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This is my first attempt at writing a story after years of reading them here on Nifty. I would like to see this be a five-part series but being new to this it may be less. Feel free to email me comments at ail Hope you enjoy it.


I have always been vanilla when it came to sex always protected and basic even though I was on PrEP. I just have never taken the risk. Something about bareback sex hits a nerve with me. The thought of taking a man”s seed deep in me…him taking part time ownership of my ass…makes my imagination go into overdrive. I have spent several months planning this out and tonight I will finally tap into my inner whore.

I felt the warmth of the air as I stepped out of the car. Walking up to the door to the bathhouse, there was the thought of me calling this whole thing off. But I had prepared for this, spending the last several hours making sure my hole was nice and clean, even shooting a little bit of lube in there at the end. Fresh bottle of Double Scorpio ready to be cracked open. Even a new red and black jock strap.

Popped 30mg of edibles and walked into the bathhouse. This is going to be one hell of a night.

I am hit by the undeniable smell of sex and non-descript dance music upon entering the building. I called ahead earlier today and reserved a room with a sling in it. Everything is going according to plan so far.

I got to my room, removed my clothes and locked them away in the storage area below the bed. Nervous and excited, I dimmed the lights just enough that you could read “LOAD COUNT” written in black across the top of my chest. Opening the door let the music flood kocaeli escort into the room from the hall. I grabbed the poppers and sharpie and climbed into the sling.

It seemed like an eternity before someone came into the room. People kept passing by and glancing in. I wondered what they saw when they looked in. Was I just a whore to them? I began feeling embarrassed. Is this the new me I began to question myself…? A whore that takes random cock in a bathhouse?

A guy that had circled the halls a few times popped into the doorway. It took a few seconds to adjust from him being just a silhouette to a clear image but when my eyes adjusted, I liked what I saw. Not that I was here to be choosy, I came here to take any cock that wanted to seed my hole. My mind finally calmed down… I was ready for this.

He was a tall, bearded man with dark hair and a furry chest. You could tell he spent a lot of time at the gym or had some sort of job that was very physical. If you put on a plaid shirt on him, you would swear he”s a lumberjack. The towel around his waist gripped his muscular frame tightly. I could see an impossibly huge bulge under the towel or maybe I was just seeing a crease instead. He shifted slightly and for a brief moment I could see the towel bunch around his massive cock tube. Fuck! This is going to destroy me. He walked through the door over to me and rubbed my hole with his finger, pushing it in and out a few times. He lightly ran his other hand over the writing on my chest and chuckled. He then turned around and left.

What the fuck?! My cock was straining against the jock. If anything, this just made me crave it kocaeli escort bayan even more. My hole is calling the shots now. The edibles are starting to kick in and damn they”re coming on strong. Weed always makes me horny and tonight”s dose is working overtime.

A second guy came in grabbing at his cock through his towel with one hand and fingering me with the other. He dropped the towel to the floor and started to rub his cock head against my hole. I offered my poppers and he declined so I took a hit. My head started spinning from the poppers as he slowly started pushing his cock in. I grabbed the chains and let him pull my body towards him till I bottomed out on him.

I would guess him at about 5″10″ in his 40″s. Looked like a guy that would be your married neighbor. He has this look of satisfaction when finally all the way in. My hole gripped him tightly.

He has the perfect cock to start out with. Thick but not overly thick, long but not too long. I couldn”t really see how big he was from the position I was in, but it feels exactly right. It is such a different sensation than with a condom. Slicker, warmer, more intimate.

He slowly pulled out and, as he did, I clamped down on him trying to keep it in there as long as possible. He pushed back in and I opened wide welcoming his cock deep in me. We continued this for a few more minutes before he started getting more aggressive. Each time he hit bottom was a little harder. Then harder. It feels like he has pent up anger and was taking it out on my hole.

I was in ecstasy.

My cock was beginning to leak precum in the jock causing a wet spot. The spot izmit escort grew from dime sized to a quarter in a few minutes. A tingling sensation was happening around my hole sometimes causing it to spasm. This seemed to drive him even crazier almost frantic.

I am starting to feel all control slip away as he steadily pounds my hole.

Assault on my hole continued, sucking the oxygen out of the room causing nothing to be heard but the clanging of the chains from the sling and heavy breathing. He started getting more and more frantic. I could tell he needed this as much as I did. My hole”s only purpose was to satisfy his needs.

“Fuck I”m going to shoot!” he shouted and slammed all the way in keeping my ass at the base of his cock. Time stopped and I felt it. …throb…throb…throb. Followed by a grunt each time.

He now owned my ass.

Though I didn”t cum, a great surge of pleasure washes over me. My hole is finally happy feeding on a fat load of cum.

Standing there in a post orgasmic stupor for a few minutes, he gently pulled his cock out. My hole instinctively clamped down not wanting it to end. He nervously put his towel around this waist and quickly left.

That is when I noticed another man in the room with us. I am not sure when he arrived but damn, he is fucking hot. Probably in his mid-twenties. Well over 6 feet tall, thin build and you can just see the beginning of that sexy “V” going to his crotch. He walked up, dropped his towel and plopped a seriously large cock just to the right of the mound being restrained in my jock. I could see his fat cockhead had a fair amount of pre-cum at the tip.

He picked up the sharpie and marked a line on my chest and said, “Looks like he forgot this. Now that you”re warmed up, let me get number two in you”.






Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32