Begin Again Pt. 01

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Author’s Note:

This is my first time writing in this genre. This is very special to my heart because I came out while writing this story. I finally became content with myself. And, in this story, I tried to create a world where the characters’ problem was not being with a woman.

And, I write mostly on my phone. I also don’t know any editor. There could be some mistakes for which I apologize.



Alexa enters through the glass revolving door into the most lavish hotel in China. She came to Taiwan for a fresh start and this seems like much like it. They have come to China for a conference. She is already loving her new life.

“Scott, hurry!” Her colleague calls her from across the lobby. She hurries along to catch up.

“So, is everyone from the company is here?” She asks curiously and a bit nervously. She is a scientist in the company run by scientists.

“Obviously!” her colleague, Lin, replies with a sigh.

Over the next 30 minutes, they meet a lot of people from other departments. Then Lin points her to a lady entering through the door with four people around.

“You see her? She is Maggie Chan; the CEO. Must be worth a billion dollars,” Lin comments in a low voice.

“She is gorgeous!” Alexa feels an arrow shot through her heart.

“I tell you that she is brilliant and rich and you say she is gorgeous?” Lin comments with exasperation.

Alexa shrugs as usual.

After the party is almost over, she feels drained and desperately in need of a drink. She helps herself to the bar and drinks a glass of champagne in one gulp.

“That’s how I feel,” someone comments from behind. She turns around being a bit annoyed and surprised by seeing Maggie Chan. She feels weak on the knees and in loss of words.

Maggie breaks the awkward silence. “Are you new at the company?” she asks.

“Yes. joined about a week ago,” Alexa replies with a voice she doesn’t quite recognize.

“So, you might have heard about me?” Maggie asks with a smile.

“Of course. I know who you are. I am Alexa Scott,” she feels so awkward right now even though she is a pretty confident woman.

“Welcome to the company, Dr. Scott,” Maggie says with her hand reaching out for a handshake. The touch of her hand sends electricity all over Alexa’s body. Maggie takes the seat beside Alexa. There is something calm yet warm about her.

Then they casually talk about Alexa and where she is from. Maggie doesn’t share much. Two men come near and seeing them Maggie gets up from her seat.

“Excuse me. I need to get this,” she says.

“Sure!” Alexa replies.

“I guess I will see you around,” Maggie says before leaving and Alexa wonders if that is a figure of speech. She hates being herself now. What is wrong with her?

Alexa goes to her room late at night. As soon as she closes her eyes, she sees a pair of dark black eyes staring at her as if she is exposed. Her body starts twitching and her hands travel through her belly to her mound.

The conference begins the next morning. Alexa is a bit distracted from last night; how the thought of Maggie gave her an orgasm so good. Her eyes search for Maggie. But, her mind wonders if Maggie will remember an employee. Lin asks several times what is wrong and she blames exhaustion. The fact is, she does not even know what is wrong with her.

She somehow goes through the day distracted. After dinner, her colleagues drag her to the bar to celebrate whatever the reason they are celebrating. She feels down and will feel down no matter what. She cannot quite understand what is wrong with her. She concentrates on getting drunk and let the world be on its own. She starts feeling lightheaded.

“I think you should call it a night,” Lin says.

“I think you are right,” she agrees.

It is not wise to get crazy drunk while being surrounded by your bosses. She gets up from the seat and the universe smacks on her face. She falls on her seat.

“Yo drunkard, do you need help?” one of the colleagues asks jokingly.

“No I am fine,” she answers with her hands making a stop sign. She shakily gets up from her seat again determined to make it back to the room.

She gets out of the elevator on her floor. She is not fully drunk, but she is drunk. The corridor is empty for which she is grateful. She struggles to open her door.

“Do you need some help with that?” a familiar voice asks from behind.

She turns around and it is Maggie. Alexa feels happy to see her but afraid as she doesn’t want to seem weird in front of her. Maggie asks something again but Alexa zones out. She starts noticing Maggie’s features; how her eyes spark up when she smiles; how gorgeous her every bit is. Alexa knows that she is attracted to Maggie. She has never felt like this before. Funny how they know nothing about each other. Maggie asks something again.

“You know what?” Alexa says with stepping closer. She holds Maggie’s bahis firmaları face with her right hand forcing it to open up and kisses her as passionately as she could. Her tongue is very invasive. But when she finds no response from the opposite side, she breaks it. She sees Maggie’s surprised or shocked face; she cannot decide. Alexa gets red in embarrassment. She cannot look at Maggie. Suddenly Maggie pushes her pinning her against the wall. And this time Maggie reciprocates her. It helps that they are almost of the same height. Maggie feels Alexa’s weight against her. Alexa passes out on her.

Alexa wakes up with a jolt the next morning. She notices that she in her room and her clothes have been changed. She wonders if Maggie put her on her bed. Maggie! Shit, she remembers kissing her and passing out on her. She completely forgot about Maggie returning the favor. She sits on the bed cursing herself.

“Why the fuck did you have to do it? Now you are a fool without a job!” She curses herself loudly.


Alexa hops on the bus along with Lin on their way to the airport.

“You have been acting strange,” Lin says.

“Huh?” Alexa turns her attention to her.

“What is wrong?” Lin demands.

Alexa wants to say that she has a huge crush on the CEO and for it she might lose her job. But instead, she says, “it’s nothing. Enjoying the view.”

Everything goes back to normal the next day. She hasn’t been informed of her termination yet. So that’s a good sign. She tries to get Maggie out of her head and concentrate on her work. But it is in vain. Now she knows that she is attracted to her. But it seems like a good choice to avoid her after Alexa made a fool of herself. So if she sees Maggie from a distance, she runs in the opposite direction. She cannot lose this job now. After all, she has been through, she cannot go back to hellhole she came from.

Two more days pass and she hears nothing about losing her job. Still, the night of the conference spins like a movie in her; the part that she can remember.

She tries to keep herself busy all morning. She is deeply focused on her monitor when she hears the sound of heels in front of her. She looks up and her jaw drops.

“Hi,” Maggie says with a flirtatious smile.

Alexa stands up from her seat shocked. Mack, her boss, comes running.

“And, she is Dr. Alexa Scott. She is new but very talented so we flew her over here,” Mack introduces Alexa to Maggie. He then turns to Alexa, “You know Miss Maggie Chan, the CEO,” Mack says. He seems nervous like a schoolboy in the principal’s office. Someone calls Mack and he excuses himself to attend the matter.

Maggie leans and whispers, “you have been avoiding me.”

“I was embarrassed and scared to face you,” Alexa says.

Her answer leaves Maggie a bit shocked. “What do you think have happened?” she asks.

“I kissed you then passed out on you. I apologize for my behavior,” though she doesn’t mean it; not really.

“Well you clearly don’t remember that I kissed you back,” Maggie says. It surprises Alexa which has been the state of her since the last couple of days.

She feels butterflies in her belly like a schoolgirl. “That’s a shame! I guess you will have to remind me,” she flirts which makes Maggie grin. Mack comes running and interrupts.

“Alexa, I hope you are not bothering Ms. Chan” she warns her.

“I wish,” Alexa whispers within Maggie’s earshot. Maggie suppresses her laughter and Mack asks Alexa “What was that?”

“Nothing,” Alexa replies.

He turns his attention to Maggie, “Would you like to see our latest project, Ms. Chan?”

“I would like that,” she replies.

Mack takes his steps to show her the way. Maggie leans towards Alexa and whispers, “Later.”

The day is going better than Alexa hoped it would. That little encounter with Maggie brightened up her day. That is something new to her because of her depression. She thought she was incapable of being happy or feeling anything else. She gets a text from an unknown number, “Hello!” She doesn’t recognize the number. She replies, “I am afraid I don’t have this number. Who is this?”

“The one you kissed and forgot,” Maggie adds an angry emoji at the end of the text. It makes Alexa laugh.

“I think helping someone to remember something they forgot, is a generous thing to do,” she adds a thinking emoji at the end of the reply. Maggie doesn’t reply for about an hour. Alexa’s anxiety takes over and she finds it hard to concentrate on work. She finally hears the ping she has been waiting for.

“Dinner tonight?” Maggie asks.

“I would love to,” Alexa writes back.

“Be at my place around 8 pm. I am cooking,” Maggie replies. Those emojis make Alexa laugh.

“Yes, ma’am. Text me your address,” Alexa puts down the phone and spins in her chair in excitement.

“I have never seen you this happy,” Lin comes to her table. Alexa doesn’t answer her back but grins.

“Oh, I get it. Hot date tonight?” Lin asks cheerfully.

“Yes! kaçak iddaa And I don’t know what I will wear!” Alexa panics.

“You will look hot even wearing a sack,” Lin comments. Lin is small. Not too short but funny size. Her comment makes Alexa laugh.

“But she is way hotter. She is like a goddess. You know what I mean,” Alexa says.

“Oh, I see. What about the red dress we got you last week?” Lin asks.

“You wouldn’t think that would be a bold choice?” Alexa asks.

“Uh please you need to be bold,” Lin makes a valid point.


“By the way, who is she?” Lin asks.

“Just someone I met. I will tell you later,” Alexa doesn’t want to tell anyone anything now. Or ever now that she thinks of it. Being in the same company makes it hard.

Alexa takes a good look at her for the last time.

“This will have to do,” she says to the mirror. The dress makes her curve express themselves nicely. It makes her look sexy but not slutty. She wouldn’t mind a bit of slutty.

She arrives at Maggie’s penthouse at around 8 pm. The security shows her the way. She has got a nice bottle of wine. She is so nervous like it’s the first time she is going out with someone and doesn’t know what to expect. The elevator finally stops and the door opens with her heart skipping a bit. She steps out of it and a part of herself wants to rush to Maggie’s arms and another part of her wants to take it slow.

Maggie opens the front door. She is dressed in black. Alexa thinks she looks stunning.

“Hi. You look stunning,” Alexa says.

“And, you are breathtaking,” saying that Maggie wraps her arms around Alexa’s neck and shoulder and kisses her. Her tongue is as invasive as Alexa’s was. Alexa sighs and melts in her arms. When they break the kiss, Alexa is out of breath.

Alexa is in awe of her. This woman surprises her every single time.

“I hope I jogged your memory,” Maggie says cupping Alexa’s face.

“You certainly did,” Alexa says in between her breathe. Maggie gives a stern look which makes Alexa look back. Her security nodes and goes away.

“Come,” Maggie says while guiding her inside of her house.

The house is marvelous. White floor and white furniture make the paintings look fabulous. The house is enormous for one person.

“You have a nice home. You live alone?” Alexa asks appreciating the house.

“There are staffs. But I gave them off because tomorrow is a holiday,” Maggie replies with a smile because she hopes that Alexa will also be here in the morning.

Maggie shows Alexa the house. The dining table is huge. Maggie presses a remote button and the light goes dim. She lights on two candles while Alexa was looking at the painting on the wall.

“I hope you like Italian,” Maggie brings out the food.

“Love them,” Alexa smiles.

The pasta Maggie made is delicious. And, the wine makes it perfect.

They sit near the fireplace after dinner with the wine bottle.

“I want to know more about you,” Alexa says.

“All you need to know that I am not a serial killer. And the rest is quite public,” Maggie laughs. Alexa agrees. Maggie’s life is the topic of daily news.

“What about you?” Maggie asks.

“I needed a change so I came here,” Alexa replies.

“Like it so far?”

“I am growing fond of it.”

“So what about your family?” Maggie asks again.

“I have a sister,” Alexa’s mood is starting to change. It doesn’t go unnoticed.

“Hey! I am sorry. Let’s talk about something else,” Maggie reaches and holds Alexa’s hand. The phone interrupts them. Maggie excuses herself to answer the phone. Alexa doesn’t hear much. Just only “Yes there’s someone… no, I don’t waste my time… Good night” That seems like a heated conversation.

“Sorry, that was my dad. He thinks I sleep around and waste his money and my time,” Maggie says falling on the couch.

“So.. sleep around, huh?” Alexa smirks.

“That’s what you get from that sentence?” Maggie laughs.

“Uh huh!” Alexa sips her wine.

“He wants me to have a conference call right now,” Maggie says.

“Sure. work is important,” Alexa says but hating the sound of it.

“I have a more pressing matter at hand or on my couch,” Maggie leans forward and kisses Alexa. Alexa wraps her hands around Maggie. By now they both know how attracted they are to each other.

Maggie leans forward for a kiss. Alexa wraps her hand around Maggie’s bareback. Maggie’s tongue is invasive; Alexa was hesitant at first but then she relaxes in Maggie’s arms. Maggie unzips Alexa’s dress without breaking the kiss. They stand and Alexa kicks off her dress. Maggie has already stripped off of her dress. Maggie breaks the kiss to enjoy the view of Alexa in her lacey underwear. Her dark eyes look hungry. She unclasped Alexa’s bra in a smooth move. Maggie’s eyes get hungrier and fuller of lust seeing Alexa’s bouncy breasts.

Alexa kisses Maggie’s neck and breasts over her bra before unclasping her bra as well. Maggie lets a moan out. Maggie’s kaçak bahis breasts are firm and her torso is very toned. Alexa starts sucking on Maggie’s left nipple and biting it; teasing the other with her hand. Maggie’s body starts responding under Alexa. She starts licking her way down on Maggie. Alexa pulls her pants down and kisses her inner thighs.

“Please!” Maggie begs.

Alexa looks up, “please what, darling?”

“Fuck me!” Maggie begs. Alexa grins and places her tongue on Maggie’s swollen opening. Maggie screams with pleasure. Alexa inhales Maggie’s arousal deeply. It smells like a rose. Must be the soap Maggie used. But underneath it, is all Maggie. She thrusts her finger into Maggie who lets a moan out. Alexa thrusts another finger into Maggie. She thrusts her fingers into Maggie.

“Harder. Please!” Maggie is literally begging.

Alexa does as what Maggie needs. She plays her clits with her tongue and keeps on thrusting in and out of Maggie. Maggie comes loudly.

Maggie comes back into senses from the orgasm she just had which was beyond she had ever experienced. She opens her eyes and sees Alexa staring at her lying on her side with her head popped out on her hand.

“That was the sexiest thing I have ever seen,” Alexa kisses Maggie. Maggie tastes herself a bit in the kiss which turns her on again. Alexa’s hard nipples touch Maggie’s bare chest. Maggie squeezes them and Alexa moans. Maggie flips her over. slowing making her way to Alexa’s private parts. Alexa’s body starts trembling under every touch of Maggie. Maggie loves that she has this effect on Alexa. Maggie finds her way to Alexa’s opening and finds that she is soaked. Maggie takes a swipe with her playful tongue and Alexa thrusts towards her; her legs wrapping Maggie whose fingers are already inside of Alexa. Alexa was near and Maggie suddenly stops and Alexa opens her eyes in horror.

“I want to see you come,” Maggie goes up and kisses Alexa and pulling her into a sitting position. Alexa is sitting on top. Maggie slides her fingers in Alexa.

“Uh fuck!” Alexa shouts in need.

Alexa’s grey eyes get darker like eclipse which leaves Maggie stunned. She keeps fucking her with fingers and sucking her bouncy breasts. Alexa leaves several scratches on Maggie’s back before coming loudly. She falls on Maggie’s shoulder trying to come back into senses. She comes back to her senses after a while and breaks off the embrace. They’re sweaty from all the action. She looks into Maggie’s dark eyes and pierces through her heart. They kiss with all the passion they have left; trying to devour each other.


Alexa wakes up first. They both fell asleep on the carpet beside the fireplace; Maggie is sleeping on top of her. She remembers how magnificent the night it was for her both physically and emotionally. She shifts a bit and Maggie starts to wake up. She freezes. Maggie wakes up nonetheless.

“Let’s go to bed!” she stretches the last word. She is not fully awakened.

Alexa wakes up again in Maggie’s bed. Maggie is sitting on the bed wrapped in a white sheet working on her laptop. The sight of her puts a smile on Alexa’s face.

“Good morning,” Alexa’s says while stretching.

“Hey sleepyhead,” Maggie puts down her laptop and kisses Alexa.

“I haven’t brushed my teeth yet,” Alexa tries to push her away.

“So what? I haven’t either,” Maggie says in between kisses.

Alexa gets turned on again by the kiss. Maggie’s hand travels Alexa’s entire body like a hungry shark preying and stops at her lady part. Maggie is delighted to see Alexa already soaked in desire and slips her fingers inside.

Alexa moans loudly as she comes. When she gathers her senses, she finds Maggie watching her intently.

“You are so beautiful,” Maggie says caressing her face.

“Yeah?” Alexa blushes all red on the white sheet. She then reaches up to kiss Maggie and flips her over. Alexa makes her way down. When she reaches down, she is glad to see Maggie filled with desire. Alexa gladly puts her mouth over Maggie’s lady part and slips her fingers inside. It makes Maggie moan softly and grasping the sheet beside her. They both lie on the bed side by side in the afterglow of their lovemaking.

“I never do this you know,” Alexa says.

“I don’t sleep around either even though my father says I do,” Maggie says.

“Yeah, you are a charmer. My knees started shaking when I saw you at the bar,” Alexa confesses.

Maggie gasps in surprise, “They did?”

“Yes,” Alexa admits.

“I was drawn to you when I saw you first. That’s why I walked over there. I was so nervous,” Maggie laughs.

“And I was embarrassed that I was making a fool of myself. Now here we are. in bed till 12 pm,” Alexa says.

“I think we should get some food,” Maggie giggles.

“And a shower,” Alexa says with a poker face which makes Maggie giggle more. They both are wrapped up in the white silk bedsheet.

“I will get food. You get a shower,” Maggie says while wearing her robe.


Maggie leans on the bed to kiss her again and murmurs something in Mandarin which Alexa cannot understand.

“What does it mean?” Alexa asks.

Maggie doesn’t say anything but leaves the room grinning.

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