Bart’s Domination Ch. 03

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Final Chapter

When Bart was awakened by a tickling sensation under his nose, he did not need to wonder about the tingling in his arms. He knew they were being held in place by black straps, which was far less of a concern than his burning ass. The feeling under his nose was different from the previous morning and he knew it wasn’t from her marvelous tits. Bart found a pleasant scent embedded in his nostrils and laid there to savor the moment.

His blue eyes opened as his hands were being released from the black straps and he was staring up at her dark nipples peeking out from behind her black bush. He could feel her pink lips pressing against his own and wanted to press his tongue out to explore, but the fear of what she would do to him was far too great for him to risk anything. Bart felt his hands as they were released, but held them in place above his head. Orders had to come from her before he would allow himself to do anything.

She leaned back and grinned down at him as she said, “Glad to see you’re awake, Bart. You have no idea the hell I was about to bring down on you. You did a good job on my tits and nipples yesterday, so don’t even think of touching them today. Understood, you worthless peace of shit?”

He opened his mouth and could feel her lips press in just a little as he said, “Yes, Miss Bennett.”

He could taste her on his lips as she slowly rocked over him in a test of his will. His teeth bit down to prevent his tongue from escaping to explore the womanhood pressing against him. He knew she was doing this to be extra cruel that morning and his dick hardened in anticipation of release.

Her brown eyes glared down at him as she commanded, “Touch my ass, white boy. And keep your tongue in your mouth. You haven’t earned it, you little fucking worm.”

With great difficulty, he prevented his tongue from leaving his mouth as he gave a muffled, “Yes, Miss Bennett.”

His hands reached out to her round cheeks and he started to caress them in the same way he had caressed her tits. She pressed her pussy down on his face and he could find no air. Bart was starting to panic as his lungs screamed out and she pulled back just enough to allow a little air to enter.

His hands tightened in an attempt to find what she liked and the air was cut off again. He tried to move his head back, but she pressed down harder to further engulf him. Just as he was about to pass out, she pulled back and allowed his burning lungs to fill.

He grabbed her cheeks hard and there was no punishment. His fingers pressed into the chocolate perfection and she started to rock over his body and release sighs. As his fingers explored her round cheeks with great desire, he could taste her starting to drip into his mouth. It was driving him crazy as he did everything he could to concentrate on the task she had given him.

His fingers reached the base of her chocolate cheeks and she started to move her hips to bring about greater pleasure. He felt the air cut off as she pressed further down and started to moan as she released his nose just a little. Her fingers dug into his brown hair and dug tightly as her moans turned to cries.

Her fingers dug in a little tighter as she screamed out her release and felt his mouth filling with her wonder. He knew he could not fully open his mouth, since his tongue would fly out to find more and he wanted bahis firmaları to breath slightly more than feel her clit on his tongue. One explosion after another left his flesh feeling soaked and it was getting unbearable as he worked her round cheeks in his fingers.

His fingers started to work their way to the top of her crack for further exploration as the flood from within her turned to a slow drip. He was fighting with everything he had to keep his tongue from pressing out to what was so close and wondered if it would be worth the hell she would rain down on him. As if reading his mind, she pressed down hard and lost the ability to breath. His hands wanted to ignore his will, but he managed to maintain the same pressure she liked.

He could see her brown eyes open over the black bush and glare at him as she spat, “Let go of my ass, you worthless little fuck.”

His fingers started to release as he gave a muffled, “Yes, Miss Bennett.”

Bart hated to let go of the perfection of her flesh he held in his hands and was very tempted to deal with the loss of air. The fire in his lungs overrode his desire to continue to feel chocolate cheeks in his pale hands. His hands pulled back and her pussy started to move away from his lips. Air filled his lungs and cooled the fire in his chest.

She was slowly rising above him as he watched the view of her black bush replaced by her still dripping pink. Her toned thighs rose slowly in torture as his dick was calling out for attention, which was being ignored by his cruel mistress. There was no sense of hurry as she started to move seductively over his face and his balls started to ache.

She pulled her legs away from him altogether and he was staring up at the chocolate mountains with dark peaks. He had seen every part of her body, which was built like a model, and found everything to be perfection in human form. The dark peaks started to sway as his balls were becoming far more painful and screaming out for relief of the torment.

Her fingers reached out to his nipples and she twisted with a great deal of force between her fingers, then said, “Get your knees up, you worthless piece of shit. Time for some punishment for fucking up my commands, white boy.”

He cried out in pain as he yelled, “Yes, Miss Bennett.”

His nipples were released after a hard twist and this time there would be no wet panties to muffle his cries. He pulled his knees back as far and wide as he could, which caused a coolness to touch his cheeks and softened the burning he was feeling. Her white fingernails dug in deeply and dragged across the welts from the belt she had used to bring about the pain he still felt. Bart screamed out as the fire erupted again and he could see the pleasure in her eyes.

Her fingers moved to his aching balls and she squeezed hard to send additional signals of pain. Each squeeze sent cries of pain and resulted in greater pleasure building within her. Tears were streaming down his face as he started to sob from her brutality. She decided to combine the two tortures into one as she used the white fingernails from one hand to scratch deeply across his welted flesh. Her other hand was squeezing both of his balls and she received added pleasure from his begging to be free of her grasp.

She pulled her hands away and spat, “Follow me, you fucking worm.”

He sobbed out, “Yes, Miss kaçak iddaa Bennett.”

She was already heading out the door as he got out of bed and she was walking with seductive purpose. He licked his lip and could taste the remnant she had left behind as his eyes followed the round cheeks in front of him. Their perfection was calling out and he wanted to answer, but the pain she had brought to him was still very fresh in his mind.

She lead him into the bathroom and turned her head over her shoulder as she said, “Time for another shower, you dirty fuck. Don’t touch me and don’t touch yourself. Understood, you fucking worm?”

He nodded as she turned back and gave a pain filled reply, “Yes, Miss Bennett.”

He stepped in and could feel her drying on his face, along with his tears, and found the sensation cooled the pain coursing through his body. His cruel mistress started to dance seductively as she slowly lathered up the perfection before him and soon chocolate was being hidden behind the white suds. His eyes burned her dancing image into his mind as he fought the urge for his hands to do something. Bart wanted to reach out and feel her slender waste in his hands, but the fire was still burning through him. The pain was enough to prevent any action he desired, so he refrained from touching either of them.

After the shower, hours were spent with his tongue exploring her pink and he came very close to passing out from the lack of oxygen on several occasions. His hands were aching from maintaining the grip she liked on her round cheeks and his tongue was getting tired, but he found what she liked and was not about to let him stop.

Her hard clit was leaving a perfect remnant on his tongue as he worked her into a screaming fury. She erupted into his mouth and the feeling rejuvenated his body. His fingers worked her chocolate cheeks with a renewed strength and his tongue was working to bring about one explosive release after another. Bart could feel her release flow over his lips, since there was no room left in his mouth. He wanted to swallow what his cruel mistress had given, but dared not lose contact with his tongue.

She collapsed as the result of his work was finished and he closed his lips to swallow. He felt her slide down his throat and found he had never tasted or felt anything like that before. Bart wanted more, but she was in no state to respond. Of course, he couldn’t ask her to do anything, since he knew the fury it would bring and did not want to add to the punishment he was already going to receive.

It did not take her long to recover as she glared at him with anger and spat, “Get you worthless ass into bed.”

He rose as he nervously said, “Yes, Miss Bennett.”

Bart had no idea what she was planning, but tried to prepare himself for the pain that was bound to follow. He laid down on his back and moved his hands up to be secured by the black restraints. There was no way of knowing if that was what she wanted, but would rather be ready if she did. His body was screaming out from the fire she had brought and he did not want to feel anymore.

She secured his hands as she said, “Time for a reward, you fucking worm.”

He hoped she was going to relieve his aching balls as he said, “Yes, Miss Bennett.”

She straddled her chocolate body over his pale hips and slowly lowered herself down to greet his hard kaçak bahis manhood. He felt her fingers reach down and guide him inside of her and moaned out as she took his seven inches inside of her velvet hole. Her fingers reached out to squeeze his nipples as she started to move rhythmically on his pale shaft.

Bart’s eyes were locked onto her dark nipples as they moved before him in perfect rhythm with her body. Despite the pain she was giving to his nipples, his moans increased at the pleasure she was giving him. He had been with plenty of women in his thirty-one years on Earth, but none had ever felt this wonderful. This thirty-five year old unassuming secretary was making him feel things he never thought possible. With every twist of his nipple he was calling out for more and she was very obliging in her perfect movement. She started to move in a way he never thought possible and felt muscles from within press firmly against his shaft.

She looked deeply into his blue eyes and said, “Cum inside me, Bart. I don’t care about getting pregnant. Give me you fucking cum. Give it to me, you worthless piece of shit.”

His eyes closed tightly as his body tightened in preparation for the release she was demanding. He groaned out as he started to twitch deep inside of her and she forced him all the way in. Her fingers were twisting hard as he gave one powerful shot after another in the place she had commanded.

As the twitching came to an end, she kept him buried deep to ensure she kept everything inside of her velvet hole. It was not until he was almost completely soft that she released his nipples with a painful twist and allowed his shaft to leave her glory. He cried out, but was too exhausted to make much of a sound.

She loosed the black straps from his wrists as she said, “I guess I won’t tell the company what you did, you little fuck. Now get your clothes on and go home.”

It took everything he had to move his exhausted body as he said, “Yes, Miss Bennett.”

His clothing was on and he was checking to make certain he had everything, when she grabbed his elbow tightly. She spat out, “Don’t think this is over, you little worm. Understand, Bart!”

He nodded and said, “Yes, Miss Bennett.”

She glared at him and said, “Good, you worthless shit, because this isn’t over. When you get home, pack a weeks worth of work clothes and whatever other shit you need, because you are moving in. You need a lot more punishment. If you do well, I will fuck you and let you cum inside of me. Understood, you dirty little fuck?”

He nodded in defeat, “Yes, Miss Bennett.”

Her glare turned darker as she continued, “Once I am pregnant, we will be getting married. I want to be a good seven months along so there is no doubt we are fucking. I want people to talk at the office. The more they talk, the more I take it out on you. Now get the fuck out of here, you nasty shit.”

All he could do was nod in compliance and say, “Yes, Miss Bennett.”

On the painful drive home his mind was racing about the future. He knew she was just getting started with the punishments and surprised himself when he smiled at the thought. Despite the hell she had brought to his body, his dick remained quite hard throughout and he had to admit he enjoyed being punished. It was also the opportunity to continue to explore her perfect body and condoms were a thing of the past. She wanted him to release himself inside of her and he was more than happy to oblige. By the time he reached home, at least what used to be his home, he was grinning widely in anticipation for the future.

The End

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