Arab Prince and Milk Maid

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You would call me an Arab Prince. I am in my thirties and am very much for real. What I write here is true but I must shelter a little so that my stories cannot be traced back to me. I stand just over five foot ten, weigh one hundred and seventy-five pounds and am clean shaven. I have been told I look a little like Omar Shariff, but I do not believe that to be the case. I grew up in the Middle East and attended college in your country at a large state university. While I was there I became quite enamored with your beautiful women many of whom I had an opportunity to fuck. I am now back in my country involved in our family business, which is, of course, oil. I work few hours and have all the money that I will ever need. I basically live a life of hedonistic leisure. As it is your money that allows me to live in this manner and as it is your money that allows me to acquire and enjoy your succulent women I felt it was only fair to take a few moments here and there to tell you of a few of my adventures and life. I want to thank you for your money and your sensual women.

The Milk Maid

I own a small island just off the coast of my country that is about a mile and a half long and perhaps three hundred yards wide at the broadest point. There is a dock, a landing strip for my private jet, a very small village where about two dozen people in my employ live and my home that is on a small rise overlooking the white beaches and is 8,000 square feet in size. This is my oasis, where I come to escape and play.

A couple of years ago I was perusing an on line adult dating line when I came across the picture of a lovely young thing that lived in California. She said she was twenty had long blond hair that went to her rear end, large blue eyes and lovely pristine pale skin. Her most remarkable feature were her breasts that were large and cone shaped with incredible aureoles and large nipples. I had to have her for a very special plan that I had long nurtured. I summoned Hamdan and his wife Nessiba to my den.

I must take a moment to tell you of these two very important people in my life. As a young Prince, Hamdan was my chosen playmate. He came to our family from a Bedouin tribe. My father paid his family for his servitude as my companion. As we grew older he was trained by my father’s security as my bodyguard. I knew that he was eternally faithful and would die for me. He traveled with me to the United States and attended university with me and was my roommate throughout school. People would often think that we were brothers as we were constantly together and very dedicated to one another. Often I would allow him to fuck the young American women whom I had seduced when I was finished with them. When we graduated and returned home, Hamdan became my most trusted assistant. He managed my properties and conducted special assignments for me.

Nessiba had a similar heritage but a very different purpose. Nessiba is very beautiful with lovely olive skin, long black hair, large bosom and a lovely full ass. When I was eighteen my father took me to the wife of one of his managers whom he had sent away on assignment. He left me with her for a weekend while her husband was away. I later found out that he had told her what she was to do under threat of having her husband lose his job. The woman took my virginity and introduced me to the pleasures of the bed. I think she quite enjoyed herself regardless of the circumstances. When I returned home Nessiba, a girl of eighteen, had been placed in a bedroom adjoining mine. For the next two years while I finished my studies and prepared to leave for college I experimented sexually with Nessiba and enjoyed her in every way possible. My father’s plan was that when I left for school Nessiba would be matched back up with an older man from her tribe in marriage. I had grown to love her like a sister and did not want her out of my life. Unbeknownst to my father Hamdan had become enamored with Nessiba and she with him. With my permission Hamdan had begun to fuck her when I was away. I convinced my father to allow Nessiba to stay in the household while we were away at college and to offer her to Hamdan in marriage upon our return. Both Hamdan and Nessiba were thrilled by the prospect and our lives became intertwined forever.

When they came to me that day I told them of the flaxen haired American beauty on the Internet site and the plans I had for her. Hamdan made bahis şirketleri arrangements to travel to the United States to escort her back to the island and Nessiba began making the other arrangements that were necessary for me to enjoy her in the manner that I desired.

She arrived three weeks later and was even more beautiful in person than she was in her picture. The girl’s name I learned was Pamela. She was, however, extremely agitated because Hamdan had brought her to me without her consent. For legal reasons, I cannot tell you how he did it. Suffice it to say that it is possible to clandestinely give a woman a cocktail of drugs that will allow you to suggest that she come with you and she will follow you without question. To the outside world she seems perfectly normal and consensual but in reality she was abducted in plain sight. When she arrived it took twenty-four hours for the drugs to leave her system. When she became aware of the fact that she had, in effect, been kidnapped she was extremely upset. Nessiba, who speaks fluent English, stayed with her and kept her as calm. When the time for us to meet came, Nessiba bathed her and dressed her in a crimson sarong of the finest silks.

It was dressed in that manner that I met Pamela for the first time in the dining room of my island mansion. Nessiba brought her to me and introduced me to her as Abdul-Qahhar, servant of the subduer. I bent and kissed her soft attractively tapered tender hand and pulled out from the table one of the teak chairs for her to sit upon. Nessiba left us alone as I took my place at the head of the table to her right.

“Why have you done this to me, why have you brought me here?” she said with a trembling voice as tears welling up in her beautiful eyes.

“Have you been hurt or mistreated in any way?” I asked.

“No, everyone has been very, very kind.” She replied.

I smiled at her and reached across to take her hand in mine. “Then enjoy your dinner. Let me get to know you over our meal. Afterwards I will show you my home and talk to you about why you were brought here. After that you will be free to leave and return to your home if you so choose.”

“Really?” she asked.

I squeezed her hand gently before letting go. “Most definitely my dear. No one will harm you in any way. “

I rang the small bell on the table and the staff began to bring in the many courses of our meal. Over the next hour and a half Pamela told me all about her life in Southern California. She had dropped out of college after one year and was working at a trendy ladies dress store on Rodeo Drive as a sales assistant, a job that she did not care for at all. She also confessed that she had recently broken up with her boyfriend and was currently not in a relationship. Her mother had died when she was a teenager from breast cancer. Her father had remarried too quickly in Pamela’s opinion and that had caused them to drift apart.

I smiled as she spoke. She was the perfect woman for my plan. The background check that I had conducted through a very discreet PI in Southern California had already provided me with the same information and I was pleased to see that she was honest and forthright with me.

Good to my word after dinner I took her on a tour of the home and surrounding area. The absolute beauty of the home and island overwhelmed her.

When we went on the beach we took off our shoes. I took her hand in mine and we walked as lovers through the sand and let the gentle waves break over and around our feet. The night had settled on the island and with few artificial lights to interfere the heavens above were majestic. It was a sight that was never seen in developed areas where the many lights and pollution hid the magical heavens.

After rinsing our feet we picked up our shoes and I walked her back to my den. Islam dictates that alcohol is a sin. I enjoy wine and brandy too much to let my religion get in the way. I simply deem them to be soft drinks and leave the retribution to take place at a later time from a higher authority. I poured both Pamela and I a lovely brandy and we sat to have our talk.

Reaching over to my desk I retrieved what I was looking for and handed it to the beautiful young woman.

“What is this?” she asked.

“It is a check for a hundred thousand dollars made out to you.”

It was obvious from her reaction that she had never seen a check of that bahis firmaları amount much less one made out to her. “And what do I have to do for this?” she asked with trepidation.

“Nothing” I responded. “You have already earned the money from the unfortunate but frankly necessary manner in which we had to bring you here. And, of course, the pleasure of your company at dinner this evening and during our walk on the beach was worth every penny.”

“This is what you wanted to talk to me about?” she asked.

“No,” I said looking her in the eyes. “I have a proposal for you to remain here on the island. If you have interest in that we can talk. If you have no interest you are free to go with the understanding that your trip here and our evening together can never be discussed with anyone. The money is for the inconvenience and will only involve your signing a confidentially agreement- it will be just between us in other words. That is a condition of your acceptance of the check in your hands.”

I watched her to see her reaction. She simply looked at the check, a wonderful smile on her face. Pamela reached over and took a deep drink from her brandy. Her eyes met mine and did not leave them. “I’d like to hear what you have in mind.” She said as she placed the glass back down on the table.

At that moment I knew that I had her. She was trapped. Pamela was a beautiful but unsuccessful girl with a hundred thousand dollars in her hands on an exotic island with an Arab Prince and an unheard proposal. It was irresistible.

“After you hear my proposal you are free to accept or decline. If you accept you will go with Nessiba, if you decline Hamdan will return you to your home”. This was true. What she did not know is that if she declined we would drug her in such a manner that her memory would be completely wiped away and she would remember nothing of her time on the island and unfortunately much of her earlier life. We would also retrieve and destroy the check. This was an unfortunate but necessary procedure.

“Ok”, she replied.

“I propose that you remain here on the island with me.” I said watching her for a reaction.

“As your wife?” She asked with a lovely smile.

“No,” I replied. “Not as my wife but as a concubine. Furthermore you will need to allow Nessiba to provide you with a special vitamins and exercises before I will accept you into my bed.”

“I’m in great shape and heath,” she said defensively. It was the first time that I saw her level of immaturity. That would need to be curbed in the future.

“Yes you are”, I said with a smile that I hoped did not have too much of a leer to it. “But I have special needs and Nessiba will insure that you can provide them.” Pamela looked very uncertain. “You will have the enjoyment of the home and the island, an annual expense account of fifty thousand dollars for clothes, perfumes and trinkets that please you and each year that you remain here a hundred thousand dollars will be placed in an interest bearing account in your name.”

It took only a few moments of thought before Pamela rose and came to me. She sat on my lap and circled her long soft arm around my neck. I could feel the heat of her body and smell her sweet feminine scents. Leaning forward she kissed me with a passion that I returned. I could not help but weave my hand though the silks of her sarong and cup one of her magnificent breasts in the palm of my hand. Since I had seen them on the internet they had filled my dreams and now that one filled my hand I was not disappointed. She gasped as I gave her tit a firm squeeze. I felt her nipple grow hard.

“That is my answer” she said.

I rose and carried her in my arms out into the hall. Pamela expected, I am sure, to be taken to my bedroom and made love to throughout the night. It was something that I very much wanted to do as my cock was erect and eager, but there would be time for that later. Instead I took her to Nessiba, who had been waiting for us. Pamela looked at me in a puzzled manner. I kissed her one more time and then let Nessiba take her away.

For the next two months I was on the mainland and traveling around the world doing my business and did not see Pamela. I received regular emails from Nessiba telling me that my wishes were being adhered to and that things were going better than she had expected. I was in Zurich at a meeting when the email that I had been kaçak bahis siteleri eagerly awaiting came in telling me that all preparations were complete and that I could return at any time. I made arrangements to leave immediately and was back on the island within twenty-four hours.

Off my bedroom is a large pleasure area that I had specially constructed. If you have ever seen the movie Cleopatra or similar films you will remember scenes in a large tiled room with lounging areas, couches and a pool. My room is similar but modern with a pool that is like a very large hot tub/Jacuzzi. I showered and then sank into the hot bubbly pool and waited.

Pamela came in wearing a short shear peach colored silk robe. It was apparent that she wore nothing under the robe. She was stunningly beautiful. Her blond hair hung loose down her back. She smiled at me and let her tongue trace the contours of her lips. She then turned away and let the robe drop around her. I had not realized how long and attractive her legs were, so soft and well toned. From my vantage point looking up at her from the pool I could see the slit of her pussy between her thighs which had been cleanly shaved.

Slowly Pamela turned back around and looked down at me. “I hope you are pleased My Lord” I felt my cock begin to swell in the warm swirling water as I looked at the results of Nessiba’s efforts. Pamela’s breasts were engorged, blue veins were swelled near the surface and her nipples were full and erect. Over the weeks that I had been away drugs, vitamins and pumps had brought Pamela to full lactation.

The beautiful blond came into the water and sat next to me. I kissed her lips and sucked on her tongue. She arched her back and I bent my head down to take her swollen pink nipple into my mouth. As I gently sucked I felt her milk begin to release and I drank her sweet elixir. After about five minutes I switched and took her other tit in my mouth and nursed until she was drained. This was a pleasure of woman that I wanted. It was a pleasure that most men got only a few short weeks of their lives when their women were nursing babies and then only if the women allowed it. I had now arranged to have it anytime that I wanted.

While I took my fill of her milk I felt Pamela’s hand tentatively circle my erection. I did nothing to stop her as she began to gently stroke me. She leaned back against the side of the pool, closed her eyes and moaned as I mauled her tits. I found her soft parted thighs and slipped two of my fingers into her moist slippery cunt. As I began rub her clit Pamela pushed against my fingers.

I stood up and moved the compliant young woman so that her torso was outside the pool with her legs remaining in the water and her rear end up and open to me. Spreading her thighs apart I moved forward until my cock nuzzled into the crease of her pussy that was lustfully swollen with arousal and then I slid into the warmth of her cunt. Because she had had a boyfriend I had anticipated that she was not a virgin but was very surprised at how incredibly tight that she was. Pamela made the most wonderful earthy sounds as I slid deep into her and began to slowly pump in and out. She had not had any sexual release during the months that she was going through her lactation development and was very horny. I fucked her for almost half an hour during which time she begged me to fuck her harder as she had numerous and increasingly powerful orgasms. At last I felt that wonderful feeling spreading from my lower back through my body and I emptied myself deep into her womb.

That was five years ago. Today Pamela is still with me on the island. She is still very beautiful and continues to lactate. She makes me the most delicious sweet warm milk. I cannot get enough of her teats and have been known to carry her refrigerated milk with me when I travel for a special treat from home. She has never asked to leave the island and has been joined over the years by other women as I have built my American harem. She has developed a number of close friends and I am certain is very happy on my island. Some of those women have come to enjoy nursing on Pamela as much as I do. I have also used her special talent on a number of occasions in my business dealings, but that is another story for you on another occasion.

I hope that you have enjoyed learning a little of my life. I will write again telling of other very satisfying episodes. The next time you fill up your gas tank just think that thanks in part to you I am in bed with a young beautiful American woman sucking on her swollen tits and savoring her sweet milk. What a wonderful country you have. Thank you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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