Awakening Ch. 01

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I owe a huge amount of gratitude to Kiwilass who was so instrumental in getting this work cleaned up and into its final form. Her suggestions and editing advice was awesome and incredibly valuable.

Chapter 1 – Training Session

Before I get to the serious retelling of my experiences, you need some background. My divorce was finalized a little over a year ago. The whole thing was a surprise to me; I just didn’t see it coming at all. I really thought we’d just gotten into that complacency stage of our marriage; nothing really great, nothing really terrible. We seemed to be reasonably happy and we even had sex regularly, but it was always pretty ordinary stuff. We didn’t experiment much and overall, in reality our sex life was pretty boring. I knew our marriage wasn’t all peaches and cream, but his demand for a divorce was a shocker to say the least.

In fact, my ex didn’t even have the balls to tell me in person. One day a process server showed up and did the dirty little deed. I was stunned beyond words, but day by day I got over the shock and unfortunately got used to the rancor of attorney meetings and the dividing up of my life. What a fucking nightmare, thank god we didn’t have kids. During that journey I did a phenomenal amount of soul searching and introspection that allowed me to get to know myself better, and little by little normalcy slowly return to my life.

An important part of my growth was finally realizing that I wasn’t quite forty yet and I still had all of my life ahead of me. I made a commitment to make the most of it and enjoy my life to its fullest. Once I reached this perception I became aware of all the cool stuff that was going on around me. I started developing interests in all kinds of things. The one thing that really surprise though was facing the realization that I missed companionship. I missed being with someone and I wondered if I’d ever get that back again.

As time passed and I did more on my own, I began to realize just how controlling my ex had been. I realized that having him out of my life was a really good thing. I was exploring new things on my own instead of being controlled by his oppressive personality. I was becoming curious about life in general. I was beginning to really live again and even though I hadn’t done any dating yet, I felt good about myself.

One of the few first-class things I got out of the divorce, other than my life back, was a small printing business. I threw myself into the business as a way to stay active and bolster my confidence. The business had a really huge upside and I recently invested a fair amount in a software package to upgrade the business. I’d done the official training, but I needed some help to really understand how to use it. Now, that background gets us to where the journey begins.

It was a Saturday afternoon and I was at the house of a long time friend. She’s a real techy type; very savvy with all kinds software and hardware and she had agreed to teach me some important tricks of the new software. I was pretty well checked out on the basics, but the stuff Emma was showing me would let me do some really cool stuff and give my business a nice competitive edge. It’d been a long afternoon and we were just about done. Both of us were sipping on our second glass of chardonnay. Emma was looking up a key stroke combination that she couldn’t remember and I was just staring idly at the monitor.

I was hardly paying attention, but holy crap what the hell just popped up on the monitor? The screen saver kicked in and a woman dressed in a very provocative black outfit appeared in the middle of the screen. The image was only there for just a brief second because Emma’s hand shot out and hit the keyboard.

Emma blushed, but acted like nothing had happened and went on with what she was doing. I didn’t say anything, but the image was burned into my brain. I wanted to know more about whatever the hell I’d seen because I was almost positive that it was Emma in the picture. I had to find out the story behind it.

Finally, Emma had covered everything on her list and she looked blankly at me. “Well, there you have it. Everything I know. Anything unclear, or is there something you need to know more about?”

There it was, my opening and I wasn’t going to let her off the hook. I took a second and then locked onto her gorgeous green eyes, “We’ve known each other a very long, long time…..tell me about that picture.”

Emma didn’t break eye contact, “Amy, that picture wasn’t intended for your eyes.”

“Seriously, well no kidding? That’s obvious Emma, but I saw the photo. The genie is out of the bottle. Explain.”

Emma didn’t look comfortable and I could tell she was wrestling with answering or not. After a second or two she grabbed both wine glasses and headed out the door. I tagged along behind her into the kitchen. After she refilled our glasses she leaned against the counter and took a long gulp. I kept silent and smiled as I took a sip. I bahis firmaları was resolved to outlast her.

Finally Emma had made her decision. “I’m only going to tell you about this since you are probably one of my oldest and closest friends. Everything in my gut tells me I shouldn’t, but I’m going to anyway. C’mon, let’s go back to the den.”

When we walked in the den, the screen saver was flashing pictures on the monitor. The first one I saw was of a tall lady in black heels, some sort of shiny black leggings, a bustier, a thick collar and a shiny black hood. Her red pony tail stuck out the top. Even though I couldn’t see her face, I was sure it was Emma on the screen.

Every time the photo changed, it was some variation of the previous one. In many of the photos Emma was topless and her tits hung lewdly against her chest. Her tits were big. I mean really big, almost huge. How was it I never really noticed her unbelievably spectacular body? Maybe it was her plain wardrobe? In other photos she was posed nude in very provocative ways showing off her smooth, bare pussy or her creamy ass. She was incredible. In most of the pictures she was wearing rubber or leather or had some kind hood covering her head. Fuck, obviously Emma had a streak in her I was totally unaware of.

The next set of pictures was of Emma standing in front of a beautiful, ornate bar and two hunky studs had their arms wrapped around her waist. One of the guys was wearing chaps and nothing else except a leather collar and a black hood. He had a huge pierced cock which hung down about eight inches in a lewd sexy arc. The other guy was wearing tight shiny rubber shorts with a sheath built in for his impressive cock. It was sticking out at least seven or eight inches. Other than the shorts all he wore was a black collar. There were more pictures of Emma with others – sometimes females, sometimes guys. Some of the photos with the females were the most provocative. Damn, even when I was married I’d never seen porn this hot. As I watched the pictures flash on the screen, I realized my panties were wet and my pussy tingled in a very nice way. It had been a long time and it felt good.

We sat there in total quiet while the slide show continued to play. Finally, I glanced toward Emma. She had sort of a transfixed look on her face; almost a dreamy trance look. I took another sip of wine, “Gawd Emma, you are fucking gorgeous and all of the people in those pictures with you are stunning.”

Emma answered weakly from her fog, “Thanks.”

We continued to sit there in the silence and let the pictures change from one to the other. I was fine with just watching. There were hundreds. I was going to give Emma all the time she needed. We’d come this far. I wasn’t going to rush things. The sun was beginning to set and the room had a warm orange glow to it.

Finally, almost inaudibly, Emma started, “I, ahh, belong to…sort of, er, well, a kind of a loose knit group that enjoys dressing in fetish gear. We get together from time to time to party. It’s really kinky getting dressed up and being with like minded people. Plus there’s a voyeur side of it. It’s fun to see what people wear and watch what they do when they’re acting out the alter ego. I mean the people really dress up. Sometimes if the right people are there more takes place. And, there are some seriously nice looking people who come to play.” She hesitated a second and then added as kind of an important footnote, “And some of the biggest cocks I’ve ever seen. Those guys in the picture aren’t even close to some of the really big ones.”

Her honesty surprised me, and hearing her talk about her lifestyle excited me in a way that surprised me. The idea of dressing up for others really got my juices flowing even more than I already was. I smiled at Emma and took her hand in mine.

“Fuck I can see why you dig it. These pictures have me horny as hell. How did you get turned on to this?”

She looked out into space like she was looking for the answer. She smiled like she was really happy.

“I don’t know really. I guess it started when I saw some pictures on the internet.” She smiled like she was recalling a very pleasant memory, “I’ve always liked the feeling of tight clothes so I bought some stuff off the net. First some leggings and then I progressed into some of the other stuff. I really like tight leather, and some of the rubber stuff is so erotic.”

My head was spinning. I was with one of my oldest friends listening to her talk about her secret lifestyle and I never had a clue. I was fascinated’

“How did you get into your group?”

She waited a minute and then started, “I found a couple of places here in town that make and sell some really good stuff. As I bought more things, finally I got an invite to the group. I was hesitant at first, but now I can’t imagine not being a part of it.”

Now I was really curious and I really wanted to see her wardrobe, but I didn’t know how far to push. Her kaçak iddaa hand was still in mine and I was caressing it softly as if we were on a date. It appeared that she was enjoying it so I decided to press forward.

“May I look at it?”

“Look at what,” came her slow reply.

I squeezed her hand and smiled at her coquettishly. “Your very special wardrobe, silly.”

Surprise showed on her face and I really wasn’t prepared for her response. She cocked her head sideways and gave me an odd look, “You mean you really want to see my stuff?”

Her response couldn’t have been better. It was the perfect opening to ask what I really wanted to ask so I pressed forward, “Hell yes sweetie. Your pictures made me so horny Emma. Not only do I want to see your collection, I want to see you in it.”

I surprised myself. Without even realizing it my hand was cupping my tit and squeezing it softly. My fingers made small circles around my hardening nipple. What was up with me playing with myself? I don’t know if she even noticed me playing with my tit or not, but she squeezed my hand back, softly and lovingly. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but in that moment I sensed something changed. She watched me rub her hand for a bit and then picked up her wine glass and headed out of the room. I silently followed her as she walked slowly to her bedroom. She walked directly across the room to the walk-in closet and flipped the light on. As I entered she had her arms extended kinda like a guilty little girl, “This is it.”

I couldn’t believe it. The scent of leather was heavy and erotic. The entire rack was filled with exotic clothing: leather and rubber and PVC. All of her boots and heels and other gear was on another rack. I couldn’t believe how turned seeing all this stuff made me. I was almost shaking.

She turned toward me and in a resigned tone and said, “If you’re serious, choose something and I’ll model it for you.”

I couldn’t believe what was happening. Emma was really going to model for me. Damn I couldn’t wait. As I looked through the hangers my hands shook as I tried to find some of the things I’d liked in the pictures. I settled on a pair of strappy black heels, a basque without bra cups, black mesh hose, a black leather collar and a shiny black rubber hood with a zipper in the back.

Emma looked at my choices and her tone definitely changed. She smiled and cooed, “Mmmmm, you’re a kinky little bitch aren’t you? Go sit on the bed and I’ll be out in a minute.”

I went back to the bedroom and it was as if I was in a dream of some kind. It was like an out of body experience. The room had gotten dark so I turned on a lamp which gave the room a warm glow. Emma called to me from the closet to get us more wine. When I returned she was standing next to her dresser striking one hell of a provocative pose. I stopped in my tracks and just stared at her; holy fucking shit. What a beautiful sexy creature. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I loved what I saw and I swallowed hard.

Emma was posed with her long legs pressed slightly together with one foot a little in front of the other. The dark garters, the black basque and mesh stockings made her pussy mound and the smooth skin above the stockings really stand out. Her tits sagged perfectly, thrust forward by the underwire of the basque. Her big pink nipples were swollen and puffy. The hood covered her whole head except for her eyes, nose and mouth. Her bright red lips protruded seductively through the mask and her pony tail came out the top. She looked fucking hot and slutty as hell.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. My heart was pounding and I wasn’t breathing. My reaction was unlike anything I’d ever experience before. I hoped I wasn’t going to faint or something stupid. I had cotton mouth and felt like I needed CPR. Then I remembered my wine and took a quick sip. I gazed at her over the rim of my glass. Gawd, her tits were magnificent; just the right amount of slope and her bright pink nipples gotten as hard as diamonds as I watched.

She extended her hand. I quickly realized I still her glass in my hand and I delivered it to her. Thank god I didn’t trip. Her very red lips curved into a wicked smile as she stroked my cheek, “See something you like dearie?” I noticed a different tone in her voice.

I almost couldn’t speak. My thoughts were so jumbled. Even though I knew it was her, the hood took that bit of identity away. I couldn’t see her facial expressions; just her gorgeous body.

Finally I gasped, “Oh my gawd yes Emma, Jesus you look fucking fantastic. I would’ve never believed it if I hadn’t seen it for myself. I mean you define the very word ‘sex’.” I was blabbering, “For fuck’s sake, you’re so gorgeous and your tits are sooooo big and so beautiful.” I couldn’t believe what I had just said to her, about her. I mean what the fuck? What a potty mouth I suddenly had.

Emma smiled again, “Hmmmm, and I was worried that this whole scene might wig you out, but you kaçak bahis aren’t. No one was ever supposed to see my screen saver, but I guess shit happens. In fact I’m very good with everything right now. It’s actually a huge turn-on having you know about my kinky life style. I’ve got to admit that getting dressed up for you has my pussy drenched. Damn I’m wet.” Her hand went between her thighs and her fingers slipped easily inside. In seconds her pussy was shiny with her juices.

As I listened to her, my pussy started to throb. Emma continued to lean against the dresser and play with herself. Her lips curled into a smiled. She clearly liked what she was doing. She sipped her wine and watched me watch her. I was no longer in control of myself. My hands had found their way back to my tits and I was fondling them through my blouse. I didn’t feel self conscious doing it. It felt good even though I knew I shouldn’t be doing it and having her watch me was intoxicating. I couldn’t ever remember feeling this way with anyone.

Emma took her fingers out of her pussy and licked them clean. Fuck, it was so naughty. Deep inside my brain somewhere I desperately wanted her shiny fingers in my mouth; to taste her, to smell her sex. I wanted to be her willing slut and lick her pussy juice, but Emma had other ideas. Instead of more pussy play, her hands went to her tits and squeezed her giant orbs, mashing her tit flesh in her palms. Her small hands really showed off just how big her tits were. Then her fingers went to her nipples and she stretched and kneaded them until they were hard and pointy.

She was making me nuts. I was so absorbed in what she was doing I couldn’t have predicted what happened next in a million years. She took a step forward and leaned into my ear and whispered hoarsely, “Let’s get you into something naughty too. I’ve got several very nasty, very kinky things that I think would be perfect on you.”

I couldn’t believe what I’d just heard. My breathing was ragged and my head was spinning. I don’t remember saying anything back to her. All I remember is nodding my head and Emma smiled wickedly back at me. She disappeared into the closet and in a few minutes she was back with an arm full of clothing and ordered, “Take your clothes off and throw them on the bed.”

Emma’s voice was forceful and commanding. Honestly I didn’t even think about her demand, I just started unbuttoning my blouse as I kicked off my shoes. As I was undoing the last button though, the idea of being naked in front of her made me self conscious and I hesitated, unsure of myself. I stole a quick glance at Emma and something about her demeanor told me all I needed. Something kicked in. I could almost feel it, a new attitude about myself. I smiled at her as I ripped the blouse off my shoulders and tossed it gleefully onto the bed. I couldn’t wait to get out of my bra. My tits aren’t as big as Emma’s monsters, like maybe 34C’s, maybe a little bigger. I wasn’t really sure, but I’d always been proud of them. They’re nicely shaped with a little sag that makes them kinda sexy.

I wished I’d worn a sexier bra but I hadn’t. It was just one of my plain every day bras. I reached around my back to unhook my bra and brazenly stuck my tits out as far as I could get them. I think Emma liked my little show because she smiled and she stepped forward, “Let me do that for you dearie.” She put her arms under mine as she reached around to undo my bra. In the six inch heels her tits were right at my eye level. She dragged them across my face invitingly and brushed her pointy nipples across my lips. My pulse was racing and my brain was totally fucked up. I let my hands drop and they found their way onto Emma’s hips. Touching her bare skin was exhilarating. For god’s sake, I’d only been with three men in my whole life and I’d never even thought about being with a woman before. I let my hands slip down to rest on her beautiful ass cheeks.

Emma hugged me tightly and mashed her tits against my face rubbing them softly all over. She moaned as she pulled my head between her delicious titties and squeezed them around my face. My heart was racing and my breathing was ragged. She definitely enjoyed what she was doing to me. Her tits were like big pillows and they felt wonderful on my face. Then she pressed a nipple against my mouth and without even thinking I opened my lips and sucked it into my mouth. It seemed like the most natural thing in the world to do. Her nipple felt so soft yet hard at the same time. I sucked it deep into my mouth. Then I tried to make love to it. I kissed it sensuously, sucking it and licking it softly. I couldn’t control myself. Emma stroked my face delicately, “Mmmm. seems you’re a natural at sucking tit slut.” I was breathing hard and totally at her mercy, but I couldn’t think of any place I’d rather be.

She began shifting her position slowly until she was standing behind me. Her hands were all over me as she moved. Her hands were wonderful; so soft and delicate. Her arms knotted around me and she hugged me to her. My head slid naturally in between her huge soft titties and I rolled my head from side to side enjoying them. She slid her delicate fingers down my tummy and inside my jeans.

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