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*Please enjoy an embellished retelling of the first time I visited an adult arcade.Names and places have been changed, all characters are 18 years old or older. I never really know what to write in these introductions so please enjoy and comment any critics when you’ve done.


My heart raced as I sat in my car gripping the steering wheel, my palms sweaty with anticipation and a little fear. Fear of being caught; of being found in this parking lot. I was out of the small rural town where I lived, but there was still a very good chance that someone else from the same small town would pass by here and see me, everyone went out of town to do their shopping as there were many more options than back home. I picked the parking spot furthest from the entrance drive, covered by the darkness of night and mostly blocked by a few trees along the roadside, a billboard, and the few other cars in the parking lot, but I still worried a wandering eye passing by on the street would see my car…or me crossing the parking lot to the entrance.

Everyone has heard of this place, had heard of the filthy things that happened here. Stories of “foul, perverted men” abounded, though no one would admit to having been inside to know first hand. It was always the thing of “I’ve heard….” this or that, but because of the seedy nature of the place it was automatically taken for the gospel truth.

I had been building up my courage to come here for months, hoping that the tales of the filthy and perverted were true. I’ve driven by with the intention to pull in numerous times, but always guiltily drove right past every time; but I am here now, car parked, fighting against the nerves racking my thoughts to start the car again and leave.

I took several deep breaths, trying to calm my squirming stomach. I wanted this. I wanted to be here, and I wanted to go inside. With every horny cell of my twenty-three year old body I wanted to be inside those walls to find out if what I’ve always heard was true.

I knew that the darkness would hide my entrance…mostly. There was one street light in the parking lot, opposite of where I was parked, and one light above the door. I knew hurrying in through the door would be my best bet of staying as hidden as possible so, with a lurch, I threw my car door open, nearly jumped out of the driver’s seat and swinging the door closed as I headed immediately for the door.

I reached the door and swung it open to a chime sounding off ahead of me. I was in the entryway and there was another door in front of me. Beside the door was a sliding window with a skinny man sitting behind it. He looked to be about forty’ish, incredibly skinny with stringy, shoulder length hair. He stared at me as I stared at him. Finally he gave an exasperated sigh and waved me forward so I stepped up to the window where he asked me for my ID. Handing it over, I peered through the window into a storefront filled with racks of videos, sex toys, and lingerie. I felt a blush wash up my spine and color my face but I couldn’t look away.

A mechanical buzzing caught my attention and the door in front of me made a clicking sound so I pushed through the door. The skinny attendant held my ID in his hand and waved me over.

“$10 entry and tokens for the arcade are thirty for $5.” He said in a well rehearsed tone. “Change machine in the back gives tokens only, no refunds on any leftovers.”

I fished out a twenty from my pocket and handed it over. “Tokens please.” I said, trying for a non-nervous tone, the exact opposite of how I was feeling.

The transaction completed, I stuffed the tokens in one pocket and my five in change in the other and turned towards the curtain covered doorway that had a sign that read “ARCADE” hanging above it.

I made my way into a dimly lit room with a large rectangular shaped section in the center of the room, the rectangular space having adiosbet yeni giriş a bunch of doors spaced around it in individual booths. A low murmur of groans and moans were coming from the booths, both male and female voices making up the chorus of background noise. As my eyes adjusted to the dim lighting, I noticed several men standing in the corners and against the walls, and a few others slowly walking past the booths, peering at the cracks between the doors. My dick immediately began getting hard.

I stepped to the side of the curtain and stood there for a minute, taking everything in. I saw a door open and a man step out of the booth, the flickering light from a monitor lighting the small space. Inside, I could see a hole through the wall of the booth and noticed light from another monitor lighting the adjoining booth.

My heart raced as the blood flow to my dick picked up and I was soon standing with a raging hardon in my pants. I worried that it was noticeable to the other men in the hallway around the booths, but I quickly realized that most of them were hard as well; their own bulge pushing against the fronts of their pants.

From my right side, a man came around the corner of the booths, walking towards me. He seemed to be in his forties, was tall and lean, and with an obvious erection in his khaki pants. He eyed me up as he neared and as he stepped past me he whispered, “Suck your dick.” then continue on around the next corner. He passed an open door to stand in front of another open one and looked back at me and nodded his head towards the first open door.

I stood frozen for a moment as he went in his booth and slowly closed the door. Looking around I saw several of the men leaning against the walls watching me and I was very self conscious of them having heard what the man said to me. I stared at the ground, pretending no one could see me, as I walked around to the open door the man had nodded at and stepped inside and latched the door.

The video already on the screen was of a large breasted woman getting fucked doggy style by a really fat dick, but the counter wound down and the video turned off and pitched my booth into darkness. I could see through the hole into the other booth where Mr Whisper stood lit by his screen. He had his pants open and his dick in his hand. I knelt down beside the hole to take a better look and saw that he was uncut, about seven inches long and pretty thick. Veins wrapped up the shaft of his dick and I stared as the foreskin rolled up and over the head of his dick.

I’d dreamed about it, jacked myself off numerous times thinking about it, but this was the first time I had ever seen another man’s hard dick and I was completely mesmerized as he stood there slowly rolling his hand up and down his shaft. His shaved balls hung low between his legs, swaying slightly as he stroked himself.

I knelt in front of the hole for what seemed like hours, just watching him manipulated his dick, when he slowly turned and pointed his dick straight at the hole. He bounced it up and down a few times then touched his finger up to the slit, drawing it away and a string of precum trailed off his dick head. He rubbed his finger across the slit once more and then stretched his finger towards the hole and poked it into my side. I was thoroughly aroused at this point and I flicked my tongue out across his finger, licking the precum off, then sucked his finger into my mouth. The salty sweetness hit my taste buds and I found I really liked the taste, and that I really wanted more.

He slowly drew his finger out of my mouth then stepped forward, close enough to the hole that the head of his dick poked into my booth. It felt like instinct took over and I stretched forward and took the head of his dick in my mouth, wrapping my lips around it as I licked my tongue against the tip, tasting more of his precum. Seconds later adiosbet giriş he pushed his dick forward even more and I tried taking in as much as I could. I’ve never sucked a guy’s dick before, and I knew I would make a fumbling mess of my efforts, but I wanted more than anything to swallow him down my throat.

As his dick reached the back of my throat I started to gag a little so I drew back to the tip again before taking him back into my mouth. I knew enough to know that teeth were not pleasurable, so I covered my bottom teeth with my lip and started bobbing up and down on my first dick. The feel of the smooth skin of his dick sliding across my tongue was amazing and I curled my tongue against the underside of his shaft again and let it drag across his dick as I worked my mouth up and down on him.

I started working more of it into my mouth and found that I could take him to the back of my throat without gagging, so I worked as much of him as I could with every stroke, swallowing this beautiful dick nearly to the base each time, letting my slobber leak from my mouth and down his balls.

He soon started pushing his dick forward, thrusting into my mouth as I slid forward. I gagged the first few times then somehow relaxed my neck and that overcame the gagging enough to allow his dick to slide into my throat completely. I was amazed every time my nose would brush against his pubes as he buried his dick down my throat.

His thrusting started to become more frantic as his thighs hit the wall between us with a little smacking sound and I wondered if he was close to cumming. He thrust forward hard a few more times, smacking loudly against the wall as he did, then I heard a muffled groan and he went still just as his cum shot into my mouth. The first spurt hit the back of my throat and made me gag and I pulled up to the head and swallowed the cum and saliva, then kept sucking until he finished shooting off in my mouth.

When his dick stopped convulsing, he stayed leaning against the wall panting for a few seconds before I felt his dick slipping backwards out of my mouth. I watched as he wiped off his head with a tissue then stuff his shrinking dick into his pants and fastest them up. He bent over towards the hole and whispered, “Thank you.” and then he left the booth. The light from outside was just bright enough for me to see another guy stepping towards the door as the first guy left. The guy leaned down and peered into the hole, trying to see me, but with my booth dark I don’t think he could. I was a little glad because he was an older, heavy set guy and I really didn’t want to suck his dick.

I stood up and adjusted my dick in my pants, then reached for the latch on my door and walked out of the booth. When I did, I almost ran into another guy; tall, broad shoulders, stocky build, who was standing right outside the door. I jumped, ducked my head in embarrassment, and started to step around him, almost muttering an “excuse me”, when he reached down and grabbed the bulge in my pants.

Caught by surprise, I groaned softly and looked at him. I was a little scared of him being so forward, but also really turned on by it, but the fear won over and I stepped around him and walked towards the exit. At the last second I turned away from the curtain and walked to the back side of the room.

It was nearly pitch black back there and it took my eyes a second to adjust. When they did, I thought I would either have a heart attack or cum in my pants. Right there in front of me, for everyone to see, were two guys. One was bent at the waist at an angle to the wall, one hand propped against the wall, and the other guy was behind him. They were fucking right there in the open! Shock and arousal washed over me in equal measure and I hurried past them, trying not to let them see me watching…even though that is exactly what they wanted everyone to do.

I adiosbet güvenilirmi made it up and around the corner and stood there for a second, then turned around and squeezed myself into the dark corner where I had a view of the two men fucking. I stood there watching them grunt and slap against each other, the guy getting fucked pushing back just as hard as the other guy was thrusting his dick into him. My hand immediately went to my crotch and I started tugging on my dick through my pants. I really wanted to pull it out and jack off while watching them, but I wasn’t ready to be exposed in the open like that. After a few minutes, the guy from the booth door walked up to me in my dark corner and leaned on the wall beside me.

“That’s fucking hot.” He said, nodding his head towards the two guys fucking. Then his hand found its way back to my crotch and he started fumbling with my dick. I moved my hand and let him have at it, at this point I was too aroused to care if someone saw him touching me, and I kept watching the two men fucking.

I was so caught up in the show that I didn’t realize the guy had unfastened my pants until he had my dick out in his hand. Fear washed over me again but arousal won out this time when he started pumping his hand up and down my dick. I moaned softly, sliding on the wall a little as I pushed my hips forward. The man pumped me a few more times then dropped to his knees in front of me and immediately swallowed my dick. The hot wetness of his mouth engulfing my dick sent shivers from my taint and up my spine. My whole body seemed to vibrate with arousal. He swallowed my dick expertly, seating it into his throat and holding it there while he flexed his throat muscles around it. I couldn’t help myself and I grabbed the back of his head and pulled him forward as I tried to push my dick further down his throat. He pulled back the tip and inhaled deeply then started sucking my dick in a fast pace, pulling back to the head and then swallowing me into his throat again, each time I could feel his nose bash against my pubes. I lost complete control of myself and started moaning loudly every time my dick bottomed out in his throat.

With a loud “uuhhhhhh!” my eyes squeezed closed and I grabbed his head and pushed my dick as far as I could and erupted into his throat. He took two pulses of my dick then pulled back and kept sucking the top part as my orgasm buckled my knees and made my back arch. I unloaded into him and he swallowed every drop I gave him.

When my dick finally stopped pulsing in his mouth, he started to slowly suck on my dick, cleaning off the last bits of cum that had smeared on my shaft and I collapsed back against the wall, feeling boneless as my orgasm started to fade.

When my eyes opened, I noticed several men were standing around us watching him suck me off with their dicks in their hands, furiously jacking off. Two of them came at nearly the same time, splashing the floor with their seed. I became really self conscious again and quickly pulled my pants up, stuffing my dick away and zipping up. The guy in front of me stood up and surprised the hell out of me by leaning forward and kissing me hard. His tongue forced its way into my mouth and I could taste my cum on him. He broke the kiss, squeezed my dick one time and said, “You are fucking hot.” Then popped another kiss on my lips. “Let me give you my number, I’d really like to play with you again.”

I just stared around dumbly at the men circling us and nodded. He took my number then cold called my phone. “Save my number as ‘Mr Peters’.” He told me, then turned and walked away. I immediately bolted for the exit and nearly ran back to my car. Thoughts of what just happened filling my mind like no porn video ever had. By the time I got in my car and closed and locked the door, my dick was already rock hard again.

I sat there smiling to myself over my adventure when I saw “Mr Peters” leaving the store. He calmly walked to his car and before he could get in it he was caught in the one streetlight in the parking lot, and that’s when it clicked in my head. “Mr Peters” was the man who owned the coffee shop downtown in my hometown!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32