Badger’s Celebration

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It was Wednesday. The day I always arrange to meet Badger at the allotment. Sometimes I help the old guy with a little bit of digging.

“This is the time to do the Autumn dig” he says, “so that the frost can get into it and kill all those pests.”

But today, after a good fall of snow, there would be no digging.

“But you are still welcome to call, Alex” he told me on the mobile phone. “I” have a good steaming cuppa for you and all the comforts.”

How could I resist! Badger’s allotment shed was not just a shed in that respect. He had it fitted out with comfy chairs, a put-u-up bed and even curtains, and of course a heater too. Which was just as well because by the time I arrived my hands were nearly falling off they were so frozen.

It was a long walk from the car park to where his shed was situated. Like in the middle of nowhere.

But it was all snug and being with Badger was always a delight.

You see, he served me well and I responded, just happy to give the sixty year old some belated spice in his life after his wife had departed two years before.

He confided when we first got chatting at the allotment, that he had always been bisexual but had never had the opportunity to be with another guy.

But all that was soon rectified when, one Wednesday morning, when it started to rain , after he’d fixed me a piping cup of coffee -and it all developed from there.

So we have always stuck to meeting up most every Wednesday since, and I have never looked back.

Father figure or what; Badger certainly does it for me and he is the most lovely guy. When he takes me it is always more than a mere fuck but something much more intimate and close.

On this particular Wednesday Obama had just regained the presidency in the States and Badger said it was time for celebration.

“Today” he said quite categorically, “I want to fuck the ass off, of you.”

I’d kaçak iddaa only just got into the door, he saw I was frozen and soon fixed a hot coffee for me, I was absolutely shivering and shaking and even when he asked me to remove my jeans I was still shivering, even though he had his heat on full.

“I have something that will soon warm you” he said with that certain look in his eye. Then sniffing up to me.

I knew what that look meant, that soon he would have me leaning over the edge of the potting and seed bench with a pillow under my middle, so that I was just in the right position for him.

He said that as I was so cold and if I didn’t mind, he’d skip the preliminaries and maybe we can do that later.

I was okay with that and dropping my jeans and boxer shorts he helped me step out of them, telling me how good I looked in the eyes of an old man.

Such a moment was so good for me too; just being there and stripping without inhibition. Watching the look on his face and the way he eyeballed me.

He sniffed me again and fondled me, the warm touch was so good.

“I replied that he may be getting on bit but he could still show a thing or two to someone younger.

And that was true because the last young guy I had just waited a quick in and out, wanked all over my ass and was off. I never saw him again and never wanted too.

I would miss the pre-fucking oral and tease but the need was urgent, The feel of his rough hands thoroughly lubricating me was divine and already I felt the warmth.

Leant over the bench to the sound of what Badger called his favorite bonding music, the 1812 overture

I awaited Badgers presence. Like the overture his fuck would rise to a crescendo with the guns blasting at about the same time as he presented me with his final deep thrust, when he grunted and groaned and I knew he was there.

But for now I felt so much warmer kaçak bahis as he gradually slipped his wonderful surging cock inside me. There was an instant warmth which felt so good and soothing.

He stirred it inside about half way into me and already I could feel his throb. Unlike Kelly who fucked me last weekend after a night out, he was so big inside me there was no room for manoeuvre. The one thing that is special with Badger is to feel him manoeuvring inside me, especially when he gets a full penetration.

“There, how does that feel Alex?” Badger asked, pausing a little as he frequently did to gather steam.

That was especially nice because I could feel the wonderful searing inside which felt like a hot rod and no longer was I shivering. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment, just being there like that for Badger and I told him it felt as good as always.

“As good as Kelly? He asked. He was fishing of course.

“Better” I replied. “Much better”

He was a bit chocked up when I told him about Kelly but he confessed he had no hold on me and I was entitled to see another if that is what I wanted.

But he knew quite well that I adored him, there was no other who could compare and I loved him dearly. With Kelly it was just for the sex, and even that wasn’t all that spectacular. But he paid me well for his Sunday afternoon of heaven as he put it so I was quite happy to serve him


Badger started to thrust again, building up. He mentioned Obama again and really got a deep penetration, as he said to celebrate.

And he went for it.

And it felt good and a real celebration, pumping into my ass for all he was worth. Harder, rougher – my ass being slapped by Badgers low hanging balls each time he thrust inwards.

It was heaven on earth. He probably fucked me the best ever that day. He was well pleased Obama had gotten in again.

My ass felt so numb illegal bahis when at last he’d shed his load but I could feel his gloriously warm cream running down the crevice of my well used ass.

“That was so wonderful Badger” I said feeling the aftermath of that wonderful surging fuck, feeling his warmth was still right there inside me.

I slid down onto a chair and let my body flop. I must have sunk into a slumber because when I awoke, it was to the feel of something really good.

There was Badger knelt there before me, enjoying a taste of me, and I wasn’t even hard. But waking up soon put that to rights feeling the wonderful sensation of his deep sucking motions.

“I love to feel you grow win my mouth Alex” he said whilst taking breather and for the next few minutes, I was treated to the style of oral sex which we usually enjoyed before our fuck

It was something so very special I cannot fully explain. His attention to detail, the beautiful way he stretched back my foreskin and loved to tease and suck my red bulge and tease my p-hole with his tongue.

It was nice and I felt so very comfortable, and when we got down to some mutual oral delight I was in a complete world of my own, for to suck and be sucked so warmly and so lovingly was perfect.

And to hear Badger whimpering the way he does it a delight too. He is down there, asking me to crouch over him and I feel his passion deep between my thighs, squeezing his head between as he wants.

I smother him with my all. That wonderful surge in my spine as he parts my ass cheeks and sucks my fresh fucked ass is really something and by the time he is done know I will be in for another pounding.

But this time he asked me to sit on his lap, legs well astride and he fucked me like that, I love to roll myself over him, to feel his cock bending inside, sometimes popping out which makes for a laugh, but grasping it I am soon able to put it back where it duly belongs and we can enjoy the full sexual sensation together. And then soon we are there again.

And all is well with the world and even the snow outside has melted!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32