Aunt Cathy Pt. 25

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{Disclaimer: All characters in this piece are eighteen or over}

“If an erection lasts more than four hours seek medical care” Who the fuck are they kidding? I was in a state of agony after the first of the twenty-minute time slots. Four hours? No way. (Okay wait. I just verified their statement didn’t I?)

Mary was just a downright bitch when it came to edging. Tongue flicks here, a nibble there, then a chomp. Her drawn-out kisses slobbered languidly over my frenulum about warped me. She also had this nasty habit of slapping my cock lightly back and forth (which to my surprise felt bloody fantastic) while reading my sack, it got tight, she stopped.

Bonnie who decided to join the ‘drive him nuts club’ way before she had a chance at her turn released my arms just long enough to strip of her blouse, and no word of a lie, coat her tits with the butter on the table.

Now I had Mary, saliva greasing my pole, while Bonnie’s slippery cannons slid around my back as she hot kissed my ear. Mom was not letting the fact she had membership in the newly founded edging club go by unnoticed either, every so often showing me Cathy at her desk, grinding a vibrator in and out. I hadn’t even noticed she’d set the stove timer.


“Red heads are us. MY TURN!”

Mary almost tore my cock head off with a Dyson-esque suction when she switched places with Bonnie, and yes, she pushed her tits into my back and those nipples were felt. Bonnie tried to start up but mom stopped her to reset the timer, then gave a wink and Bonnie went to town.

And she had a trick up her sleeve.

After two or so wickedly deep and slow sucks she stood up to take her skirt off. She had panties on I would not of thought she’d wear. After that one night I always saw her in lacy thongs, these were full figure wide garments. Silky and still hot looking just not imagined. When she stooped to remove them it was obvious her implants had moved in nicely, giving her breast a heavy hung, seductive sway.

That gorgeous red hair had been flowing lose, so when she reached behind to bun it, her buttered twins were put on full display. In my ear Mary hotly noted “Great tits huh? I know what she’s up to. You’re going to either love this or wish for a painful death.” Not very comforting coming from her so that got me a bit on edge. Red twisting her underwear in and out of knots didn’t help. When she knelt down in front of me… total mind race.

There was no kiss on the tip introduction, she just opened a leg hole and slipped the silky step-ins down to my balls. “Ready?” If I knew what was coming a stark ‘NO’ would of been emphatically voiced. Bonnies B.J skills are anything but lacking, combine them with silk running lazily over your balls…

“SHIT!! Not fair Bonnie!!” I heard Cathy giggle over mom’s phone. Which, by the way, she promptly showed me so I could see a brown haired seductress slowly sucking, reinserting and sucking again her plastic boy toy.


Bonnie cock ringed me with her silk.


Giggle “Oh no. Not yet. I’ve got ten left, then your gonna catch hell from mom. With that she proceeded to go about driving me over the wall. A suck, a lick, a kiss. Rinse and repeat,(not in any set order of course) all the while caressing me lightly with that silkiness.

Mom giggled. “What? Sure.” Mom brought the cell over to me. My aunt was lascivious bahis siteleri in her tone.

“That silk remind you of anything?” Mary had to tighten her grip on me. It suddenly became clear these four women had been in conversation with each other for a lot longer than I’d known. The panties were a just a way to let me know Cathy had spilled the beans about my stocking caressing. And that thought put more than a little doubt on the validity of sob’s, ‘need to water the rink’ hasty retreat. He knew exactly what was going to happen.

Cathy’s voice rang out again.

“You are all beautiful bitches.” That actually paused them all, and I got kissed one after the other.

M- “Yeah we are.”

Mry- “And you love it.”


Me- “God damn Bonnie!”


M- “I’m up.”

Up until that bell rang I actually had a hope of cuming. Mom let me know with one look it was blue balls time, she was still mad. Horny or not all she cared about was me paying the piper.

“Ma? Mercy?”

“I don’t think so.”

In the back of my head I wondered if mom didn’t secretly relish the thought of porn star status, or if she just knew inherently, (funny how that rhymes with parentally) what move would drive me and went for it.

“Mary I think we need some perspective on this. Hang That cell over his shoulder. “So you wanted my ass huh? Well I have a REAL good inkling you still do.” She did a hard sit repeat. The phone was right next to my ear, so I took the brunt of Cathy’s yelp and hiss, but we all heard, “God damn it girl I’m at work for fuck sake’s.” The two women, who had not believed in the reality of the whole ‘feel me, feel you’ thing, came up to speed.

When mom pulled off me, fast. Cathy, in another bout of hard to explain groans swore, “SHIT! Damn it! Grrrrrr.”

Mom ignored it and just looked at me with another question.

“And my tit’s?”

Now standing she pulled her night shirt off making sure every inch of milky flesh dribbled out before hitting up Bonnie and greasing her orbs on red’s oleo lubricated rack. “Uhm? Hello mom?”

“Shut up and love it red.” An expert in teasing. She knew full well what grinding tits with Bonnie would do to me, and what it would do to Bonnies pussy. “Oh look at that.” Her fingers pushed in and red moaned. Less than a second later Bonnie got a lesson on how mom could turn the heat on then leave in the snap of a finger. (Unfortunately for her the snap was on her clit causing her eyes to water) “Owweee!”

“Sorry. Maybe someday you’ll get that all licked better.” Those newly lubricated tits swayed on a very purposefully stride back to me. When she knelt in front of me I thought, ‘I’m a dead man.’

“How’s this feel Mr. Director.”

Cathy has, without doubt, the most goddess like breast’s I’ve ever seen. Bonnie knew exactly what she was doing when she made the decision to go bigger. Mary was gifted with huge, nipple tip globes. Mom has chameleons. Soft as pillows, bread dough elastic, heat shrink tight tubing. I got them all on a switch up from base to tip and back again.

My dicks been hard before, but not purple hard. This shit was starting to hurt, and I wanted out. “WHATS THE FUCKING TIMER AT!?”

“Fifteen left boy. You thought I was slow last night?” She rose again, no panties obviously and slipped me in. I shook at the look she gave me while hip swaying her way down canlı bahis siteleri my cock. For one solid quarter of an hour I was admonished for not reading before acting. After fifteen minuet session of jaw quivering, rack my brain, pull my body into a teeth grinding state of orgasm then stop:


Didn’t swear, or groan. No whine or complain. I Got told when she started. ‘Fu’Get’a’bout,it’ (Didn’t think I deserved blue nuts but who does) but I did let out one hell of a relief sigh. That was almost the end of it except mom went and cheered her glass nodding to the kitchen counter, Bonnie followed, Mary did not.

The pre-cum from my cock strung all the way to floor. Mary never

stopped watching the other two live ones and the vid chat girl, but bent over, (actually bent from her waist to the floor, legs straight) and gobbled the string all the way up to my cock ending with a genteel suck on my glans.

“I’m not done with you razz. The longer it takes for me to drain those balls, the more I want to fuck you.” Her voice turned deep, “With sob.” (There would be a replay on that theme). For whatever reason that did not hit me right and the ache subsided in a rapid droop. I watched Mary join the club members.

Mom pretty much set herself as ‘alpha’ in that group of women that morning. Sob wandered in painfully on time, and I headed for my room knowing full well the laughter behind me was not a new joke being told. Sob followed and I plopped on my bed.

“Razz. No harm. No foul bro.”

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean sob?”

“Your mom was the only one mad. My mom and Bonnie just wanted to suck your dick. Me and mom were hot into it when Bonnie flew in the room screaming ‘check this out’ and flipped her lap top on.” He leaned back against the door. “It’s a good thing you keep the same password and e-mail, I was able to get in there an delete the vid before it hit the net.”

Another groan, how many mistakes can one idiot make?

“Thanks man.”

“No prob bro. But, two people did download it. Wasn’t Bonnie or mom either, (he got a sideways look for that) or me fuck tard.” Grinned at that, so that left popoff and Misty. Misty I wasn’t worried about, she knew and had a shared history, so to speak. Popoff though? If he’d seen it I was doomed.

Sitting on my bed trying to look at sob wasn’t happening. “Dude I don’t know to look at you. Shit, your mom and me…”

“Bro you better figure it out, be a totally useless line with no eye contact.”

I just had to shake my head. “I don’t get you and Cathy at all. I ever saw her with another dude he’d be two seconds to death. You both get off on watching. Shit. Your mom and Bonnie do too. I’m just lost on it.”

Sob made a sideways head movement accompanied with a snort.

“It’s just you man. You do the same thing when coach makes a change to our line. It boils your blood, you don’t like change or anyone messing with what you think is yours, and that’s why we voted you in as captain.”

“What? Voted?”

“Yeah bro. Coach had already decided, but he wanted a team view. So he e-mailed and you landslide the vote.”

“Why?” My fist met my palm in a loud smack. “Just what I need more confusion.”

“LOL. Bro I’ve played with you for a lot of games, you have only lost your cool, I think, maybe four times. That’s leadership gold my friend. It’s also why you have a small canlı bahis club of milf’s playing you. Driving you nuts is candy to them. Don’t get me wrong, they all know Cathy is your love, yeah even your mom, but the fun to be had? Shit.”

“Okay. So wise ass on the hill, how do you know this?”

“Every Friday, through Saturday, until Sunday night. I get the treatment you just went through. Teasing young cocks is a heroin to these ladies.”

I’d been looking at this whole thing, not wrong, but one sided. Everyone in on this repetitive tryst was someone I cared about, ergo, the fact it could be just sex had gotten lost.

“You wanna fuck my mom don’t you?”

He didn’t pause.

“Yup. Your moms super-hot. And she always has been, you know?”

I stood up and looked at him, “Yeah I know bud, so has Mary. She used to drive me nuts not wearing a bra.”

Sob snapped his fingers, “I concur, like your mom in those summer dresses.”

Obviously I couldn’t argue with that, did have something to say though. “You had better be ready to die a thousand teasing deaths man, mom is a not realized mistress looking for a toy to abuse.” I was being serious, his reaction? He lit up with an ear to ear, cheek splitting grin. “Cool.”

Before I could delve into what exactly that meant there was knock on my door and mom came in with my new jersey. “Clean, like I promised.” She planted a finger into sobs chest pushing him back. “Excuse me sob.” I got arms around my neck and her nose pressed to mine “I just saw a short clip of our escapades last night. I’m so wet now I could fuck my bedpost.”

“From who?!” Mom had given me plenty of your an idiot looks over the years, this one topped them all to the point of her looking to sob while tapping a finger to her lobe.

And I Realized.

“Fuck I’m dumb. The watcher. Who the hell else right?”

Mom giggled, “Not dumb, just painfully over thinking. Speaking of ‘the watcher’; I have a green light to privilege some info on to you two.”

The pope could of been in the room, she wouldn’t of cared, She gave a squeeze to my aching dick followed by that ‘I’m up to no good look’ I was slowly getting used to. Without moving her gaze on me sob was motioned over till we were side by side. She didn’t look at him, just shot her eyes to his crotch, grabbed it with her free hand and started moving both up and down.

“So here’s the deal boys. Cleared with mom’s, wives and lovers.

After tonight? No sex till after the game.”

“WHAT?!?!?!?!?!” (yeah it was synced)

All through this her stroking never stopped. “Just try something, shut down will be imminent.” She gave us a good heathy clutch, “Hmmmmm, D.P, what a fine set of letters.” Then With a flourish she turned away sending her boob’s moving along every X.Y. axis you could imagine. (I know there’s a Z, but I’ve yet to see the woman that can move them spine to thorax) Sob was transfixed, I didn’t know what to think.

Before closing the door she turned, “You boy’s ok?” And I set the sexubus free with a snotty retort.

“Yeah mom. Thank you…. TONS!”

Received another death look as she advanced dropping her dress to stand spread legged in front of me and sob. Two fingers of each hand were licked and disappeared deep between her legs. They came out dripping and were slid into our mouths. “You are so very welcome. Now excuse me I need to cum, OH MY!” She grinned. “And I can do that all month with anyone except you two.” She left with a cackle and wink.

Me and sob were left licking lips and throbbing.

“Hey razz?”


“Your mom is AWESOME!!!!”

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