Beach Party Prey

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Tricia and her friends; Lola, Angela, and Beatrice decided to spend this Sunday on a beach. It had been a long week for the team and a girls day out wasn’t a bad idea at all.

Tricia is a young pretty lady in her late 30s just like the rest of her friends are. She has pretty blue eyes and a slender but glamorous body.

She is usually the head of the pack, the one who is usually first to come up with fun ideas. The downside to her very active nature is that she burns out pretty fast.

Lola, a red hair German immigrant with a very curvy body is the wild type, likes dancing and music, the never-tiring life of the party.

Angela is the very quiet type, native American girl with a rather petite stature.

Beatrice is a black American, the only black among them, fully representing her African heritage with this very big behind. Tricia, Lola and Angela often taunted her with her ass. She has gotten used to it already, to the occasional smacking and grabbing from the three whenever they needed to pick on her. The 4 friends work in a fashion company in Downtown Miami

The weekdays are usually very hectic, with lots of garments to design and sew, they indulged in a lot of extra hours mainly because the bonus for that was quite very rewarding, and all four ladies are career women with a high taste and lavish standard of living, so, they had to earn it.

You can’t tell they do so much work though, because they have a culture of taking out their Saturdays and Sundays to unwind, relax and replenish their soul.

Their decision for today was the beach. The ladies were strutting their sexy figures in bikinis on the beach line, chatting and occasionally screaming out wildly. Tricia noticed an older man was intently looking at them but she initially didn’t pay him any attention. She loved the idea that they rocked though and were receiving stares. As they continued jumping in and out of the water, screaming when the waves hit them, holding and grabbing each other’s bodies as they took selfies, Tricia caught the man again staring at their asses, and her mind started devising something sinister to make their beach hangout more fun.

She started stylishly drawing the girls towards a remote area of the beach. As they playfully strutted farther away into the far left side of the beach, she would occasionally make eye contacts with the man and would smile at him, he would smile back. She let her friends in on her little sinister plan and Beatrice added her efforts to the plan by bending often and raising her big black ass up in the air. All four started playfully wiggling their asses and smacking each other. They had gotten into a considerable distance when Tricia looked at the man and beckoned for him to come join them.

Like sheep to the slaughter, with his dick moving faster than his legs, he got to the girls in no time.

“Hello ladies,” he said, looking at Tricia and the rest of the crew. They giggled and replied, “Hello.”

“So, I caught you looking at our asses, you horny bastard!” Tricia said with a wide smile on her face, “What’s your name?”

“Matt!” he replied, smiling and liking her boldness and invitation.

“Matt, since you like our asses so much, I think you’d like a taste right?”

His dick responded faster than his mouth. He had an erection immediately and felt a little embarrassed about the bulge in his groin. He replied Tricia saying, “At your service, beautiful ladies.”

“Girls, look at his dick, dude is motivated already,” Tricia pointed at his dick and the ladies giggled.

“This is how we will play this game, Matt,” she continued, “You will take off your boxers and lay on your back while we take turns squatting over your mouth as you pleasure each of us, just forget about your dick, for now, we need your mouth first. Deal?”

“Deal!” he responded immediately and took off his boxers. She collected his boxers and kept it in her bag. He lay on his back and got ready for action. She asked him if he was married, he replied: Yes. Tricia was glad to hear that. She pulled off her G-string, put it into his mouth, took her phone and said;

“Matt, hold your dick right now and bets10 smile for the camera, this is the price I demand you pay for having our beautiful asses!”

He didn’t think twice before doing exactly just that, he grabbed his dick at the shaft and smiled at Tricia

*klick *klick

“Now we good! I will use this when I need to,” she continued, “So, who wants to go first?” she removed her g-string from his mouth.

Angela went first. She slid her panties down her skinny legs and lowered her ass on his face, she shifted backwards and placed her pussy just over his mouth. Life is sweet and Matt swung into action. Angie’s pussy was particularly neat and had a very nice smell, before long, she started moaning and riding his face. Pussy juice streamed down into his mouth and he was sliding his tongue in and out of her vagina. His dick rose even stronger as he heard her moaning, he moved unto her clit and started teasing it with his tongue in a circular direction, she started screaming out loud and he focused on this, he knew he was hitting the right button, the pleasure and tension between Angie’s laps built so fast and after about 15 minutes more, Lola and Tricia held her left and right hands cheering her on as she moaned into an earth-shaking orgasm! She squirted all over his face and Tricia screamed “Oh, what a wonderful beginning, awesome Matt, awesome!”

Lola went next. She squatted over him and asked him to open his mouth. He did, and the rest of the ladies were expecting her to rest her crotch on his face, but she didn’t. They knew something was coming up, german wildness that Lola never disappoints with.

“I want you to drink it all, don’t you dare waste a drop!” she warned.

She then let a quick short stream of hot piss into his mouth. He gagged and didn’t take it well, spat her piss out if his mouth and raised his back, sitting on the beach ground now instead of lying on his back. The revolt was obvious.

“You can’t make me do this, this isn’t part of the deal,” he said.

“I can’t hold my pee for much longer you cunt!” remarked, an angry Lola.

This was the game-changer. Tricia jumped in to take control of the situation immediately and spoke with anger;

“Matt, you have a wife, right? and do you know how many people live in Miami? 471 Thousand people! Yes right, I swear on my mama’s grave, if one more drop of her piss drops to the ground, they all gonna see this picture of you holding your dick with my panties in your mouth, the whole of America’s gonna see this picture, you have till 30 seconds before I start uploading and sharing, you fucker!”

He didn’t wait for 2 seconds, it wouldn’t make any sense to lose his life and career just for refusing to please these ladies, it would be pointless. He immediately laid back in his former position and opened his mouth. Lola squatted over him again and let a hot stream of piss into his mouth. He didn’t gag this time at all. Tricia had given him all the motivation he needed. The task became so unimaginably easier for him as he never would have thought. It turns out that sometimes, fear is a good motivation. His throat opened like a highway and the flood of piss coming from her ass gushed down his throat. It was salty like the beach water, perhaps saltier, but he didn’t mind, he just took it all in with much enthusiasm and kept his mouth open, even after she was done.

“Oh yeah, better!” Tricia quipped.

“I’m not done,” Lola added quickly, “I want an orgasm too, but from the back, old man!”

She lowered her butthole into his mouth and asked him to rim her.

“Damn bitch!” Beatrice commented with excitement beaming from her face.

He got to work quickly for fear of ever provoking Tricia’s anger again. He licked around the edges of Lola’s butthole and then started also licking the tip.

“Dog, don’t just lick the tip, dip your tongue into my hole and lick inside there, I want to feel the warmth of your tongue inside my asshole bitch.”

He started squeezing his tongue and forcing it into her bumhole. There was a different taste in there, some sort of acidic taste…

He just kept at it, licking and sucking bets10 giriş her bumhole.

“Look!” Beatrice screamed pointing at Matt’s dick, “His erection is so hard and pointing towards the heavens, you can tell this guy is enjoying this,” she laughed out loud as she commented.

Tricia and Angela joined her in the laughter. By this time, Lola was already in cloud 9. She started rubbing her clit while grinding her bumhole on his mouth. The sexual pleasure built throughout her entire body and soul until orgasm moments. She screamed out loud as she came and let out a hot fart into his mouth…


She sighed and fell off his face, “Uhhhhh… Ahhhhhh… What the fuck!”

The ladies screamed and shouted alongside. Wow! Yeah, baby! This was so much fun for them.

Tricia was so much in the mood already and was making a move when Beatrice pushed her back and screamed: “Nope, my turn baby, (she laughed out loud), I want to try this thing Lola just did, damn, that was nasty as hell!”

“Hahahaha, who can stop you Amazon, go for it baby,” Tricia said loudly, they were all reeking of excitement at this point and had forgotten the reason they went to a remote part of the beach, they had lost track with being discreet, the only thing that filled their consciousness now was the fun they are having with him.

Beatrice slid her thongs off her big African ass down her legs and stepped out of it. She then squatted on his face picking up just right from where Lola ended. She dropped her bumhole into his face and said: “Yeah, my turn now bitch, lick away!”

Her anus was a bit wider than Lola’s. It was a little relief for him. He found it easier probing her bumhole. He pushed his tongue into her hole and heard “Yeah, fuck my asshole with your tongue.” So, he started sticking his tongue in and out in an exact manner one would have done with the dick.

“Oh no, this is good, but not good,” she sighed.

“What’s up, babe?” Tricia asked.

She looked down on him and said “If you keep doing that, I’m gonna shit in your mouth! That’s the sensation I’m feeling as you work your tongue in there.”

“Whatever you are doing,” Tricia screamed at Matt, “Don’t you dare stop you fucker, don’t test me! Beatrice! Just do your thing!” Tricia said with much excitement at the top of her voice.

Matt didn’t even take a break, he wasn’t gonna annoy Tricia any one bit. Rather, he started fucking Beatrice’s butthole with his tongue, harder than ever before.

Her thigh muscles started contracting and relaxing, tension was building as she was trying to prevent an unstoppable force coming down her bowels.


She farted out hot shit right into his mouth. Matt was shocked. Tricia, Angela and Lola were shocked. Even Beatrice herself was shocked. A moment of silence swung in and for the first time since the past 2 hours they got on the beach, they could hear each other’s breath!

“Tadaaaaaa! Wheeeeeew!” Lola broke the silence. “Go, girl! Go, girl! Go, girl!”

Tricia and Angela joined Lola chanting “Go, girl!”

While they were chanting, he quickly chewed and swallowed the log of shit in his mouth, so there would be space in his mouth for more, he knew she had more to release. It had a bitter taste and dry feel.

“Look!” Tricia said pointing at his dick, “His dick is as hard as ever! hahahaha, he is enjoying this! Bastard, you are enjoying this ain’t you!”

That was all the extra motivation Beatrice needed, she peacefully and joyfully released the remaining shit in her bowels into his mouth, this second excrement was a long log of shit, it had a creamy surface but was hard. She stood up and admired her work of art. It was the most thrilling experience she has ever had in her entire life, watching a full-grown man holding a log of her shit in his mouth. Tricia quickly took her phone again, turned on the camera and asked him to please smile. Matt tried to smile as much as he could

*click *click

“You can eat now!” Tricia ordered.

He wasted no time. He chewed Beatrice’s log of shit and swallowed it. Beatrice reached for her bag, took a tissue, bets10 güvenilir mi cleaned her ass with it and dropped it in his mouth, “Eat that too, she said confidently.”

He ate the soiled tissue paper she dropped in his mouth.

Now the mighty Tricia, Matt thought to himself, this is the lady responsible for the humiliation he is going through.

His mouth is a mess right now and wasn’t in shape to take on Tricia’s pussy. Besides, orgasm was no longer the thrill, but Matt’s humiliation. Tricia wasn’t really pressed or needed to go, but she had also had quite a lot to eat and would make sure she also enjoys the thrill of shitting in his mouth.

She had already gone butt naked way before it was her turn. So, she just took position and squatted over his dry mouth.

Chewing the tissue paper Beatrice cleaned her butthole with left his mouth dry.

Tricia eased him by pissing into his mouth. He used the piss to rinse his mouth and return some lubrication in there.

She then lowered her butthole into his mouth and started constricting her abdomen trying to induce defecation, it wasn’t working as much as she wanted.

“Matt, I’m gonna need your help. I need you to suck the shit out of my butt. I know it’s in there, and you must eat it! We will both stay here until I shit into your mouth, I so badly have to use you in this manner, fucker, Lola showed us the way.”

He plugged his mouth on her butthole in an airtight seal and started sucking vigorously on her hole and was praying she would defecate as soon as possible so that his turmoil could end.

The suction pressure in her rectum was really helping and sending signals throughout her nerve system. She suddenly felt lower tension across her body and smooth movements began coursing through the rear end of her intestines.

It wasn’t long before the tip of his tongue hit a log of shit, or rather, a log of shit hit the tip of his tongue. Eureka moment.

“That’s it fucker,” Tricia quipped.

Matt’s cue. He started sucking as much as he ever could and was intent on drawing her entire bowel content out. His effort paid off, as he tried to pull out the excrement with sucking action, her rectal muscle had control now. She gracefully released a brown semi-solid log of shit into his mouth.

It wasn’t extremely long like the second batch of Beatrice’s excrement, but it was sizeable enough, very smelly, and all Tricia had to offer.

Beatrice squizzed her nose, “Damn bitch, that smells very nasty.” They all laughed.

Tricia rose quickly to admire her handwork, or rather, her buttwork. It was amazing.

She collected the tissue paper Beatrice was handing to her and wiped her butthole and ass crack clean with it. She then put it on her pile of shit in his mouth.

“Matt, you have done well, please smile for the camera one more time, this is almost over with”

He smiled, holding a pile of Tricia’s shit in his mouth, decorated with a soiled tissue paper.

*click *click

“Now eat!” she commanded.

He chewed, being glad that this session had come to an end.

“He managed to keep his erection the whole time, girls, this is a big revelation!”

“Oh yeah,” the ladies laughed and replied Tricia.

Tricia reached for his boxers in her bag and handed it over to him. He stood up and wore his boxers.

“Matt, I know we have treated you like an animal here today, but you seemed to have enjoyed every bit of it, that erection is proof! I know you feel shy right now, but something tells me you want that again, isn’t it?”

He just looked straight down into the sand and was too ashamed to say anything.

“Look at me and give me a reply bitch, you want that again right? remember I can always motivate you again,” she waved her phone at him as she said that and he got the message.

He immediately nodded his head and said reluctantly, “Yes, I would want that again.”

“Good, give me your phone contact then.”

He read out his phone number, she typed and saved it.

Run along now bitch, the bitch at the beach, thank you for giving us such a swell time. We’d be seeing again.

The ladies all looked at each other in excitement and couldn’t believe what just happened. They all laughed and started making their way back. They had had enough fun for one day.

“Damn!” Tricia remarked, “Life just got fucking awesome!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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