Being Photographed For Portfolio Ch. 02

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Part 2 of series: Being photographed for portfolio

It was close to midnight when I walked out of the business centre, having caught up on my emails. I was flustered. My business suit felt overly restrictive and my bra way too tight. I unbuttoned the top two buttons of my blouse, in an attempt to cool myself down. My hormones were on fire. That last email from David was totally unexpected. It seemed so real. I wondered if it was a real experience or just a fantasy. Either way it had me aroused and dangerously horny.

As I was waiting for the lift to return to my hotel room, I noticed a sign on a door leading to the fitness centre. I walked up to the door, inserted my room key and the green light appeared as the door clicked open. I walked up the passageway towards the fitness centre passing a steam room. It was operating and I thought it would be a nice relaxing way to de-stress so I kept on walking to enter the ladies change room.

Inside there was a pile opf white towels neatly folded on top of a each other, all placed on a wicker basket. I took a white bath towel from the pile and placed it on the table by the lockers. I unbuttoned my blouse and then unclasped my 32B bra strap finally enjoying the freedom of being able to just let them hang free. The bra straps were too tight leaving white marks across my back and under my breasts. I unzipped my navy blue corporate skirt, letting it fall to the floor. I then sat down on the bench as I lifted my legs up high and peeled the hose off my legs. I stood up and took off my little white cotton thong panties. I noticed white strands sticking to my inner panty lining. I smiled, realizing that this was the doing of David’s erotic email.

I wrapped the white towel around my torso and up over my breasts, tied a knot on the top to hold it up and closed the locker door before exiting the change room. I opened the glass door to the steam room.

I felt a block of hot humid steam hit me, envelope me and instantly raise my body temperature to the point of sweating. I inhaled the damp air as I looked through the steam to find an empty spot on the tiled bench to sit down. Although the steam was thick, I could still make out that there was nobody else in the steam room. I sat down on the bench and made myself comfortable. It was hot, humid and plain wet. Droplets of water were falling down from the ceiling.

My imagination drifted to David’s email. I recounted the story in my mind. It started to have the same affect on me as earlier. I had just started to relax in the steam room. I didn’t want to get up, get changed and have to go back to my room to masturbate.

The steam room was empty and it was midnight so in all probability there would be nobody visiting it, so I allowed myself to go with the flow and didn’t let my inhibitions get in the way.

I pulled the knot of my towel free, stood up and hung the towel on the rail outside the steam room. I much preferred the feeling of being nude in a steam room, in a natural state, as should be for sweating and relaxing in a steam room without the restriction of a soaking wet towel. I lay on my back and stretched out on the bench, closed my eyes and let the steam roll over me taking me into a relaxed trance.

The steam was heavy and sweat was running down my face, chest and legs and quickly spreading, opening up every pore on my body.

My mind turned back to the email. I saw the images of the model in my mind. I imagined the look of lust in David’s eyes, his hard-on pushing out tightly against his pants as he clicked away on his camera while she exhibited her body, openly displayed herself, enjoying the act of modeling as a means to explore her sexuality, a way to take her arousal to new levels.

I lifted my back slightly off the bench arching it a little as I lifted my legs up and pushed my knees outwards, and then pushed my feet together with my legs and knees lying parted, facing outwards but lying flush against the bench. This is called butterfly pose in yoga. This pose opens the hips and intensifies the opening sensations around ones groin, even parting and opening ones pussy lips. I love to masturbate like this.

I directed my fingers to my folds to my aching core, which desperately needed to be touched. I ran my fingers across my mound feeling my tiny pubic curls and then slid my index finger down and onto my fleshy folds as they glided over my moist vaginal lips, rubbing them as they layered across each other, then retreating my fingers back up to the top to touch my swollen clit. I rubbed it around in little circular motions feeling the raw nerve endings against my fingertips and enjoying the quick instant pangs and sensations of pleasure ripple though me.

The build up was quick so to draw out the sensations I took a deep breath and switched to caressing my outer labia, feeling the wet skin sliding between my fingers as they became more slippery and lubricated from stimulation. My fingers were now sticky from the streaming juices oozing slowly out of me. I took out bayan kartal escort my finger and smelt the salty scent of sex, the raw animalistic instinct. It was covered in a filmy white residue.

With my other hand I brushed my fingers along my breasts grasping and twisting my erect nipples between them. Shivers ran through my spine and down my torso. The waves were coming in bigger and wilder as I travelled in my mind back through the erotic story email.

With my eyes closed, and my back flat against the bench I lifted my legs up wards into a right angle, a common pose for Pilates stomach strengthening exercises, lifting my butt upwards and slightly raised off the bench. I caressed my excited nipples with the fingers of my one hand as I pulled my other hand round my raised thigh from behind my legs and pushed my index and middle fingers deep into my easily accessible pussy. It felt good to be filled to be penetrated. I lifted my butt even higher as I furiously jabbed my fingers in and out of my pussy reaching as deep as I could get them.

I was on the verge of an intense orgasm when I heard voices. It couldn’t be! I thought to myself, after all, it was midnight. The voices got louder and then I saw shadows behind the fogged up little window.

This interruption filled me with adrenaline. I was frightened. I was worried they would know what I was up to. I now heard voices and then saw the door open. In under a second, I quickly bunched myself up into a sitting position with my knees pulled up high and my feet closed tightly as I leaned over them to cover up my bare breasts. I was literally caught with my fingers in the cookie jar.

In walk this couple. The guy was really tall, maybe 6 foot 4, was well built, big boned with fair hair and the girl in contrast was petite, maybe 5 foot with long blonde hair. They looked very European.

“Hallo, I am Jurgen and my girlfriend is Vibka” he introduced himself in a strong German accent.

I stayed in my crouched position but I looked up as he spoke. He was nude. He had prominent taught muscles. His body was only sparsely covered in light blonde hair. His abs had a six-pack across a hairless chest. He had a body of a bodybuilder but it was his very long cock that grabbed my attention. It was limp as he walked in, but just stood out of proportion to anything I had ever seen before. He deserved the title “well hung”. I knew I shouldn’t look but it was eye grabbing. His penis must have hung limp the size of most guys erections. His balls were enormous too. They looked like ripe mouth watering delicious plums that were just waiting to be plucked and to be slowly chewed on and eaten.

His girlfriend had on a white bikini with gold rings holding the bottom front and behind parts together. She had really big breasts, I would imagine close to a size 34E. They strained to stay within the top, with bulging cleavage. Her breasts look so out of form against her petite frame.

They sat down at the end of the bench as I gazed away minding my own business. The steam turned on again and filled the room steaming it up. I could only now faintly make them out. I turned to look at them and could see that she was now sitting on his lap. He had his hands up her top and was caressing her nipples, his knuckles pushing and sticking out the stretchy material. I looked on at his thighs and noticed that he had a half erection bulging from between his legs, wedged under her butt. It was visible from the side.

It was getting far too hot and I wanted to get out so I quickly stood up, ready to race to the door when my locker key fell from my hands somewhere in one of the shallow pools of water condensed on the tiled dark floor.

I crouched on all fours to look on the floor for my keys, but it was dark and I could not find them. I felt uncomfortable in this position knowing that they had a clear view of my butt and pussy sticking out between my butt cheeks, but I would not be able to get my clothes out of the locker without the damn keys.

“I help you find keys,” Jurgen said standing up.

Before I had a chance to maneuver myself out of the tiny floor space to make room for him to perch down and look, he was squeezing down next to me. I turned to get up when I felt his cock brush against my outer thigh. This was so weird having an absolute stranger stand naked next to me and then end up feeling his private parts.

I got myself back up again as Jurgen scratched around the floor in search of my keys. I took the moment to enjoy the view. This hunky guy stretching out with his butt sticking out and these huge balls hanging down clearly visible from this compromised position. I felt guilty staring at this guy right in front of his girlfriend but then I was sort of allowed to look in that direction as it was my keys he was looking for.

“Ahoy, I got them!” he said as fumbled about raising himself up to standing.

He handed me my keys but had a good look at my perky size B bare breasts, boasting a kartal eve gelen escort standout nipple stand. I noticed him looking at them for a moment more than he should have. I felt his gaze, as if he was slowly touching, caressing my nipples. It sent lightning strikes through me, taking my breath away. Somehow I really enjoyed being raped by his eyes. My nipples so wanted to be ravaged and sucked by his mouth.

“Thank you,” I said taking the keys and then rushing out of the steam room to catch my breath.

I quickly donned my towel around my waist covering my breasts like a boob tube, and went back to the change room. I was not thinking clearly and I walked the wrong way down the passage. On my way back past the steam room I heard grunts and groans. I was naughty. I looked in to the steamed up window.

I could see her bare back with her long blonde hair flowing down it. She was sitting on him facing him. I could see that she had no bottoms on either as I saw her naked butt crack. I could not see Jurgen, as he was over-shadowed by her body. They were fucking. I peered more closely through the steamy window. She was mounted on his hard cock, bobbing up and down it. His hands were holding her under her butt cheeks, guiding her up and down. Jurgen was sucking her voluptuous breasts as they fucked.

I knew I was doing wrong being a disgusting voyeur. I didn’t think they would notice me there, as it was so steamy. I couldn’t help it though. I was still horny and more frustrated than ever. I even felt jealous of this girl. I needed to be fucked hard and deep so badly. My hormones had gone mad and I think I must have temporarily lost my rational mind. I just watched on.

The girl got up and stood up and was turning around. I was nervous. Had they seen me? I felt embarrassed, ashamed and quickly turned to walk away.

“Hallo, please come back inside” a voice shouted from behind me.

I turned around and the door was held open as the girl’s head peeked out, steam pouring out of open door all around her.

I just wanted to not be there. I couldn’t ignore her so I turned around to respond.

“No, its ok, I think I should go to bed now.”

She edged outside the door still holding it open but standing there naked. I looked at her up and down as she spoke. She had large breasts, with small pink nipples, a narrow waist and slightly bigger hips crowned by a triangular patch of curly blonde pubic hair.

I ignored her and turned around to go on to the change room and then return to my room. I approached the change room door and on it was a sign that read.

“Change rooms closed for cleaning, key available from reception”

“Oh shit,” I mumbled to myself.

I cannot go to reception in the towel. I went back to the steam room and opened the door.

“Hello, It is Jurgen isn’t it?” I nervously asked

“Yes, what is wrong?” he asked me.

“The change room is locked and my room key and all my clothes are in it. I can’t go to reception dressed like this”

He said something to Vibka in German and then addressed me.

“Vibka will take you to our room to get you something to wear,” Jurgen offered as Vibka got up to follow me out of the steam room.

I walked ahead to the lifts as Vibka put her bikini bottom on and then put her bikini top on and took the lead towards the lifts. I followed behind Vibka as she pushed the floor button in the lift. I didn’t know what to say in the lift so I kept quiet, but I did give Vibka a quick glance, noticing how she was so carefree, parading in a public lift in a wet white bikini which obviously had no inner lining as her pubic hair and folds were visible through the transparent material as were her voluptuous breasts. I on the other hand was holding onto my towel for dear life.

I walked into her room behind her and noticed that the room was really quite messy with things/equipment everywhere. I was busy apologizing when Vibka tried to explain these strange pieces of equipment on the floor. They looked like some sort of exercise bike but had no pedals and had a pole coming out of the middle.

“These are Jurgen’s invention. We are here for a trade fair at the Sex expo starting tomorrow night. We have them on exhibition.” Vibka commented.

“What are they- some sort of circuit training equipment for the gym?” I naively asked.

“Have you never seen one before? It’s a fucking machine,” she explained.

“With this machine you can get the best orgasm. Have you ever had a squirting orgasm during sex or masturbation?” she asked me.

I didn’t even know what squirting was.

“No, never heard of it being described in those words.” I answered shyly.

“Read this.” Vibka handed me a leaflet.

I read the leaflet. The ultimate orgasm is when you feel such an intense release and relaxing of your muscles in your vagina, that the pressure built up around your g-spot area causes the liquid held inside to gush out in large squirts through escort bayanlar your urethra. It is not urine, even though it looks like it when the squirting is happening, but instead a clear substance and is a result of intense build up and orgasm. It’s the ultimate orgasm and if you felt it you would know why and if you witnessed it the moans and groans that accompany this are unmatched.

“You believe in this?” Vikbah asked me.

“I show you how it works. You must give it a try.” she continued.

Vibka broke open a plastic bag and inserted what looked like a long white dildo into a slot in the machine.

“You see you sit down or you can kneel and you can set the machine to fit your body. You get to hold a remote control in your hand and you can change the speed it goes into you and the speed of the top head which also rotates.”

“It comes with different attachments. There is also the one with the clitoris stimulator and the anal dildo and there is the big one which can do all three in one go.” Vibka described.

“I show you how it works” Vibka went on.

She sat down on the chair, placing her legs on the little platforms on the side and then pulled this pole upwards and moved the angle of the attached dildo and then hit a switch. The machine started to move and the arm holding the dildo moved up and then in an arc towards her.

“Ok, Its now set, you want to try?” she asked me.

“No, its OK,” I replied.

“Ok you must see it. I will show you.” she would not take no for an answer.

She lifted her legs and pulled her bikini bottoms off them.

“Please pass me the lubricant K-Y jell” she asked me.

I took it off the table and handed it to her.

She lathered the top of the dildo in the lubricant and then pulled it down to the entrance of her pussy. She then lay back and used the remote. The machine like a piston started to go in and out of her. She increased the speed as it did its job.

“I want you to try,” she insisted.

“Get on the other machine. The dildo is in the bag. Break open the bag and give it a try. You don’t need to be shy. I do it all the time.”

“No, I prefer watching you demonstrate for me,” I replied.

“You didn’t mind watching my boyfriend and I fuck in the steam room so why you so shy now!” she said catching me off guard.

I watched as the piston drove the dildo in and out of her pussy, her pubic hairs around her folds now wet and her lips glistening from the lubricant. She was lying back and was getting more and more aroused. She started to rub her stomach with her palm slowly making their way up to the swimsuit top. She had upped the speed of the dildo. She started to moan.

“You must try it!” she blurted out while trying to catch her breath between her moans.

Her face and chest were bright red, sweat was forming along her brow and fringe. He nipples were bright pink.

“Take a shot of vodka on the table to help you relax!” she gasped.

I was feeling very strange watching all this, but my body still felt on fire from before. I skulled a glass of vodka, probably having far too much. It only took a minute for me to feel relaxed and a bit drunk.

Vibka’s fucking machine was now going at quite a speed. She yanked off her swimsuit top and was touching and caressing her breasts, even grasping her nipples them and pulling them outwards between her fingers. I think she was cumming as she arched her head backwards every so often letting out a prolonged deep pitched groan followed by a high pitch screech.

The alcohol did its job. I felt relaxed and suddenly carefree. Vibka was in another world orgasming away again and again.

I broke open the bag and took out what must have been the “triple action dildo. It had 3 parts coming off the main tube. I inserted the dildo into the holder as Vibka had done, but then when I sat down I realized that this machine was set up differently. Instead of a seat it had a little platform.

I finally worked out how to attach the dildo and lock it in place on the piston. I couldn’t work out how to position it though. Vibka sweated out and many orgasms later climbed off her fucking machine and came over to help me.

“This machine works differently. You need to face forwards with feet on the platform and your butt pushed high up and your chest leaning down and forward reaching down to the platform in front. You need to make a triangle with your body. This is only way to make your anal opening accessible to the dildo while the other one rams your pussy”

I started to follow her instructions.

“You cannot do this with your towel on!” Vibka giggled pulling my towel off my body.

“You can use this to lubricate yourself!” she offered as she handed me over the KY jell.

I rubbed some of the jell over my pussy hole and then I felt the dildo getting pushed inside me as Vibka positioned it.

“You have the 3 way so you might as well enjoy it that way” Vibka continued.

I first felt the clitoral dildo head against me as she positioned it I place and turned it on. It rotated and gyrated in circles gently rubbing my clit around and around.

Vibka took the KY jell tube and then I felt her rub some of it around my butt and then I felt a thin dildo get pushed in to my anus. I was tight there so it felt a little sore initially.

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