Ashley and Mia Ch. 08

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I’ve had a few requests to do background information on Ashley and Mia, before their college days and before they met each other so I’m going to attempt to do that. There isn’t going to be much sex in this one seeing that Mia had never been with a girl before she met Ashley. However there will be some on Ashley’s side of the story.


Mia’s Story:

“Hurry we are gonna miss the bus Mia!” Britney, my soccer teammate yelled at me from across the field. It was my freshmen year of high school and we had just lost our first game of the season. I had missed the goal that would have tied us to our opposing team and sent us into overtime. I stared down the field trying to think of what I did wrong, how I had messed up so bad. Suddenly I feel hands tugging on my arm and it snaps me back to reality. I turn and look into Britney’s concerned face.

“Hey girl, are you okay?” she asks gently stroking my back.

“Yeah. I just don’t understand how I missed…” I mumble.

“Don’t beat yourself up about that. The shot you took was a really hard one to make even for the pros. But we have to get on the bus or we are going to have to find some other way home.” Britney says. She wraps her arm around my shoulders and we start walking towards the bus. I look over at her and can’t help noticing how strikingly cute and pretty she is, even with dirt and sweat on her face. She gives me a warm and caring smile and tightens her arm around me. I shake my head; weirded out by sudden thoughts of attraction to Britney, and the warm feeling her touch gave me.

I drummed my fingers on the desk table impatiently, “Lily are you almost done?! You have been in there for hours!”

The bathroom door opens and Lily stands in the doorway. “How do I look?” she asks. My mouth drops. I look her up and down and I can’t get over how stunning she is. She is wearing a low-cut halter top and black jeans that fit her like a second layer of skin. Lily is rather tall about 5’7″, has dirty blonde hair and golden honey eyes that go nicely with her tan skin. She plays just about every sport you can think of and is in phenomenal shape. She has nice full breasts and I can’t help but be sad that even as a sophomore in high school I’m still waiting for my boobs to come in.

“Well…” she says starting to doubt her outfit choice. I compose myself and hope she didn’t notice that I was practically drooling over her.

“You look hot! All eyes are going to be on you for sure.” I tell her. Greatly pleased with that response she gives me a big blinding smile.

“Thanks babes.” she says and winks at me before looking at herself in the mirror. I look at her plump full lips and think about what they would feel like against mine. What the hell is wrong with you Mia, I think to myself.

Lily and I pull up to Josh’s house, he is a senior and on the football team. We manage to find a place to park along the street which isn’t too far from the house. We were both nervous since this was our first upperclassmen house party we had been invited to. Lily grabs my hand sending little shocks of electricity through my body. “Let’s do this.” she says. I smile at her and ring the doorbell. Josh opens the door and looks us up and down.

“Hey pretty ladies come on in.” he says. We step into the house and see the furniture pushed to one side creating a makeshift dance floor. Some typical EDM house party music is playing and there are a few people bumping and grinding to the beat. Everyone else seems to be gathered in the kitchen and dining area filling up their cups with beer and taking shots.

“Help yourself to whatever you would like girls.” Josh says and gives us a smile before turning to talk to some of the other party guests. Lily and I make our way through the crowded kitchen.

“What can I get you two?” an older handsome guy asks us, giving us a very friendly smile.

“How about a couple of beers?” Lily replies returning his smile.

“You got it.” he says giving us another smile but this time directing it at me. Lily elbows me in the side and lifts her eyebrows suggestively; I blush and take the cup filled with beer. I start to drink it hoping to make the blush on my face disappear. The mystery man is about to say something but some random guy comes up and gives him a playful punch in the arm. They look like they are really good friends and chat happily with each other.

Lily and I mingle with the other guests while we sip our beers. We go to refill our cups and get invited to do a shot of fireball. The shot isn’t too bad but it burns all the way down warming up my insides. Lily pulls me to the dance floor, “let’s get the party going Mia.” Luckily the alcohol is starting to kick in and I feel confident enough to be dancing with all eyes on me and Lily. We start out dancing next to each other, but soon Lily moves in closer and starts to grind her butt against me. I know she just wants to put a show on for everyone so I give in and grind back against her. Happy that I gave into her little game, Lily grinds harder against my crotch and grabs my hands and places them on her hips. bahis firmaları Something in me starts to awaken with her firm ass hitting me in sensitive areas. I start to try to distance myself from her body but she turns around and presses herself tighter against me. She straddles my leg and grinds against it. I can’t help but get turned on watching her grind her crotch on my thigh. She pushes her thigh up against me and grabs my hips so that I can match her grinding and humping moves. I feel my pussy start to throb as my jeans are pushed and rubbed against my clit. I start to close my eyes and enjoy the sensations.

“May I cut in?” Josh says offering his hand to Lily. Lily gives him a shy smile and pulls away from me. I try not to look too disappointed but then smile as I see the mystery man from earlier headed my way.

“Would you like to dance?” He asks me.

“Sure.” I say and give him a smile. He stands behind me and moves along to the beat. He keeps his hands on my hips and doesn’t go for a cheap boob or ass grab. He maintains a respectful distance between us, we are touching but he isn’t forcing my ass against him.

He leans down into my ear so he can be heard over the loud music, “My name is Damian by the way. Sorry I didn’t properly get to introduce myself.” His warm breath tickles my ear.

“I’m Mia and don’t worry about it.” I say turning my head as he leans down so I can speak into his ear.

“Pleasure to meet you Mia.” he says while pulling me in a little closer. I can almost feel the smile that I am sure is on his face. Damian seems very nice and he has yet to make a douche move so I reward his behavior by pressing my ass firmly against him and start to move faster to the music. He grabs my hips tighter and I can feel him starting to harden against me. See this is what you should be feeling. This is right, not whatever strange sensations you felt watching Lily grind your leg, I think to myself.

Slowly people start filtering out of Josh’s house. The party is finally coming to an end. I drove Lily and myself here so I stopped drinking awhile ago to make sure I would be completely sober for the drive home. Lily has been going hard all night and stumbles out the door, slurring her goodbyes to everyone. I help her into my car and drive to my house.

“I think it’s best you stay over tonight. Your parents wouldn’t be too happy if I dropped you off like this.” I say. Lily nods her head at me. I let Lily walk in front of me up the stairs to my room in case I have to catch her if she starts to fall backwards. I catch myself staring at her ass and quickly move my gaze up to the back of her head. I find some pajamas for her to put on and fill up a glass of water.

“Here drink this before bed. It will hopefully lessen the hangover you are going to have tomorrow.” I say handing her the glass of water. She downs it fast and slides into my bed pulling the covers up over her.

“Thanks. So what did you think of those hotties, Josh and that boy you were talking to?” she asks lifting her eyebrows suggestively. I slide into bed next to her.

“His name is Damian and yeah they are definitely hot. He seems really sweet. You and Josh looked mighty comfortable.” I say mirroring her suggestive face.

“He is super cool and chill, and seems way more mature than the other boys at our school. Also he asked if I would go out with him sometime.” she says excitedly. Her face lights up and she breaks out into a big smile; I can’t help but feel a tinge jealous. You should be happy for her. Why do you care if she goes out with Josh?

“Well I guess we should call it a night.” Lily says tearing me away from my inner dialogue.

“Huh… oh umm yeah you are right we probably should.” I reply. I rollover onto my side and close my eyes. A few moments later I feel like someone is looking at me and slowly open my eyes. I stare into Lily’s sleepy golden eyes.

“You are so pretty Mia and you are such an amazing friend.” she says and closes her eyes and starts to lean in towards my face. My mind races, Is she making a move on me? Is she seriously going to kiss me right now? Why am I excited about that? Is she gay? AM I GAY? No no I like boys and she is just drunk. Lily kisses my forehead and rolls onto her side no longer facing me. I go to sleep trying to ignore all the confusing emotions I was experiencing once Lily’s lips touched my skin.

“Tough practice today, huh? Coach was really working us.” Shae says to me as we walk into the locker room.

“Seriously I think she was having a bad day and took it out on us. My legs are on fire. I never want to hear the words suicides or mountain climbers again in my life.” I reply. All the other girls headed to the shower. I manage to pull my sweat soaked shirt over my head and lay it on the bench. I grab a clean towel from the bin and I am about to pull the rest of my clothes off when I feel someone touch my arm. I look over and see Shae.

“You’re taking AP English this semester right?” she asks.

“Ugh yeah, I’m starting to regret that decision.” I say, and she laughs.

“Yeah I feel ya. Have you kaçak iddaa started the assignment Mr. Jackson gave us?”

“Yeah I’m about half way done. I’m trying to break my procrastination habit this year.” I reply.

“Good luck with that.” she chuckles “Is there any way you think you could help me out?” I am awful with this Shakespearean crap.” she says. She looks upset and a little embarrassed to be asking for help. I am tempted to tip her chin up and wrap her in a hug, but given the fact that I don’t know her very well and I’m shirtless and covered in sweat I figure that isn’t the best decision. I realize I’ve been lost in thought for a moment too long and I feel her staring at me. I meet her deep blue eyes.

“Definitely, I would love to.” I say and give her a warm smile. She returns the smile.

“Thank you so much Mia! You are awesome!” she says and goes to grab a towel. By the time Shae and I head into the showers the other girls are turning off the water and drying off. I start to get a little nervous. I have no problem changing and showering in front of girls but there is always a big group of us and we chat about the upcoming games. Now it’s just me and Shae, who cares it’s not any different, just shower off quick. I pull the rest of my clothes off and hang my towel outside the shower. I pick a shower head fairly close to the entrance so I can get in and out fast. My high school has a really low-budget and struggles with keeping up with repairs throughout the building. The showers all used to have a curtain that acted like a makeshift wall in between each shower head, but the rods rusted and maintenance decided to completely remove them and not replace them.

I turn on the water which comes on faster and a lot colder than I expected. I jump back and bump into Shae. The realization that our naked bodies just bumped together makes me blush.

“Whoa there you alright?” Shae asks and grabs my forearms to steady me. Her hands are warm against my skin and I can’t help but get a glance of her toned fit body. She is a couple inches shorter than me so I’m glad I didn’t knock her over.

I laugh nervously. “Oh yeah I’m fine… sorry the cold water startled me.” I say.

Shae walks over and turns the water on of the shower right next to mine. Of all the showers why did she choose the one directly next to mine? Not even one over? That’s strange.

“Yeah you gotta give them a couple minutes to warm up.” she says. My water finally heats up and I step in, so happy to get the sweat off of my body. By this point the locker room is completely empty. I try to avoid looking over at Shae and just focus on cleaning up fast. After about 10 minutes I finally feel clean enough to turn the water off. I reach for my towel and wrap it around me, before I step out of the shower area I glance back at Shae. She squirts body wash into her hands and slowly starts rubbing it on her body. She slowly runs her hands across her breasts and I swear she plays with her nipples for a little bit. I quickly stare at the ground and walk to my locker. I quickly put on my clean clothes and head home.

A few days later my phone beeps alerting me that I have a new text message.

Shae: Hey are you free today to help me with the English assignment?

Me: Yeah. I’m free all day. Where would you like to meet?

S: Is my house okay?

M: Yep that’s fine.

Shae sends me her address and I arrive at her house ten minutes later. I ring the doorbell and look at my reflection in the glass. I straighten my clothes and my heart starts to beat a little fast. Maybe I should have worn something else… I should have put more makeup on… Why does it matter she has seen me covered in dirt, sweat, and grass stains without any makeup on. Why do you care so much? Shae opens the door and smiles. Her long dark brown hair is pulled up in a messy ponytail. She is wearing a loose fitting plain white v-neck shirt and I can tell she doesn’t have a bra on underneath. I would guess she is about a 34B bra size so they are small enough to get away with wearing a shirt with no bra, but big enough that you still notice. She has some black basketball shorts on that hang slightly off her hips.

“Thanks again for coming over here and agreeing to help me.” she says. I step in and she gives me a quick hug. Even though the hug is short it felt genuine and sweet. It wasn’t one of those light barely touch the other person hugs.

“No problem.” I look around. “Your house is very lovely.” I say.

“Oh thanks. My parents are kind of into keeping up with modern trends.” she replies. “No one is home but I figured we could still work on homework in my room. I have a nice window seat that is perfect for homework.”

“Fine with me.” I say. We walk up the stairs to her room and I instantly fall in love with it. The sun shines through the giant windows on the opposite wall and the window seat is huge with comfy looking pillows. She has a queen sized bed with various pastel colors on the bedspread. Her room is clean and tidy but still looks like someone actually lives in it.

“I love your room.” I say.

“Thank kaçak bahis you.” she says smiling at me. “Alright let’s get to it.”

We sit on the window seat and open up our English books to the chapter on Shakespeare. We start reading over the various examples of Shakespearean literature.

“Okay that right there! What the hell does that mean?” she asks frustrated and drops her head onto the book. I stroke the back of her head.

“Don’t beat yourself up about it. His writing is very poetic and symbolic sometimes you have to dig through the layers. This part, for example, is talking about how beautiful this woman is.” I say. Shae lifts her head and looks at me. I continue breaking down each line, “describing her beautiful eyes and red lips… how fair and perfect her skin is…” Shae stares at me the whole time I talk.

“I think I am finally beginning to understand all this old time language.” she says. I chuckle softly.

“Excellent!” I say. I start flipping through the chapter trying to find other examples to make sure she is finally understanding it. My hair falls down in my face and before I can push it out of the way I feel Shae reach out and tuck it behind my ear. My heart starts to race and I look at her. All I can think about is how pretty she is and how kissable her lips look.

“Have you seen the sports pictures they are going to use in the yearbook? I think they are awful, but oh well not my choice” she says.

“No, how have you seen them?” I ask.

“I have connections, my brother is on the yearbook team.” she says.

“I want to see them!” I say.

She gets up and walks over to her nightstand and opens the top drawer. She pulls the pictures out and pats the spot on the bed next to her. I get up and sit next to her on the bed. She hands the photos to me and I start flipping through them.

“Oh god I look awful in this one.” I say.

“Yeah right! Let me see.” she says. I pass the photo to her and her fingers touch mine. Electricity shoots through my body. I wonder if she felt that too. “Shut up! You look great in this picture!” she says.

I blush. “Thanks.” I say. I give her back all the photos. “Those are pretty awful, but thanks for sharing them with me so I know what to expect this year. The photographers never do a very good job at representing the sports teams.”

“Yeah no problem and I have to agree with you on that one.” she says. She sets the photos down next to her and I look at the carpet not sure what to do. Shae touches my shoulder and I look at her. She brushes my cheek lightly then leans in and kisses me tenderly on the lips. I freeze as she pulls away slightly so our lips are no longer touching. I lean in and kiss her back. Her lips part slightly and her tongue slips into my mouth. She puts her hand on the back of my neck as if to hold me to her. Her touch makes me panic and pull away. I get off the bed rather quickly tripping over myself. I look at her and her nipples are poking against her shirt. I wonder what it would feel like to have her tits in my hands, playing and teasing those nipples.

“Umm I need to go… I’ll talk to you later.” I say as I gather my book and notes up and show myself out of her house. I get in my car and pull out of the driveway fast. I get home and I’m shaking and my mind is reeling. What is going on with you Mia?! You need to stay away from her and stop these crazy thoughts about girls.

The next day at soccer practice I avoided Shae even though I could feel her glancing at me multiple times. Once in the locker room I decide to just grab my stuff and skip the shower. Shae walks up to my locker stretching her arm out so that I can’t run away.

“I got an A- on that assignment so I just wanted to say thanks for helping me out.” she says.

“Oh yeah no problem that’s great. I’m happy for you.” I respond staring at the ground avoiding her eyes.

“Look I’m sor…” she starts to say.

I cut her off “Don’t worry about it. I gotta go. See you around.” Shae didn’t talk to me much after that. The only time we communicated was during practice and games when we had to talk about certain plays and strategies. I was grateful that it was my senior year and that I would be leaving for college this summer, getting away from everything.

Ashley’s Story:

I swear she is doing this on purpose. She is such a teasing slut. Aurora, the teacher’s aid, sat at her desk diagonally across from me. She is wearing a small jean skirt, which shows off her long legs nicely, and keeps spreading her legs slightly revealing her blue see through lace thong. I can clearly see her neatly trimmed landing strip and it makes my pussy throb. I raise my eyes from her spread legs to her face; she is looking right at me. Shit. She raises an eyebrow at me and licks her lips before biting her lower lip. Fuck she is so hot and she is definitely showing herself off on purpose. She is breathtakingly pretty. She is a mix of Asian and Mexican with long black hair that she almost always wears in loose curls. She has light brown eyes and flawless tanned skin. She is 5’10” and plays on the basketball team. Her tough workouts and long hours of practice show and she is very well toned. Her smile is dazzling white and she has just one dimple on the right corner of her mouth.

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