At The Frat House

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I was never that in to the party scene in college. I have always been a person who values the company of a few close friends and intelligent conversation. But one night, I decided to go out to a fraternity party, and it turned in to the hottest night of my college career.

I guess before I go on I should describe myself. I am 5’10” with an average build. I have brown hair and my best quality is my deep blue eyes. I used to be an athlete so my body used to be in better shape. No one has ever called my fat before. I have always known that I’m gay. But at that point, I had only ever had one boyfriend. College was a massive sexual awakening for me.

But back to that night. My two best friends convinced me that it was my duty as a collegian to enjoy a more raucous atmosphere than my normal Saturday nights. After turning them down many times, I decided that tonight I was going to let myself go (and not disappoint them again). We spent the time around dinner drinking since I lived less than a minute off of my campus.

My friends are always significantly more anxious to go to parties than I am. So I waited a little while after they left with the understanding that I would meet them there. I need time to prepare myself for the night ahead. I put on my favorite pair of jeans, a black dress shirt and my black beret. I have always felt comfortable in my beret. I think it looks cute and I don’t really care how it makes me look.

After pumping myself up in the mirror, I decided that I needed to keep my word. So I got in my car and drove to the party. Upon my arrival, it was just as bad as I had feared. Endless dance songs so loud that I couldn’t hear what anyone was saying. Not that their conversation was exactly stimulating. I would walk from group to group, hoping to find something that I could hold on to to keep me at the party.

I walked around the house a couple of times. Past the stairs to the brothers rooms, in the kitchen, through the dance floor, living room and on the porch. After about 45 minutes of through examination, I realized that, like most other parties, there was nothing there for me. Just as I was walking past the stairs, someone turned off of them and bumped in to me. I kind of fell backwards as we were both going full steam and my beret was knocked over my eyes. After I fixed it, I saw him.

Tim was a gorgeous man. About my height and skinny, he had a very chiseled face with dark brown hair and green eyes that you could get lost in if you looked at them too long. As soon as I saw him, I had to have him.

“Sorry man!” Tim said as I looked at him.

“It’s ok. My bad.” I said. Not the greatest introduction.

“How ‘come I’ve never seen you around here?” he said over the deafening music of the bahis firmaları party. All I could do was stare. In my head I kept repeating, “please be a top please be a top”.

“These things have never really been for me.” I said, just trying to be honest.

“Well why don’t we get a drink and see if we can’t change that.” Tim said offering me his hand. It didn’t matter what Tim said, I would’ve agreed on the spot. He could’ve told me to get on all fours right in the middle of the dance floor and I would’ve done it.

The kitchen is the furthest room from the dance floor and where the brothers keep all the drinks. Both of us being over 21 decided that it was the best place to talk. We both made our drinks and sat down facing each other on the counter top. Tim assured me that no one would walk in since he’s a brother and only they can go get the drinks. We both settled on the counter top when he asked me something I was not expecting to hear.

“So are you a top or a bottom?” I was in shock. Where I come from, I don’t really admit anything about myself. Not that I’m ashamed in any way. It’s just that life would be a little tougher than it needs to be. As I sat there shocked at how fortunate I was that he’s gay he spoke up again.

“Come on man, you don’t have to play shy with me.” he said while I was still collecting myself.

“I’m a bottom.” I somehow blurted out. Tim just sat there and took a sip of his drink. The tension was killing me in what seemed to be the longest sip of a drink in recorded history. Finally he took the cup away from his mouth.

“Perfect, I’m a top.” he said. I could’ve jumped through the roof I was so happy.

We sat there and talked for a little while. Tim had just joined the fraternity. Everyone knew about his sexuality and didn’t have a problem with it. No one knew mine, but it was mostly due to a lack of public appearances. The more we drank, the more intense my desire was for him. Here I sat across from this gorgeous, funny and outrageously cute guy.

Finally, after our third drink, I couldn’t take it anymore. I forget what it was he was talking about, I have never been so bold as to just kiss someone. But I leaned across and kissed him very quickly on the lips. I pulled back quickly, very unsure if I had just done the right thing.

Tim then sprang forward and kissed me so passionately and forcefully. I was in heaven. He was so fiery that he knocked me back on the counter. I could feel that Tim had a very good-sized cock as it dug in to my thigh. After a few seconds though he very quickly got off of me.

“We can’t do this in here.” He said to me as I was hoping I didn’t mess anything up.

“Where then?” I whispered to him, my passion burning for him.

“We’ll kaçak iddaa go to the first open room,” Tim said as we got off the counter. He grabbed my hand as I was trying to fix my pants and we hurried off to find a room. I couldn’t see where we were going as the lights were off in the house. I followed Tim in to the room and Tim shut the door.

Tim turned on the lights and low and behold, we were in the bathroom. Now this didn’t bother me at all at the time. As long as there was a door and it was locked it didn’t matter to me where we were.

Our passions were running higher than before. I pounced on Tim wrapping my legs around him as our lips met and our tongues intensely massaged each other. Tim was a little caught off guard by me jumping on him, so as we kissed so passionately, he rammed me in to one of the walls. But it didn’t matter. I had an insanely handsome top and he was all mine for the night.

I let my feet down as we made out some more so I could stand up. I took one of my hands from his back and made my way down to his zipper. I needed to see this cock that I had felt. And it didn’t disappoint. I unzipped his fly and maneuvered it out of his underwear. It was absolutely perfect. I’m not good at guessing size, but I would guess it was around 7 inches and cut.

I immediately broke off our kiss and got down on my knees and put this gorgeous cock in my mouth. Some cocks are very suckable, and Tim’s was one of the best. Big, but not too thick. I attacked that gorgeous cock on this gorgeous man. Forward and backward as much as I possibly could. Tim put his hand on the back of my head, which only made me find a new gear. I could hear his soft moans as I sucked him as if I was never going to be allowed to suck another cock again.

After a little while, I heard, “Wow, stop for a second.” Right away I stopped what I was doing. Tim got down on his knees and we started kissing again. Light, passionate moans went in between us as I held his beautiful cock in my hands. I could feel how hard and moist it was. After a minute or two, I just couldn’t take it anymore.

I broke off the kiss and I went over to the sink. Tim’s eyes just followed me over there as he still knelt on the ground. I got to the sink and I unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. Tim was still on the ground as I lowered my pants just past my butt, and bent over the sink. Words weren’t needed. We both knew what was going on.

Tim got off the ground and started to walk towards me. His cock was still out of his pants as he made his way to me. He spit on his hand and rubbed it on his cock as he stood behind me. The anticipation of having such a hot guy inside me was almost too much to bear. Finally, I felt the head up against my asshole. Tim put a little kaçak bahis pressure on it as I tried to open up as much as possible.

Finally the head popped in. This was far from my first time but it hurt a little bit. “Hold on a second.” I said quietly. Tim pulled out as the inside of my butt flared up with a little pain for a second. After a few seconds, the pain subsided. “Ok now.” I whispered. Tim again spat in his hand and rubbed it on his cock. Again I felt the head right at my hole. But this time it went in with no problems.

I let out a few pleasure moans as Tim slowly pushed in to me. I am not a quiet bottom. I enjoy the feeling of getting it up my butt, it is overwhelmingly good. Finally, Tim was all the way in me. He held his cock all the way up my butt for a couple of seconds.

Finally, he started pumping in and out very tenderly. Here we were, in a bathroom on a Saturday night at a fraternity house. All of our clothes were still on including my beret. And I’m bent over getting it up the butt from the hottest guy I had ever seen. I was in heaven.

Tim continued to go slowly. Tender caring thrusts. I did my best to keep my noise down so we wouldn’t be discovered. But despite my best efforts, after a minute or two of tender sex, I couldn’t help it. With my passion running high with the feeling of an amazing cock in my butt, I said, “come on stud, fuck me.”

Tim had no problem obliging. He quickly picked up the pace. The feeling was overwhelming. I moaned in pleasure as he fucked me. “Come on stud, I know you have a little more than that.” I said over my shoulder. Tim really picked it up. It was one of the best fucks I’ve ever had. If there were cameras there, this would’ve been considered hardcore porn with how hard he was fucking me.

And I was bent over enjoying every single thrust. Moaning with the overwhelming pleasure of having such a hot guy give it to me in the butt. I held on to the sink for dear life as he continued to pound away. “Yes, uh, oh god, uh yes Tim that’s right fuck me” Was all I could manage to say. I could feel Tim grab a hold of my hips. I knew he was close. He picked up the intensity to as hard as I’ve ever had. I was almost screaming with every thrust he made until I could feel his cock erupt deep in my butt. The warm feeling overtook me of semen in my butt, which caused me to shoot all over the bottom of the sink.

Tim started to move back. “Hold on a second stud” I said. “Don’t take it out until it’s soft.” I said. So for another minute or two we just stood there, with him still deep in my butt. His cock then went soft and he took it out. He put his monster away while I pulled up my pants. I fixed my beret which had gotten messed up in our passion and we kissed very passionately.

We went to the door and unlocked it. I opened the door to a crowd of people staring right at us. What we had forgotten was that was the only public bathroom in the house. Those were looks that I’ll never forget.

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