At The Cheer Squad’s Feet

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“I made this story after I was browsing on this site and noticed that there was nothing on cheerleader’s feet. I mean, that should be a given in my opinion. Cheerleaders are not only (stereotypically) hot, but they get a good workout and wear those shoes a lot. No such thing as too much feet, so I made it about not one, not two, but three cheerleaders that I knew that would make good foot teasers. Tell me what you thought of this by rating and commenting. Enjoy!”


Basketball season was underway at my high school. Of course, about the only thing that meant for me was making a few extra bucks by working concessions and cleaning up the stands after the game. I liked the money, but I really didn’t care about the games. I’ve never been the sporty time. About the only thing I loved was the awesome cheerleaders we had. I was a friendly guy, so I had no problem talking to them like lots of guys do. They always came to get food during the breaks and between men’s and women’s games. They all knew me by name, either from being in my classes or just getting to know me at the stand.

“Hey Danny, what’s up,” one of the cheerleaders was asking me. I snapped out of my day dreaming. I was at my stand right now, and the cheerleading captain, Lexi, was looking at me with a smile.

“Oh, hey Lexi, what’s it going to be?” I asked politely. She was easily my favorite cheerleader and the hottest. Lexi had long, curly brown hair that was currently tied back in bow. She had a very sexy dancer’s physique and some of the hottest hazel eyes and huge eyelashes. She had a very playful nature, but was also very nice and definitely not a whore.

“I need to snickers, a slice of pizza, and two vitamin waters please?” Lexi asked. I got her the stuff and charged her the amount. “Man, I’m starving! The teams are scoring like crazy, so we gotta be cheering a lot.”

“Oh, it must really suck that you are a cheerleader,” I replied sarcastically. She laughed, thanked me for the food and walked back to the gym. I was admiring her as she walked away. She was the definition of cute and fit well into her uniform. What I didn’t like was that the uniform itself is a tease. Tight enough to show their figure and bobs, low skirt, but their clit was covered well, and the white shoes that they wore. They must have the sweatiest feet and I need some relief. One of my dreams was to worship a cheerleaders pretty, sweaty, stinky feet from toe to the ball. I smiled to myself, there was no way in hell that would happen. I was just there food boy and I really didn’t want to be labelled a pervert.

However, there was this persistent rumor that I kept hearing about the cheerleaders. If both teams lost the their home games, the cheerleaders would take their disappointment out by “having a little fun.” As far as I knew, the last time that happened was two years ago. The guy I heard this rumor from said that the cheerleaders took one of the guy basketball players into their locker room and had an hot orgy with him. He apparently played better after that too. I almost couldn’t believe it though, especially now. Lexi wasn’t that kind of girl. Even at 18, she was very mature for her age. All the senior cheerleaders on the winter squad were 18 too, so I didn’t think it too likely. All I could do was dream about, after I was finished working. The women’s team had just lost, and people were flocking to the concession stand. “Well, maybe if the guys lose, I can find out for sure,” I thought to myself sarcastically. This was going to be a long shift.

It was pretty slow the rest of the night. The guys game was going on and very few people were getting up to get refreshments or snacks. I asked one of our few customers if everyone was glued to their chairs. He told me that the game was really close and that the two teams kept passing each other. No wonder it was so boring. Well, I got paid either way., so it didn’t matter to me. About an hour after that last customer, the floodgates opened as people shuffled out with angry looks on their faces, or at least people who lived here. The home team had lost because of two personal fouls by two different guys. According to a customer, it was “embarrassing and unsportsmanlike conduct” for our team. The place was empty soon after, as people don’t tend to stay around after a loss or buy stuff after the game. I closed shop and got ready for cleaning duty.

Cleaning duty isn’t as bad as you might think it would be. Honestly, all one does is pick up trash in the stands and put away some equipment. The janitor does the rest. What sucks about the job is the guy that I work with, Dakota. This guy is the biggest nerd and pervert I knew and he looked the part. He wore those silly hipster glasses, ginger hair, a really bad perm, bad acne and bad social skills all around. He was always talking about girls, either ones that he wanted to fuck or girls that he had supposedly fucked. These girls that he bragged about were always from other schools, so I doubted güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri the validity of his stories. Today was no different, we were to clean up the place and he would pass the time talking.

This time, it was about a girl that was on the opposing school tonight. He said that he took her to the locker area for the students and she gave him “glorious head” as he put it. I knew he was pulling my leg though, seeing as the student areas were locked during games. We watched as two cheerleaders walked by, leaving the gym for home. Dakota gave them a look and I knew what he was thinking before he even said it.

“Where are they going you think? Both teams lost, so shouldn’t they be heading to the boys locker room to treat their losers? he said with envy.

“Come on man, you know that’s just a stupid rumor. Besides, I wouldn’t want to do anything for our team at this point,” I replied annoyed with his stupidity.

Dakota picked up a bottle of coke and looked over at me. “But wouldn’t it be awesome if they did and that was the case for the team?!” Then maybe we have a chance huh?” He threw the bottle in our recycling bag.

The thought had had already occurred to me though. It would be nice to think that a whole squad of cute girls would be happy to pleasure me. Then of course, there was the fact not all the squad was really that attractive. out of the 10 cheerleaders that performed on the winter guard, seven of them were cute and the other three were ugly. Winter guard was kind of second choice for people and the football team got the cutest girls. Lexi was forced to do both seasons as she was captain. Now she would be incredible. Her curvy body, goddess of a smile, her mouth around my cock, her feet in my mouth…oh boy did I need to stop.

Dakota kept talking about what he would do them the girls if he was chosen by them. I sniggered, knowing that in real life, he couldn’t talk to them and would run away from any of them if they tried to strike up a conversation. Some of what he did say was surprising what I wanted too.

“You know what I really wish I could have? One of their worn shoes,” Dakota said greedily. “I’ve always wanted Lexi shoes most of all. They must smell so good!” This was the part where he was actually making sense. I returned to my job and got to the upper row. It was nice not having anyone around really, but it was a bit too quiet. I heard Lexi and some of the other girls heading to the entrance, but I couldn’t see them from here.

I finished cleaning pretty quick and Dakota was wrapping up to. He was looking down at another cheerleader walking by, leaving the gym. She waved at me and told me have a good night. I waved back and smiled, not remembering what her name was. After she left, Dakota became excited.

“That’s the last cheerleader, now we can go into the cheerleader’s locker room!” he whispered. I was shocked to hear him say this. He was a pervert, but not exactly this much of an idiot.

“And what? There’s nothing in there now and you might get caught,” I said.

“Nah-uh, I’ve been watching the janitor for the past two years, he doesn’t clean in there until after we have left, all the girls are gone, and there’s no one else that goes in there are the game,” he replied stupidly.

“Ok, but what could compel you to go in there?” This was Dakota being dumb as usually, but he was being rather forward about it

“Lexi’s shoes of course, what else,” he replied, giving me a “that’s obvious” look.

I shook my head, still amazed at this stupidity. “Lexi will have locked the shoes up with her uniform.

Dakota smiled. “That’s where you’re wrong…she came out a few minutes ago in uggs with Sally and Kalyn. I’ve noticed that she has being doing that a lot lately and she comes back a while later to get them. She always takes them home.”

Now I was starting to think that Dakota might not be wrong. The only thing I could see with this problem would be if Lexi came back while he was still in there. However, the locker room had to ways in or out. There was the entrance by the hallway to school entrance. Then there was a exit that lead to the stairs on the right of the gym. “So, you’re gonna try it huh?” I asked seriously.

“Yeah, I’m gonna try it. Maybe I’ll even take the shoes too,” he smiled and I knew he was serious. I gave him a disapproving look. Stealing was a whole nother thing, He dismissed my concerning look though. “I’ll put them back before the next game, don’t worry.”

He went down the stairs and went to the entrance. He froze right in front of the door. I looked down confused. Was he spotted or was he just too chicken. He looked back up at me. Yep, he was too scared. I walked down to him, laughing to myself at how dumb he looked. His own plan and he couldn’t carry it out.

“I…I can’t do it Dan. I might be wrong and the girls will tell the principal…and I’ll get expelled!” He sure did look pathetic güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri right now. He didn’t have a bad bone in his entire body. Then, something must have sparked in his mind. “Hey Dan….you know how you hate packing up equipment?” he asked.

I didn’t hate the job, but I wasn’t too keen on it. I asked him why. “Well….if you can get the shoes for me in there and bring them back….I’ll do the equipment for you tonight and give you my salary tonight.” My ears shot up, he was asking me to do his dirty work for him, the coward. Of course, the money and not having to do anymore work sounded appealing. I also was curious about Lexi’s shoes. I hadn’t told Dakota that I also had a foot fetish, so this worked out evenly.

“Ok, but if I get caught, I’m saying this was your idea,” I said with a blink. His face turned green, but he nodded. He went to work on getting the balls put away. Looking to make sure that no one was around the hall, I made for the locker room door. I opened it up quietly and listened for a few seconds to make sure that there really was no one in the room. I walked in on my tiptoes and went for the cheerleader’s section. I had a tornado drill during PE once and everyone had to go to this locker room to be safe, so I knew the area well enough. I felt like a ninja, walking around stealthily, looking for my target.

I found them on the bench in the middle of the lockers. I knew they were Lexi’s because of the size, seeing as Lexi’s feet weren’t that big. Her coat was also right next to it. I drew in closer carefully, expecting someone to jump right out and surprise me. I looked at the shoes and was delighted to see that she had stuffed her socks them. “Jackpot,” I thought to myself. I don’t think either Dakota or I would have ever expected that. I took the socks out of their respective shoes and gave them a strong sniff. I almost wet myself from the strong, fragrant aroma. Yep, they smelled like sweat and feet that were attached to Lexi’s godly body. They were soaked from overuse, but no holes or rips in them at all. After a couple more sniffs, I remembered that I was in here for the shoes. I took her right shoe and before I could sniff, there was a sound near the door. My heart sank, it was two girls giggling and walking in. Thinking quickly, I knew I could only get out the other way. I put down the shoes and socks and headed for the other exit. Unfortunately, I heard the second door open. I was trapped. I looked around for a quick place to hide. In a dark corner, I saw locker, large enough to fit me in. It was this or nothing, I knew. I got in quickly. but quietly and closed the door, praying that they didn’t look this way.

The two giggling girls came in first. It was two cheerleaders that Dakota said he saw earlier: Sally and Kalyn. Sally was a shorter girl with shoulder length dark hair and very skinny. She was Asian, but not very apparent as it seemed only her slight eyebrows bore resemblance to that. She had wide eyes, much like her companion. While Sally’s were brown-green, however, Kalyn’s eyes were blue. She was a gymnast and had a body like one. She had a more developed figure and had a slight, but cute overbite and long, light brownish hair that could be mistaken as blond. Both girls were in their cheerleading uniforms still.

“I can’t believe that he actually yells like a little girl,”Sally said, replying to something Kalyn had said. “Wait until Lexi hears about this.”

Both girls had good laugh at this. I noticed then they there was someone else coming. “I won’t believe what now dear?” Lexi walked into the room, a serious look on her face. Both girls stopped laughing and gave Lexi their full attention. Lexi folded her arms and said expectantly, “I’m waiting you two…what did you find out?”

Sally motioned Kalyn to speak first, Kalyn did the same for Sally. Both seemed flustered about something. Finally Kalyn gave up. “We went outside the men’s room to the vent and listened for a while. Coach was yelling at them like they all did something wrong. Told them all to go home and think about how they played tonight,” Kalyn paused for a second, looked at Lexi like she was expecting something to happen. She continued, “They all left…right after the meeting.”

Lexi didn’t look too pleased at first, but she relaxed. “You girls both know how the tradition works right? If both teams lose, we have to pay our…respects.” All three girls giggled this time at her comment.

“Oh boy,” I thought. “I guess there was some truth to what they said after all.” The girls sat down on the bench. I got my first good look at Lexi. She was still in her uniform, but had put on her longer pants and had uggs on, like Dakota had said. She had untied her hair and it was hanging free. She looked sexy as can be.

“So what are we gonna do now,” asked Sally.

“Well, I won’t be the captain that breaks tradition, so maybe another guy?” Lexi answered. “Any ideas?”

“Definitely güvenilir bahis şirketleri not a janitor, that’s for sure,” said Kalyn. All three girls made a disgusted sound, then giggled again.

“Definitely not Dakota,” Sally chimed in. “I saw him checking me out when we were leaving the gym.” Another disgusted unison of noises. I made to hold my breath, as I was about to laugh.

“Well, that’s a given Sally,” Lexi answered still giggling. “A janitor is better. At least it wouldn’t be bad, seeing as we are all eighteen.” Lexi put her hand to her chin and seemed to be thinking. “How about Danny?”

Both Sally and Kalyn giggled, harder than before. “Danny is kinda cute,” said Kalyn. “He’s been so nice to us working the concession stand. He would deserve it.” Kalyn looked over at Sally, with a big grin on her face. “Sally would like it, wouldn’t you Sal?”

From what I could tell, Sally was blushing bright red. “Shut up Kalyn…he’s just really nice.”

“Ohhh! Does Miss Sally have a little crush on Danny,” Lexi asked teasingly. “It’s nothing to be ashamed of Sally. I think you two would be cute together.”

“Whatever…leave me alone,” Sally replied, turning her body away. So Sally had a crush on me then and now these girls were debating on whenever to do what they had planned for a lucky basketball player.

“So are you ok with sharing him Sally,” asked Kalyn. “Cause I think that’s not a bad idea at all.” Sally didn’t really answer, just shrugged while still turned away.

“Kalyn, go see if you can find our lucky boy,” said Lexi. “Tell him we have a problem in here and it we need his…..expertise.” Kalyn got up, faced towards my direction and stopped dead in her tracks. She saw me, I knew it. “Kalyn dear, what is wrong,” Lexi asked concerned.

“There’s someone in that locker Lexi!” she yelled. Lexi and Sally jumped up and looked for themselves. Lexi went for the locker and opened it up. She gasped when she saw me. Trapped now, I did the only thing I could do: I told her hi.

The other girls looked just as shocked as Lexi. Sally was now another shade darker of red. Lexi recovered first and put on a devious smile. “So, you were listening to us the whole time huh Danny Boy?” I couldn’t reply. Nothing came to me to say. Lexi’s smile grew and she gave me a hand. I took it and she pulled me out the cramped locker. Kalyn was eyeing me over, now over her shock as well. Sally wouldn’t look at me in eye. “Come to think of it,” Lexi said, my shoes and socks have been moved…was that you I wonder?” I sighed and fessed up what had been going on. Neither Kalyn or Lexi looked too pleased about Dakota. “That fucking little pervert….we should get him fired,” Lexi exclaimed. Then she looked over at me. “But first….we need to have a little fun.” I gulped a little, knowing this might not turn out as well as they originally planned.

“So you like feet, you dirty little boy?” Lexi asked as she sat back on the bench.. “Well, I’m not one to disappoint my fans…take off my boots.” I couldn’t convince myself to move to the bench. Kalyn snuck up from behind me and pushed me to floor before her feet. Lexi looked down at me, “Go on Danny, I know you want to.” I really couldn’t resist for long, so I took off her right boot. I slipped them off to reveal her beautiful, sweaty foot, wiggling its toes from being freed from the confines of her boots without socks. Her toes were painted red, although the paint was chipping off. “Good, now lick em! Lick em until I til you to stop!” Lexi pressed her foot in my face to prompt me. I took my tongue out and started licking like their was no tomorrow. “So sweaty,” I thought and I loved it. It was like a delicious flavor that I never tried before.

She pursed her lips and closed her eyes half way. I kept licking the soles, meanwhile, she took the other boot off and put the foot next to the other. I licked that one as well, getting them as wet with my saliva as I could. I went for the toes, but immediately got kicked away. “Did I say you could go for my toes, did I? Like the ball of my foot. It’s sore and needs your mouth. Not so reluctantly, I took ther ball of foot and stuck in it my mouth. I worked my tongue on the bottom and rang my lips across the top. She gave a slight moan, obviously liking the attention I was giving it. I repeated the process on the second foot. I got much of the same results as before. She seemed satisfied and took her foot away. I looked up expectantly, as I wanted her toes in my mouth now.

“I have a much better idea….Kalyn?” Lexi looked over her fellow cheerleader. Kalyn came over and positioned me on the bench. I was laying down on my back with my face looking up to the ceiling. Lexi slipped off her pants, got on the bench behind and gave Kalyn a nod. “Kalyn wants to join in our little fun…is that ok with you?” she asked. Before I could answer, Kalyn went for my pants and started unbuttoning them. She unzipped my jeans down and my cock flew out with gusto. “Looks likes someone needed that huh,” Kalyn asked teasingly. She spat on my cock, rubbed it onto the whole thing with her hands, bent over and took it in her mouth. At the same time Lexi took her toes and put them in my mouth. “As I promised,” she said, “but how much can you take at once?”

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