Barbie’s PrickTease PlayDates Ch. 04

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Dan watched his buxom blonde Goddess prance across the room, and he was completely fixated on her as she went over to the bar and stood in front of it. She bent forward and put her elbows on it, lifting up one high heel behind her and rotating it round and round as she placed her drink order.

He was quickly coming to understand that displaying her high heels like that was one of her signature moves, and the way she was showing them to him was as if she had other things in mind, things to do with her pretty feet in those oh-sooo-sexxxxy spike heels! Which, of course, meant that little ideas were formulating in his mind too…

The view from behind of the rest of her was absolutely magnificent as well, with her curvy butt and long legs in those tight jeans and her silky, golden hair falling down her back over that fluffy blue angora sweater. He certainly would have been fully focused on her even if she hadn’t told him to be!

And as her little performance continued while she waited for the drinks, shifting her weight around and making sure the curves of her body were being openly displayed, he could see her typing up another message. Suddenly his phone notification chimed again.

The text message read, “Are you liking my little show so far? How’s the view from back there??”

He was shocked and completely speechless as she brazenly confronted him about the way she was so openly showing off for him, putting him on the spot with a request for his feedback. But…did she really want him to call out across the room with an answer to her suggestive question?

I mean, sure, the whole situation was right out of one of his favorite erotic fantasies, that of having a hot girl like her tease him in public, but shouting out to her was too much, and he just couldn’t do it. And somehow he knew not to text her with a response either, so instead he just sat there with the blood flowing to his face yet again, squirming in nervous anticipation, hoping she didn’t literally expect him to answer.

Of course, he kept his eyes glued on her, and she tossed her hair to the side and glanced back at him as if to see how he was reacting to her provocative question. She lifted up her high heel again, rolling it round and round to draw his attention to it again, and she smiled big and wide when she saw him still staring at her. Then she turned back toward the bartender and planted that lovely high heel back down on the floor, swaying her plump, curvaceous ass around a bit after that.

Dan continued to ogle her as she held her pose, standing there straight legged in an outrageous display of brazen femininity. She swayed her ass back and forth some more while she paid for the drinks, shifting her weight from one high heel to the other, and then she turned and started walking back towards him, her breasts jiggling beautifully with each bouncy step she took. And there was definitely an extra bounciness going on in her gait right then, making it quite clear that she was doing it on purpose. Man this girl was good!

Dan’s cock pulsed as she got closer, with that practiced wiggly-jiggly strut of hers completely blowing his mind as she came towards him. He was still making it a point to keep his gaze focused on her at all times, and his eyes moved slowly up the entire length of her body, fixating briefly on certain areas as they went.

Her pretty feet and red-nailed tootsies, those toned legs, her curvy hips and trim waist, and of course her buxom breasts were all focuses of is attention. And she smiled warmly as she observed his obedience to her delightful little instruction to watch her; she was clearly approving of how well he was following it.

Right then he saw the two drinks she had; one was a large cocktail glass with a thick straw and a few pieces of cut fruit skewered on the rim, and the other was a plain glass of water. As she got close, she leaned over in front of him, letting her hair fall down over her shoulders. She was giving him a very generous view down her soft, velvety cleavage, and her smile grew even wider as she held still for a moment, staring into his eyes. Then swayed her upper body around for a few seconds as she placed the water on the coffee table next to the couch for him.

Pointing at the water, she said, “That…is for you, Danny,” with a hint of a mocking tone in her voice. And she stood up straight again, holding her exotic drink in front of his eyes and continuing gleefully, “And this…is for ME!”

Her spoken words were a surprise, because she seemed to be making it a point to say things out loud only when specific emphasis was needed, which seemed to be somewhat rare during their encounter that day. At that particular moment it was yet another case of establishing a double standard for the two of them, and yes, it was somewhat demeaning, but she was just so gorgeous and seductive that Dan didn’t mind.

Besides, she was really playing with his submissive desires, the same ones that the girls at the Tease ankara eve gelen escort Club had been exploring with him. But the way those girls did it was faster moving, and much more sexually explicit, in a “right now” kind of way. This girl, however, was doing it completely differently, taking her sweet time and being much more mysterious as she expertly strung him along, keeping him on his toes in an entirely different way.

She was openly showing herself off for him, establishing elements of control over him by seducing him visually, but with a more hidden agenda. It was a different approach toward staking a claim on him and possessing him sexually, even though it was clearly still very much a dominant activity. Needless to say, Dan was already quite hooked by her advances at that point.

So he picked up his glass of water, taking a sip of it (which was good because his mouth had gone dry). Meanwhile, she sat back down with her drink and picked her phone up again, making it clear that speaking out loud to him was probably over for the time being. My god, the way she was manipulating him, giving him little tastes of her approval but also masterfully keeping him at a distance, all of it was driving him right out of his mind, and he just loved it!

Anyway, she took a few sips of her drink and skillfully typed on her phone some more, and after about ten seconds, another message came in, bringing Dan’s attention back to his screen. And there was her message, “Alright, Daniel, before we go any farther, I have some terms and conditions to discuss, so you will have to bear with me.”

His Goddess then put her phone down and reached into her purse, pulling out a small, pink enamel make up mirror and a sparkly pink cylinder of lip gloss. Apparently, ‘bear with me’ didn’t just mean waiting for her to say whatever she was going to say, it meant waiting for her to put on another girly-girl show for him, just because she felt like it.

With him sitting on the couch in front of her, it almost felt like he was kneeling at her feet, and he watched in rapt attention as she popped open the makeup mirror and put it on down on the table in front of her. Then she proceeded to slowly pull out the applicator from the small tube of lip gloss, holding it purposefully between her thumb and forefinger with her pinky finger extended outward in a very feminine way.

It made a slight ‘pop’ sound as she pulled the spongy tip out, and she glanced at him briefly before picking up the mirror in her other hand and slowly brushing a coat of wet glistening gloss across her full luscious pink lips. He suddenly decided that he didn’t mind waiting, because watching this incredibly gorgeous girl paint her lips so sensuously like that was an immense turnon. It immediately struck him that this was one of the most erotic things he had ever seen!

He watched hungrily as she continued painting those gorgeous lips of hers, pouting them and positioning them carefully as she examined the job she was doing in the mirror, and on occasion, she daintily wiped some excess gloss from the corner of her mouth with an extended pinky. The applicator glided all over them in gentle wet strokes, until every inch of her lovely, plump pink lips was absolutely shimmering with glossy wetness.

As he watched her brazen display of showmanship, his erection pressed more and more firmly against his skinny jeans like it wanted to come out and play. His hips moved forward almost uncontrollably as he pressed his hardon slightly forward against the fabric.

It felt incredible, and he was starting to feel a wet spot growing in his underwear against the head of his cock as it began to leak. He was suddenly incredibly aware of the fact that he had almost started humping the air just looking at her, right there in public, and he began to feel quite embarrassed with himself. He felt almost like a wild animal, and he simply couldn’t believe how aroused he was. God, how in the world could he be THIS turned on?

Finally, this Goddess who was perched before him seemed satisfied with the paint job she had done on her lips, and she dropped the lip gloss applicator back into her purse before picking up her phone once more. Within moments, another “Ding!” caused him to look back down at his phone, and the following messages confirmed some of his wildest hopes about the encounter.

“All right Daniel. The first thing I want you to know is that I am interested in you. Does that excite you?”

Once again there could only be one possible response, and it flowed from inside him quite easily at that point.

“Yes, Goddess.”

A smirk came across her lips as she glanced at him briefly, and then she continued tippity-tapping on her phone. It began even as he spoke his response, almost as though it was purely a formality for him to verbally agree to her question.

“Very good. Now if you would like to explore an interaction with me, then I think you should say so. gaziosmanpaşa escort After that there are several things I think you should be made aware of.”

Dan’s heart pounded as he read her words, the idea of her being so openly interested in him driving his level of excitement sky high. He barely finished reading the rest of her message before he blurted, “Oh yes, Goddess, please!”

The moment he finished speaking he realized how silly it sounded, to be begging her like that. Still, as embarrassing as it was, for some reason he didn’t mind, and in fact he kinda liked it. But after he said it he just sat there and wondered if his response was acceptable…

However, instead of responding to him, or even looking at him for that matter, this gorgeous girl just picked up her compact mirror again, checking herself out in it while he just sat there and watched. More fussing over herself ensued: turning her head from side to side, adjusting her hair, checking her makeup, pouting her lips as she looked at herself from different angles, fussing with her earrings etc.

As she admired herself, she extended both legs and placed them right on the armrest of the couch, with those pretty feet in her high heels just inches above his crotch. He couldn’t help but look down at them, and his mouth fell open at the sight of their loveliness up close.

She crossed her ankles and bounced her feet up and down a few times, letting her shiny red tootsie-nails catch nice little reflections in the light. He could also see the gold-bell charm dangling from her anklet right there before his eyes, and he wanted nothing more than to lift those dainty little feet of hers to his lips and worship them properly. But somehow he knew better than to do it, so instead he just sat there and stared…

Meanwhile, she wasn’t saying anything; she was clearly keeping him waiting in suspense before responding to his mild begging, and it was pure torture! Was she pleased with his response? Was it appropriate? Was it too much? Or was it not enough?? Her indifference was such a mystery to him right then, and he just sat there dumbfounded and lifted his eyes up, staring at her face and hair again while she tended to little details of her appearance.

There was only one word on his mind as his eyes fixated on her like there was nothing else going on in the entire universe. And without an acknowledgement or response from her, he said it with such desire that it surprised even him…


That particular word said all by itself did seem to warrant her approval, because she glanced at him right then, giving him a quick pout of her lips and then serving up a nice warm smile before going back to fussing over herself in an ongoing display of pure self-absorption.

After another minute or so of this, she adjusted her legs just a bit so the sexy spike heel of one of her lovely shoes could be lowered right onto the bulge in his pants, and he looked down at it and watched in stunned fascination as she lightly tapped it against his hardon. After a few taps, she lifted her stiletto away and held it still right back where it started. It was the first time she had touched him, and she did it in such an erotic, sensuous but also dominant way, it sent his desire for her skyrocketing practically right up through the roof!

Then he looked back up at her as she positioned the mirror on the table in front of her and slid her fingertips into her hair, fluffing her golden mane until it cascaded beautifully down her shoulders and framed her face just the way she wanted. He was especially fascinated with her beautiful hair at that point, because long hair on pretty women was a particularly strong fetish of his, in addition to his list of other ones…

It moved like silk, falling beautifully against her elegant neck and down her delicate collarbone and the over swell of her cleavage, and it flounced around in feminine fashion whenever she moved even a little. She even took out a wide-toothed comb from her purse and teased it up here and there, pulling out some hair spray and squirting it on to hold her new “big hair” do in place. My god, the way she was amping up her sex appeal was so stunning; each and every little detail she added to her appearance was making her look even more glamorous and enticing than before.

He suddenly wondered what her hair smelled like, what it FELT like, in his hands or on his body, and once more he instinctively and almost imperceptibly tightened the muscles in his ass and thighs, pushing his hardon deliciously into the tight fabric of his pants. He gasped softly at the way it felt to do that before struggling to gain control of himself and sitting still once more. Poor guy, he was simply going right out of his mind!

Meanwhile, he had been so mesmerized by her hair, that he hadn’t even noticed her pick up her phone again, and another “Ding!” notification dragged his eyes back to his phone to see what else gölbaşı escort she had to say…

The message read, “Very good, Daniel, I like that word ‘please’, feel free to say it as often as you like.” And she watched him as he read it, and then he looked at her and said it again, which caused her to giggle at his unquestioning obedience to her little encouragement. But then she continued typing another text as he continued to ogle her.

“Now then, the first thing you should know is that I am an exhibitionist. I love dressing sexy and showing off for men, especially if they like to look at me.” Dan read her words and couldn’t respond for a moment, such was the power of her blatant confidence.

She hadn’t even really asked a question, but her brazen statement certainly deserved an acknowledgement, so after a brief pause he managed to utter those same two words that were quickly becoming standard responses for him.

“Yes, Goddess.”

She typed up the next message, telling him, “So if you like the idea of that, then you should say so, now.”

But wait – didn’t he just do that? No matter, her wish was his command…

“YES, I like it!!” He blurted. Again, he was speaking from the very core of his being, saying things almost involuntarily as this tantalizing temptress strung him along into his own erotic fantasies.

Apparently, his response was worthy of a verbal reaction from her, because she grinned from ear to ear and said out loud, “Good. Because every once in a while a guy shows himself to be a real sucker for it. Like you! I mean, just look at the way you can’t stop pushing yourself forward against your tight pants, over and over while you stare at me showing off for you.”

His face flared all red once more, but he tried to ignore how naked he felt having her call him out like that, and he watched as she went silent and typed up another text message.

“But Daniel, let’s get one thing straight. I am not some sort of tramp who is going to sleep with you on the first date. Just because I dress like this doesn’t mean I’m easy! Got it?”

“Yes, Goddess,” Dan panted. Even though she was making it a point to tell him it was NOT going to happen on the first date, the very mention of the idea of having sex with this girl was making his head almost explode. And she only referred to the first date…so what about after that??

And then, having mentioned the topic of sex, as if to draw his attention to something even more suggestive, she looked down at her torso and slid her thumbs into the exposed black straps of her panties resting on her hips, adjusting each one so that it more closely followed the line of her pubic cleft.

As she tugged on them, he watched helplessly, becoming more and more overwhelmed as she slid the pad of her thumb along her skin of her slender waist beneath each strap, and he stared at the lovely skin on her belly and focused in on the dangling silver chain piercing her belly button, so wonderfully framed between those panty straps.

Suddenly he began to wonder how tiny those panties actually were, how much of her intimate parts they actually covered beneath that denim. He mindlessly pushed his hips forward again, and this time it wasn’t imperceptible at all…in fact, it was downright obvious!

As his cock pressed deliciously against the resistance of his jeans and the growing slick wet spot grew at the tip of his erection, he moaned a little, and the sound caused his Goddess to giggle and pick her phone up once more. The simultaneous sound of her amusement and the realization that he was once more humping the air as he watched her made him look nervously around the room to see if anyone had noticed.

He was terrified that someone had been watching his animalistic display, but it seemed like nobody was observing them very much, although he could see a few people glancing in their direction. Then he heard another “Ding!” and looked back at his phone.

“The second thing you should know is that I like to play…games…”

She put the phone down and smiled broadly at him as he read it and then looked at her, and she opened her eyes wide, glaring at him knowingly. Then she batted her eyelashes and pouted her lips at him before slowly licking them with her juicy wet tongue, making one full pass around every millimeter of them.

The directness of that statement absolutely floored him, as did the follow up display of femininity, and then she looked back down at her phone and clickity-clicked another message with her lovely fingernails…

“So if you want to see me again, personally, and get to know me better, you should be prepared to play along with all my little games. Is that clear, Daniel?”

Dan looked up fully intending to answer, but again, his voice crumpled in his throat at the sight of what she was doing now. For the first time since he had walked into the bar, she was actually facing him in her chair, and it looked like she was looking right at him…but she was wearing her sunglasses high on her nose now, and in the dark lighting of the bar, it was impossible to see her eyes. She had lifted the skewer of cut fruit from her cocktail, and was now slowly sliding it towards her glistening, lip gloss painted lips, which were parted almost pornographically.

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