Being Neighborly

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Adriana Chechik

It was supposed to be a surprise. I told him I had never done anything with her before, which was true at the time he asked. At the beginning, It was all just long, lusty stares she had given me, letting me know she was ready for anything and wanted it all. Ryan and I had talked about the possibility of us getting hot and heavy with another woman in the sack, but I don’t think he thought I was serious when I would bring up the subject. With the “situations” I kept finding myself with her in when we were alone, I knew it wouldn’t be hard to talk her into anything. Since she had never been with a couple before, but had been with another woman, I figured I should get her a little relaxed by doing a little girl-on-girl action first. “Break her in” so to speak.

She lived in the upstairs apartment, so she always knew when I was home, and if I was alone. One afternoon, I was alone of course, she called down to see if she could hang out for awhile. Seeing opportunity, I quickly agreed. Next thing I know, there we are in my shower soaping each other down. She was nervous, I was too a little, but I told her if we were going to do it, there was no point in doing it half-assed. She immediately started in for my breasts, cupping them gently and massaging them slowly at first and then gaining more courage, her grip tightened and her fingers started to press into my skin with more force and her lips dove onto one of my nipples, creating a suction that made it harden instantly. I felt the wet of her tongue as it glided across it, and started canlı bahis to get a bit turned on. I gave a small sigh of contentment and heard her let out a deep moan as I reached out and let the tips of my fingers glide gently up the slit of her pussy.

She quivered as I started to rub back and forth, letting my fingers dart slightly in and then quickly out. The outside of her snatch was hot and its lips were molding to my hand and I could feel them getting saturated with her love juices as she got more turned on. She leaned up against the side of the shower and pulled me to her. “Let’s go to bed,” she whispered lustily in my ear flicking her tongue across it, “I want you to make me cum.”

That was all I needed to hear.

I led her into the bedroom and put on a porno with some awesome girl-on-girl action, and watched her eyes grow wild with anticipation as I brought out my purple vibrator and licked it, letting her watch my tongue as it slid down its’ length and stop on the bottom where the clit tickler was, and let its’ fingers fork out across it. I knew she was hot and horny, so I motioned for her to lay down as reached out and let the vibrator slip between her legs, firmly holding it to her pussy as she moved towards the bed. I turned it on and watched her eyes close in pleasure as my lips made contact with her skin.

I started gently nibbling on her hip, and slowly moved up her panting belly towards her supple mounds, cupping one breast with one hand and moving my toy more firmly into the folds of her wet lips bahis siteleri with the other. My tongue flickered out and made her nipple strain tautly in eagerness, and then I sucked fervently on it, making her groan loudly in pleasure. I ventured down to her honey pot, letting my tongue leave a wet trail behind it, her skin trembling in its’ wake. Her eyes were full of anticipation and she became overwhelmed with passion as my mouth got closer to the hot target I craved. I stopped dragging my tongue just as I within and inch of reaching my destination, pulled slightly away, letting the heaviness of my breath weigh against the trembling skin of her womanhood. I licked across her clit softly and then pulled slightly away, wanting her to beg for it. Her hips were rising slowly towards my face wanting me to bury myself in her, but I kept teasing.

I started to push more forcefully against her opening with my joy toy, letting the head of it vibrate gently between the folds of her lips and then moved it up to rest on her puckered clit. She let out a sharp yelp of pleasure when I pushed it hard against it, and then shoved a finger up her slit, burying it as far as I could inside her. Upon seeing the look on her face I placed another finger inside and down deeper. I started to flicker my tongue across her erect clitoris, and felt her pussy start to clampdown around my fingers, damp with yearning for more.

I spread her box open wide and went to town. Her moans of pleasure filled the room as a darted my tongue in and out of her bahis şirketleri pussy. I eagerly munched on all of her, rubbing her, licking her and sucking her with such fevered urgency that she gripped the back of my head, pulling me even closer to her, by my hair. Her fingers entwined themselves into the tangle locks of my blonde mane. I buried myself as deeply as I could into her, yet she begged for more, so I slathered our toy with my tongue, getting it as wet as I could manage, and I shoved it up her pussy to the hilt. I held it hard inside her letting its’ vibrations rack her over and over with a vengeful fury, hell-bent on full-filling her every desire. I could hear her screams of ecstasy as I began thrusting the hard rubber shaft in and out of her, harder and deeper, faster and faster. I softly bit her clit and then sucked it hard into my mouth, as I rammed the purple cock deep and fierce inside her trembling pussy, and felt her shudder against my mouth as she came, flooding my face as she bucked violently.

I chuckled softly to myself with face still buried in her steaming, wet pussy, as I watched her throw her head back and forth with her eyes clamped shut tightly, moaning loudly in pleasure. I knew I had taken her to a new height of pleasure she had never been to before. It was kind of empowering, knowing I could get her off like no one ever had before. She reached down to pull me up to her but I had accomplished what I set out to do. The trap was set, she wanted more. All I had to do was wait for the right moment now to let the threesome cum. I had a feeling it wouldn’t take long to transpire. She wanted more, and I wanted to give him a night he would never forget.

Stay tuned for part two of a threesome story you won’t soon forget.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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