Any Hotel, Anywhere Hot Ch. 04

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I have no idea how long we lay there in this bliss but it was deep, deep into the night when I peeled myself carefully away, parting our flesh as cautiously as I could. I arose on very wobbly legs and triggered the light in the bathroom. As a loud stream of manly piss thundered into the pan, I heard a deep, soft laugh from the bed. Next thing, a great paw wrapped around my chest and in the mirror I saw Abdullah’s sleepy face, he rested his chiseled chin on my shoulder and just smiled and smiled and smiled as the last few dribble of urine tinkled into the water below, he put his hands on my hips and gently, politely but insistently moved me aside so that he could relieve his own bladder.

My belly gave a growl of complaint and as he pissed long and loud, he laughed again, perhaps at the “matter of factness’ of our bodily being. The kind of thing that straight men, sharing a room, would laugh at. However, he had now transgressed and transformed completely. He stood before me, the most entirely sexual being I have ever seen and I believe it was me, somehow, that became the catalyst for his change. They say laughter is a great healer. I believe that. What now?

I knew immediately “What now?” FOOD needed NOW. I looked at my watch, 04:30. My heart sank and I rumbled again loudly. He patted his furry, rock hard belly and grinned at me broadly. He knew better than I that the windowless world of the casino, perhaps the only place in the world where time did not rule and where all manner of fresh foods are piled high all day and all night for the gamblers and this was bordering on an emergency.

Although it was tempting to share a shower, my need for food was so urgent, having eaten last at lunch the previous day (exercise, pool and weights and mind-blowing sex and then more tumultuous sex). I took the first turn and trying to ignore the trauma in my arse, I was out in 2 minutes and Abdullah happily crammed his gargantuan musculature into the modest cubicle over the bath. What a sight! His turn was not record breaking but his black fur, streaked with tiny rivulets dripped onto the bathmat after only 4, by which time I had put on my shorts and T and jokingly pulled his hand towards bedava bahis the door as if we should go out with him entirely naked. In return he pulled me to him and clenched me tight against his dripping, utterly gorgeous body, soaking the front of of my shirt and shorts. You gotta love a guy like that, right?

Five more minutes he was back in his suit trousers and white shirt, with the magnificence of his body hair totally on show in the absence of his silk base layer. We walked down the corridor hand in hand, a perfectly natural thing in his homeland for male friends or close family to do. When we got into the elevator, however, the sight of us kissing deeply and rubbing against each other in the most erotic manner would perhaps have not been so familiar,

Abdullah knew which of the three dining areas would have what he was permitted to eat and he guided me there. We filled our plates happily and watched each other eat at an alcove table in an almost entirely empty dining hall to the constant burbling and jingling accompaniment of the adjacent slots. Grinning and chewing over a shared secret and titanic, action replay memories whirring randomly in our heads.

In fact, within half an hour, we were back in my room, naked and beginning the next phase of our mutual exploration and enlightenment. Caesar salad may not be a perfect aphrodisiac but it was enough to recharge me and I had an agenda.

You will know from my previous encounters that a major part of my sexual reward comes from breaking down the big guy and it is such a massive turn on for me when a guy, as strong or stronger than me, surrenders to my passion for his body.

Abdullah had learned to release himself and let his instinct override his convictions, so when I went between is legs, first worshipping his massive calves, his colossal quads, snuggling again in his groin, he trusted me implicitly as I hoisted his legs in the air and dove in on his arse. He had, after all, witnessed the effect on me when he kissed and lapped at my hole. If he was going to be in with a chance of busting me open again with that tree-trunk cock of his, he was going to have learn to give my hole a damn good bedava bonus tongue fucking first.

Once again, the effect was revelatory, as I’d hoped it would be. Almost as soon as I began kissing and tongue poking, nibbling and gobbling around that hairy orifice he began whimpering and panting and committing himself to this, in his culture at least , ultimate indignity. He pulled up his own legs, no mean feat for me to support in such a muscle man, this left me my hands free to part his furry bubble butt cheeks and really get my whole face into this arena.

He burbled under his breath some incomprehensible obscenities and his eyes rolled back in his head like the trance of shaman. Once in a while I would suck one of his huge testicles into my mouth and check on the fullness of his hard-on. No fears about this it was one hell of a turn on for the man and I went back to reaching into his magnificent body with my tongue.

Again and again I twanged his monster cock to feel it snap back against his furry belly like a taught spring, each time collecting a tear of his pre-cum for the launch of my rocket into his inner space. I’d go back to stretching and teasing, nibbling and squeezing and he would push my face hard into his crack with a hand or sometimes applying the heels of his feet to keep me there and to encourage my feasting on his tender flesh.

When I knew that I could do anything I want and he would thank me, I moved up and placed the swollen, purple head of my cock against the dribbling opening I had facilitated. He made little pleading noises and pitiable facial expressions but by then it was obvious his resolve to keep his virginity was broken and he longed for me to hump him and pump him full of my spawn as he had done to me. It was so beautiful the way those wrinkled anal tissues gave host first to my cock head and then swallowing slowly my whole 9 inches of salami, until I felt my ball sack touch down o his hairy rump. His face was a gallery of subtly changing expressions as he felt my body merge once again with his. He was shaking and jittering as if already in the throws of orgasm and my cock hadn’t even moved. I held his ankles, he reached deneme bonusu up for me and I pressed him down to kiss him fully, deeply and passionately at this moment of our sublime union.

I held our kiss, knowing that his breathing was restricted, I slowly drew back my cock and slid gently back in to feel the inhalation and exhalation if provoked as if pumping a bellows. I spread his legs wider to give him more air, he was a tremendous bull under my body but a helpless lamb under cock. I widened his stance as far as he could go and rolled him so that his feet touched down behind his head and I had him entirely pinned, even with his fantastic strength he could not have moved me now and he was mine, dribble and snot and pre-cum issued forth and I went to work in this most effective of sexual positions.

I long-dicked him very very slow at first and so deep he flinched each time I touched down. his legs spread into a splits to open him up totally. Not in a cruel way, I knew well how that frisson of pain at the very limit of your ability to take any more puts the experience onto the next level and here he was, Abdullah, the virgin, eyes popping out of his head, dribbling like an infant, his great penis so hard you could sharpen a knife on it. I could see this was not going to last for long even without my friction, the mess in his mind, his submission, he was ready to blow. I pulled and thrust back in with one movement and he was over the falls. So great were his convulsions it was as much as I could do to hold his legs. I watched, fully conscious as the cramps around my cock shot forth from his cock and load after sticky load of cum splattered up and onto his own belly, you’d never believe a second load could be so fruitful.I scooped up his jizz and thrust my fingers into his helplessly gaping mouth and he suckled on them like a hungry baby.

My nuts were boiling but I had one final barrier for him to overcome to complete this amazing transformative experience. I whipped out my dick and straddling his chest as bet I could, I fed him with it straight from his own arse and down it went. I could scarcely believe it. He worshipped my dong, nursed on it, licked it. and grinned up at me as if it were the greatest prize a man could be awarded. That was enough for me and I came into his mouth, up his nose all over his bristled cheeks, his hair, it was everywhere and once more we went into a breathless marathon of kissing and cum sharing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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