Becky’s Sorority Initiation

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Big Ass

The sorority that Becky’s mom had gone to years before was an old and respected one. Pledge week had been fun so far and even though she knew that being a legacy meant she’d be accepted it still was interesting to see all the tests that the pledges were put through. She’d been woken up at 2am, bathed in mustard and bologna, sent to pick up a random frat guy in a date dash, squirted with water in public in a white t-shirt, and after all of that tonight was supposed to be the final test.

She’d been told by her mother that whatever tests were laid before her to just do them. She found that she enjoyed most of them even when she thought she wouldn’t. And so far it had been fun throughout. Even the bologna hadn’t been that bad… not really. The strange thing so far was that this test wasn’t done with the other girls. Each pledge had two “sponsors” all week. Her sponsors were Lisa & Amy.

Lisa had been helping her all week whenever she had questions about the actual house or what the sorority stood for. Amy however only seemed interested in making sure that she was attractive all the time. It seemed that once she was out of bed she needed to beautify herself before going or doing anything. Again, her mother had sort of warned her that beauty was part of this house, but never to that extent.

So tonight was her last test and she was beautifying again with Lisa & Amy. She had lots of waves in her long hair, bright red lipstick, sexy lingerie and even a garter up her thigh. It seemed both girls were very giggly and hadn’t told her yet what the test was. She had only been told that it was the final one and that she would be doing it alone. They were going with her to help but that they were going to be very of little assistance during the actual test.

After spending what seemed like hours to have her hair and make up perfectly applied, she was ushered out of the sorority house and down the block to the fraternity that was constantly coupled with her sorority. She knew that sometimes the pledges had similar tests at the same time and assumed that would be the case tonight. Her nerves were beginning to pull at her but she kept them mostly under wraps not wanting her sponsors to know.

They entered the frat house and Becky nearly turned to run. There were around 20 men standing around in the room. From what she could tell 15 of them were stark naked and as they looked at her she could see some of them beginning to show signs of interest. It wasn’t just their eyes that looked her up and down but also their cocks that started to rise as they looked. The few men that were still clothed looked to be holding cameras. One had a video camera and the others all held regular digital cameras.

The sense of foreboding she’d had on the walk over returned full force. Surely this wasn’t what she thought it was going to be. They couldn’t really want her to do anything with all these men! Her mother’s words to her about the tests that were unexpected but enjoyable rang through her head again. This couldn’t really be what she meant, could it?

Becky tried to turn and walk back to the door only to find Amy holding her arm too tightly and one of the clothed men closing and locking the door. She recognized him as the president of the frat and wasn’t sure what that meant. However, she was sure it couldn’t be good. He walked towards her and waved his finger for her to turn around in a circle.

Not knowing what else to do Becky bit her lip and did as instructed. On her spin she noticed that almost all the naked men in the room were stroking their cocks and looking at her as though she were a new toy. As her circle came to an end the man in front of her pulled her close and kissed her full on the mouth. His hands güvenilir bahis grabbed at everything in the few seconds it took for that kiss. Then the zipper down her back was open and gaping. As he pulled away from her he gripped the front of the dress and ripped it from her body.

Now standing in only her underwear she was surprised she could stand upright. Her knees were shaking so badly. Lisa leaned over to whisper to her. “This is the last test. You need to let each of the pledges from the fraternity fuck you. None of them will cum in you I promise, however they will bathe you in cum at the end. Amy and I are here to help keep them hard and occupied as you do this. But we can only use our hands and mouths. You are the only one who is allowed to satisfy them. Each girl does this once each year. It’s a test for both you and the frat pledges. I’m sorry we couldn’t warn you but then you’d never have come with us. Now I have two questions before they begin. Have you already lost your virginity and have you lost your anal cherry as well?”

The questions and explanation had Becky looking around uncertainly again. But she met Lisa’s eye after a moment and told her that she was not a virgin but she’d never had anyone do anything to her ass before. “OK. I’ll let Aaron know and then you’ll be on your own. I promise it will be fun. You’ll enjoy it.”

Lisa and Amy both walked away to speak with the man who had ripped her dress from her body. She saw him nodding then pointing to three different men and having them come up to him. After a moment she was led away to a room with a circular bed and almost nothing else. The room was very large with the bed right in the middle of the room. Each of the men circled the room and the ones with the cameras came a little closer and began to take shots of her climbing onto the sheets.

The three men who had gone to speak with Aaron came all the way up to the bed and one she had never seen before asked if she was ready. She swallowed hard against the lump in her throat and nodded her head. Then very gently he came down on the bed with her and began to kiss her. Soon she was able to forget (sort of) about the men surrounding her and gave herself to the kiss.

His hands roamed over her body and she was soon very turned on. The dampness between her thighs and the rigidity of her nipples at his touch was driving her wild. His mouth began to go lower and lower. And as he moved over her she realized her bra and panties had been expertly removed leaving only the bit of elastic and lace around her left thigh.

Then he moved back up her body after his fingers were buried deep in her, he moved them in her, and she felt an incredible orgasm begin to rock her body. All the tension she’d been feeling before and all the excitement she was feeling now rocked through her at once and brought her to an incredible climax. As she flooded the strangers hand he smiled up at her. Then he lay next to her and rolled so she was on top of him.

The probing of his large cock to her opening let her know what he wanted to do. But before she could remind herself that she wanted this another hand was under her and leading his shaft into her sopping hole. This actually excited her even more. Becky began to bounce up and down on the shaft but after just a minute was made to hold still by yet another set of hands. While the man in front of her pushed her shoulders down to keep her still, a third was behind her with his fingers running something cold and wet around her rear.

The new sensation wasn’t unpleasant but was still unexpected. She felt him first stick a single digit inside her and move it around putting more of the cream inside her as well as out. Then there were two fingers. Surprised güvenilir bahis siteleri that she liked this she tried not to tense up. Then the fingers left her and she felt the head of another cock sitting against her opening. It was the moment of truth. Could she do this?

The man in front her let go of her shoulders but instead of allowing her to move he suddenly shoved his length in her mouth. At nearly the same instant the man behind her shoved into her as well. Now she was moving but only because those that had skewered her were moving and she had no choice but to go along with it.

The feeling of the cocks rubbing over each other through the thin barrier in her excited her even more. She was sucking the man in front of her like no tomorrow as he rammed into the back of her throat. Then there was another man beside the one in front of her. He was larger than the others and his cock was huge. She noticed Amy walking away from him and realized she must have been servicing him before he got to her.

The one who had been ramming into her throat backed off and they held their cocks side by side in front of her face. Realizing they wanted her to suck them both she began working on first one then the other. Alternating and nibbling on them as she was fucked. The man underneath her began to groan and all activity stopped for a moment as he left her only to be replaced by another frat pledge.

The new man under her was very demanding. Not only was she bouncing on him in time to being fucked from behind but he also was playing with her swaying breasts. Pulling the nipples in his mouth and even biting down on them every so often. She began to feel another pending orgasm being pulled out of her. Her body squeezed tight around the man behind her as well as the one in her cunt. Her throat was rhythmically swallowing as she tried to scream out her pleasure.

That was enough for the man she’d been sucking for so long as well as the one behind her. Her lax body was still being pumped from underneath as two more men positioned themselves upon her prone form. Correction, was that two cocks behind her that she felt? What the hell was that?

She could feel herself being stretched and was actually afraid of being ripped open by them. Neither one felt small but there was a definite feeling of two cocks slowly entering her ass. Becky stopped sucking on the cock in her face and tried to cry out no. But no one listened. She was told to relax and she wasn’t even sure by whom. The flash of the cameras began to be too much and she couldn’t stop the panic that started to form.

Then she felt a hard smack on her exposed ass cheek. “Toughen up!” “We aren’t done with you yet!” “You’re our whore for the night. Now act like it.”

Somehow the horrible things they were saying actually made her feel better. She began to loosen up again as the two cocks in her face began to probe her again. In fact, the pleasure/pain of being rammed by two in the back made her next orgasm come faster and even harder than the last. This time all 5 men that had been surrounding her left and were replaced by all new men. This time it was just two. They laid her on her back and while one filled her mouth the other filled her sopping cunt.

No man had yet cum in her as promised but she still felt the tightening of their balls as they tried to hold back. For hours she was rotated between the men. Sometimes she was on her knees sucking them beside Amy and Lisa. Other times she was on her back taking just one or two at a time. And more often than not she was being fucked in all three of her holes at once.

She realized she actually liked being stuffed full of three or more cocks at a time. Her orgasms were off the iddaa siteleri charts and she was beginning to feel euphoric and worn out from all the activity.

She was finally letting the last of the men fuck her. All the men there had filled at least two holes at one point or another. They’d all fucked her mouth and they’d all had a chance at either her cunt or her juicy ass. Lisa and Amy had continued to circle the room keeping any man that was flagging at attention the entire time. She’d seen the video camera zoom in on her over and over again.

Then she noticed that the president of the fraternity had stripped off his clothing as well. He walked over and shoved the one she was sucking away and filled her mouth in one quick motion. She bobbed on him, taking him as deep as she could. He asked her if she was ready for her prize. And she tried to nod while looking up at him. He pulled his thick cock out of her mouth and told everyone else to back off.

Then he mounted her and filled her cunt again. He was bigger and got deeper than even all the other men in the room. And he made her explode over and over. It seemed he would tweak her nipple just the right way or hit her g-spot over and over until she was screaming his name. When he couldn’t wait any longer he pulled out of her and forced her to her knees on the floor in front of him. After only three quick jerks shot after shot of cum fell over her face and hair. He made her clean off his cock with her mouth. And before he was even fully backed away she felt more shots hitting her from all angles.

Becky opened her eyes to see all 15 of the men she’d been fucking these past hours blowing load after load over her face, breasts, hair and even her back. The circle closed in and she felt them all letting go of every drop. A few of the men even came up and smacked her with their cocks leaving red marks from how hard they hit her. And still she found herself reveling in the brutal treatment.

Then Aaron, the fraternity president, picked her up and carried her to a bathroom. He left her sitting there and closed the door behind himself telling her to come down when she was ready. Seeing the folded clothing and the shower she cleaned herself up and came back downstairs only 30 minutes later. The hot water had felt good on her overworked muscles. The clothes that were left had actually been her own from the other house. Someone must have brought them over before any of this even started.

Carefully, slowly, she walked down the steps and heard what sounded like porn coming from the next room. There was definitely a woman crying out in passion and she sounded like she was really enjoying herself.

Becky saw Lisa & Amy standing outside a door and peeking in so she walked to them. Lisa held her hand and told her she had done great. Amy just smiled at her. Then they turned and opened the door so she could see inside. There on a large screen hanging over the wall was the video from today. She was crying out in passion as 5 different cocks found purchase. Two alternately in her mouth, one under her and two from behind.

Her mind couldn’t fathom that the sexy creature being so thoroughly used was her. And yet her body seemed to remember and respond to the sight. Aaron spotted her, stopped the film and rose. He began to applaud and all the other men did the same giving her a standing ovation.

Aaron then walked over and hugged her. Then holding her at arms length he told her that any time she wanted to stop by the frat house she was welcome. Whether to find one man or many she would always have her pick. The possibilities were nearly endless.

Her mind was in a whirl that night as she went to bed and she found herself dreaming of the possibilities. She was finally going to be part of the sorority as of tomorrow. She thought she just might have to celebrate afterwards with an after party at the frat house. She wasn’t a whore… but being treated like one did have its advantages.

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