Be Careful What You Wish For Ch. 10-12

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Chapter 10

Two days later I rang Yoshi and Alicia. Alicia answered the phone and sounded genuinely pleased to hear my voice. We chatted like old friends, and by the end of the conversation she had invited me over for dinner on Friday night. She didn’t mention Justin and I didn’t ask, instead I hung up with butterflies taking flight in my stomach and found myself unable to concentrate on my work for the rest of the day.

That evening I arrived home as Justin rang to tell me he would be working late. I was disappointed and relieved; my thoughts of Yoshi had left me aroused, on the other hand my obvious distraction wasn’t something I would have to explain to Justin. After fixing a cold chicken salad for dinner I flicked on the television and was channel surfing in an effort to find something to keep my thoughts from wandering when the phone rang.

‘Hi gorgeous.’ Amy’s soft voice was the welcome distraction I needed.

‘Hello Amy, how’re you doing?’

‘A bit lonely actually, wanted someone to chat to and thought of you. I’m not interrupting am I?’

‘Nah, Jus is working late, so I’m all alone too.’

‘Up for a chat then?’


‘What about dinner here with Jus on Friday?’ Her question almost caught me out.

‘Can’t babe,’ I replied, faking a cough to give myself time to think. I had been working on the story I was going to tell Justin in the back of my mind, and now I was trying to concoct a lie for Amy.

‘You sick?’

‘Nah, just choking,’ I replied. ‘Do you remember Yoshi and Alicia?’

‘From the club right?’

‘Yeah, well Alicia rang me and invited me to their place for dinner on Friday.’

‘Oh,’ Amy said after a short pause. ‘With Jus?’

‘No.’ The silence over the line made my insides squirm with guilt.

‘So they specifically said no to Jus?’

‘No he wasn’t mentioned. By me either.’

‘What’re you up to Alex?’ I sensed rising anger in her tone and realised that she was hurt by the realisation I was going to visit Yoshi and Alicia with motives that were far from pure.

‘I dunno,’ I shrugged. ‘Really I don’t. They might just want to catch up…’

‘To discuss all the things you found you have in common, like oral sex and bondage?’ Her voice was rising and I felt like I was being backed into a corner. The truth wasn’t going down as well as I hoped. Well the partial truth, after all it was me that rang Alicia.

‘What’s with your attitude Amy?’ I took the offensive. ‘I like you, a hell of a lot in fact, but let’s face it, I live with Justin so at the end of the day you’re the other woman. I’m trying to be up front with you…’

‘…so you like me a lot and respect me sooo much that you’ll tell me up front that you’re going to fuck around on me? And on Jus?’

‘Yeah, that’s right. Up front. Unlike what I’ve done to Justin. And for fuck’s sake Amy, you took me to the club, how the hell can you moralise to me about shit like this?’ Then the phone went dead.

‘Fuck!’ I yelled at the empty room, slamming the handpiece onto the table. Now my thoughts were a maelstrom of confusion. What was I going to tell Justin about Friday? Fuck them all was what kept coming to the front of my mind, but my selfishness left me a little stunned. Could I blame either of them for being hurt? I poured a straight vodka and downed it, leaving myself a little giddy. The second went down with ice and slower, and I was halfway through the third when the phone rang.

‘Hello?’ It was almost nine thirty and I suspected it was Justin.

‘I’m sorry, really sorry.’ It was Amy and my heart melted.

‘Me too,’ I replied. ‘I should’ve spoken to you and Justin first before I said yes.’

‘No, no, I actually appreciate your honesty and the fact is I’m jealous as all fuck.’ The profanity sounded coarse and I pictured her drinking red wine and getting a little drunk.


‘Look at your life you bitch,’ she laughed, ‘Justin at home, me on order across the way and now a hot couple that obviously want to pleasure you.’

‘And all the complications that brings,’ I laughed back. The comfort and closeness was back, just like that.

‘Is your life always like this?’

‘No, thank God,’ I giggled. ‘Except that I kind of like it,’ I added.

‘What, being a slut?’

‘Hey,’ I pretended to be offended, ‘takes one to know one.’

‘That’s the problem for me I guess,’ Amy’s tone turned serious, ‘I know you’re not a slut and I know that you wouldn’t do anything to deliberately hurt me.’ She fell silent and I was trying to think of a response when she spoke again. ‘Or Jus.’

‘But I’m going to hurt both of you, is that what you’re saying?’

‘Nah, well not me I know we can’t go on forever, but Jus, I can’t answer for him.’ We both fell silent.

‘You know I can sort of see into your place from here,’ Amy said suddenly breaking the tension. ‘I’m guessing you’ve got the tv on by the way the lights are flashing.’

‘Where’re you?’ I stood and looked out the windows.

‘Havin’ karataş escort a smoke,’ she replied and my eyes were drawn to her balcony as her cigarette end flared. I walked out and waved across at her.

‘Can’t see you without a light,’ I said.

‘I thought that’s how you like it,’ her voice purred back. ‘I mean you know I’m here, watching, are you growing a voyeur streak?’

‘I like looking at you,’ I offered.

‘Do you?’ She was almost whispering and I found myself holding my breath as I listened to her. My lust was back, raging inside me and my clit was throbbing.

‘Yes I do,’ I murmured back.

‘Tell me what you like about me,’ she said.

‘I love your eyes, the curve of your cheek, your breasts are wonderful.’ I gulped as I spoke, wondering where this was heading. I wanted to hang up and run over there to her, but at the same time something different was happening between us right now and if there was one thing I was really enjoying in my life was exploring things new. ‘I love kissing your neck, my hands on your waist, my tongue in your pussy bringing you to orgasm…’ I heard her hiss down the phone at that and smiled across the gap between us. ‘I like holding you after we’ve made love.’ I used that word with deliberate intent.

Then her balcony light came on and a moment later she appeared to me. Naked.

‘Oh,’ I squeaked.

‘I thought you liked looking at me,’ she purred again.

‘I do babe, I do.’

‘Undress for me, turn your light on,’ she urged. I didn’t hesitate, instead I flicked the television off, the balcony light on and stepped into the cool night air, placing the phone onto the small table there. I stripped off my skirt and blouse, unhooked my bra and slipped off my briefs. The cool air was a welcome and refreshing sensation against my skin. I looked across at Amy; the distance seemed so great between us, and yet I could see the darkness of her nipples and the strip of pubic hair. Her hair was down, hanging to her shoulders and like me one arm was up holding her phone to her ear.

‘Now what,’ I giggled, filled with a sense of frustrated absurdity at our situation. Had we been in the same apartment we would have been all over each other.

‘Touch yourself for me,’ she whispered. The undercurrent of need in her tone cut my giggles short and wiped the smile off my face. I almost fell into the seat behind me and parted my legs as I had that first night, displaying my open sex to her and allowing my fingers to brush across the nib of pleasure that was buzzing in anticipation of being stroked. At that first contact goose bumps broke out over my entire body and my nipples went rock hard.

‘God I’m horny,’ I moaned. I was fighting against the animal in me that wanted to rub myself to a quick and violent release, instead slowly brushing my fingertips across my clitoris, building the pleasure and the passion towards what I hoped would be a great climax.

‘Me too,’ Amy whispered back and I saw that she had moved to the railing. From where I sat it appeared as though she was leaning out towards me, trying to close the physical distance that separated us. I dipped my index finger into the opening between my legs and shuddered, then added my middle finger. The animal was winning now and I began to piston my fingers in and out of my pussy that was becoming wetter with each passing moment.

‘You’re not alone,’ Amy’s voice whispered.

‘I know, but you might as well be in another country,’ I replied through ragged breaths.

‘No, I mean Jus is standing behind you.’ That made me sit up, pulling my fingers free and snapping my legs together. I stood and turned and sure enough he was standing at the window looking out with something like a dazed look on his face. His stare kept moving from me to across the way to Amy. I glanced over my shoulder and saw that she was still there at her balcony and had made no move to cover her nudity.

‘Bring him out with you,’ her voice said. I slid open the glass door and reached for his hand. Justin needed no more than a gentle tug to step onto the balcony with me. A quick glance at his crotch revealed a bulge. Here I was being unfaithful with another woman across the street and he was turned on.

‘Welcome home babe,’ I said, keeping the phone up so Amy could hear me. I tilted my head up and kissed him on the cheek.

‘What’s going on?’ His voice sounded distance. After the long day he’d had at work he probably found the whole situation somewhat surreal.

‘Amy and I had just started having phone sex,’ I explained as matter-of-factly as I could. ‘Wanna join us?’


‘Amy’s gonna tell us what to do, and we’re gonna do it.’ I had already figured out that this was what she wanted.

‘Take his cock out,’ her voice commanded.

‘She wants me to take your cock out,’ I said and handed him the phone, squatting in front of him to work down his fly. I had to struggle a little to get his very hard member out from the tangle of boxer shorts and into view.

‘Yeah I’m hard,’ he said. I stroked his shaft, ensuring that I wasn’t blocking Amy’s view. My juices were flowing freely now, I had Justin where I wanted him and I had an audience. An audience that turned me on.

‘Suck my cock Alex,’ he said, his voice strangely devoid of its usual emotion. He was very spun out. I rammed my mouth onto him, wrapping my lips tightly around the shaft as I plunged him into my throat.

‘Oh fuck!’ There was emotion in his words this time.

‘What?’ Justin sounded distracted as I continued my vigorous blowjob. I worked a hand between my thighs and began to rub my clit. It wasn’t going to take me long.

‘Of course I’d love it if you were sucking my cock.’ I smiled as best as I could as I imagined her breathless voice asking him if he wanted her mouth.

‘I want to come in her mouth,’ he replied. I hoped Amy had other plans.

‘Stand up and undress me Alex,’ he said. I complied, removing his shoes before I stood, then his pants, his tie and shirt and finally his boxers. I leaned close to the mouthpiece.

‘Can you make him fuck me please?’ Justin listened then pointed to the balcony railing, so I moved to the edge and pushed my rump at him, spreading my legs and thrusting my breasts forward as I took hold of the railing. Justin entered me without warning, his entire length ramming into me to the hilt. But I was wet enough and eager enough to take it without missing a beat and at once we began to push and thrust against each other.

We settled into a vigorous rhythm, our bodies slapping together, and when I glanced down at the office block adjacent to Amy’s apartment building, I saw the cleaners lining the window again. It was too much for the exhibitionist in me and I came with a scream. I made no attempt to stifle it, instead wanting it to fill Amy’s ears. I pushed back against Justin who grabbed my waist to steady us and we clung together as the buzz in my pussy rolled through my body, blinding my senses and making time stand still. Justin had to support my weight as my knees gave way and threatened to break our union. I heard the phone clatter to the floor but neither cared nor could do anything about it.

As the waves of pleasure rolled through me with a gradual abatement of their intensity I became aware that the phone was ringing. I saw it resting against the glass wall of the balcony near my foot and bent to pick it up, becoming aware of the presence of Justin’s cock in my pussy as I moved. He began to pound me again as I answered the phone.


‘That looked nice,’ Amy breathed.

‘It was amazing, he fucks me like no other.’ I looked back at Justin and saw that his gaze was now switching between Amy and the cleaners.

‘Even better than Yoshi?’ Once again her words brought me crashing back to the reality of my dilemma. Complete faithfulness and honesty against an opportunity for a sexual encounter that was going to be a highlight of my life. I hoped.

‘I’ll tell you after Friday night,’ I shot back, and cut off the line. Sliding the phone onto the table I pushed Justin back into a chair, then turned my back to him again and lowered myself onto his waiting shaft. I shuddered again at the penetration and began to bounce on his lap. Justin’s hands found their way to my chest and he fingered my tight nipples. The phone rang and he went to answer it but I grabbed his hand and returned it to my breast.

‘She can watch, but that’s it,’ I growled. We fucked like that for a few minutes until my legs began to cramp. I had to stand and as I did I saw that Amy’s balcony was in darkness again. I pulled Justin to his feet and led him inside, casting a look and a wave at our audience of cleaner’s who clapped and bowed in response.

I flopped onto my back on the sofa and spread my legs, hooking one over the back. Justin slipped between them and entered me, his mouth meeting mine. He began to make love to me, not too tenderly but with enough passion and feeling that I felt loved by him. I stroked his back and when our kiss broke apart I smiled into his eyes. And he smiled back.

‘Come in me,’ I whispered, ‘like this.’ His pace increased and I saw the glazed look enter his eyes.

‘Ohhhhh,’ he groaned, collapsing forward and thrusting into me, his weight threatening to crush me. ‘I love you Alex,’ he said in a strangled voice as he came inside me, his semen hot and sticky inside me.

‘You’re a heavy boy,’ I finally had to say after the post-coital bliss began to wear off and his heaviness struck me. He slipped out of me and lifted his body, sitting at my feet. He smiled at me then his gaze struck to my pussy which I imagined was open to his eyes.

‘My cum is trickling out of you,’ he said softly, then reached out and ran his finger over my opening. I shuddered. ‘Still horny?’

‘A little,’ I admitted. He smiled at me then leant forward and placed his mouth over my opening. I squealed as his tongue entered me and realised that Justin too had come a long way since the club. He would never have gone down on me after coming, but now, having had a transvestite’s come fill his mouth and having swallowed it, it was apparently no longer taboo. Lucky me.

My body writhed under his fingers which found their way to my opening and clit. His tongue and finger twirled, squeezed and pinched me until I was on the edge. Two fingers pumped into and out of me, and as he sensed my climax he twisted them and rubbed against my G-spot. I came with a wordless gasp, my back arched and eyes squeezed tightly shut. It was less intense and quicker than my previous orgasm, but no less satisfying.

Later we lay naked in bed, wrapped around each other.

‘So how did that all start?’ he asked.

‘Amy rang for a chat, and I dunno, it just happened.’

‘Sure,’ he replied sceptically. ‘I often end up naked while talking to my buddies on the phone.’

‘Have you had sex with many of your buddies, or find them sexually attractive?’ I kept my tone light and innocent.

‘Well, no,’ he laughed.

‘Well there you go, and are you complaining about getting to see us naked and fuck me while Amy and the cleaners watched?’

‘Yeah, well no, I guess not.’ There was no worry or caution in his tone. Clearly he didn’t think Amy was a threat to him. Then again Amy didn’t think she was a threat to him either. Only I did.

Chapter 11

Thursday evening, before I had to try out my excuse for wanting to go out alone, and allow me to betray Justin’s trust with a couple I hardly knew, he told me that Jerry and Cameron from work had invited him to play poker.

‘I asked if you could come and they said sure. Do you wanna?’

‘Let me guess what they really said,’ I replied. ‘Jerry said I can come over if I agree to play strip poker and Cameron said I could serve drinks. Topless.’

‘Ah yeah, something like that.’ Justin grinned sheepishly and I let him stew in his collective mateship guilt.

‘Yeah, maybe I’ll come over and be your topless wench for the evening.’ Justin coughed and looked at me wide eyed. ‘And maybe Amy would like to come too, I’ll ring her in the morning and ask.’

‘Piss off,’ he laughed, and I laughed with him, despite the rising guilt and tension in my stomach.

‘Nah, you know what, I will ring her and see if she wants to go out and get pissed.’ I looked at him and saw the interest in his eyes. ‘You gonna stay at Cameron’s place — I assume that’s where you’re playing, Jerry’s wife can’t stand Cameron…’ Justin nodded, ‘yeah, well if you stay at Cam’s place I can maybe invite Amy back here. Or stay over with her.’

‘Tease,’ he said with a smile.

‘Is that okay, if it happens?’

‘You know it is.’ He smiled his easy confident smile and the guilt twisted my insides into a tight knot. I was dragging Amy into my lie and I had done so without checking with her and with such ease that I was beginning to despise myself. ‘So would the two of you being our topless bar wenches.’

We went to bed shortly after dinner and Justin just held me, which was nice because I felt too ill with self loathing to have sex. He let his semi hard cock press against the cleft of my buttocks, but respected my non response.

He was fast asleep when I awoke, so I showered quickly, decided against breakfast and fled to work. It was a highly unproductive day, not helped by Amy’s sullen tone when I rang her and asked her to be my alibi. She agreed readily enough, but I could tell some of the jealousy had returned.

At about two I had doubts, and rang her again. She didn’t answer and I suspected she didn’t want to talk to me again.

Then she rang back fifteen minutes later.

‘I saw I had a missed call from you.’ She sounded like her old self again. I wondered if the men in her life had found her mood swings, both sudden and wide, too much to handle.

‘Yeah,’ I said, unsure of what to say. ‘Look, instead of being my alibi, how about we go out, have dinner, get pissed then go to your place and see what happens?’ There was no response and I imagined the expression changing on her face as she considered my offer.

‘What about Yoshi?’

‘To be honest, I feel so fucking guilty that I don’t think I want to go.’ Honesty. Raw and in her face.

‘Oh.’ I wasn’t sure but it sounded like she was disappointed.

‘What’s that mean then?’

‘Nothing. I just.’ There was another silence, which I finally broke.

‘For fuck’s sake Amy, tell me what you’re thinking.’

‘Yeah, well actually I’ve been getting a bit of a buzz thinking about what its going to be like when you tell me about what happens tonight.’


‘Well you know I’m going to grill you for every little detail?’ I hadn’t considered for a second, until then.

‘So you want me to go.’

‘Yes, why’d you think I’d agreed to being your alibi?’

‘Cos you’re my friend?’ I suspected I sounded incredulous, mainly because I was.

‘And don’t forget your lover.’ She spoke quietly now and I suspected she was close to other people.

‘I haven’t forgotten.’ We sat in respective silences. ‘Come with me.’ It was a spur of the moment decision.

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