheets on it. It looked almost regal. Ann and I had shared tender moments in that bed. Orgasms, feelings, dreams. I was excited to make Ann watch as I plowed Gemma in it.

I picked Gemma up and threw her onto the bed. She stretched and arched her back on the duvet, feeling the softness of what used to be Ann’s safe place. As she reached, a stuffed teddy bear rolled off the pillows and onto her arm. She picked it up and looked at it.

I laughed. “That’s Snugglebear, Gemma. Ann’s teddy. She’s had him since she was little.”

She spit the buttplug she had been carrying in her mouth onto the bed and got up. “Oh my god, you sleep with a teddy bear? Aw, you little sensitive sweetheart. Here-” She tossed it onto the ground in front of her. “You can hump it if you get too worked up.” She smirked.

I spit in my hand and rubbed it onto my cock, crawling onto the bed after her. She spread her legs and lifted them, inviting me in. I pressed my head against her asshole and pushed it inside one more time. Gemma’s eyes rolled and she moaned. As she opened her mouth I shoved the plug back in. It was still warm from being in her ass. I leaned over her and sucked on her beautiful tits, playing with her barbell piercings with my tongue. I glanced up and noticed Ann kneeling next to the bed, Snugglebear between her legs. Her eyes were welling up again with tears. A slow river of drool was running out of her mouth, dripping down her sloping, baggy tits. I held eye contact with her as I massaged Gemma’s breasts, pumping in and out of her ass. Reveling in her body. I sat up and took the plug from her mouth.

“I want to make sure you stay nice and stretched out for me,” I said.

“Of course, Daddy,” she replied, gazing up at me.

I pulled out and scooted back. She flipped up onto her hands and knees, facing Ann, and arched her back, presenting her holes for me. The hitachi was still taped to her leg, ready for another round. I rested the head of my cock against her waiting pussy, feeling her incredible wetness. I spit into her ass and pressed the tip of the plug into her hole. I could hear her moaning as I stretched her out again, the bulb of the plug being engulfed by her stretching rim.

“Fuck, what a good little slut.” I was probing the tip of my cock into her pussy. I remembered suddenly that I wasn’t exactly sure she was on birth control. But honestly, it was far too late now to worry about it. She sighed deeply.

“Beg me for it.” I commanded.

A pleading string of moaning open vowels gurgled out of Ann. She was leaning forward, her eyes big and demure, despite the fresh tears rolling down one of her cheeks. She seemed to remember herself and stopped.

“Mm, look, Daddy, even our new cucktoy wants you to fuck me.” Gemma reached out and grabbed Ann’s face again. “He wasn’t talking to you, sweetie. Now, if you cut me off while I’m fucking my new man again, I will kick you out of the room. Understand?”

Ann nodded slowly.

“Good.” She turned her head to look back at me. “Daddy, please. I need to have my holes filled. I need it.” She pushed her ass out and wiggled her hips enticingly. “Fuck me and flood my little cunt, please, Daddy, please.”

That was all I would ever need to hear. I dragged my head from her clit to her opening, her juices collecting on my cock. I pressed against her and felt myself glide inside her perfect pussy effortlessly. Finally, finally, finally, at long last, I was fucking Gemma’s delicious, dripping cunt. The added pressure of the butt plug made her incredibly tight, and I felt her stretch around me as I entered her, but the sheer amount of lubrication relieved any resistance there might have been. We moaned in unison as the head of my cock brushed her cervix and hit the back of her pussy. I was just shy of having my entire cock inside her, and I knew with some more warming up that she would relax to accommodate me.

“Mmm, fuck, Daddy, stretch me out,” she moaned.

I grabbed her by the ponytail with one hand and took her by the throat with the other, pushing her down into the mattress and then angling her face up. I saw her and Ann’s eyes lock. I felt one of Gemma’s hands grab my balls, fondling them softly. I pulled out an inch or so and then thrusted my whole length back into her in a smooth motion. I could feel myself pressing against her P spot. anadolu yakası escort The butt plug was pressing my shaft into the outermost wall of her, making her even tighter than she already was. She moaned loudly. But that wasn’t all.

I felt something familiar inside of her. As I slid my cock home, a circular lip of something foreign, almost plastic-like, rubbed across my glans. It was a nuvaring, an intravaginal contraceptive. Ann had always taken the pill, but I had had other partners that had used them. Oh thank god, what a relief, I remember thinking, she is on birth control. She really did just love the idea of playing with fire, then. It was comforting to know, finally, that I could trust her. Or at least, I thought I could.

Taking her as I had before, I pulled her onto my cock again and again, slamming the second half of my cock into her. Her moans rose to a crescendo. She screamed obscenities. She begged me to breed her, to pump my seed into her womb. She called herself my whore, a plaything for me to use. Her pussy gripped my cock and I really felt like I was using her as a fleshlight, jacking myself off with her entire body. As I fucked her I noticed her fluids became creamier, more whitish and viscous. I could see her asshole convulsing and opening around the plug. She was ripe for another orgasm.

“Cream on my dick, Princess,” I said simply, when I thought it was time.

She writhed in my hands, her body curling and arching as her pussy clamped down on me. I took her even more furiously, pumping her on and off my cock, slamming my head deep into her, stretching her out like she had begged me to. She held my balls more firmly, massaging them, trying to make me come inside her. A thick white film of her cream gushed from her pussy, glazing my cock.

I looked down at Ann. She was watching Gemma and humping her childhood teddy bear, grinding her pussy into it awkwardly. I couldn’t imagine it was giving her much sensation, but she had taken whatever she could get. Her tits and stomach were slick with drool, her face streaked with makeup and tears. She looked utterly broken, grinding herself desperately against the last thing she had that was safe and warm. She was utterly pitiful, lost in the gratification of her own denial and humiliation.

I pulled almost all the way out of Gemma’s pussy until just my head was inside her. I was worried that at this rate I might actually hurt her. She was tough, but it had been a long afternoon of rough sex. I took the butt plug and began to pull it out. She was still on the tail end of orgasm, but in between the spasms of her asshole, I popped it out. Her gape winked.

“God, I’ll never get tired of looking at that,” I said, more to myself than anything.

“Fuuuuuck, Daddy… I don’t think I’ve ever felt that full before. Mm, Daddy, thank you for using me.”

“You’re welcome, Princess,” I said. I lifted her up by her throat until the lengths of our bodies touched. I kissed her deeply. Then I whispered in her ear, “Ann’s humping her bear.”

Gemma hadn’t noticed. She looked over the edge of the bed and laughed out loud. “Annie baby, sweetie, are you really fucking that bear? I threw that down there as a joke. God, you are so fucking pathetic! Give me that.”

Gemma reached down and snatched the bear from between her legs. Ann shuffled forward, gurgling protests finding their way out from behind the gag. A shiver rolled over her. She clapped her legs together and rocked back, trying in vain to rub herself on the floor.

Snugglebear’s back was wet with pussy juice. “Look at how wet it is,” Gemma said, holding it up for me to see. She covered her mouth, laughing giddily. Ann pleaded dumbly through the gag again, begging for it back, begging for anything. She had clearly been right at the edge when Gemma had taken it away. “Wow, I guess we really do have to watch you, don’t we?” Gemma said, looking down at Ann as she stuck her ass out, trying to find something, anything she could reach her clit with.

Gemma flipped again, so that she was on her back at the edge of the bed with her pussy facing Ann. She spread her legs until she was almost doing the splits. “Daddy,” she said, “Will you play with me some more?” She was giving me the puppy dog eyes again.

I crawled over her and got off the bed. I stood on the floor, my cock and her pussy aligned perfectly. Ann stooped to get a better view between my legs, her hips grinding against nothing in impotent desperation. “Of course, Princess,” I said, feeling her body under the beautiful fishnet stocking. The mesh webbing caught on my fingers and stretched as I ran my hands up and down her. I held her tits and pinched her nipples. “You’re so fucking hot. I just want to fuck you again and again and again.”

She reached down and grabbed my cock, stroking my head and looking into my eyes. She felt so good. I had never felt a tenderness toward someone that was entirely physical. It wasn’t like catching feelings. It was just good old fashioned chemistry. avrupa yakası escort I was so glad I had found her.

She pushed my cock down until I was resting at her opening. “Only if you come inside me again, and again, and again.” She cupped my balls. One of her fingers strayed lower and grazed me, tracing a line from just outside my asshole to behind my balls. I felt a tingle run along the skin where she had touched me to the base of my prick. No one had ever even come close to touching my asshole before. As such, I had never wondered about whether I would like it. Honestly, it had never even occurred to me that a woman might try. That one touch almost made me break down and beg her to use me, just like I had done to her. It was electric. Save it for later, I reminded myself. In the meantime, I just wanted to finally cum inside her.

I grabbed her around the waist and thrusted into her, feeling myself bottom out as I had before. The nuvaring was a little uncomfortable, but the peace of mind that I could give her what she had been begging me for without consequences was worth it. I heard Ann moan from behind me. I pressed the last bit of my cock into her until I was completely inside. It had been an admittedly heroic effort not to cum up to this point. I throbbed and knew I was already leaking precum inside of her. But I decided all the same to try and give her another orgasm first.

I undid the tape holding the hitachi to her leg and turned it on medium, holding it against her clit as I fucked her rhythmically. She moaned, her head rolling back. I played with her tits, grabbing them roughly and slapping them. I pinched her left nipple and pulled it, her moans intensifying. Her pussy clenched around me. It wouldn’t take long, I would just have to hold out a little longer and let the hitachi do its job. I lowered my hips and began to angle up into her. I could feel the head of my cock pressing into her G spot, the slightly rougher tissue stimulating my tip. I was just giving her the first half now, trying to work her G spot and clit simultaneously. I could feel Ann’s breath on my thigh. She had scooted around for a better view. She was respectfully quiet now, wide-eyed as I worked away at Gemma’s deserving pussy.

I turned the hitachi up to high and pressed it against Gemma’s clit, speeding up my rhythm a little. She was beyond speech at this point, possessed by the sensation. She moaned deeply, her body quivering.

“P- plea- D- daddy p-” she tried, her eyes searching for mine, fighting the urge to roll back in her head. She was waiting for my permission.

I traded the hand the hitachi was in and grabbed Ann by the hair. “I have a present for you.” I said.

I shoved my entire cock into Gemma. “Come, Princess,” I said.

Gemma convulsed, her back arching. I pulled my cock out of her and stepped to the side, pressing the hitachi against her clit. Her pussy spasmed wildly, both of her holes contracting and relaxing in quick succession.

“OOOOOhhhHHHHHooooo…” She screamed, completely overcome.

I took Ann by the hair and wrenched her head in front of Gemma’s pussy.

“Squirt, Whore,” I commanded.

It was excellent timing. A hot stream of juice erupted from her dripping cunt, covering Ann’s face. Ann was still grinding her hips against nothing impotently. Gemma’s cocktail of piss and other fluids splashed over Ann, soaking her face. It ran down around the ballgag and into her mouth, onto her heaving tits. And then again, as Gemma rode the waves of the orgasm another gush of her ejaculate showered Ann. Her skin glistened with the combination of tears, spit, and Gemma’s squirt. It slid down her body in wide ribbons, drenching her. I could see that it was making its way to her pubic hair and I knew she would soon feel it running over her dripping, needy cunt. Ann moaned loudly, her hips quivering. She was on the brink of what would have been the best orgasm of her entire life. But without any stimulation at all, she just couldn’t get there. And I didn’t want her to. I wanted Ann to be completely absorbed in her inferiority to Gemma. To know that she would never get to experience what I was giving to her.

Gemma began to come down, her screams turning back to moans, her moans quieting. Her head had been rolled back the entire time and hadn’t noticed what she had done to Ann. I turned the hitachi off and threw it onto the bed.

“Ohhh my goddd,” Gemma said, still looking up.

“Good girl, Princess, that was so good. Look, I think our cucktoy liked it too.”

Gemma shot up into a sitting position. She saw Ann, completely debased, a slave to her own denial, covered in her piss and her own spit, tears, and juices. Her makeup was streaked across her face, her body glistening and wet. Gemma smiled broadly and hummed, licking her lips unconsciously.

“Did that taste good?” She asked.

Ann nodded and let out an “uhh huhh.”

Gemma was all smiles. “See, I told you, this is your place now. Do you understand?”

Ann nodded eryaman escort again with the same “uhn huhn.”

“Good,” Gemma said, lying back down.

Before she had time to relax I pounced on her, bringing her legs up against her chest, exposing her pussy. It was finally my turn. She gasped as I straddled her, guiding the tip of my cock back to its home in her soaking gash. My hands wrapped around her throat. Her breath was shallow and bated, looking up at me almost bashfully. I had caught her off guard.

I began drilling her, forcing my whole length into her over and over again. She mewled and cooed, her eyes locked with mine.

“I’m going to pump you full.” I said, pulling her onto my dick as I pressed it into her. “I’m going to drain my balls in you and breed you like the fucking whore that you are.”

“Daddy, ple- oooohhhh,” she was trying to maintain eye contact but her eyes were trying to roll back in their sockets again.

Once I decided I was going to release, it didn’t take much coaxing. I felt the warm pressure of orgasm building up in me as I fucked her as deeply as I could, holding nothing back. I was going to pop. I looked at her, trying to beg me for it through the peals of her own ecstasy while I choke-fucked her like a back alley whore. Hot surges of tension rolled over me. I could feel my pelvic floor contracting as I pumped my thick load into her. I grunted like a caveman, coming as deeply as I could inside, and felt my rich seed coating the walls of her cunt. I could feel it seeping out of her entrance, dripping in thick globs down to her open asshole. And that gave me an idea. Why settle for one hole when you can fill both?

I sat up, pulling out just as a thick white rope of cum pulsed from me, splattering across her clit and the little landing strip of pubic hair she had. My prick was slathered in my own cum, strands of it running down my balls even. I was perfectly lubricated. Acting quickly, I caught the drip of cum that was sliding over her asshole and pushed it inside, shoving my whole cock into her waiting gape. I felt a second wave come over me and rode it out, dumping another full-sized load into her asshole.

“Ohhh my god, Daddy, fill my holes, fuck me, oh my god,” she begged.

Her hand had found its way to her freshly filled slit. She was rubbing herself with my cum, spreading it over her lips and clit. Then she slid her middle two fingers inside of herself, rubbing her G spot with my spunk. Her fingers were coated in it. Thick gobs rolled out of her pussy and down to her ass, adding even more lubrication as I gushed every last drop of semen in my body inside of her.

Her eyes flicked over my body, absorbing every detail as I lost myself. She pulled her fingers out and sucked them clean. When I was done coming I pulled out, watching my cum ooze from her broken-in holes. Then I decided I wanted one more taste, inserting myself back into her pussy and pushing my cock all the way back in. Thick rivulets of cum poured out around my cock. I stayed there in Gemma’s warmth until I was soft, lying on her chest and breathing softly. She ran her fingers through my hair. I felt like crawling right back into subspace. She was so comforting, so welcoming. I felt so sure that she would never judge or reject me.

Putting her mouth up to my ear, she whispered so that only I could hear, “Good boy.”

I sighed deeply and closed my eyes, feeling the softness of her. Then I got up to survey the damage.

As my now flaccid dick popped out of Gemma, her pelvic floor spasmed gently, adding more cum to the thick coating dripping from both her pussy and ass. Her fingers idly traced paths through it, smearing it over her thighs, across her vulva. It was becoming obvious this was her favorite part. Ann was just how I had left her, a slobbering mess covered in Gemma’s ejaculate. She looked up at Gemma with envious puppy dog eyes, coveting the freedom she had, that Ann had allowed Gemma to take away from her.

“God, I feel so hot right now. Am I hot?” Gemma asked me.

I ran my fingers across her from her asshole to her clit, coating my fingertips in my cum. I stuck them in her mouth. She instinctively pushed them back as deeply as they would go, sucking them clean.

“You are so hot.” I replied, watching her.

She giggled. “I should get cleaned up. Hey, Ann, do you want to lick me clean?”

Ann shuffled forward on her knees, begging and pleading through the gag. Gemma laughed aloud.

“God, you are so pathetic. Like I would waste fresh cum on you. I do need to clean up though, what can I use…” She spread her arms through Ann’s soft duvet, knowing full well she wouldn’t find a convenient towel or pair of underwear waiting for her. Her fingers touched Ann’s sleeping companion since childhood. Snugglebear. That she had sullied in the throes of her desperate bid for release.

“Oh, perfect!” Gemma said, taking the bear and wiping herself clean with it. The slow river of cum dripping from Gemma’s freshly fucked holes slathered over the bear’s face and chest. A thin film still covered Gemma’s skin, but it wouldn’t bother her as much while she slept now. She tossed the bear over her shoulder into the corner of the room, where it landed face down, befouled and forgotten. Just like Ann.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32