Band Parents Ch. 03

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Linda didn’t call me that afternoon. I wondered what had happened. In fact, I was slightly worried about her. We had moved things to a whole new level by allowing Charles to watch, after all. I just hoped he reacted with lust instead of jealousy as he watched us. Given that he hadn’t leapt from the closet and tried to kill me, I assumed he’d taken it well, but still I was a little concerned. Needless to say, I was relieved when I saw an e-mail entitled “Wow!!!” from her the next morning, as I was drinking my coffee and trying to clear my head before everyone else in the house woke up and the day started. I had client meetings in town today, and couldn’t meet her for our daily run.


Sorry I didn’t call you this afternoon, but I was busy… or should I say “we” were busy.

First of all, thank you for the absolutely fantastic fucking you gave me! I could have been happy with that alone, but it turned out that the day was only getting started.

When you left, Charles came out of his hiding place. He was naked and more aroused than I think I’ve ever seen him, and he simply pounced on me! In a very good way, I must say. He just couldn’t wait to enter me and slide his hard cock through the load you had left in me not two minutes before. I felt so wanton thinking about it as I lay there, having sex with my husband just moments after my lover (you sexy thing) had finished with me. It made me climax just feeling his hardness push through the goo inside me. I think that was about the time you shut the door on your way out. Charles was so worked up that he went off right after I did. As is his habit lately, he started to kiss his way down my body so he could lap up the combination of juices that were pouring out of me. This time, though, I pushed him over on his back and sat on his face. I told him I wanted to make sure he got ALL the cum from my pussy. “I want you to drink down all of it, including my lover’s sperm.” That’s what I said to him. He started licking me like a madman, and he stayed hard. I bent down and started licking him clean.

As I was lapping up the residue of my morning’s sex escapades, I suddenly realized that this was the first time I’d ever taken Charles, or any man, in my mouth after sex, and although it was heavily masked by all the male essence, my own flavor was still very noticeable. I began to understand what Charles likes about this new fetish of his. (He says he found stories on the internet about it. It’s called a “creampie.”)

Anyway, after we’d cleaned each other up, I turned around and rode him to another climax. When I rolled off him, he slid down and lapped me clean again, and we started over. Again! This is how our sex life has been for weeks now. He literally wears us both out, fucking me and then cleaning his sperm out of me. Sometimes he’s able to managed a fourth time, but today it was only three. Lucky thing, too, because by the time we’d caught our breath it was almost time for Abby to be home. I sprayed some air freshener around to cover the smell of sex, then showered quickly. Charles was sound asleep when I came out of the shower, so I just covered him up and let him sleep. Abby was concerned when she came home and saw his car in the garage. I just told her that he was all worn out and came home early – well, it was mostly true, after all, even if he wasn’t worn out until canlı bahis şirketleri AFTER he’d come home.

I know you have clients to meet with tomorrow, so I thought I’d fill you in like I promised. Thanks for being such a great lover!

See you soon – the sooner the better!


PS You’ve GOT to try this ‘creampie’ thing. If it fires you up like it does Charles, you’re going to totally wear me out, stud.

“Wow!” pretty much summed it up. I was hard halfway through her e-mail. I ended up masturbating in the shower as I thought about the hot sex Linda and Charles had after I left their bedroom, especially the mental image of her taking his sticky cock in her mouth and licking him clean. Even with the relief I’d gotten in the shower, I was still preoccupied by thoughts planted in my head by Linda’s e-mail. My client meetings were a blur, I don’t remember much of the afternoon and I couldn’t tell you what we had for dinner, either. All I remember is that I thought constantly of Linda, of sex, of licking a big load of my own cum out of her tasty blonde pussy. My cock twitched constantly, slowly creating a wet spot of pre-cum in my underwear that grew larger as the day went by.

When bedtime came, Lily, my wife, was apparently feeling frisky. I was glad of that, because otherwise I’d have had to slip out of bed after she’d fallen asleep so that I could take care of this raging horniness that was about to consume me. Rather than her usual routine of quickly shucking her clothes and throwing on one of her plain cotton nightgowns, she pulled a lacy teddy out of her lingerie drawer and proceeded to do a sultry striptease right next to me as I lay on top of the covers. I had been trying to read a book, but I soon laid it aside as she finished unbuttoning her blouse. She grinned, knowing she’d captured my attention, and sensuously let the blouse fall from her shoulders. She stooped down to pick it up and then dropped it on my head. Her scent on the warm cloth, her body’s musk mixed with her perfume, made my cock begin to stir.

Next, Lily unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. As she stood beside me, now wearing only her matching pale peach-colored bra and panties, I took in the sights and found myself comparing her and Linda. Lily, shorter and more voluptuous; Linda, tall and slender. Lily’s long dark curls contrasted against Linda’s short blonde hair. Lily had nothing to be ashamed of. Her breasts, a full C cup capped with pale pink nipples, are still firm. She reached behind her to unclasp her bra and gave me teasing glimpses of one, then the other, before letting the straps slip down her smooth arms. I whistled appreciatively as the pair appeared. Lily bent over me and the hung invitingly over my face as I kissed each nipple in turn and watched as they puckered into hard little points.

Now she was down to only her panties, conservatively cut but still sexy, and she turned her back to me as she pushed them down over her hips and her full round ass came into view. She continued to bend as she pushed the silk fabric all the way down her legs, and so her dark-haired pussy finally peeked at me from between her thighs. I could easily see how aroused she was. Her inner lips were already making themselves prominent and her pubic hair was matted and shiny with her juices. I was fully erect by canlı kaçak iddaa this time and could easily have begun our lovemaking, but Lily resisted my attempts to pull her onto the bed.

She wanted to put on the teddy, and the process became a sort of reverse strip tease as she sensuously stepped into the lacy lavender wisp of material and began covering up the goods. The were covered, but they weren’t all that hidden. This teddy is all lace and Lily’s dark pubic hair was plainly visible at the crotch. The teddy’s deeply cut neckline revealed most of her firm breasts, and her hard nipples each peeked through open spots in the lace.

She reached a hand out to me and pulled me up off the covers. We slid into each other’s arms and kissed deeply. When we broke our kiss, I could see that her brown eyes were bright with lust and she was beginning to get that pink flush on her upper chest that she only gets when she’s extremely aroused.

She pulled the covers back and then pushed me onto the bed, barely giving me a moment to arrange myself so that my feet weren’t hanging over the side before she draped herself on top of me and pressed her lips to mine in another searing kiss that seemed to last forever. We made out like teenagers, which only served to fuel our already overwhelming lust. Just like necking teens, we slowly removed clothing as we kissed and groped at each other, our lust building with every second.

Finally we were both naked and Lily rolled off me, or rather, she rolled us both over so that I was above her, my raging erection already poised at the entrance of her wet love-nest. I pushed myself in slowly, meeting no resistance at all. She was wetter than I could recall her being in the past several years. Her hips were rolling already – another sure sign that she was extremely turned on. I began to fuck her in long steady strokes and she moaned every time I reached full depth. I could feel her squeeze my shaft. I could smell the heady aroma of her arousal.

“I love you,” I whispered into her ear. It was true. I may have been having an affair with Linda, but I still was very much in love with my wife. This evening was proof of it.

Unfortunately, the level of arousal I had reached by then, what with the thoughts of Linda that had preoccupied me all day and the teasing that Lily had been doing, had driven me to where it was impossible to hold back and I came all too soon, filling my wife’s depths with a load that had been building up all day. Lily groaned in frustration when she felt my seed spill into her womb. She desperately wanted to cum and now I wasn’t able to drive her to the climax she needed.

I rolled off to the side and kissed Lily deeply. She pulled my hand down to her soaked crotch and began to guide my hand up and down her slit. It was almost like she was using my hand as a toy for her masturbating. She was trying so hard to cum, but I could tell that she just wasn’t getting anywhere. The thoughts that had preoccupied me all day popped back into my head: “You’ve GOT to try this ‘creampie’ thing. If it fires you up like it does Charles, you’re going to totally wear me out, stud.”

“It’s now or never,” I thought to myself, and slowly slid downward on the bed, lifting Lily’s thigh over my shoulders so I could slip between her legs and consume the first “creampie” of my sexual canlı kaçak bahis career. I looked up at Lily. Her eyes were wide with surprise, but also still bright with lust as I took my first tentative slurp at her overflowing quim. The taste was strange at first. I’d only tasted a hint of my own cum that once with Linda, shortly after she’d sucked me off for the first time, and now I was dipping my tongue into a full load of it as it poured out of my wife’s vagina. Strange, yes, but the sheer wantonness of the act carried with it such a wild sexual thrill that I soon got past my initial trepidation and began to savor the exotic flavor. It was both of us, Lily and me, mixed – a flavor both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. I felt my cock begin to twitch, trying to regain hardness under me as I lay on the mattress.

My own twitches of arousal, however, were nothing compared to Lily’s. Once my tongue had slid through the wet mess between her legs the first time, she had clamped her legs around my head, grabbed my hair with both hands and screamed out as a string of orgasms ran through her like a freight train, one following another in such quick succession that it was impossible to tell where one ended and the next began. The contractions inside her pussy just forced more and more of the tasty mixture into my mouth and I lapped it up greedily, stopping only when Lily pushed me away.

“No more,” she panted. “I can’t take any more.”

I resumed my place by her side and she rolled to face me and give me a kiss. The glaze on my face didn’t deter her in the least. That was a first. Lily never let me kiss her after I’d gone down on her before, but tonight she was hungrily kissing me. The kisses turned into her rolling me onto my back and licking my face clean. Then she began to lick her way down my chest and stomach until she reached my very sticky, very hard cock, which was standing proudly. Without hesitation, Lily took me in her mouth and took as much of me into her mouth as she could. Then she pulled me out of her mouth, held me up with her hand and proceeded to lap up every bit of our juices she could reach, tonguing my balls, my shaft and even sucking at my pubic hair to drink up every trace of our lovemaking she could get in her greedy mouth. Next, she returned her attention to my throbbing erection and used every trick in her arsenal to bring me off. I obliged her by pouring out my second load of sperm as she held the head of my cock between her sensuous lips. Lily moved up to kiss me. Another first, as she had never kissed me after sucking me off before. I accepted the kiss without hesitation. After all, I had just licked a load out of her pussy, so a trace of cum in her mouth wouldn’t be a big deal, would it?

It was more than a trace. Much more. Lily hadn’t swallowed a drop of it, but rather had held my sperm in her mouth. Now she was letting it slide out of her mouth and into mine as our tongues swirled it around and around. We both swallowed the remainders as our kiss dissolved.

“Wow!” I exclaimed. “What’s gotten into you tonight?”

“What’s gotten into ME?” she giggled. “Look who’s talking! Where on earth did you ever get the idea of going down on me after you’d cum in me?”

I hesitated.

“Oh, just something I ran across… you know… Something I read about somewhere.”

Lily raised an eyebrow.

“Where?” she asked, pressing me for an answer.

“I forget, exactly,” I lied. “Probably on line, you know, Literotica or something.”

“Sure it wasn’t in an e-mail from Linda?” my wife asked. Her expression was cryptic.


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