Bare Down There

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In the middle to late 80’s there was a magazine dedicated to bare female vulvas called “Close Shave.” At the time it was the only magazine I could find specializing in the topic. Complete removal of pubic hair was not yet mainstream, and in some books and articles it was considered kinky. Since it was a fringe sex magazine, it contained few, if any, advertisements. The models were often not as attractive as the young women found in the more acceptable porn magazines of that time. The “Close Shave” women were also usually older than the typical porn models, but they showed me the things I wanted to see. I eagerly anticipated the newsstand appearance of each issue.

In the back of the magazine was an amateur section, where pubeless readers’ self pictures were published. They never showed the faces of these amateurs. Each submission contained only the name and the state of the person. I often wondered if they were true or made-up. The second or third year of my buying the magazine, they printed the first pictures of a male without any pubic hair. He was from California. Until I saw those pictures, the idea of a male removing his pubes had never occurred to me.

For a few weeks I kept returning to the pictures of the pube free male. I found them stimulating. What would it be like if I also shaved my pubic hair? Masturbation was a favorite pastime of mine and the thought of not having hair in the way excited me. I had a very thick pubic bush and some of it grew out of my shaft, less than two inches from the end. Not only would shaving help my penis and balls feel and look more sensual, kaçak iddaa but hair would no longer get caught in condoms when putting them on or taking them off. There were also a few times when two pubes would get tangled with each other and form a knot. It was extremely painful when they started pulling on each other. So there were some practical reasons for me to remove my pubic hair, but the main reason was masturbation and the kinkiness of looking at myself looking so naughty.

I spent a few days anticipating my first shave, once I decided to do it. The experience was going to be erotic and would be followed by a great masturbation session. I wanted to savior the erotic feelings I was having, being on an erotic high. Each time I contemplated my first shave, my penis instantly became hard. On the evening I decided to do it, I made sure there would be no interruptions. It was going to be just me and my penis and balls.

First I removed much of my thick push with scissors, a technique I had seen in some of the “Close Shave” shaving layouts. Then I applied shaving cream and began the final step in removing my pubes for the first time. My penis was as hard as it had ever been during the entire procedure. When done shaving, I cleaned the mess with water and a towel. Then I checked it out in my floor length mirror. It was terrific. I loved the way I looked. It felt better than expected. I was hooked, addicted to remaining pube free for life!

For the first ten years of being bare down there, I continued to shave, usually twice a week. Then, I switched to an epilator after my wife kaçak bahis purchased one. The first time I tried using the epilator it was too painful. My wife suggested a topical spray to deaden the sensation. This helped, but was still not enough. So I decided to remove each hair by plucking, which required two weeks of short sessions. The new hair growth was not as strongly rooted, and was much less painful to remove with the epilator. Since then, I groom once a week. The results are better than shaving. It is smoother and the re-growth does not itch since it has finer ends.

Also for the first few years the hair above my penis remained its usual length. Therefore, my smooth genitals were not easily noticeable from much of a distance. Gradually, that hair has been trimmed closer and closer, until now it appears the same length as all the hair in that region. And the bareness of my organs are noticeable from a much greater distance. Something I enjoy, given my exhibitionistic streak.

But over the years there have been times I was concerned about potential reactions to my bare genitals. These anxieties could be grouped into four categories; nude beaches, female sex partners, family, and medical examinations.

When I first started visiting nude beaches in the late 1980’s, most males were not shaved or even trimmed down there. The exception was gay males, who seemed to be on the cutting edge of male genital grooming. Therefore, I wondered if people would mistaken me for being gay. Initially, from my observations, I was the only straight male displaying a shaved penis and scrotum. Then illegal bahis gradually, at the local legal nude beach in Florida I visited frequently I started observing other straight males sporting much less pubic hair, and eventually joining me as totally bare. By the mid-1990’s, it looked like at least half the people enjoying that nude beach where either pubeless or very closely trimmed. So my concern about negative reactions at the beach lasted only a few years. During that period I never had a negative comment about my pubic grooming.

As an aside, in the late 1990’s my fiancé at the time and I encountered a couple I knew from work that were also friends. It was a surprise seeing them at the nude beach, although they knew I visited it often. Driving home, I mentioned to my fiancé my friends obviously now knew I shaved my genitals, and wondered what their reaction was. During a conversation with the husband shortly thereafter he told me they both thought it looked great.

When I first started shaving, I was single. The female sex partners over the years have been very positive about it. One asked me to shave her the first time she saw me nude. She is now my wife. Two others readily agreed to let me shave them for their first bald experience. They both kept it that way during our relationships.

Concerning my family, it was only my father that has seen my pubic grooming, as he also saw me hairy before shaving. Although he never said anything about it, when I started trimming the surrounding hair it was much more noticeable. And at that point I did see him take notice.

Finally, I have been to three dermatologists for examinations since I began removing my pubic hair. Never a comment from any of them. My guess is they appreciated how it made the examinations easier for them.

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