Awkward Pt. 05

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All characters are above 18 years old. The story is mostly, but not strictly under the incest/taboo genre.

Big thanks believe it or not, I do not want to be fucking every single girl I see.

It’s like once you can get something easily, it’s no longer special anymore. Like how when guys ogle at an attractive girl walking past, that doesn’t mean necessarily mean we want to fuck her. Yet this is something I can’t do safely. This gift has somewhat turned into a curse.

I’ve spent the last month figuring out the parameters of this ability together with mom. I also accidentally found out the effect will keep heightening. Only when the affected succeeds in sleeping with me will the urge go away. I once left mom high and dry as I left to watch a movie with friends. When I returned home, she literally pounced on me and nearly ripped my clothes. After we were done, she said her urge was so uncontrollable that she now knows how a drug addict feels. She was literally going delirious for me. Who knows what would have happened if I had left her longer. It is some heavy responsibility.

Just a couple of days ago, I was taking the train in. There was a woman who was eyeing me, she was probably in her 40s and not that attractive, but very well endowed. She stood close to me and as the train got packed, she was pushing up against me. Although I wasn’t physically attracted to her, her breast was pressing right against my arm and her cleavage was spilling out in front of my face. The fact that we were in the train made her breasts jiggle.

Despite my best efforts to resist, I reluctantly got turned-on. My ability kicked in and she got more horny and daring; she started rubbing herself against my legs and was breathing down my neck, squeezing her breast against me. I now know how girls feel when they are harassed. I could smell her garlicky breath, as she slowly slipped her hands down to brush against my crotch.

As much as I didn’t want to fuck her, I can’t live with the possibility of someone innocent going mad from lusting over me. The next station came and she grabbed my wrist and dragged me out to the station toilet. It was disgustingly dirty and smelly. I was seated on the toilet as she rode me lustfully. Her sweaty body was grinding on me, using me. I had my eyes closed the entire time trying to imagine someone else. After the deed was done, I realized I must be careful with my ability as it can backfire.


“Jason! Are you ready? We’re going to be late!”

“Yes, mom.”

“First time you’re going to church in a while, excited?”


“Because of your… I have confidence in you baby. Besides, it’s just the church; you’re not going to be surrounded by scantily-dressed girls.” Mom held my hand and squeezed it.

Mom looked gorgeous in her dress and all made up. She stood in front of me and slowly knelt down in front of me. She unzipped my pants and fished out my cock.

“Now, I’m already made up. Don’t make a mess.”

“Yes, mom.”

Mom stared up at me as she gently started to stroke my cock and brought my limp cock between her red lips. Her tongue snaked out and twirled itself around it, as my cock slowly came to life. I reached down to stroke her face, but she slapped it away. She gave me a glare as my erect cock started to stretch her mouth.

“Mmpphh,” she moaned.

Mom helps me cum daily. We figured if I’ve cum already, I’d be less likely to be turned-on unnecessarily. I definitely can’t complain.

“God…mom!” I watched as mom slurped and twisted her head around my cock as she hungrily sucked on my cock. She had one hand holding back her hair as her head bobbed up and down. Only my mom can manage to look so elegant and polite giving a blowjob.

I returned the favor by flexing my cock, sending waves of orgasm down her body. Mom’s eyes closed as she shuddered. Mom brought both hands and started pumping my shaft quicker, as her tongue flicked and twirled around my glans.

“Come on, Jason, cum for mommy,” Mom whispered seductively.



I sucked air in between my teeth as I started to cum.

My hips bucked as mom carefully gripped her lips around my cock, taking every drop of my cum in her mouth. My eyes widened as I watched my cock throb in my mother’s mouth. She did a quick slurp, swallowing my load and quickly licked up the excess from my cock. I never get tired of the sight of my cock in my sweet mother’s mouth.

“That’s my good boy. Now clean up. We have got to leave.”


We reached the church not long after. Being there brought back memories. I used to go every Sunday growing up. I pretty much grew up with the youths there and all the adults all knew me.

“Is that you, Jason!? Wow, it’s been ages!”

“Madeline! Wow, look at you!”

Madeline, kaçak iddaa the pastor’s daughter, greeted me at the entrance. She’s quite a few years older than I am. She should be around her mid-20s by now. I was surprised to see her pregnant. Despite being the pastor’s daughter, she was pretty wild growing up. I always considered her the prettiest at church after my sister, Janice.

“You look larger since I’ve seen you. Remind me how many months are you in?” my mom asked.

“I’m about five months in already, Ms Olivia. You look good, Jason, all big and tall now.”

“Yeah, look at us,” I laughed awkwardly.

“Oh my, is that you, Jason?” Madeline’s mom, Nora, greeted. She used to teach us at Sunday school. She’s the typical pastor’s wife, really prim and proper. She’s quite a bit older than my mom, but she looked great for her age. She was still wearing her oversized glasses. You could tell beneath the wrinkles that Nora had been a gorgeous girl when she was younger. She still was attractive, as she had aged gracefully, still keeping her slim and slender figure. She reminded me of the hot Aunt May from the Spiderman movie.

“Olivia, well done. You managed to convince your son to return,” Nora said, holding my mom’s hands.

“Took me awhile, Nora.”

The church service went as usual, just like how I remembered it. It was a pretty traditional church and nothing much had changed. The service ended a couple hours later and my mom mingled around. I decided to walk around upstairs where the Sunday school used to be held. It brought back memories, the kids running downstairs past me to their parents. I walked around looking at the old photos hanging on the wall.

“Jason, I hope I’ll see you next week!” Ms Nora said, as she came out of the hall where she conducts the Sunday school.

“Haha, I’ll try Ms Nora.”

“You sweet boy, you were always my favorite student back then. Remember?”

“I think so… was quite a while back.”

Nora flashed a bright smile that somehow made my heart skip a beat. I remembered having a crush on her back then.

“Hey come on in the office. There are more pictures in there.”

“Er… sure, Ms Nora,” I said nervously.

Nora gave a big smile as she twirled and walked down to the office. She had this very jovial aura to her, very elegant. She wore an off-the-shoulder dress and her skirt flowed with every step. I could recognize the hint of her perfume; still the same as she always wore, it is light and sweet.

“That’s you!” she pointed at a picture hanging on the wall.

“Yeah, that’s little old me.”

“How time flies…oops.” Nora bumped into a table and the flyers she was holding fell to the floor.

I turned to look as Nora was bending down. I saw the neckline of her dress droop down as she did, revealing her cleavage.

“Oh fuck!” I thought to myself, I tried to peel my eyes away, but my gaze lingered a moment too long on her partially exposed breast. I felt blood pumping down to my crotch.

“SHIT, not like this…” I started to turn and walk away.

“Jason?” Nora called to me, but I ignored her and bolted, not wanting anything to happen.

I found my mom and dragged her away to leave.

“Mom, we gotta go.”

“Why? Did you…” she glanced down at my crotch. “Who?”

“No, I don’t know. It was Ms Nora. I left before I could find out.”

“Are you sure? Okay let’s head back.”

During the drive home, mom probed further.

“What exactly happened?”

“Urm, I was just chatting with Ms Nora upstairs. She dropped something and as she was bending down…well you know…”

“But did you start to affect her?”

“I’m not sure; I just panicked and ran away.”

“This is not good, Jason. You remember the time? It was hell for me. I couldn’t even think straight anymore. I don’t want Nora to go through the same thing.”

“I know, mom, but what should I have done? Do it in church? It’s Ms Nora of all people.”

“Sigh…I hope she is okay.”

We went about our day as usual, until mom walked into my room holding her phone.

“Jason! I just saw a message from Pastor Peter asking for the church members to pray for Ms Nora. Apparently, she’s unwell. You must have already affected her. You have to fix this; I can’t imagine how confused she is now. Poor Nora.”

“Shit, I knew it was a bad idea going to church. Argh, I guess we visit her tomorrow?”

“Will that be too long? I hope she’s all right, how long did I last? A couple hours? Gosh, what would happen after a day?”

“I don’t know, mom, but I don’t really feel like barging into the pastor’s house whilst flashing my cock and fucking his wife in front of him, that is not right. Maybe there’s an alternative? Argh, I wish I didn’t have this ability sometimes.”

*ring * *ring*

“Holy shit, it’s Pastor Peter calling.”

“Hi Pastor, yes. Oh…I hope she’s okay. Right. kaçak bahis Jason? That’s odd, sure all right then. I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye.”

“What did he say?”

“Not much, just that Nora doesn’t seem herself and she’s just been mumbling your name. This is serious, Jason. Will she die? I told him we’ll drop by tomorrow.”

“WHAT? I’m sure she’s fine. Let’s just figure it out tomorrow.”

We went to Pastor Peter’s house first thing in the morning.

“Hi Pastor Peter, how’s Nora?”

“Hi Olivia, thanks for visiting. Hey, Jason. She’s not doing well, it’s almost like she’s possessed. She won’t tell me, but it’s odd she’s keep mumbling Jason’s name. Do you know anything about this?”

“Not at all, however I do have this gift. Not sure how Ms Nora knows. I might be able to help.”


“I… urm…am somehow able to calm people down by being there for them, listening to them. I found out as I helped some friends who had panic attacks,” I lied.

“Really? Well, Nora’s been resting in the guest room. This way, please.”

We saw Nora in her room; she looked like she hadn’t slept last night. She wore a camisole top with a flannel shirt over it and some shorts.

“Olivia! Jason!” Her eyes lit up when she saw me. It’s like a bolt of energy went through her.

“How are you, Nora; heard you’re unwell.”

Nora got up and approached me; she held my arms gently squeezing them. She seemed like she had something to say, but couldn’t in front of everyone.

“Yeah, I don’t know how to explain it, Olivia. I just had a feeling Jason might be able to help.” Her eyes constantly shifted back toward me.

“You’re right! Well, Jason might have an idea on how to help. Shall we let them talk awhile, Pastor Peter?”

“Oh? Okay, sure…”

Mom and the Pastor left the room leaving Ms Nora and I alone.

“So, how are you feeling Ms Nora?”

“Weird. I keep having these thoughts, fantasies in my head…oddly of you, Jason. I can’t seem to stop it,” she whispered.

“What kind of thoughts?”

“I’m so embarrassed…urm…filthy thoughts and it’s giving me this intense overwhelming craving.”

“What do you think would help?”

“I don’t know, Jason; I have a strong urge to do things I shouldn’t. It’s almost driving me crazy. I’m afraid I can’t hold back much longer,” Ms Nora said, looking at me wantingly.

“You think living out these urges will help?”

Nora bit her lip as she walked towards the door, glancing back at me.

“Peter, honey? Do you mind going to the grocery for the stuff we didn’t get yesterday?”

Pastor Peter came up to her.

“Right now? How are you feeling?” Pastor Peter glanced into the room seeing me leaning against the wall. I smiled politely at him.

“A little calmer, Jason is a great help, but we need more space and time.”

“Are you sure? It’ll be just the both of you alone.”

“Come on Peter, it’s Jason. Don’t you want me to feel better?”

“Yeah, let’s grab a coffee, Peter. Give them some space,” mom said, from the living room.

Pastor Peter seemed uncomfortable, but he nodded his head.

“All right, Olivia. Let’s head to town.”

We watched them leave before retreating back to the room. I was in such a dilemma. I dreaded doing this to someone I held in such a high esteem. My heart began beating quickly as I struggled internally. Nora came and stood next to me; she seemed nervous as she fidgeted around.

“Gosh, it’s hot,” Nora said, as she removed her outer shirt, leaving her with her camisole top. I didn’t remember ever seeing Nora in such a casual outfit. I found myself looking at her body as more of her skin was revealed.

“So, urm… what were your fantasies about Ms Nora?”

“Very indecent things, Jason,” she whispered, standing real close to me; it was obvious she felt ashamed.

“Describe it to me?”

“Gosh, Jason! I can’t…”

I sat there silent, waiting for Nora to continue.

“Well for one, I…urm…how do I put it? I…sort of have thoughts…I fantasized about doing something I’ve never done. Something I’ve always thought was disgusting.”

“Oh? What is it?”

“Uhm, I can’t say it, Jason…it’s filthy.”

“Come on, Ms Nora, I’m trying to help.”

“Okay, urm…I…I…was pleasuring you with my mouth.”

I could tell she was aroused just talking about it, as her cheeks were flushed and she kept pressing her crossed legs together.

“Like kissing?” I played dumb.

“No, Jason! You know what I mean.” Her face was dangerously close to me and I could feel her breath on my face. Her eyes kept shifting down to my lips.

“This is something you’ve never done before?”

“Gosh no…”

The sexual tension was high between us.

“Do you want to try it?”

“Jason!? What are you suggesting?” Her eyes wide open, yet there was a hint of mischievous smile. She leaned back a little illegal bahis while playing with her hair.

Nora’s eyes wandered down towards my crotch. Her fingers started stroking my arms. I could hear her breath as she laid her head on my shoulders giving me a full view down her cleavage. She bit her lip as her hands moved to my stomach. She traced the waistband of my jogger pants, lifted it slightly with her thumb, and slipped her hands inside of them.

“Please forgive me…”

I could feel her hands trembling.

Nora didn’t know where the courage came from, for her to do such a brazen thing. Before she knew it, her hand was inside and it made contact with a young man’s private part. She felt the skin of cock against her and it sent her heart racing. The room was silent, she could hear her own heartbeat pounding in her ears, and both their breaths started to get louder. Everything in Nora’s head screamed she shouldn’t. She had watched Jason grow up and was almost three times his age. Yet she couldn’t help herself. She had never felt so excited and aroused.

Her icy cold fingers slowly wrapped around his cock. She slowly started stroking it gingerly. As she felt it grow in her hands, Nora got more and more wet; she could feel her nipples harden and they pressed hard against her bra.

“Ms Nora, it feels good when you touch me there.” I wrapped my arms around her waist, stroking it.

“This is so wrong, so sinful…” she whispered.

Nora’s sex life was as vanilla as it could be. She had only had sex with one person before Jason, her husband, Pastor Peter, and they only did it in the missionary position. For her to be doing what was doing was unthinkable.

“May I touch you, Ms Nora?”

I slid my hands around her butt, gently stroking it. I gave it a squeeze and Nora reacted by squeezing my cock also. My other hand started to wander to her face, stroking her cheeks, my fingers tracing down her neck. I found the strap of her top and slid it down, my fingers traced down to her breasts, to feel them beneath her bra.

“Jason…” she whispered, as she squirmed a little.

Nora couldn’t imagine that this was happening. Nora glanced to the side, where there is a full-length mirror leaning against the wall. She saw herself with her hands inside a young man’s pants, as his hands fondled her body. She yearned for more, so she hooked her thumb around the waistband and pulled his pants down, releasing his cock in full view.


Nora gasped, as she finally saw my cock. Nora moaned as I found her sensitive nipples.

Having all these lustful thoughts brought her back to being a teenager. She stared at the hard, young cock throbbing between her fingers and all she could think of was ‘how does it taste?’ The reflection of both of them entangled around each other, touching each other aroused her beyond belief.

“Go on, Ms Nora…”

Nora looked at me and bit her lip. She slowly got down on her knees. She dared not look at my face. She got face to face with my cock and held it in her hands, barely stroking it and stared at it for a long time. I brought my hands down to stroke her face and ran my fingers through her hair that was neatly pulled back by her hair band. Seemingly being hypnotized by my throbbing cock, Nora finally brought my throbbing cock closer to her lips, her eyes shut behind her oversized glasses.

She parted her lips as she tasted cock for the first time. It felt electric; she never imagined having a sexual organ in her mouth would arouse her so much. Nora didn’t know what exactly to do, yet she moaned as she tried to fit as much of it in her mouth.

My cock grew to its full size at the sight of the pastor’s wife kneeling in front of me, her fingers wrapped around my thick cock, as she licked the tip like a lollipop. Gooey strands of pre-cum stringed from the glans of my cock to her lips.

“Feels so good, Ms Nora.”

“Why am I so aroused by this disgusting act?” she thought to herself.

She gave small, tiny kisses and licks around the head, but her actions grew more urgent as she started sliding her tongue along the full length of my cock. Her eyes finally opened as she looked up at me, as she bobbed her head on my cock.

She enthusiastically slobbered all over the young man’s cock. Nora was never this turned on before; she could feel her panties getting soaked as she squeezed her thighs together.

“Did you ever fantasize about anything else, Ms Nora?”

Nora slowly looked up, her eyes glazed with lust. She paused, staring at me.

“Yesss…We… we made love in ways I haven’t done before,” she whispered.

“Is that your wish, Ms Nora?”

She was too embarrassed to answer. She looked away shyly, staring at my cock through the reflection of the mirror. I leaned down, turned her head back to me and kissed her. Nora responded by hungrily kissing me back. We made out passionately, tongues drooling onto each other’s, as my hands roamed under her clothes, caressing her slender body. I turned her around and started kissing her neck as I pulled her top down.

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