Bath-time with Stroudle

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Hearing the bath water running I began to wonder how I can make this routine event a more enjoyable, and mutually sexual experience… Knowing how you like to just lay and soak in the warmth of the water, feeling it move over your body and relaxing in the comfort of its warm immersion, I initially stayed away, not wanting to invade your space until sufficient time had passed for you to totally relax into the moment.

Opening the bathroom door and looking at you across that steam filled room, the aromas of your bubble-bath perfumes were almost aphrodisiac… Through the steam filled environment your smile shone through, heightening my desire to enhance your pleasure. Leaning over the tub I bent to kiss you, our lips wet, softly molding slowly together. Open mouths enjoying the sense of contact as I felt your tongue caress softly against my own. As we drew apart, I licked sensuously around the periphery of the vermilion of your loving lips before whispering that I had come to wash your back; cheekily you retorted

“Hmmm, only my back!?”

We both knew better but passing me your sea sponge, you leaned forward, folded your arms around your knees, turned your head toward me and smiled as I charged the sponge with fragrant smelling lotion soap and began to run circles over your glistening soft skin.


You murmured as I sponged and massaged your neck, your shoulders and across your back. Using the sponge again I recharged it with warm water, rinsing it copiously over you before encouraging you to sit back.

Applying that same lotion filled soap to my hands; I placed them either side of your neck, massaging smoothly up and down as I leaned over you to once again kiss your loving mouth. Now sitting on the edge of the tub I carefully glided down, passing over and then beneath your breasts!

“Honey, you are one beautiful woman.”

My left hand ran soapily across your abdomen, fingers circling around your navel moving to mold, to cleanse, to love and enjoy the texture of your breasts! Your head lay back; eyes closed relishing in my touch, your mewling sounds of pleasure causing me to linger and linger over those wonderful tits, my fingers circling across and around the smoothness of your slowly darkening areola, and although slowed by the warmth of the baths steam, your nipples began to respond to my attentions.

Rinsing your breasts, the texture of the sponge in contrast to my fingers was obviously stimulating. As I leant forward I noticed how you bit your bottom lip before I looked at those loving tits and closed my mouth first over one nipple, then teasing my way to suckle onto the other…

Once again, your sounds of love murmured into my ears, stimulating me to suck your nipple further into my lips. This was to be your time of pleasure and I did not want to deny you any of that which I had determined to do for you. Drawing myself away from your breast, stroking them smoothly with my hands, I moved to once again kiss your gorgeous mouth!

Turning on the Hot water, I refreshed the temperature of your bath, replenished the bubble gel once again revitalising the room’s fragrance. To the romantic strains of a Franz Schubert symphony playing quietly in the background; I had you lay back and immerse yourself into the warmed waters as my attentions moved down your arms to your hands… Sponging, rinsing, I kissed each finger, each palm and wrist before moving down to provide my attentions to your lower limbs…

I adore your legs, holding one out of the water; I could not help but think of the times I have kissed each during our love making, always paying special bahis firmaları attention to the gentle smoothness of your inner thighs…

Getting my mind back to where it should be, I lavished my cleansing attentions to repeating all that I had done to your arms… Holding your foot, sponging and rinsing, kissing the arch before ascending to your thigh. Fingers deftly swathed close to your pussy, but I resisted the temptation to touch as I lay your limb once again into the waters warmth before repeating the entire exercise to its partner…

Massaging, caressing, cleansing my route along its length and once again tentatively guiding loving fingers close to the heaven within, but once again denying myself its rapturous pleasure. Satisfying myself yes, but also pleasuring you by stroking my fingers softly up the angles of your groins, tenuously close to your slit but never touching, as they moved up and over your Mons.

Sliding my hands up your hot sexy body, I caressed your breasts before leaning forward and taking, once again, each in its turn, first one nipple and then the other into the suction of my mouth and before kissing you with all the aroused passion and desire within me… Desire which I was determined to contain.

Taking your hand as you stood, I looked in awe at your sensual curves as you stepped from the bath prior to wrapping you in a warm towel. Holding you contained within its wrappings I kissed you again before saying:

“Come to bed whenever you’re ready.”

Your smile illuminated the room as you dried yourself, before responding:

“Mmmm, soon!”

In a short while you came to the bedroom and looked at me with smiling bemusement as I was still clothed, even if it was only in a flimsy, almost see through negligee. However, the glass of white wine in my hand told you I was not yet finished! Placing a warm towel on the bed, I held your glass as you lay face down upon it. I cherished your smile as I reached to the nightstand and produced a bottle of Body Lotion, which I had warmed while you bathed.

As you sipped your wine I poured a line of warm lotion from your neck, very slowly down the line of your spine, down to the tip of the cleft of your buttocks, the cleft in which you have had me spoon with you providing exquisite pleasurable delight. Your reaction was wonderful:

“Oh lover that feels amazing!”

Pouring more warm lotion, I directed it straight into your cleft.

“Damn, that feels good,” you whispered!

Sitting beside you I proceeded to glide my hands over every glorious curve of your buttocks, kneading, massaging, then slipping my fingers down into your cleft… Instinctively your legs responded and opened to my touch. Gradually I slipped between your legs, kissing your cheeks, incessantly moving closer to the rosebud opening of your arse. Kissing, licking, my actions engendered by your sexy mewling responses.

Moving a little I was now not only kissing that glorious cleft but was also gliding over and just a little into you with a lubed finger, your mewling causing me to lightly fuck just into the sensitive edges of your rim. From the murmurings you were releasing, your emotional enjoyment was so palpable I knew I was right in taking the road I had chosen to follow!

Fingers teased around your perineum and encircled the pouting edges of your anus. Gently poising my middle finger directly over that orifice that had recently given me so much sexual pleasure I teased my fingers across it again before returning with my tongue, which I know you love, a love, a sensation that I share.

As that lovely rosebud kaçak iddaa hole began to open, pouting beneath the tip of my tongue I began to alternate between finger and tongue and only after some time did I cease to continue my caressing administrations to the globes of your loveliness!

You feigned a “Damn YOU!” and laughed as I turned you over, but it was not sufficient chastisement to prevent you from reaching to me and kissing me deeply, our tongues arousing our passions.


Covering you with a sheet I knelt at your head. Using a facial spritz, I first kissed your forehead before spraying, and then proceeded to apply one of your facial lotions, carefully stroking and massaging your upper chest, face and neck.

A relaxed almost sleep like look spread across your face as I swept across your forehead, down and along the angle of your nose, over your cheeks, around your mouth to your chin before applying long, extended, upward strokes ascending up the line of your neck, up and around your cheeks, gently around your eyes and over your forehead, only to return and repeat the action over and over again. Your expressions, the sounds that came from you were my inspiration and I sank into the oblivion of giving you pleasure.

Leaning forward I kissed your nose and then your mouth before uncovering your upper body all the way to the top of your thighs. Still at your head I looked along your gorgeous body, looking at your now exposed and loving breasts, breasts that never fail to excite, nipples that rise and harden to my mouth! With a rising tension in my loins, I became even more aware that my pussy was oozing with my juices and it was with some difficulty that I finally regained control of my emotions. With a deep, deep breath I moved on!

Returning to the warm body lotion I poured a line down each arm, and from my vantage point, simultaneously massaged them both, concluding with each hand, before pouring more lotion across those beautiful breasts…

“Oh Lover this could take some time.”

Your smile was sexily indulgent as my hands spread the soothing lotion across you, purposefully avoiding your nipples as I molded, caressed, and massaged the globes of your tits, gliding over your sides, down across your navel and back up the mid-line to encircle you again.

Standing now, I took advantage of my location and leaned forward to kiss and suck your nipples for a short while before pouring more warmed lotion onto them and loving the reaction this provoked! Fingers encircled your areola, teasing, caressing, lightly pinching those now swelling nipples as I simultaneously kissed your loving mouth.

My cunt was so hot, so wet but I was determined to give. Yes, there were moments when I was unsure how much longer I could hold back. With a deep breath I was once again beginning to take a hold on my attentions but there was one more thing I wanted the enjoyment of giving. Still standing at your head I reached over and poured warm lotion over your Mons and onto either side of your groins, the sensation obviously excited you because with a murmuring sigh your legs spontaneously opened, wide! Reaching down, both hands dwelt on your skin, goosebumps indicated your pleasure as I purposefully massaged these loving nether regions of passion… Your loins were rising to my touch; your thighs moved in and out against my lotioned fingers, now sliding up and down the tight angle at the top of your thighs, immediately adjacent to your pussy, the sensation overwhelming us both.

Dropping my negligee I signaled my intentions toward you! Leaning my body forward and over you, my chest kaçak bahis felt the delight of your nipples as I slid across them… My knees on the bed aside your head, my mouth searched out the lips of your pussy. Kneeling in this sixty-nine, I gasped as your mouth took in the lips of my labia. My own tongue slithered across the lips of your pussy, my hands moved under your thighs, reaching beneath you to the folds of your pussy lips and opening them, to expose the shining pink smoothness of your cunt to my gaze.

My tongue entered you and I felt your pelvis writhe beneath me as I tongue fucked you from above. Moving to your clit lavishing it with loving emotion, the middle finger of one hand slipped into your pussy, as the middle of the other teased over and around your lovely rosebud hole. Your pelvis rose and fell beneath me, my mouth slithered within your slit and the sounds you released told me that every moment of my attentions to you were going to result in one erogenous manifestation of love.

Feeling you pushing on my side I willingly responded as you rolled me onto my back, straddled across me I could feel your wet juices running down into my groins, a sheepish grin on your face as you moved up my body, moving over my tits and smearing your gorgeous hot cunt over them, seemingly fucking my red and engorged nipples before continuing you move to finally teasingly lower you slit over my nose and quickly backing off as I tried to lick your slit. Playfully, lowering and then lifting away from me again before suddenly dropping your slit over my mouth and fucking back and forth over my face before settling and commanding me to tongue fuck your cunt. Commanded yes, but eagerly, wantonly responded to. My face, my mouth was awash with your wetness and as I held your buttocks I pulled your clit to my lips, licking over and around that gorgeous bud of love.

“Cum for me, cum! I need you, I need to drink you and taste your love!”

I sensed your body tensing and I knew my need was about to be fulfilled. The sensual stimulations of sex flooded over me as emotions rose between us. Looking up at you I was totally held watching your enjoyment as you abandoned yourself to my licking and sucking your clit. Your facial expressions, the sounds that came from you, the movements of your body on and over my own. As you looked down to me your expression told me what you were feeling; your eyes held me, and I sensed a difference in pace. That glorious moment was fast approaching you; I felt your cunt getting wetter and wetter; your spine arched away from me; your orgasm took hold of you and you immersed yourself in your own satisfaction as you expressed:

“Oh Fuck, baby, Oh yesssss!”

Pussy cum flooded over me as your orgasmic lust released itself to my face and my mouth and I selfishly relished in the sexual, total delight of drinking you in!!

As we sank to each other’s side my mouth came to and gripped your nipples, ravishing each in turn, sucking and biting, I wanted all of you and as I leant to the side of the bed I grasped my Feeldoe, slithered it into my pussy, and forged your legs apart to lay there and have you guide its seven inches into your soaking wet cunt!

“Oh Stroudle, my baby, am I ever going to fuck you!”

You grasped my nipples, one in each hand as you told me:

“You better make it good slut or I’m going to make you keep going and then I shall have to take you longer and harder!”

You were true to your word, because the fuck you gave me after brought about one of the most ardent of orgasms you had ever given me. Yes, we were both well fucked, we knew that as we collapsed at each other’s side in the total exhaustion of post coital satisfaction.

The next thing I knew was the sun was shining into our room and your pussy was slowly descending over my face. You were not denied!

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