Ashley’s Little Show

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The classes had been sitting on the floor for a little over three hours. They had been told by the terrorists that they couldn’t leave to go to the bathroom, so the floor was pretty wet with the urine of several different people. Ashley shifted around a bit. She felt a large weight at the end of her colon and she didn’t want to mess her pants. What would people think of her? She was the most popular girl in school. The man would have to sympathize.

It was no wonder she was the most popular girl. She was pretty rich and threw a couple of huge parties every year. That got made her pretty famous around the school, but mainly it was because she was incredibly beautiful. She had blond hair to her shoulders, incredible green eyes, flawless skin and a body that just wouldn’t quit. She had been blessed with firm breasts and a perfectly rounded behind. She would often flaunt this body in skimpy designer her clothes that girls envied. Today she was wearing a blue beret with a blue bellybutton T-shirt and a matching plaid skirt. She wore black army boots to complete the look. In a word she was perfect- one of those girls that almost always has a boyfriend. One could go on and on, but it would get monotonous after a while.

So she couldn’t mess herself. Girls like her didn’t go to the bathroom and they definitely never stunk. If she only had to pee, she might be forgiven because so many other people had, but everyone else could hold their bowels. If someone noticed she was unloading in her panties, she’d be humiliated.

“Um… Mister,” she tried. One of the terrorists turned around. He clutched his gun tightly. She looked around and whispered, “I kinda got to go to the bathroom.” The terrorist looked at the wet floor. Everyone was sitting so closely together it was hard to tell who had peed, but it was apparent that at least 10 people had contributed to the puddle on the floor. She saw his “what’s-your-point” glance. “Number 2,” she added. Being a foreigner, he again looked at the wet floor. “They went Number 1.”

“Sorry, no one leaves,” he said and walked over to the doorway to talk to someone. Ashley frowned, the weight in her lower intestine really bothering her. Determined to keep her panties free and dignity intact, she looked around for a concealed spot to dump her load. Her eyes rested on the desk in front of the class. She knew she had no chance of getting to a bathroom, but she could go behind the teacher’s desk and no one would see her.

“No, people would know what I was doing,” she thought. “And everyone would see it as they left. But the closet…” Her captivator’s view was still obscured by the partially open door. She walked, hunched bahis firmaları over, to the edge of the group of students.

“Don’t get up, he’ll kill you,” a boy warned. She shushed him. She looked at the door again. The terrorist could be seen, but he had his back to her. She quickly opened a closet door.

“Damn!” she thought. “Shelves!” She couldn’t fit in that closet and panicked as time was running out. She opened the closet next to the one with shelves and the hinges creaked. The man turned around, but she was determined to get in, close the door, and start going before he stopped her. She knew he wouldn’t stop her while she was taking a dump.

“What the hell?!” said the terrorist. “Get out of there!” She tried to close the door, but it was stuck. The terrorist was unfamiliar with the room and was not about to leave her alone in the closet where she could grab a weapon of some sort. He was, in fact, pissed that she had disobeyed. “I said not to get up!”

“Yeah, but I have to go! Look, I’ll just…” she said as she started to pull on the door again. The terrorist had walked over to her in this time and flung open the door.

“Didn’t I say…” he started as he brought his hand back to slap her. She shielded herself with her hands, and he stopped himself and smiled. “Come on out.” She somewhat smiled as she saw him smiling. She came out. He then frowned. “Get on the table.” He pointed at the teacher’s desk.

“Can I-“

“Get on the fucking table, bitch!” She ran to the table.

“It has stuff on it.” With a swipe of his hand he noisily cleared the table. She mounted the desk, sitting on her hands and knees, and stared at him for further instruction.

“Lift your skirt,” the man instructed the red-faced beauty. She looked around as she slowly lifted her skirt. Everyone in the class was staring at her pretty blue panties as they came into view. “Pull your underwear down.” Her mouth hung open in shock. He didn’t look like he was kidding. She gasped and almost started to cry.

“Uhh… I- I’m… uh… sorry. I- I’ll just go on myself-“

“Take your fucking panties down!”

“I’ll just go on myself!” she wailed back at him, seeing that yelling was all he knew how to do. The rest of the class didn’t know yet what her specific trouble was, with the exception from one or two of the bitchier girls, who were eager to believe what was about to happen and found their lips starting to curl up at the corners with sly smiles. The rest only knew that Ashley was being made to display her charms for their delectation. He pointed the gun at her head and she started to cry. She looked around for someone to save her, but the class kaçak iddaa was silent, staring with dreadful fascination at the disturbingly erotic scene unfolding before them. She let the skirt fall back down into place as she hooked her thumbs into the elastic waistband of her panties and slowly rolled her panties to her knees.

“On your hands and knees,” the criminal demanded. She sank to her knees and hung her head in shame. She was bawling now and most of the students sympathized, though many were glad to see her get hers. Part of her luscious behind could be seen by the students. Her insides churned. It was only a matter of time. “Pull your skirt back up.” Tears streamed as she pulled her skirt up, or forwards rather, considering her position. Thusly, she unveiled her butthole and juicy slit. She was mooning the class.

“You’ll never get your money, you know! You’re all going to die!” She said between sobs. She arched her back and straightened her knees to let her waist and legs lie on the table. She closed her legs tight, so the class could barely see her genitalia.

The terrorist ignored her comment. He knew that he was going to enjoy this. “Yeah, I’m sure. Who told you to lie down, bitch? Hands and knees.” She got back up and once again exposed her lovely labia and asshole to the class. The class noticed had trimmed her light brown pubes. “Ass up.” She tried to move her ass higher. “No,” he said and pushed her torso down so she was now on her elbows and knees. Her breasts hung down and her shirt almost touched the desk. Her spine was curved and her ass was accentuated as much as possible. It was beautiful. Her vaginal lips hung slightly ajar. Her black mountain-climbing boots hung off the desk. She hung her head and cried into her arms. “Ah-ah-ah…” He poked the bottom of her chin with the gun barrel. She looked straight forward. And tried not to show emotion as tears streamed down her face. She couldn’t tell if the pain in her stomach was because of her nervousness and embarrassment or because of her urge to dump her load. “Now go.”

Slowly, the rest of the class realized what the man was asking of her. Impossible… Ashley Wells, paragon of beauty, was being asked to either take a piss or, the absolutely unthinkable, take a dump right there in front of everyone. It just couldn’t be. Ice queens like Ashley didn’t pee, let alone defecate. They were above that sort of thing.

“I can’t.” The terrorist took out a knife and slashed the arm of a boy in the front, right behind the desk. He screamed and she looked back. “I- I mean… it’s r- really hard in front of all these p… people,” she quickly added. He looked at her for a second. Then kaçak bahis he tried to cut a girl in the second row, but she tried to guard herself and accidentally hit his hand away. He thought this was intentional and shot her in the leg. She cried as the boy in front of her held his arm. “Okay! Wait!”

She clenched her teeth and concentrated. Slowly, her legs opened and stretched the panties around her knees to allow room for her movement. She gasped a couple of times and a drop of saliva fell from her mouth. Finally, the class saw her asshole expand. A guy in the front shielded himself with his arms. She prayed for death as she took defecated in front of about 60 classmates. All she could think about was the ugly losers, that got to see her naked, for nothing. “Ungh… unghhhhh… Uhhhh…” A thick loaf of feces curled from her anus. She sobbed at the thought that her vile show had begun and she still had aways to go. Dismissing her attempts to have some dignity by keeping in what she could, the urine dripping out of her slit was allowed to become a full stream when she let go of her bladder. Piss jetted furiously out of her cunt. “I am still popular,” she thought. “I am the still most beautiful girl in the school, no, in the world. I have enough money to buy all these people. Enough to have them all killed.” She stopped pissing and a brown footlong scat log fell to the desk. She had more to go. “I can have them all killed. I’ll kill them all before they can tell anyone. If I could just escape…” Only a few people looked away. Some students were turned on, some enjoyed every second of her torment, and others watched in pity, not thinking about the fact that looking away would be the best action of sympathy. “I hate them all. They’re all a bunch of fucking bitches. I should let that fucker cut them all up.” An odor invaded the room as another load crackled and dropped onto the desk. “My life… is ruined…” she thought bitterly, and cried some more.

“Done?” She nodded, teary-eyed. The man rubbed her behind. “Good. You can go back to you place on the floor.” She pulled her panties up and straightened out her skirt. She tossed her hair as she got off the desk, like she often did, and walked back to her space, trying to maintain dignity by pretending nothing unusual had just occurred. The class was calm again.

She would have moved, but her family went through some harder times and her dad couldn’t afford to quit his job. She was not completely outcasted like she thought she would be. Although many agreed she had the most embarrassing and disgusting punishment, rape and mutilation stories of other students and some teachers were retold long after hers. Her display was not forgotten, though. She would never be as popular as she once was. Strange as it may seem, not too many people came when she started throwing parties again. Teenagers can be so cruel.

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