April Come She Will

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My name is Lori. When the virus struck, I was sharing an apartment with April. I’m 24 years old, about 5′ 4″ tall and 115 pounds. I’m in decent shape, though no one would ever call me ripped. I have shoulder length brown hair, b-cup breasts, and a cute face — at least my boyfriends have said so. I was dating Cody up until a few weeks before, when he broke up with me to go chase some slut.

April is also 24, about an inch taller than me and five pounds heavier. She is half Japanese, half anglo with black hair in a bob, along with c-cup breasts and a nice ass. She was dating David when it all hit. I was fairly lucky. I got a pretty mild case or the virus, with only a slight cough and a slight fever. April had it worse, though not bad enough to warrant going to the hospital.

David got it far worse than April or I and did have to be hospitalized. He was on a ventilator and in pretty bad shape. There were services doing grocery delivery, so April and I began to use those, rather than go out to shop. A few times we got takeout delivered from restaurants, but mostly just cooked and ate in. Really, I did the cooking, as April was far too sick to do much.

I’m a financial analyst and we were assigned to work remotely as soon as things started to get serious. I was well enough to generally put in a full day without a problem. April was a computer geek and also assigned to work remotely, though most of the time she did well to put in a few hours sitting in bed with her laptop.

I was basically responsible for cooking, cleaning, and laundry while April was ill. She couldn’t manage any of it and mercifully, we had a washer and drier in our two bedroom, two bath apartment. While I didn’t always feel great, I still managed to be far better than April. She mostly slept, ate occasionally, went to the bathroom, and worked as many hours as she was able.

One day, I heard some voices, which was pretty usual, along with the coughing which was hard to miss. Shortly after that, I heard the sound of crying from April’s room. That left me concerned that something truly terrible might have happened. I guess I wasn’t too far off, in one sense. I went in her room and saw April sitting on her bed.

“What’s the matter, honey?”

“I got a call from David’s mother.”

“He didn’t die, did he?”

“He might as well have.”

“What do you mean?”

“His mother decided that I am responsible for David being sick.”

“That’s ridiculous, millions of people around the world are sick.”

“She said it’s the fault of the Chinese, so that makes me responsible.”

“You’re not Chinese, you’re Japanese, and only half.”

“Seeing the difference requires a brain and a lack of bigotry, which leaves her out.”

“Fuck her.”

“She said that even if David lives, I’m never to see him again, and David agreed.”

“And you think David will agree to that after he gets better?”

“In some ways he was too much of a mama’s boy. If that’s what she really wants, he’ll do it.”

“Fuck him, then. You’re better off without him.”

April still had tears running down her face and a pathetic look in her eyes as she looked at me.

“Would you please sit with me, and hold me for a while?”

“Of course I will, baby.”

I sat down on the bed beside her and put my arm around her. Since I’d already largely run through a milder case of it, I wasn’t worried about catching anything from her. She leaned her head against my shoulder, held me tight, and just wept until she fell asleep. It was already early evening and I’d finished whatever work I was going to try to do for the day.

A little later, I would need to make dinner for the two of us, but I wasn’t hungry yet and I really didn’t want to disturb her. I just leaned back and I drifted off to sleep for a while. Before we broke up, Cody and I had fallen asleep holding each other more than a few times. I felt comfortable and had some pleasant dreams. I woke up a little later when April had a coughing fit.

I got her a cough suppressant and pain reliever, and a cough drop to ease the immediate issue. She was okay for the moment, so I made us both some dinner and cleaned up the kitchen as I went along. It was nothing elaborate and mostly from nonperishable items or items that would last a while in the fridge. April didn’t seem much interested in food.

“I’m not really very hungry and don’t feel much like eating anything.”

“Your body needs energy to heal itself.”

“Why do I even care?”

“Because you’re important.”

“To who?”

“To me and to your family.”

“I’m so important to them that they didn’t even show up.”

“That’s not fair. They’re five hundred miles away and have to take care of your little sister.”

“And since she’s asthmatic, they don’t want her around me.”

“They still love you. Please eat — for me and for yourself.”

“Will you sit here and eat with me?”

“I can — but you need to drink more too. Don’t let yourself get dehydrated.”

“The more I drink, the more I have to pee, and it’s hard getting to the bathroom, canlı bahis şirketleri as weak as I am.”

“I’ll help you get to and from the bathroom, any time you need.”

“Please sit on the bed with me while we eat.”

“As long as you eat, and promise to drink more.”


She sat up in bed, scooting to one side to make room for me. I put a tray of food on her lap, and set a large bottle of water on the table beside her. She wouldn’t touch her food until I sat down next to her with my own meal. I began to eat, and April slowly and reluctantly began to eat as well. I gave her a look, which she saw, so she drank some water as well. We finished our meal and I got up.

“You aren’t leaving, are you?”

“I have to take the dishes to the kitchen, rinse them and put them in the dishwasher. Then I have to put away the leftovers and clean up a bit.”

“Please come back when you’re done with that.”

“I will.”

I cleaned everything up, put dirty dishes in the dishwasher and wiped things down, so we were clean. Once I was done, I went back in April’s room. She was squirming a bit and had a funny look on her face. I was puzzled but walked over to her bed.

“I knew this would happen when I started drinking. I need to pee.”


“Please help me into the bathroom.”

I helped her to her feet, which she did very slowly and carefully. We moved kind of slow as I held her and we walked to the bathroom. We got in there, and I was going to leave, but she needed me to stay. She was wearing a long tee, and wore panties underneath it. When she got out of bed, I got a quick glimpse of her panties.

“This is kind of embarrassing, but I am terribly weak.”

“What do you need?”

“I’ll hold onto you to steady myself.”


“Pull down my panties for me, then lift up my nightshirt as I sit down.”

“You want me to…?”

“It’s embarrassing for me, but I need the help.”

I reached under her long tee and got hold of her panties. She had her arms wrapped around my neck to steady herself. I pulled her panties down to around her knees, then lifted her shirt and I steadied her as she sat on the toilet. Once she was seated and everything seemed copacetic, I was going to leave to give her a little privacy.

“Please don’t go. I’m going to need more help. And it’s not like you haven’t seen a woman pee before.”

I guess it could be worse. She could be completely bedridden and using a bedpan. I’m glad that neither of us has to deal with that. At any rate, I stood there as April peed, then wiped herself off. She wrapped her arms around my neck again and I lifted her up then she held on as I pulled her panties back up. I held her as she washed her hands thoroughly, then she held onto me as I washed my hands.

I walked her back to her bed and steadied her as she lay back down. Actually, she sat in bed, leaning back against some pillows. I was going to leave, when she patted the mattress alongside her.

“Please sit with me for a while.”

I had already pretty much cleaned everything up, so I sat down beside her. It was obvious than she wasn’t well, but she snuggled up next to me. I’d already had the virus and it didn’t hit me hard, so I wasn’t concerned about that. I had a warm fuzzy feeling from having April snuggling with me. That kind of puzzled me, because I’d never had much interest in women.

Okay, when I was younger and still trying to figure out who and what I was, I’d had a few intimacies with other women, but there was never any real feeling behind it all. We were exploring and trying things out and we knew we liked boys, and spent our efforts at getting boys interested in us. I don’t know, I guess it was more just a shared feeling of comfort than anything else.

With April snuggling up next to me, I had a few twinges of feeling. April was my roommate in the apartment and we were close, but had never had any sort of romantic attraction to one another. Well, I didn’t think we did. There was something that felt very right about holding April. I wasn’t sure why that was or even what that was, and it was a little scary. April needed me though, and I wasn’t going to let that interfere with making sure she was okay.

As it got later, April scooted down in bed, but asked if I would stay with her and hold her. She had been through a lot, between dealing with the virus, then getting a bunch of shit from David’s mother, including having her tell April that David was dumping her. April needed support and she needed comfort and with family so unavailable, I was her support.


The next few days were pretty similar. I worked remotely during the day, taking time to make meals for April and I, and also helping her in the bathroom. She also wanted me to continue to sleep beside her at night. Though she was still very ill and weak, it did seem to brighten her mood. I had some mixed feelings about it since it was almost becoming too intimate.

In addition to snuggling together, April took to kissing me on the cheek canlı kaçak iddaa to thank me. That gave me some flutters in my stomach and I wasn’t sure if I wanted her to stop, or to kiss me even more. I was torn. I like guys and was pretty sure I didn’t want an intimate relationship with another woman, but I found myself becoming increasingly close to April.

A few days later, she said she felt really grubby and needed to take a shower. Of course she needed my help to do that. We have a little porch and a couple of plastic chairs out there, so I brought one of those in and put it in the shower. That way, April didn’t have to stand the whole time, which she couldn’t manage anyhow.

The shower had a moveable head so it was easier for April to shower, but she still needed my help. I helped her get to the bathroom and remove her clothes and get in the shower. Even with being able to sit, there was no way she was going to be able to shower by herself with no help. I had to get out of my clothes and get in the shower with her.

Yes, I suppose I could have tried to keep my clothes on, but they would have gotten soaked, so it was easier for me to get naked too. I mostly held the shower head and directed the water, getting her wet and rinsing her off. One part of me did not want to be washing her breasts or her groin, while another part of me got tingles at the thought.

I had to wash her back and help her wash her ass. She giggled as I washed her ass, which I tried to ignore. She also giggled and squirmed as she washed her breasts and her groin. I was kind of embarrassed when she moaned as she washed her pussy. I more of less washed myself while we were in there. I was getting wet and would have to dry off, so I might just as well wash too.

I turned off the water and had a couple of towels at hand. We dried her as best we could while she sat, then I helped steady her as we finished drying her as she stood. Her naked body was pressed against my naked body as we dried her. That made me feel a little funny and I noticed that even though I’d dried myself between the legs, it seemed to be still a little wet.

I didn’t want to think that was because I was being turned on, but I was afraid that might well be the case. I helped her put on panties and a nightshirt and sat her down as I stripped the bed and washed the sheets that she’d been lying on for far too long. That, at least, gave me a chance to get fully under control again. I made her bed and helped her back into it.

She hugged me for a long time — long enough so I began to wonder if there was something more to it than just thanking me. April had never seemed to be interested in women, so far as I knew. She had never said anything that made me think she wanted any sort of physical relationship with a woman. Still this whole thing seemed to be escalating, and I wasn’t sure that I didn’t want that.

It eased up some after that, though she still wanted me to help her to and from the bathroom and to sleep beside her at night. I don’t know if she was uneasy with the escalation or whether she realized I was. I got less uptight about it all, but we both seemed to be getting comfortable with being physically closer. I continued to work remotely and April was able to work a couple of hours a day.

“Have you heard anything more about David?”

“I don’t care about that asshole anymore.”

“I got a text from Cory. Apparently he and his slut aren’t getting along.”

“What happened?”

“She was being a slut with more than just him.”

“And I suppose now he wants you back.”

“I told him that we were through — even once the virus has run its course.”

“You mean he wanted to get together now?”

“He wanted to know if he could come over.”

“Fuck that.”

“All he really wanted was to fuck me, and I don’t need that.”

“Who knows what things the slut may have picked up.”

“Exactly, and I don’t need that shit. Besides, I’m not going to leave you on your own just to fuck him.”

“Thank you.

“I know it’s hard to give much thought to such things while you’re sick, but have you thought about other guys you might like to date, once you’re better?”

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t want to become a nun or a recluse because of one guy and his shitty mother.”

“Sometimes there was a closet bigotry against Asians even before the virus.”


“Some people acted as though they were afraid we were going to push them aside.”

“That sucks.”

“Then there’s the guys who had a fetish for oriental women.”

“Hard to say what’s worse.”

“Some seemed to think a woman of Asian descent should be quiet and compliant.”

“I never realized that Asians had those kinds of problems.”

“It’s not like what blacks, Muslims, or Hispanics face, and it’s mostly older folks who are most bigoted.”

“Sorry. I never thought you’d face that.”

“I just want someone who cares for me, not my ‘exotic’ appearance or brain power.”

“You are pretty smart.”

“Like you aren’t.”

So basically she was pulling canlı kaçak bahis back from the dating scene for a while. I suspected that once she felt better she might have greater interest but the thing with David turned her off, and she did still feel quite ill. I wasn’t sure she was quite as ill as she had been. She was far perkier and she was eating better, but she still wanted me to help her with things.

That seemed to take another step forward a few days later when she wanted me to help her with her shower again. We went through a lot of what we’d done before, which was plenty intimate even then.

“Lori, could you help me with something else?”

“What do you need?”

“I hesitate to ask.”

“You know I want to help.”

“It’s kind of embarrassing.”

“More than helping you go to the bathroom or bathe?”

“My armpits, legs, and things are getting shaggy, and I still feel too shaky to do that.”

We stayed in the shower, because it seemed easier. The armpits were pretty straightforward. I just had her hold each arm up — basically draping over her head to make it easier. She was still wet, so I shaved each armpit, then rinsed it off with the shower. I got another plastic chair and she propped each leg up on it as I shaved it. The backs of the legs were a little trickier, but still easy enough.

April kept her bush shaved completely. She slid forward on the plastic chair, leaning back and spreading her legs wide. I wasn’t sure I really should be touching her down there, even though I could tell I was getting a little wet at the thought of it. I took a deep breath before I even tried putting shaving cream on her.

I had to be careful. With shaving cream on, I couldn’t see her parts as well, and I didn’t want to hurt anything. I carefully put a thin layer of shaving cream around her pussy. Obviously, I was touching her pretty intimately even to do that. As I put the shaving cream on, April did a little giggle, which made me wetter, not that I needed that.

I carefully shaved the hair from around her pussy, making sure to get any stray hairs that I might have missed initially. Once everything was shaved clean, I took the shower head and rinsed it all off. I looked up to see April biting her lower lip as I worked on her. That made me even wetter, and I so wanted to go and jill myself to a huge orgasm.

Once she was rinsed off, I helped her dry herself, but before we put clothes on her, she asked me to put some lotion on all the areas that I’d shaved. Clearly, armpits and legs were not an issue. She sat on the toilet as I put some lotion around her pussy. She spread her legs wide and slid as far forward as she could, leaning back against the toilet tank.

“Don’t be stingy with the lotion, and don’t rush.”

She tried to stifle it, but as I rubbed lotion around her pussy, April had a slight moan. I swear, I was getting so wet, I was afraid it was going to drip onto the floor. I was torn between wanting to rush from the bathroom and wanting to spend far longer touching her pussy, and maybe even putting a finger in her. She moved her hips around as I spread lotion on her private areas.

I stopped and looked at April’s face and I felt like she wanted nothing more than for me to continue to touch her. She could see the indecision in my own eyes, and she bit her lip again and dropped her head. She wasn’t going to ask, but somehow I felt that if she’d been sure I’d do it that she’d have had me do a lot more to her.

Did I really want to touch her that intimately and that much? Part of me certainly did. It had been weeks since I’d been with Cory and I’d now been sleeping beside April for days. I’d held her, snuggled with her, and spooned her as we slept. At this point, we’d done almost everything short of actual sexual contact, and now we’d kind of walked the edge even with that.

Once I had her dressed and back in bed, I went to the other bathroom to take care of myself. I undressed completely and sat back on the toilet, with a towel under my ass. My left hand slid down with two fingers stroking my labia. I slowly moved them up and down as my right hand began to caress my right breast.

As I touched myself, in my mind, I saw April touching me. I tried to push that out of my mind. I didn’t even want to think about having her touch me like that. I tried thinking about Cory, but my disgust over him dumping me for a slut was so great, it drove him right out again. I tried thinking about other men that I’d dated and slept with, but they quickly faded as well.

My two fingers began to slip inside my pussy as I gently pinched the nipple of my right breast. I began to drive my fingers deep in my cunt as I switched over to teasing my left breast. I was moving my hips as I got ever more turned on, and in spite of all my reservations, in my mind I saw April doing these things to me. My clit peeked out from its hood and I stroked it with my thumb as I continued to fuck myself with my fingers.

I could feel my orgasm building up inside me and I almost wept over getting so aroused while imagining my arousal coming at the hands of my roommate. I wanted to cum, I needed to cum, but I didn’t want to feel like I was cumming at her hands. I liked boys — I thought I liked boys anyhow. I’d never been turned on by women — never even thought of women sexually until recently.

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