Becoming Cat

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Becoming Cat

The young man with short blonde hair stared at the black rubber collar as if it was going to leap up from the bed and bite him. It could have been innocuous enough in any other setting – a collar could have been for a pet – but the very notion of what it entailed brought his heart into his throat, beating like a drum. Gulping, he adjusted the neck of his green t-shirt, casual enough, with what he hoped was a subtle gesture, something that would fly under her radar. A romantic weekend away in the mountains with snow falling gently outside the timber cabin window was a typical getaway of couples – who could say no to the natural skiing allure of France? – although he was more used to being the one who wooed. At the moment it seemed that the beautiful brunette sitting cross-legged on the king sized bed was courting him.

Maybe miracles truly did happen?

The woman’s brown eyes were soft in the candlelight as she studied him, expression carefully neutral as she tugged her pink sleeves down over her wrists, matching nail polish chipped and worn. He resolved to pay for her to have a full manicure and spa treatment at the mountain resort during the course of their stay: she, after all, deserved only the very best in his eyes. She had paid for the whole trip! Orchestrated it, even! He was lucky to have such a woman sitting bottomless across from him with only a sliver of underwear concealing her soft folds from gaze and touch.

Pursing his lips, he brushed the collar with the tip of one finger, the buckle silent. It appeared to have been coated in the same black material (rubber, to his eye) as the circle of the collar, a feature better suited to an animal’s accessory. But when Emily had asked him what he would wear, a giggle in her tone and a flirt on her lips, to change into anything his heart desired, it was the word ‘collar’ that had tumbled from his lips in a burst of spontaneity. Of course, he had not truly believed that Emily could turn him into anything he wanted. That would be silly. It was simply a nice idea when it came to fantasy.

“Are you sure about this?” He asked, keeping his eyes lowered to the silken duvet cover.

His girlfriend of two months tucked the feathered ends of her hair back behind her ear and smiled, pink lip gloss shimmering as her lips quirked up in the candlelight. He ached to have her in his arms but she kept her distance for once, arms wrapped around her torso as if holding a secret close. Shaking his head, he looked between her and the collar, unwilling to act when inaction was safer in its immediacy. Emily drew her bare legs up and his eyes traced their length, already thinking of kissing his way up them, phantom lips brushing over the thin fabric of the panties covering her pussy. He swallowed a groan and tried to focus his attention elsewhere though the swell of her breasts, uncontained by a bra, through her shirt begged his eye. She made it difficult to focus and demanded that all attention was on her simply by her presence alone.

Emily frowned and stretched forward, nudging the collar closer to him with her fingertips as he perched on the very edge of the bed.

“Put it on.”

Her tone thrummed firmer, slipping off her lips like silk. It was a tone that he could not deny and he had the collar in his hands before his mind caught up with his body, lifting it to his neck with trembling digits. Hesitating, he blushed and fumbled with the buckle, trying to fasten it at the back of his neck as it pressed down on his throat.

Taking pity on him, Emily scooted across the sheets and brought her hands to his neck, fixing the collar for him. He shivered under her touch and leaned into her, smiling faintly as her hair brushed his shoulder. There was nothing better than her touch.

“Imagine, darling,” she purred into his ear, continuing the fantasy as she buckled the collar securely around his neck. “Imagine everything your heart desires…”

Closing his eyes, he uncurled his fingers, splaying his hands out flat on the padded bed spread. It could not be that difficult, surely, to relax in her capable arms. She would look after him, whatever happened. Emily was a master of mind games in the bedroom and he had every confidence that this was all that it was. Nothing would truly change in his body – he would only believe that he had changed. The faintest glimmer of excitement fluttered in his chest and he lay back on the bed as directed by her hand on his chest, fingertips teasing over light muscle.

In his mind, he imagined Cat.

“I know what you are wishing for,” she whispered into his ear, supporting herself over his body on strong, steady arms. “You should not be so quick to fall under my spell, sweetheart.”

The man groaned and rolled his head, something twisting in his stomach. Warmth spread outwards from the pit of his ankara escort bayan belly and he arched up from the bed, hips twisting from left to right as warming pleasure grew, tickling as if he was being teased with a million feathers. Emily seemed very far away, her words coming to him as if she faced away from him, sound waves too slow to bounce back to weak human ears.

His cock stirred.

Emily kissed his lips sweetly, chaste kiss lingering as the collar squeezed around his neck, melding perfectly with his skin. As if he was growing hard with need, warmth spread through his loins and he bucked up against her body, seeking pleasure that his body was suddenly shy to divulge.

“What…” He struggled to speak, lips soft and pliable. “Wha… Mmm?”

Chuckling, Emily did not answer and instead removed his shirt from his body, tugging it up and over his head in a single, deft motion. It was as if the awkwardness of bodies did not apply to her and she slid down his old jeans in like fashion, dragging them off his bare, tingling feet with a strangely sensual caress. Looking down the length of his naked body, he jumped and contorted his face in a yelp, reaction momentarily delayed by the shock caught in his throat.

There was something wrong, very wrong. His skin was the wrong colour. His throat tightened. Black raced up his legs in an unnatural sheen and the top of his thighs glowed yellow-orange, skin rippling as it changed without his permission. Emily pounced on top of him and wrestled his wrists to the bed above his head, forcing him to be still as the changes continued to tingle through his body, sensation bathing in him warm laps from head to toe as if he was suddenly in the care of a gentle feline.

He submitted willingly to her hold – it was not as if he wanted to escape his Emily – and she grinned, putting her weight upon his wrists. She dipped her head to brush her lips over his, moaning into the chaste kiss as she felt him change beneath her, magic running through his veins from her fingertips. It would always be the most delectable of sensations for her.

Sitting up, she straddled his waist and his shrinking bulge ground between her thighs, rubbing over her barely covered pussy. Emily’s eyes gleamed. How long would it be until he noticed? Leaning far forward, she rested her weight on his chest, palms flat, and arched sensually, arousal soaking through her underwear to stain his, though the male evidence may as well have not been there for all the dominance it displayed. Helplessly, he wriggled and mewled, hips arching up to meet hers for pleasure he did not yet understand. Emily ran her hand over his chest where two mounds slowly but surely grew, the transformation patient in its entirety. The skin colour was a strange touch though, she had to admit, not something she expected. Yet there was far more that her partner did not expect and that pleased her.

“There is far more to me than you think, my dear,” she whispered. “You should have been so much more cautious.”

Emily smirked, sparkly lips gleaming dangerously. Her lip gloss should have portrayed the innocent but, in the low light, it sent a shiver of anticipation down the squirming man’s spine.

“I know you want to feel what it’s like to be a woman.”

He stilled and shook his head fervently. No! That would be silly, obscene, wrong. Of course he did not want to be a woman. Only people who wanted to be the other sex permanently would ever think anything like that. And he did not want that, not really. Fear played icy fingers down his spine, a tap dance over straining lungs. How had Emily known?

Giggling, Emily straightened and cupped her breasts, dropping her eyes pointedly to the rising flesh on his chest, too large now to be ignored. The man could no longer be called a man and his heart leapt into his mouth, thudding wildly as he gaped. This was no mind game, no trick of the senses! What was happening to him? Panic should have gripped him at that point but he instead melted into the embrace of transformation, imagining exactly how he wanted his body to look in his wildest fantasies, the ones that even Emily had not discerned.

Cat would become him. She was Cat.

Emily rose and turned her back on the transforming female on the bed, rolling her shoulders luxuriously.

“I’m not the woman you think I am,” she explained, standing tall to draw her shirt over her head, breasts falling free as they were tugged down by their own weight. “What would your kind call me… A witch, is it?” She chuckled. “That fits well enough.”

She laughed, a wild toss of hair flipping over her shoulder to fall down her back in a straight, shimmering curtain. Moaning and shoving a hand into her boxers, underwear no longer needed, Cat cupped her crotch as her balls shrank up into her body and melded into soft, feminine lips. The collar squeezed comfortingly around her neck and she curled the fingers of her free paw around it, holding it as she would an anchor to keep her rooted in time as her spine elongated.

Ignorant to further change, Emily bent over, showing off her flexibility as she removed her underwear and mersin escort bayan daintily kicked them aside, bare skin glowing pink. Cat hissed and rolled her head, thrusting two fingers into her pussy as it formed, tight passage sucking around the digits as if striving to draw them in. Her skin turned shiny, shades of yellow and black too stark and pure to be natural for a human being; that was her wish and that was Cat, even if Emily did not know the completion of her most secret of desires.

Turning to face the bed, Emily paused, looking Cat over with a critical eye. Cat’s chest heaved, nipples perking up from a pair of gleaming breasts, milky white skin mounds drawing the eye. Emily took a step back, gaze raking her partner’s body for a second, more wary look as words stuck in her throat.

“Huh…” She muttered, taking a moment to re-evaluate the situation in an oddly calculating manner that did not fit the scene. “This wasn’t quite what I expected. Had you more to tell me…than your simple wish to try out being a woman?”

Cat would have blushed if her new skin allowed but, as it was, she sat up on the bed, pushing herself up with two black hands, fingers white as if she wore fingerless gloves. They were not paws per se, yet the tail sprouting from just above her buttocks was pure animal. As Emily watched, eyebrows raised, Cat moaned and shifted on to all fours, trembling as her tail grew longer and longer, face rippling as flesh and bone was rearranged.

“Maybe that collar suits you even more now,” Emily brushed her hair out of her eyes. “Though I will say that I’m glad you did in fact decide to turn into a female. That wouldn’t have been much fun for me as a lesbian otherwise.”

Cat’s tail swished as she stood, lips parted in a grin. Lesbian? What was a lesbian? It was a word she knew that did not matter, not when she had her Emily before her, naked. Her skin shone and stretched with her movements, becoming latex as the collar moulded her body to her whim. Why should she not go a step further when so allowed?

“Perhaps the collar does suit me,” she purred, words slipping from her rasping tongue like droplets of what. “But I can think of something that suits you even better.”

Emily laughed and crossed her arms over her breasts, hiding them from view.

“And what would that be?”


The transforming feline launched herself at the woman in a reckless pounce. Emily tumbled back on to the rug with a shriek and grabbed at Cat with flailing hands, seeking anything to keep herself steady. Her back hit the rug hard and she coughed, fighting to regain breath knocked from her lungs. Perched on top of her girlfriend, Cat’s tail swished proudly, growing longer and longer with every breath, as if she had caught a rare prize.

“I don’t think you can be my mistress tonight,” Cat said, dipping her head so that her increasingly feline muzzle was close to Emily’s face.

The woman scowled, expression darkening sulkily as she struggled to push the larger, heavier latex creature off her stomach to no avail: she may as well have been pushing against a brick wall.

“And why not?” Her eyes narrowed. “You would not defy me.”

Cat giggled and brought her hands to her muzzle, rubbing the knuckles against the spots where white whiskers popped out, one by one.

“But I want to play.”

Arching, Cat flexed her large hind paws and wriggled her toes luxuriously against the carpet. She curled them into the fibres, moaning at the erotic sensation sending tingles through her latex skin. Emily could have her mind games: this was real.

And Cat was going to enjoy each and every second of it.

Standing, Cat grasped Emily’s hands gently but firmly and drew her to her feet, towing her towards the bed. The young woman who had so thought to take advantage of her boyfriend in the snow recluse of the cabin had a different problem on her hands now as the feline thrust a paw between her thighs, fingers driving into her own pussy with the wanton push of a slut.

Insistently, Cat lay back on the bed and screwed up her muzzle with a muffled yowl as the last of her transformation completed itself, the tip of her tail growing much larger and plumper than would have been natural. She flexed it experimentally and wrapped it around Emily’s waist, purring softly at the shiver of sensation that arose from even the faint brush of her lover’s skin. When it came to her paws and tail, it seemed that touch was amplified erotically: exactly as she had wanted. Cat moaned. Was there no limit to the collar’s power?

In the moment, Cat forgot that it was Emily that had changed her and pulled her partner in close, pushing her back on the bed and spreading her thighs with insistent hands. Emily had no choice but to submit herself to the feline’s attentions, though it was difficult to voice further objections when Cat’s tongue rasped over her clit, eliciting a sharp yelp from her lips. Pleasure rocketed through her body and she dug her teeth delicately into her lower lip, hair falling about her shoulders as she rolled her head back.

“Oh god…” She panted. “That tongue… My, my, you izle are full of surprises too…”

Cat arched on all fours, tail high in the air as she purred and dipped her muzzle, holding Emily down to the bed with a secure hand on her lower stomach, rump wiggling as she lavished attention upon the treat so presented to her. Huffing warm breath over Emily’s bare thighs, Cat ran her tongue lightly over Emily’s puffy lips, making her push up to the feline’s lips. Cat’s whiskers tickled the inside of her thighs as the feline drew back just enough to let Emily know who was in charge; she would not be forced to give pleasure tonight, only as she chose to. Smiling wickedly, Cat ripped Emily’s underwear off with a sharp yank, pain briefly flashing across Emily’s hip where the fabric cut in for a fleeting instance.


“Shush,” Cat purred. “I’ll take care of you, my sweet Emily.”

She thrust her fingers gently, unsure of how much her sweetheart could take after the change – everything was so different! Even her strength! – and played the tip of her tongue over Emily’s clit, bolstered by the cries and squirms every lick drew. Her tongue rasped like a cat’s, rough enough to yield extra sensation but not harsh upon the gentler sex. Grasping the back of Cat’s head where latex tufted up in the semblance of fur, Emily moaned loudly and ground her pussy into Cat’s face.

Drawing her fingers back, Cat murred and lapped the juices from each digit in turn, demonstrating the flexibility of her new tongue curling around her fingers. Emily panted in brief respite, duvet twisting and dampening with sweat. In the warmth of their bodies, a feather comforter seemed superfluous and she would have laughed if Cat had not just slipped her thumb, slickened with saliva into her tight pucker. Whimpering, Emily clung to her as two fingers drove back into her cunt and the thrusting, driving paw rocked her towards ecstasy.

Cat wriggled, juices oozing down her shiny thighs. There was no resistance from the latex and her arousal hung heavy in the air around her, a heady scent that made her narrow nostrils flare. She thrust the fingers of her free paw into her pussy and arched into her own touch, finding pleasure there that she had never experienced as a male. Would she ever want to change back? The warm collar claimed otherwise, a snug reminder of how she came to be. She would simply have to ensure that Emily would not want to change her back into a man, leaving her a latex feline forever. Cat licked her lips and lapped her lover’s clit, lavishing attention upon it in firm, quick strokes of her tongue. Her rump wiggled and Emily groaned, hair tangling messily about her face. There was only so much holding back a needy latex feline could do, however.

“Where’s your bag?”

Cat’s tail lashed and Emily blinked, confused on the brink of orgasm that sailed from her outstretched fingertips with a smile and a wave.

“What? What bag?”

Cat shook her head impatiently, eyes flashing. What a time for Emily to be slow of mind when she was so sharp normally!

“Your bag!” She insisted. “You brought a bag with you. What was in it?”

“Oh…” Emily’s eyes brightened, understanding returning with a gleam of wickedness. “By the bed. I think I know what you’re after.”

Cat turned her amber eyes on her, forearms bending slightly to take more of her weight as if she was about to pounce. Emily was one for keeping toys in her ‘bag of tricks’ – that phrase suddenly held more weight now that Cat considered her as a witch – and Cat hoped that some rather special items were concealed within. Diving off the bed, she crouched on the floor and turned her head from left to right, sweeping her gaze in a quick motion around the room, feline whiskers quivering as she took in the room. She inhaled deeply, chest expanding, and her nose twitched. As an anthro feline, the world was sharper, more colourful in scents and sounds. Even the slight motion of Emily shifting on the bed made her ears stand up and swivel to better absorb the noise, analyse it without conscious thought.

Ah! Cat smiled. There it was. The bag laid hidden half under the bed, a simple black holdall that was perhaps better designed for casual gym use than a weekend getaway. Though Cat had originally argued for the use of a shared suitcase, she had, of course, been overruled by Emily, who had insisted upon the beloved bag with a white logo on the side, a slash that could have been a smile. It was easier to hide toys in the side pockets of a holdall, however, so Cat could not feel too bad that she had lost that small battle. Love, after all, was a war.

A most pleasurable war.

Crawling to the bag, Cat purred as her juices trickled down her thighs, gravity dragging them down to leave shiny marks on her latex skin. She stretched luxuriously like a feline, back terrifically arched, and moaned at the release of tension brought on by the stretch. It took her no time at all to unzip the bag and dig into the side pocket, securing her prizes in both paws with a smile that had not left her muzzle since the transformation began. Scooping out all treasures that were to be had, the feline jumped back on to the bed, bouncing and jostle Emily. The woman lay with her head back on the pillows, hips pushed up from the bed and hand between her thighs, shoulders pressed into the duvet as her fingers worked deep into her pussy.

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