Angie’s Tale

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In all erotic stories you read about nasty fantasies that people choose to share with you. How many is just a fantasy? or are they stories played off as fantasies? A friend once asked me why I didn’t try to write something in the romance area, the reason I do not is because I’ve never known much in the way of romance. To be honest kinky sex really hasn’t been a part of my life either which is surprising how my mind could create such nasty images and stories. Would I ever act out on these fantasies? Not very likely. This story you’re about to read will not be one like you’ve read before, this story is mine. Most of the experiences I’ve had are more on the funny side, some may even be gross, but I feel that I should share the person that I am. There will be no names mentioned and locations will be left out, however the sizes will be told how they actually were.

Growing up I was more of the odd ball, I was tall and very skinny with short curly brown hair. We didn’t have a lot of money so I never had the name brand cloths or the great lunches like a lot of my other class mates had.

When I was five years old, I was diagnosed with a kidney disease, which resulted in me breaking out in hickey like marks all over my body more so in the warmer areas of my body than anywhere else. I spent a tremendous amount of time travelling to different doctors who at that time had no idea how to cure my illness. On a beautiful summer day, I became paralysed from the waist down from this disease, my parents got me to the hospital right away and there I stayed for eight days until I got better, and began to walk again. Luckily I was not plagued again after that for some unknown reason. Due to this disease though it did have permanent effects because I was taken off all dairy products my teeth were robbed of the calcium they needed to be bright and strong, needless to say this was another tease I was faced with during my school years.

I remained under weight until I was around 14 when I was diagnosed with Anemia and over active thyroid. Immediately I was placed on the necessary medications to build my iron up. Along with the medications came the diet, which slowly allowed me to gain the weight I needed. At the time of being diagnosed I was 5,7 and only weighed 100 lbs. The anemia was a result from the kidney disease I had in my child hood years.

I know you guys are waiting for the funny stuff to begin and it will, I just needed to give you all a bit on who I was and some of the struggles I’ve had along the way.

I was one of those ones that didn’t experiment with sexual stuff until I was much older than all my friends. Going through high school I was the “square” one. I performed oral for the very first time at 18 to a guy who didn’t even speak my language. It was an odd experience, just him and I in a back field in my grandparent’s campground. We started off with kissing, and then the time came for me to please him orally. Due to the fact we didn’t speak the same language I had to motion for him to pull down his pants for me, which he did pretty quickly. It seemed like I had this thing in my mouth forever not knowing what or when to expect it. I eventually got bored and decided to remove my mouth to turn and look at him while I continued to play, as my back was turned was when he came…UP THE BACK OF MY SHIRT!! (shouldn’t have told my cousin I had done things earlier that night when it wasn’t true) After I had got back to the tent I remember telling her that I had this lump feeling in my throat.

Another oral experience was later that summer when a friend and I had met these other two guys (again at a campground) and we decided that later that night we would sneak out once our parents were all asleep to go across the road into some bushes to hang out a bit.

When the time was right she and I left our tent to go over to the guy’s tent to get them to leave with us. Once we got there because it was so dark we didn’t know which end was the door so we took our chances and kicked at one….bad idea that was the end with their heads, they did come out though. We went across the road deep into the trees and bushes to sit and hang out, until the time had come for this guy and I to go off on our own for a bit of fun.

He and I went further into the bushes and sat and talked awhile. In the distance I could hear my friend calling for my whereabouts so I tried to direct her over to me. Due to all of the branches and the hill leading toward the water she ended up tripping and rolling down the hill all you could see as she screamed her way down were the branches separating until she luckily was stopped on a tree just a few feet from the water.

After she had come and was sent back, it was just the two of us again. We started kissing and making out at bit and then it was time to see what he had. At first I couldn’t see anything because he had so much “fur” and then all of the sudden his little friend popped out, and I couldn’t stop my comment of “oh there it is!”.

At the age of nearly 19 I got my first real boyfriend who later took my virginity. We were inseparable, and were beginning tandoğan escort to experiment more with foreplay and oral. On one of these occasions he was fingering me very hard and ended up causing me to bleed we later realized what had really happened and that was that I had lost my virginity to his fingers so later that night we went to his place and did the deed.

I remember looking at the ceiling over top of me as he entered my fragile vagina thinking to myself, “this kinda hurts” and ” I don’t think I like this.” I was not impressed at all with my first time or any other times that I would have with this boyfriend. At that time I didn’t know why I didn’t have the great time I was told so much about by my friends. One day he told me that his style is different then any other guys and that was instead of using his hips to manoeuver his penis into the girl, he would use his feet. I think he knew he couldn’t please me and often told me during sex to just fake it so that he could think he was doing a good job. We rarely used protection (I know, STUPID!) And yes I did become pregnant for the very first time and I was forced to make the hardest decision of my life which I regret more than I could ever explain.

I was never very attracted to white guys and always had that mission to get with my first black guy and at 20 I finally did. For almost a couple years there were only two races that I would have sex with and that was black and Hispanic. I think a lot of the reason I didn’t like sleeping with white guys is because they didn’t appear to know what they were doing, like instead of grinding down deep into me, they would just slam aimlessly. Another thing that grossed me out was the fact that their balls were so big, I know there’s nothing wrong with that but for me this was a turn off.

My first black experience was with a guy five years older than me whom I would later find out was a drug dealer from a bigger city.

On that night we had smoked a joint of Jamaican Gum, this was my first time with this type and I liked it! We had all gone to a hotel room nearby with a friend of mine who eventually left us, leaving just me and him to do what we wanted. We started off by the usual messing around and I told him of my fantasy, needless to say he felt honoured to be the first. He later commented on how I probably wouldn’t have talked to him if I didn’t see the car he was driving (a Porsche). I got clever and told him that I didn’t see his car before getting into it, for all I know it was an old beat up pick up truck (I really didn’t care though!). Anyway back to the good parts!

As our foreplay continued the time had come to have sex this would also become my first anal experience. He had put me into the doggy style position but with me being so numb from the weed we had smoked I couldn’t feel a thing and thought maybe that was because he was a bit smaller….NOPE! He continued banging me from behind and then I felt his hand come around the front of my leg and slide into my vagina. It was then that I jumped forward realizing where his penis actually was. Our little rendezvous lasted for about two months allowing me to experience more anal and something else that probably has only happened to me.

On one of our nights when his girlfriend was away I had come to stay at his house. We were in bed and he was fucking the hell out of me in the missionary position when like a lot of guys he tried to get special, pulling his penis out but he had pulled too far back and it exited my body. On his way back in I guess he must have lost the direction because it slammed right into my butt cheek causing us both to yell in pain, it didn’t stop us though and we carried on until we spotted the puddle of blood. Both of us got up and headed to the bathroom, me in the shower and him at the sink pulling the dead skin of his penis head.

He wasn’t the only one misbehaving, during that time I was beginning to date three other guys and getting to know a fourth. One of these guys was 14 years older than I, and he taught me to do that froggy thing.

My first Mexican experience came in the winter time. We had met up with guys from out of town and brought them back to my friend’s house, who only had a bachelor apartment.

At first I was lead to the stairs outside my friend’s apartment and laid back on the hard wood stairs in the well lit stair way. Next it was off to the bathroom where he bent me over the toilet and banged me from behind. This dude was rough! Next it was back into my friends livingroom and by this time my friend and his friend had their own thing going…next to us on the floor so for five hours we jokingly fought over floor space. I was in some serious pain the next day from all the rug burn I had received the night before, a good thing my boyfriend at the time wasn’t near by!

There aren’t too many races/colour I haven’t experienced. So I got to know some of how the styles, shapes and sizes varied even though for the most part there wasn’t too much difference especially in the size area!

The biggest guy I had ever seen tunalı escort was MASSIVE, so big in fact that he could not enter me but some how thought that because his penis had slid down my butt cheeks allowing him to slide in and out that, that was the equal to having sex. Believe me I would have known if he had gotten up in there because it would have changed the way my anatomy was formed in there. Oh yeah did I mention this was a white guy?

For along time I wasn’t able to orgasm during oral or even foreplay, I did enjoy it though just never was able to feel the full effects of what those acts can bring. I was never much into masturbating either. It was after getting annoyed that I figured out how to assist mentally, and that was by not focussing on what was being done to me but to slip into the dirtiest parts of my mind and that way the great sensations could do their jobs finally allowing me to have organs at the hand and mouth of someone else. In fact I had this one guy who I didn’t have sex with cause his penis was too small to do anything with and he was more then happy to just eat me and he did a real great job too!

At 20 I had met a guy who would become the first one I really fell for. He was shorter than me, I was 5,9 and he was 5,5. I don’t know how we managed but we were able to have really good sex. Although I often feared that because I was taller than him that somehow I could crush his short little body. Also he had the smallest ears I had ever seen!

We had gotten into a huge fight because I got busted for being with another guy yet again. It was during this time that I realized how I really felt for this guy. I was so grateful that after a month of my heart breaking he wanted to come over to my house and party with my friends and me.

I was so nervous that night not knowing what to expect or how to act. I think the alcohol got the best of me cause I ended up going to my room to ball my eyes out over this guy. My friend had told him I wanted to talk to him (which I didn’t) but he came into my room and sat with me on the bed until he realised my sadness was caused by him. He demanded to know why and even sat on my chest telling me he wasn’t going to let me up until I said what I had to say. I did blurt out those three words after my stubbornness and fear went away.

It was right after that I told him I wanted to do something special for him and that was that I wanted to give him a candle lit bubble bath.

We got into my bathroom and I started getting the water, bubbles and candles ready all the while he was pushed up against my butt grinding against it in anticipation for what was to come. Well clumsy me I fell into the god damn tub head first! That was also the first time I had sex in the tub, not sure how he stayed horny after my shallow dive display though.

I had my share of disappointments like having a long time crush on a guy and then when I finally get the opportunity. I realize after wards in my room that he’s going bald and his chest is furry,.this disgusted me so bad I didn’t do anything with him at all and yes I stupidly let him know of my disgust.

Another was a guy who had a pimple infested back who happened to like his back dug by nails during sex (eeeewwww). I don’t mind digging into a guys flesh but scabs under my finger nails isn’t my thing!

Another funny time was when I was with yet another boyfriend and we were fucking on his sofa bed that had seen better days. We were rolling all over getting ourselves into many different positions when we finally made it to the foot of the bed. A bad thing was about to happen, because of our combined weight the supporting frame of the bed gave out tossing us both on the floor. I ended up landing on my head, him still inside me. It was difficult for us to get freed because we also had the sheets tangled up with us.

I have only had sex in a car about Five times. A few of those times was with a boyfriend.

We had been to the bar and were both feeling no pain. I wasn’t able to do anything with him back at my house we were forced to find a location. I came up with the idea that we would go to this place that was back in the country where people went to swim. My problem was my eye sight sucks in the dark and I couldn’t find the road that went to this swimming hole. We ended up driving into a farmers field and parking the car there. I had my period at that time and I had to pee so I got out of the car and went to the near by bushes, removed my tampon, relieved my bladder and headed back to the car for some after hours excitement.

I was around 23 years old and still living wild, always having more than one guy on the go at a time. Although I never did any threesomes or anything funky like that. I do remember back when I was about 19yrs old a friend and I had gone on a little adventure.

I had heard stories about this girl possibly being bi, I was straight and because we were starting to hang out a lot I needed to let her know my limits. I told her that if that’s who she was, that was totally fine with me that I just didn’t want anything turangüneş escort to do with it. However she didn’t listen to me and after we had a couple drinks, I was sitting on a card board box with her right infront of me. She placed her hand on my leg and looked right at me saying “I know (no name) would really fuck the shit out of you if he seen us dyke out!” and I was terrified! I actually feared that she would try something given the way she was so persistent asking me to kiss her and reminding me of how good things could get if I agreed. Thankfully by the time my ass had sunk down into this box to where I couldn’t get out easily, the guys returned to the room and helped me out. I didn’t need to get with her to get a good fuck, I still got one anyways!

Then there was this other incident..

It was a Saturday and (no name) and I were taking a bath together. He decided he wanted me to give him head, I thought about it for awhile playing with his penis in my hands. He wasn’t circumcised and I don’t know what made me want to do it but I pulled his foreskin back very gently and inside was SOAPSCUM! Needless to say there was no way in hell that that thing was going in my mouth! Later that night our two friends were outside the hotel room taking in the beautiful night air and he and I were inside having sex doggy style. Just like the one before who thought he was superman by pulling his penis back out this one did the same thing. He pulled it out too far and when he came back at me he slammed my head into the head board causing my friends to coming running in to see what was wrong. I didn’t get too much of a goose egg from that incident, although it did hurt.

It wasn’t until I was around 22 yrs old that I got into the sex toys. I never thought I would need them until I went to a sex toy party with my friend. While there she bought a get a clit toy called the silver bullet. For the longest time I didn’t have any interest in knowing about how this thing worked. One day she had told me how great it was and that was all it took, I had to get one too!

This little silver bullet became my best friend! Our first night together I used it for three hours straight, killing the batteries.

I soon discovered how awesome it was to have this toy on my clit while the guy I was with either fingered, ate or fucked me…oh my god!! It was unbelievable how drenched I would get. The toy would become a regular thing during play time.

I was now 23 and up until this time I had not had a very serious relationship. My longest had gone nearly a year but there were pauses in between those months where I found myself straying.

From online personals I had met this guy who lived an hour away and he became my special sex friend, problem was he wasn’t into having sex. With having a fear of sex we were forced to think of other ways to get each other off. Oral was a big thing along with using other items to be inserted. Up until this time I enjoyed giving a guy head, until this guy. When he came in my mouth it was so disgusting I almost puked so from that point on I was terrified of giving head.

I had never been caught having sex or doing anything else with a guy but on this one summer day that I had spent with the no sex haver. We were messing around in the living room and Im pretty sure he was eating me at this time. I was really enjoying myself and so was he, what we didn’t know was that one of those religious people that come to your door, had come to my wide open door and seen everything that was going on. Shockingly though she was out on the road laughing her ass off, and one would have thought she would have been disgusted.

I met a guy one night while I was out with a friend and at first didn’t think too much of him, he looked like a geek wearing his plaid shirt and eye glasses. I think I was eager to meet someone because I sent my friend over to meet him and let him know I had interest. After she had gone over to talk to him I seen him remove these stupid looking glasses and my jaw hit the floor!

Later that night we had all gone back over to my house to hang out. My friend had a liking for his friend so it worked out well. We had gone into my room to hang out leaving the other two in the livingroom to do whatever they wanted.

While they were entertaining themselves she was having trouble fitting him inside of her so he said he had some KY jelly in his car and proceeded out my front door to go and get it. Here was a totally naked white guy running around my front yard in the middle of the night. We had one of those bright sensor lights out there so he had to run back and forth into the darker areas of the yard to avoid being in the spot light.

That night was the start of my first serious relationship.

He told me when we met that he used to be a stripper during his college years and still had a couple of the thongs he used to wear. On one night we were over at his place and I begged him to show me what he did. He gave in and turned out the lights, turned the music on, put his sparkling gold thong on and sat me in the chair totally naked (still don’t know why I had to be naked too). It was one of the funniest things I had ever seen, here is this shorter, stalkie black guy dancing around the room in his gold thong with his fuzzy butt cheeks sticking out. I had to pretend that I really enjoyed myself so his feelings wouldn’t get hurt.

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