Beach House Guests

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My wife, Sue and I have always enjoyed the beach and all that it has to offer. We have enjoyed many days just frolicking in the surf with nothing on except our smiles and soaking up the suns rays. Early on in our marriage we made an investment that we have enjoyed for many years, a fabulous beach cottage. We shared it with our children, who have all moved away and it has been a safe haven for each of us during some of those trying years of our marriage. Times when we needed to get away from life in general. Both of us have spent time alone at the cottage to just get refreshed and get away from it all, even each other. Just like this weekend.

Work had been a “Bear” all week and Sue and I couldn’t see eye to eye on a few things so I told her that I was heading to the cottage for a break! Sue had no objections because she knew we needed our space and told me to go ahead and go and she’d see me late Sunday night. I checked the weather before I left and found out that a small storm was heading in for Saturday afternoon. The weather didn’t bother me because I enjoyed reading and just watching the surf come in. The three-hour drive was uneventful. I had good weather and the roads were pretty empty because of it being off-season. It was still March and things still hadn’t opened up yet; except for the locals. I stopped and grabbed a few groceries for a couple of good meals and a case of beer. The cottages on either side of me were rentals and by the looks, they were still empty. I was kind of glad not having to put up with somebody else’s screaming kids.

I got settled in and put things away. It was still cool and I started a fire in the fireplace and headed for the porch. The salt air was refreshing and the surf was starting to swell up a bit. I looked down the beach and saw a young couple strolling hand in hand towards my way and it brought back memories of the times Sue and I had doing the same. I watched and the closer they got the more radiant the young lady appeared. She had flowing jet-black hair that cascaded down to the middle of her back. She couldn’t have been any taller than five feet, with petite features. Her partner had a slender build and shoulder length blonde hair. When they started to walk passed my cottage they almost instinctively glanced up my way. I waved at them and they returned the same to me. The wind was picking up now as I watched them go out of sight down the beach, the mist was hiding them from my view.

I started to get cold so I headed inside to sit by the fire and relax. Once I was warmed up I figured I’d take a shower and get the salt spray off of me. It had been around an hour or so when I stepped in to the shower. I let the hot water flow over my body and massaged my body with soap. All dried off I grabbed my robe and headed back towards the fireplace. The weatherman was wrong once again because it was now raining and the wind was whistling about. I had grabbed a cold beer along the way and just settled in when I heard a knock on my door. I hesitated, and then I heard it again. I glanced into my driveway and saw no vehicles so I grabbed my pistol and made my way to the door. I looked thru the view hole and I could make out two people kind of huddled together off to one side.

“Can I help you?” I hollered thru the door.

“Our cars broke down and we don’t have anyplace to stay! Can you help us out?” came a response from the man.

“There’s a motel down the road about half a mile, they should be able to put you up for the night.” I replied.

“Their closed and we don’t know what else to do.” came a soft woman’s voice. I looked once again in the view hole and noticed that this was the young couple that was strolling down the beach earlier.

“Please mister, we’re cold and wet and it’s getting worse out here.” she said.

I thought for a moment then opened the door. I motioned the two drowned rats to come inside. Both of them were drenched and shivered like a small animal. I had them take their shoes off and pointed to the fireplace. I put the pistol close by but out of sight.

“Stand over there while I get you guys some blankets. You two look cold as hell!” I said.

I rummaged through the spare bedroom and got a couple of blankets and made my way back in the room and noticed that both of them had taken off their light weight coats. Both of them had their arms wrapped around themselves and boy were they shivering! I glanced at the young man and saw that he was dressed for summer weather. He wore practically nothing at all. Then I turned my head towards the young girl. She wasn’t dressed much better. I could clearly see that she wore no bra because her nipples were jutting out and the wet material was damn near see thru. Damn she looked good. Her pants just clung to her body in a way that revealed everything she had! I even noticed that she didn’t have on any panties. I could make out the outline of her pussy mound and lips and I could faintly see a small tuft of dark hair between her legs. When I finally internet casino looked into her face I could see that she was slightly embarrassed by my peering at her body. I felt my cock begin to stir.

“Hi, my name is Dean and this is my girlfriend Kati.” The young man said as his hand shot out to shake mine.

“We really appreciate you opening up your home to us. I don’t know what we would have done if you weren’t home.” he said.

“I guess the storm took you both by surprise. It wasn’t supposed to come in until tomorrow. I know this might sound strange but I think you guys need to get out of those wet clothes.” I told them. “I don’t have much for spare clothing but you can help yourself to whatever you can find in the spare bedroom down the hall.”

“There’s the small bedroom and that’s the bathroom right there.” I said as I pointed to the bathroom. “Do you guys drink? I can make you two a hot whiskeys if you would like one? It’ll get you warm from the inside out.” I said.

“I guess that would be alright with me. How about you Kati?” Dean asked.

“I’ll get right on it. Would you like anything else?” I enquired and then said,

“Oh, by the way my name is Robert, but you two can call me Bob.”

“Would you mind if we took showers Robert, I mean Bob? I’m freezing and I know a hot shower always warms me up.” Kati coolly asked.

“You guys help yourself. I could use some company for the night anyway.” I replied.

Kati and Dean made their way down the hall. I couldn’t help but watch as Kati’s little butt swayed as she walked. “I sure wouldn’t mind grabbing some of that young pussy!” I thought to myself.


I made all of us some drinks and settled in once again on the couch. It was getting really toasty with the fire burning and I had a couple of extra shots of whiskey to settle my nerves and this in turn started to heat me up in my belly. I watched the flames dance around and over the logs in the fireplace; it was mesmerizing! I let my mind drift to my cock and how I would like to stick it between Kati’s pouting lips. I would run my fingers in her hair and softly grasp her head forcing her mouth down and down until I was fully planted in her mouth. I heard a noise and it brought me back to reality. I glanced over and saw Kati coming my way. She looked completely different now that she was refreshed. She found and old football jersey of mine that hung around her body but barely covered her at all. Once again her jet-black hair flowed over her shoulders. She really was a beauty! I looked for Dean but he was nowhere in sight.

“Can I sit down next to you Bob?” she asked.

“Sure, I don’t see why not.” I replied as I watched her drop on to the couch fairly close to me.

“I want you to know that we really appreciate everything that you’ve done for us. Not many people would open up their homes like you’ve done.” she said.

Kati leaned closer to me and said, “I want to thank you in a special way Bob.” Then she planted her soft lips on mine. I was taken back for a minute, startled to say the least.

I glanced down and saw that her legs were slightly parted and I saw nothing but bare skin all the way up until her legs met her crotch. No panties! I leaned back and looked directly into her wanting eyes.

“Uh, you do have a boyfriend in the other room.” I stammered out. “He probably wouldn’t be approving of this.”

“Oh, he doesn’t mind at all. Matter of fact he wanted me to personally thank you for being so good to us.” Kati said and leaned in once again but this time she slipped her delicate tongue between my lips, forcing my teeth apart, entering my mouth. Her tongue was on fire and I sure liked what she was doing. Kati’s hand moved to my knee then I felt it slowly glide up my leg until it rested just below my cock and balls. I could feel myself grow from this exploration and it was hard not to just attack her.

I didn’t reciprocate but kind of backed up a bit, which made my robe fall open just slightly but enough to expose my bare thighs. I looked at Kati’s face and she was looking directly at my crotch with a smile on her face.

“I, I think I’ll have another drink, how about you.” I stammered out shot up to my feet. A look of pure disappointment came over Kati’s face. “I’ll be right back.”

I headed into the kitchen and my hands were shaking as I poured myself another drink. I belted the first one down and then another one followed. What was going on? I thought. I had never strayed from my wife and now a golden opportunity was before me. What was I to do? What about Dean, Kati’s boyfriend? All of these and more questions popped into my mind. I poured myself a real big one and got another for Kati then I headed back to the couch. All the way back to the couch I thought about what I was going to do and I came up with this. Whatever came down the pike was what I was going to do!

I sat down again on the couch and Kati slid right over next to me. The jersey canlı poker oyna had slipped up enough now to show all that she had to offer from her waist down. It was hard not to keep from staring at her but her pussy looked so inviting! She rubbed her bare leg up and down mine and it was starting to really turn me on. Kati took the drink from my hand and drank it all down and set the glass aside while she slipped off the couch and planted herself in front of me on the floor.

“How can I please you Bob? Would you like me to suck your cock until you cumm down my throat?” She purred as she removed the jersey and placed both hands on my knees, parting them. She scooted in closer and opened up my robe further, fully exposing my now straining cock.

Kati moved her hands further up my legs until they both were touching the base of my hard cock and balls. Her hands were so soft and I sensed they were experienced as well. Kati pulled me closer to the edge of the couch and one hand slipped below my ball sack and softly massaged the soft area between my balls and asshole. Every once in a while she would slip a finger down under me touching my exposed puckered hole. Pre-cum was oozing from my cock head dripping down the entire length, running onto her hand. With one slow motion Kati’s hand moved up my shaft until just the head appeared above her hand, then down she went. I leaned back and closed my eyes. Kati worked her hand up and down for a few more strokes when finally she placed her mouth above my cock head.

“Is this what you want Bobby?” She playfully said as she slipped me into her mouth. The purple cock head was all that she took in. Her tongue danced around the head and she finally worked it into the slit at the top. I almost shot my load. Kati once again removed her mouth and all of a sudden; she stood up. Her belly was at eye level with me and she looked fantastic. She had petite body but well formed. I couldn’t see any fat at all and her skin was bronze in color. A small patch of hair barely covered her pussy mound, what hair was there was trimmed short. Her pussy lips were extremely large and engorged for her body size and I could see drops of dew running down her inner thighs as she parted her legs for a better view. The pinkness of her inner lips made my mouth water.

“Do you want some of this pussy Bobby? Would you like to stick your fat cock in my hot pussy?” Kati moaned as her hands explored herself, parting her legs and running her fingers up between her pussy lips and then up to her mouth. Kati stepped up onto the couch and draped her legs over my lap and sat down. I could feel the wetness of her pussy grinding against my cock. Kati reached between us and raised herself up and squatted above my cock, which was now in her hand, aiming towards her moist opening. I waited with anticipation for her hot pussy to engulf my raging hard-on. Kati steadied my hard member and slowly lowered herself until her pussy lips rested on top of my cock head. I pushed my pelvis up and slipped my shaft in slightly, the feeling was awesome. With one slow motion, Kati lowered herself, completely forcing my throbbing cock all the way inside of her tight pussy. I hadn’t felt this tight of a pussy in such a long time that I damn near exploded in her.

“Oh, Bobby, your cock feels great inside of me. Just lay back and I’ll treat you to a good time.” she said. Kati then pushed me lightly on the chest, forcing me to fall back against the couch cushions; I closed my eyes once more.

Kati was now doing magic with her pussy muscles. They seemed to grasp a hold of me in ways that I had never felt before. She raised and lowered herself with ease now but her tempo started to increase. I felt something touch my ball sack and my eyes shot open immediately. I peered around Kati and I saw Dean on his knees behind Kati. I had never had anyone but a female touch me in a sexual way so this was new to me. What was I getting myself into? Was the fuck was I going to do? Kati’s pussy continued to work on me so I really had no objections.

Dean moved his hand up until he lightly touched my shaft, which was now sliding in and out at a rapid rate in Kati’s pussy. I could feel the juices flowing down my cock and I knew that Dean’s hand must have been getting wet. I soon found out how wet, all at once I felt a finger probing my asshole. This was an entirely new sensation not because it was the first time I had my ass probed but it was the first time by a male!

“Oh fuck that feels good!” I moaned out.

“Bobby, please don’t cumm yet. Me first!” Kati purred.

Dean’s hand was steadily working on my asshole and he slipped a hand up to Kati’s clit. I could feel him working on her as well as me and I knew neither of us were going to make it much longer. All at once Kati slammed herself down hard onto my cock. She ground her pussy down as tight as she could. Her pussy clamped around my cock and milked me in a way that was pure ecstasy.

“Ohhhh, aghhhh, fuck poker oyna me. I’m cummmmmming Bobbyyyyyyy!” Kati hollered out.

Her body seemed to go in to convulsions and she flung her head from side to side moaning and hollering, her jet-black hair was a blur and it hid her face. One of her hands was pinching her erect nipple on one breast and the other grasped at her pussy mound.

That was my cue and I hollered out. “Yea, fuck I’m cummmmming baby. Ohhhhh, aghhhhh, oh fuck me!” As I shot my first load deep in to her working pussy then another blast erupted and made its way deep inside of her.

I could feel another surge coming up but this time Kati lifted herself off of me, releasing my cock from the grasp of her pussy. Dean now grabbed the base of my cock and with one quick motion he engulfed me with his mouth. I was totally shocked but what could I do? Dean forced his mouth all the way down and his lips were now pressed against the base of my cock. I couldn’t stop shooting my load even if I had wanted to at this point!

Fuck his mouth felt great and he knew how to suck cock!

“Oh, Bobby, by the look on your face I think you’ve found out that Dean likes sucking cock as much as I do!” Kati spoke up and giggled. “Don’t be afraid baby, he won’t hurt you.”

I guess from the look on my face Kati knew that I had never done this before. There was another surge arising and I let loose one more time and Dean’s mouth accommodated my load. He sucked and sucked until there wasn’t a drop left in me. It felt unbelievable; man could this young man suck dick. When my cock started to decrease in size, he finally removed his mouth from my pole and wiped his mouth. Kati slipped off of my lap and slid up real close to my side and placed her hand on my cock. Dean got up from the floor and made his way onto the couch on the other side of me. I glanced over and saw that his cock was rock hard! The length was a bit longer than mine but the diameter of his cock was thicker! I wondered how he could get it in Kati’s tight pussy.

“Would you like to touch Dean’s cock?” Kati asked me. I looked at her then my eyes shifted to Dean’s cock and then up to his face.

“I’ve never touched another cock before.” I said hesitantly. “I’m not gay or anything.” I said matter of fact.

“Just because you touch another mans cock doesn’t mean you’re gay.” Dean said. “I love the feeling of touching another mans hard cock. You know the one who sucks the cock the best has had his own cock sucked on!”

“I know my wife and I have fantasized about things like that but we’ve never actually done anything.” I said.

“Go ahead. It doesn’t bite. Besides there’s no one else to see you do it except us.” Kati replied with a purr in her voice. “Oh, please?” she begged!

I looked down once more at Dean’s hard throbbing cock and I knew I had to make a decision quickly. Kati helped me out and softly placed her hand on mine and guided it towards Dean’s thigh. The touch was almost electrifying!

“Go on. You know you want to!” Kati whispered softly.

My hand moved very gently towards Dean’s cock. Dean was smooth as a babies butt; there wasn’t a hint of hair nowhere on his legs or crotch area. It was very erotic to see and feel. My hand found its destination and I touched his cock. Dean’s cock flinched upward and startled me at first, but both Kati and Dean reassured me that it was okay. I slide my hand and fingers over the entire length of his cock and it felt so incredibly smooth but hard to the touch. I couldn’t believe how hot it was and I noticed that there was pre-cum oozing out from his cock head. I stopped once more and Kati saw the apprehension on my face.

“Here, let me guide you a bit.” Kati said and placed her hand on top of mine.

Her fingers interlaced with mine and she gently wrapped my hand around Dean’s cock. Soft moans came from Dean’s lips. Kati slowly forced my hand down its length and then she guided it back up until it covered the head. After a couple of more times of guiding me, she released my hand and I took over on my own. The action of ministering to Dean’s cock started a fire inside of me and my own cock started to grow once again. I closed my eyes and instinctively started to really stroke Dean’s cock like I liked my own cock stroked. Every once in a while I would slip my hand up over his cock head and coat more of my hand with his pre-cum, letting it slide down once again. I was really beginning to like this new feeling rising up in me.

“Don’t you want to wrap your lips around Dean’s cock? I bet you want to feel Dean’s hot cock slip between your lips and over your tongue.” Kati said.

I shot a glance towards Kati and once again she saw fear on my face. I wanted to try it but I was scared to death!

“Believe me Bobby, I know you’ll love every minute of it. Go ahead and give it a try.” She encouraged me. “You know you want to!”

I don’t know if I can do this I thought! I want to but should I? I wonder what it’ll taste like? What if I don’t like it in my mouth? Oh, my god, what if he cumms in my mouth? My mind was racing a hundred miles an hour! Kati reached out and stopped my hand from moving. I glanced at her then at Dean. I didn’t know what to do!

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