At Last I Bottomed To a Bear

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I am an ordinary student, a little late on his studies, a little after his 24th birthday. I am gonna go ahead and say that this is going to be a long story, due to its character of being as describing as I can make it be, which is the level of reality.

I always identified publicly as a straight guy, except for four or five people, one of which was the physical proof of me not being one.

The story about him is not a particularly good one; the only thing you gotta keep in mind is that it involved me and him blowing each other a couple of times and one try to step things further. Although he enjoyed blowing and swallowing and letting me do the same, he was not bi-sexual, like me, as I was coming to realize at that time.

So, we could never step things further enough. He could not achieve a decent erection or the excitation to do so, thus the failure. When we discussed more than two times casually that matter, he said he liked my body, but it didn’t change the fact that it was a man’s body, and that stopped him.

I have an average body, except from the fact that I’m shorter than average, about 5.5ft. However, I am slim even for my height, with narrower-than-I-would-like shoulders, but a good physique, due to my close relationship with the bicycle. I won’t claim I am muscular guy, although sometimes I’d like to be. Just fit and generally kinda small.

Although our fiddling around with that friend made me confirm that I was bi and I would like to bottom some time in my life, it also gave me a lust of doing so. I had a relationship with a girl since, and my sex life was rewarding.

But a parallel self was waking up a little when I was, as everyone else is, sometimes, looking at my naked body in the mirror, and he wanted me to turn and bend a little, expose my ass a little bit and see how I look bent over against absolutely nothing.

I would sometimes turn the wardrobe door so the full body mirror would reflect my bed, and I would get on all fours, just to see how I would look like getting ready for someone to enter me.

I would watch gay porn sometimes and clench my butt in yearning. The percentage of the times masturbating to gay porn were increasing steadily, until they became over eight in ten.

I would try ass play with lubricant and different objects with condoms, but they were too rough. Too cold to be mistaken for an actual cock.

I would wander how it would feel if a heavy, male body was over me, against me, thrusting the way my girlfriend liked me doing.

Nevertheless, about one year passed with me just fantasizing about the matter. After the first time I achieved an anal orgasm without touching my cock, I knew I had to feel it. Sometime around then, my relationship ended due to non-sexual causes, but my freedom to try this side of my nature had made my going on slightly easier.

I played drums for a band at the time. The singer, a very close friend, was the one I had the biggest share of time with, with beers and the occasional joint. Go ahead and get him off the sexual picture, this was my dude, and nothing sexual was going on, ever.

Jacob is 30 years old, about 29 then, but nothing held him back from rolling a joint with me and having a laugh or two.

He had no idea about me being bi, though. I wasn’t embarrassed by it, I just didn’t look forward to saying it.

After all this prologue, and if you’re still with me, the story begins on one summer afternoon, when he called me to ask me if I wanted to hang around. After my affirmation, a second phone call came from him with the question many people’s good stories start from: “Could I call Will over?”

“Who’s Will?”

“An old buddy of mine. I’ve told you about him, the one who slept on the wheel. The field?”

“Ok, yeah, I remember. Ok.”

“Be there in a bit.”

So, I was on my pc when I heard the knock on the door. And in came Jacob, accompanied by a guy taller than me and also Jacob, who was a full head height higher than me. He was big, but with a kind, bearded face. At that time these two were the only things I noticed when I shook his hand and told him my name. I had met many guys, and getting them through my “would-or-wouldn’t-get-fucked-from” filter was not an interesting procedure as none had been gay, or at least that I could say of.

So we sat, got some music on, and off went the first joint after the first half an hour. After the next hour, I started noticing things, and not due to any substance. I noticed the way his look lingered onto mine a little bit. I decided to check if this was what I thought it was.

“Guys, sorry for the sexy show.” I said sarcastically getting up, “but it’s too fucking hot in here.” and got my shorts off, as I usually did with casual friends’ company at my place.

The trick worked. There were two times my eyes caught his glance, for a moment, at my crotch. After the last one, he noticed that I saw, but didn’t look away from my eyes.

My heart started artemisbet yeni giriş pounding on my chest a little bit. My play was becoming real.

After three hours, the clock was reading 23:16 and Jacob told us he was gonna head off. This was a normal time, since he worked in the morning.

Although, my mind was on one thing: The possibility of this becoming even more real. And within that minute, when he turned to Will, I caught up to him and said to Will “You can stay if you want. We can finish this up.” and I looked to the half burnt joint on the ashtray.

Will looked at Jacob and hesitated. Fuck. This was getting real.

“Yeah, alright.” he said after a second. “My place is at walking distance anyway.”

“Ok, gals, I’ll leave you to it, then.” said Jacob putting his shoes on. “I’m sorry for this but I’m too tired to play the sport right now.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll catch up soon again.” I told him.

“Seeya, man.” Will greeted him and I started noticing his voice in a different way. It was deep.

And then he left, and I was left alone, with my boxer trunks and tank top, having a strange feeling of being exposed in front of the big guy that was laid back on my sofa. I sat on my bed, where I was sitting all night, and couldn’t look anywhere away from his crotch, wondering if it indeed got bigger the last two minutes, or I was just noticing it.

It was strange. From the moment the door closed behind Jacob, Will’s dormancy was making me act like I wanted, in this case looking at his big, strong legs and the part of his jeans in between, not caring that he was looking at me.

“I knew it.” he said softly. I looked at his face and I saw him giving me half a smile. “You talked about a girlfriend earlier, but the way you were staring was clear.”

“Oh, the girlfriend is real.” I said and got my look back on his crotch, freezing in my position. “But I always wanted to try something.” I continued, and my heart started pounding on my chest. I knew there was no going back. “And you…” I hesitated because my throat dried out, not from the weed, but from anxiety. I gulped. “ are a good way to try it, I think.”

“Is that so?” he asked and got up. My gaze followed his crotch, locked onto it, as if breaking eye contact would break my honesty. “Then how about we let you try.” he said and got his t-shirt off, revealing his wide, hairy chest, his big shoulders and his average-typed belly.

I gulped again, this time in excitement, and realized why the so-called dad bod was so famous. I noticed that my crotch was becoming tighter within seconds. “So… Are you gay?” I asked finally breaking the eye-contact with his crotch to look on his chest.

“I’m bi.” he said walking slowly to me, revealing just how bigger he was. “And guys like you are perfect for me, when I want to try something with a man.” He put his hands onto mine, and pulled them up softly. I got up dutifully.

“Indeed.” I agreed and I let him kiss me. My legs felt loose from excitement. He reached one hand and grabbed my ass. That, in combination with his rough, dominating kiss, made my ass clench. He pulled me against him, and for the first time I felt his body on mine, and his clearly erect cock on mine. I could feel he was bigger than my 7 inch penis. I was having trouble believing what was happening to my body.

He stopped and took a step back. “C’mon.” he said nodding down. “Why don’t you meet your new buddy?”

A horny “fuck…” left my lips. I knelt in front of him, and there, in front of my face, was the clear bump on the front of his crotch. I reached out with my hand and touched it. I could roughly feel the shape of the biggest cock I was gonna see and suck.

I hastily unzipped his pants and lowered them. His cock was more clear now, through the thin fabric of his boxers, leaning to the left, in a nearly horizontal position. A big cock just below a big waist, between his big thighs. Perfect suit.

I touched it, and I could feel the soft skin of his dick underneath the fabric. I was eager to taste it. I wondered if his pre-cum tasted like the only other pre-cum I’ve tasted except mine.

I eagerly lowered his underwear as well, and the sight in front of my eyes made my excitement reach a new peak. His cock was perfect. Dark, veiny, and standing up, hard. I got my hand on it, not able to stop looking at it with lust. A slim stream of pre-cum was oozing from the hole on the top to the shaft, below.

I got my tongue out, and licked from the bottom of the stream, all the way to the top, wiping his pre-cum and tasting it. The taste was magnificent. But when I put the head into my mouth and started getting this great cock really wet, it was withdrawn from my mouth.

“Come here…” he said and got me up. He led me to the bed, and sat on it. “I want you here, on the side, sucking my cock while I get you ready. Do you have any lube?”

“Yeah.” I said and went to the desk, and opened one artemisbet giriş drawer. The lube inside was gonna be used for the real thing for the first time.

I got on the bed where he was sitting and stroking his cock looking at my ass as I was passing by. I got on all fours and put his cock in my mouth again, sucking the pre-cum avidly.

Then I felt a hand on my back. It strolled all the way to the end of my tank top and I felt him pulling it up. “Get it off.” he said and I obeyed, continuing to suck his cock after I did.

His hand then touched the band of my underwear and lowered it, exposing my bent ass, which I bent even more as soon as his hand was on my bare skin. He eventually got my boxers completely off, letting me there, entirely naked, sucking this big cock in a doggy-style position.

I heard the lube pop open, and some seconds later, I felt a cold stream of lube touching my asshole, running slowly down to my balls. I felt his fingers on my asshole and my own clutched harder around his cock. As I was sucking him, I felt the pressure of his finger on my hole. It got greater until my hole gave in, and his finger slid inside me, making me leave a moan, muffled by his dick inside my mouth. Even his fingers were a lot thicker than mine. I could feel the difference from my own, and I loved it. He started fingering me slowly and I tasted his pre-cum once more. He liked it, I was sure. He liked how obediently I was sucking his dick while he was preparing me for a good fuck.

The finger became two fingers, and my asshole started loosening. The initial slight pain was being replaced by pure joy. I took a few minutes of fingering that just made me even hornier as the time passed by, and then he pulled his fingers out of me and told me to get up.

I got his cock out of my mouth and, not being able to stop looking at it, shining from my saliva, I saw his strong arms hold me and turn me around.

“I want you on all fours now.” he said. “Get comfortable.” I knelt on the bed, and looked back. He was looking at my asshole with an indescribable expression on his face. I felt his hands spreading my legs apart. My feeling of being exposed earlier was nothing to how much I felt he could do with me whatever we would. I couldn’t get enough of him being behind me, stroking his cock.

I was on all fours, my asshole a little sore from his thick fingers, but significantly looser. And I was getting ready, as I felt him moving behind me, on his knees. And before I realize, I felt the head of his cock on my lubricated asshole, and exactly after, more cold lubricant being poured onto it.

“Take a deep breath.” he said, and aligned his cock with my ass. “This is gonna hurt a little.”

“C’mon, do it.” I said breathless, lowering my body to the point my chest was flat to the bed and my ass was sticking up, wide open.

“Take a deep breath…” he said again and I did. I exhaled but the soft pressure of his cock on my asshole remained the same. He put his hands on my waist.

“Take another one…” he said, and I did again. The pressure was imperceptibly increasing.

“Take another deep breath…” he said. And when I started inhaling, his hands tightened and started pulling.

My soft breath became sharp as I was feeling my ass stretch open and his big rod entering me. “OH MY…” I gasped loudly in surprise as I was being penetrated slowly, feeling each inch getting rubbed on my asshole and making its way inside. My hands instinctively grabbed the sheets in front of me, my eyes and mouth were wide open while I was face-down on the bed. When I felt his huge body touch and lock onto mine, and his balls on my gouch, I shouted “GOD!” into the bed. The pain I was feeling was intense, but the pleasure of being in the hands of this big man, being pulled onto him although he was already full inside me, was topping it.

“How does my dick feel?” he asked, caressing my ass cheeks with his hands. He moved a little, less than an inch to the left and to the right, and I felt his cock also moving inside me, reminding my ass of its presence. I felt it, this big hard shaft, inside my belly, and my own dick pulsated in satisfaction. I was gasping uncontrollably.

“Its… amazing…” I heard my voice say, muffled among the sheets, out of breath. I was there, with my ass set up, my legs apart and my chest down, feeling my ass full for the first time and, along with the pain, the euphoria I felt made me sure I loved getting fucked.

“Don’t be too harsh, though.” I said turning my head to the right, getting my face out of the sheets, so I could be heard. “Ease the intensity in…”

“I will.” I heard him say, behind me. “I will get you nice and loose, and when I do, you’ll eventually take a good fucking.”

“Yes!” I said, panting. “Yes, I look forward to your…” but his cock was withdrawn, pulled out of me, interrupting my sentence. He pulled out to the point where only his head was inside me. The only thing artemisbet güvenilirmi I could feel were his hands on my waist again, and the head of his cock still stretching my asshole. He inevitably started entering me again, slowly, while I gasped again in the form of a loud “Oooooh, fuck.” Before I could pant the pain away, after a second, he started pulling out again, slowly, and then entering again.

I was being fucked blandly, and I felt the pressure on my head rise, along with a burning sensation on my asshole. I hoped it would go away, so I could enjoy getting fucked.

“I’ll get some more lube over there…” I heard his deep voice again, “..but this time you’ll spread it around. You need to feel what is fucking your sweet ass.”

I felt him leaning to the left, reaching to the lube. He pulled out, to the point of his cock head, again, and I felt a cold stream of viscous lube flowing on my asshole, and a little down my thigh. I reached my hand back, blindly, and I smeared it on his hard cock. My fingers touched the edge of the head, and then my asshole. I felt it, and I could picture it stretched open. When I was finished with the spreading, I heard him say “Now get down again and get ready to get fucked.” I obeyed loyally and grabbed the sheets in advance, while he was putting his hands on my waist once again.

But this time, the thrust that sent his cock deep inside me was easier than before, and a little more intense. I felt that he was looking forward to fuck me hard. I was looking forward to, also. He stopped there.

“Are you ready?” I heard him ask and his question made me even more hornier. “Yes!” I nearly yelled, bending my back even more, to make my ass as accessible as it could be. I was entirely opening up to the bear that was gonna fuck me.

“Ok, then.” he said and started fucking my ass the same way as before, softly. My breaths became sharp again. He kept the same way for a minute or two, until I couldn’t take any more soft fucking any more. “Come on, fuck me harder, please!” I said, and immediately the pace increased. And as it was increasing, it reached the point where his body hit my ass cheeks with enough force for the slapping sound to start filling the room.

My body was paralyzed. I was moaning loudly into the bed. The harder he was fucking me, the louder my moans became. His thrusts started rocking my whole body and making the bed creak. My rhythmic moans were marking the thrusts of his cock inside and out.

“I will cum inside you, do you know that?”

“Yes! Yes please!” I moaned and the thrusts became harder. I was yelling in between penetrations. “Please… fuck… my… ass… like… that… yeah… fuck… yeah…”

I turned my head and my shoulders as much as I could, and I managed to see him, for the first time since he started riding me. His hands, clutched on my waist, his arms dragging me onto him, his big hairy chest and his belly moving in pulses and his body slamming onto mine. Finally, with the corners of my eyes, I saw my ass, white, in front of his dark skin, slapping on his body loudly. I started screaming indistinctively. I was feeling his cock rub my prostate and I knew that the moment I wanted to live at some point, was coming faster than I thought.

I was being fucked to orgasm.

I knew that this was what he was trying to achieve. And I was getting closer and closer. He started fucking my ass harder with an expression of absolute lust on his face. I looked into his eyes surprised by what I was feeling inside me.

“OH MY GOD!” I screamed and my expression changed to desperation, and turned my body straight again. I refused to touch my cock. I was gonna be fucked to orgasm, I was sure now. I couldn’t handle what his cock was doing to me. I couldn’t handle the sound of his big balls slapping against my ass and the fact that I could feel them. I could feel them and imagine them hanging from this huge cock as it was going in and out, faster and faster.

And then in happened. I felt it. I let my upper body fall on the bed, my mouth wide open, and I felt my ass tingling as my cock was ejaculating uncontrollably. My head was about to burst from the pressure. My ass started clutching on his cock as I was screaming a long and loud scream. He felt it, and I knew he was gonna cum. He wouldn’t hold. He couldn’t.

“FUUUUCK!” he yelled, and stopped balls-deep inside me, pulling me onto him harder than ever. I felt his cock pulsate in my ass, and I continued screaming until I was tired. My breath started slowing down as we stayed like that for what seemed like eternity.

When he withdrew his cock from inside me, my ass felt sore, but empty. He laid next to me and I collapsed on the bed, face down. I felt my belly touching on my semen, on the sheets below.

He reached his arm out and dragged me softly close to him. He kissed me passionately. I knew I could fuck girls all I wanted, but I was also a bottom. A few moments later, when our kiss ended, I looked into his eyes, while feeling his cum starting to ooze from my asshole, down my ass and on my balls. I slept there, exhausted, face down, still feeling my ass wet from his cum, unable to realize what had just happened. How hard I had been fucked. How much I had liked it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32