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“What’s the Acromion process?” Miranda asked me. She looked sexy with her dark rimmed glasses on, and her light brown hair piled up on top of her head so that it stuck out from the sides of her face. She looked over her study books with a puzzled look. I could see down her pink blouse at her cleavage.

I pulled my polo shirt collar down off my shoulder a little to feel my collar bone. “Look, it’s along here That bump in the collar bone that sticks up just before where the humerus attaches.”

Miranda and I were colleagues studying nursing at uni, and we had a test on physical assessments tomorrow. We were studying in the study area of the library. There was noise from other students also studying and a mess of chairs and tables. It was already nine p.m. and the library would be closing in an hour. Miranda was bright, but wasn’t a very enthusiastic student. For the last half hour she’d been painting her nails with pink nail polish and waving them in the air watching them dry, talking about what she’d wear to her boyfriend’s 21st Birthday party tomorrow. She’d decided on a long light yellow dress that came in at the waist and was sleeveless. I imagined what she’d look like in that, and felt a little tingle. I wanted to undress her.

Miranda pulled down her blouse, revealing a red bra strap as she ran her fingers along her collarbone looking for her Acromion process. Her collarbone looked delicate and I could see it moving up and down as she breathed in. “I can’t find it.”

Feeling some excitement coming over me, I leaned over the table and stretched out my arms. I ran my finger down her collarbone, feeling her soft skin with the bone underneath. I was imagining what she’d look like if she took her blouse off. “It’s there.” I said.

” Val, how would I pass this test without you?” Miranda said, sounding exasperated, “Now, where the hell’s the Manubrium?”

“Oh, that’s just the bony part of your sternum where the first rib and collar bone joins.” I explained, running my finger down from my neck to feel the mass of bone beneath my skin. Then I leaned forwards and touched Miranda’s. Through her top, as there were other students around still.

“And how do I find the tenth rib?” Miranda asked.

“I’ll have to show you. But you need to take your shirt off first,” I told her, “so we’ll go into the ladies room.”

Miranda and I went into a toilet cubicle. It was a little small for both of us, but she placed the seat down and sat on top. I lifted her blouse off her, revealing a bright red bra that hugged her breasts like sea shells with a heart pasted on it in silver sequins. I found her supersternal notch. I placed my fingers on it delicately, looking at the cleavage that the bra shells didn’t cup completely, whilst feeling her racing pulse in the notch. Then I placed three fingers below bahis firmaları that, to either side was the second rib. Her skin was so soft.

“Take your bra off so I can see the rib ridges.” I whispered, trying to minimise any noise or echoes in case someone suddenly came into the bathroom and heard us. In truth, I could have found her ribs with her bra on. But this made study more fun.

Miranda reached her hands around her back and released the hooks holding her bra together, displaying her shaven and deeply pitted axilla. Her breasts were round and the skin perfect, soft and peachy. The pink areolar of her nipples became erect with the coldness in the bathroom, and I hoped she was becoming aroused. But the fact Miranda had a boyfriend burnt a hole in me. I liked other women. And that included Miranda.

Miranda giggled as I placed my hands on her breasts. “Touch me.” She said, giggling. I could feel myself growing between my legs, and pulled the crotch of my tight jeans up higher.

I palpated Miranda’s breasts and tweaked her nipples. She stuck her chest out further towards me.

“I want to practise on you now.” She told me, and lifted my top over my head, so that my straight blonde hair was messed up. I was breathing heavily as she undid my bra straps. I wore a white bra. My breasts were smaller than Miranda’s and a little perkier; they weren’t the smooth round melons she had. I was a little conscious of it.

“It’s good that you’re breathing heavy.” Miranda said, “It makes finding your supersternal notch easier.”

“Wait! I haven’t shown you how to find your ribs yet.” I said.

I placed three fingers below her notch. “Here’s your second rib.” I said, running my finger across it and across her breast again. ” And your forth and fifth and so on.” I said, looking at the rises in her chest, and stroking down them as though she was a stringed instrument. There wasn’t much room in the cubicle, so I kept feeling my body against the cold door.

She laughed as I did it. “It kinda tickles.”

“Yeah”, I said, sad that she probably didn’t find this as seriously heating as I did.

“Can we try kissing?” She asked shyly. I was surprised. But I leaned forwards and held her naked torso, feeling her scapula that could be outlined through her skin. She smelled sweet and slightly salty. The kiss was wonderful. I forced my tongue between her lips. When I withdrew she was smiling.

“It’s strange. I’ve never done this with a girl before. ” She said.

She drew her tongue down between my breasts along my sternum, and stopped at my waistline were my jeans cut into me slightly, teasing me. “Well, you do have a boyfriend.” I pointed out.

“But this feels good.” She said.

An announcement on the PA cut into our thoughts. “The library will be closing in five minutes. kaçak iddaa Please return your books and leave.”

“We haven’t done the reproductive assessment yet!” Miranda stated.

I grabbed her hand. “Common. We’ll hide behind the shelves so we can have some more time to study before our test tomorrow.”

“Val, are you sure this is a good idea? What if we get caught?”

“We won’t. They’ll come around soon checking everyone is out of the library. We’ll just sneak around the shelves so they don’t see us.”

“And cameras?”

“Nobody seriously watches those things. Imagine someone watching 10 hours of film whilst the library?s shut every night! It’s just policy.”

Miranda was holding onto my waist. “But imagine if they did catch us studying on camera?”

“Isn’t that what most students do?” I asked.

“You know what I mean.”

I gave her a cheeky pinch on her small butt. I put her bra back on for her, and hooked it up at the back and placed her blouse back over her head. Then I dressed myself back up.

We stood behind a shelf full of books on Polish Landscaping. There was a flicker as the lights in the library dimmed and we stood there, watching students hauling satchels on their backs and making their ways for the stairs down to the library entrance.

We heard the shuffling of some feet a few minutes later. I peaked between a gap in the shelves and saw a library guard pacing down the shelves behind us. He was making his way up each row of shelves individually, like a Nazi prisoner camp guard. I held Miranda’s hand and we quickly snuck around behind the shelf’s side before he turned down the Polish Landscaping shelf. Then we twisted so we were on the opposite side from him, on the “Spanish culture” shelf. Art students don’t know what they’re missing out on by not studying human biology. We stood there, breathing shallowly and lightly against each other’s bodies until we were sure the footsteps had gone, and he had moved onto a different floor of the library.

I motioned Miranda into the study area of the library were there were big tables. “We’re going to have to improvise, ” I said, “lie down on the bed.” Miranda got up so that her skirt flipped upward displaying some of her red g-string. I was getting excited. I rummaged through my bag.

“What are you doing?” She asked. I found two rolled up bandages and unwound them, and began tying her delicate ankles up to the table legs. “That’s not part of the assessment!” She cried.

“It is when I do it. It’s to stop the patient squirming.” I said, bending her knees so that I could have a look down her tunnel.

She looked around the room nervously. “Are you sure they don’t check the cameras?”

“Sure.” I said again.

She had a landing strip of blonde pubes, but the rest was bare. I stroked her kaçak bahis lips lightly, and felt her shudder a little.

“You’re going to be a good nurse.” She said in a sexy low voice.

As I had no gloves, I stuck my raw finger between her labia, and separated them. I felt some wetness and saw shininess from her pink inner lips, and separated those to reveal the entrance to her hot hole. Slowly, I stoked the bulb of her clit. “It swells nicely.” I said.

“That’s not part of the assessment either.” She said.

“Well you can show me the proper way to do it after I do you then.” I said. I stretched my fingers out so that my index fitted into her hole, and the middle into her tight arse, whilst with the other hand I continued with her clit. Her mound moved up and down with my motion, then I climbed on top of the table and lay my body on top of her, so my legs flopped down between her bent ones.

“Put your fingers back in.” She demanded.

I turned by body around so my head was between her legs, and continued with the fingers as I heard the unzipping of my jeans and felt her hand slipping inside my panties.

“I’m going to do to you what your doing to me.” She said sexily.

I could hardly contain myself as I felt the wetness seeping out. “It’s like a waterslide down here.” She said, moving her fingers faster and faster. Eventually I felt the hardness and the desperateness as my Frontalis and Zygomaticus major and all the other muscles in the face whose names I can’t remember tightening and tautening. I felt her shudder underneath me as she came, and saw her bulbospongiosus muscle pulling down on her clit and cunt, as I could feel the tightness in my own orgasm. I could feel all the muscles in my body clenching. Eventually the feeling began to come out of me, and I felt relaxed and sleepy with the heavy amount of study Miranda and I had been doing, combined with the serotonin and other feel-good hormones being released into my blood stream, relieving the elevation of my thumping heart.

I climbed off the table and undid the bandages around her legs. She lowered her legs sighing. “Wow, that’s the best orgasm I’ve had in a while. It’s different and exciting doing something new.” I had never been with a guy before, and never really wanted to, I wanted Miranda.

“I’m tired. ” I said.

“Where are we going to sleep?” Miranda asked innocently. I began to redress her, pulling up her panties and pulling down her skirt.

“We’ll just have to make do. There are some lounge chairs in the reading area on level three.” Miranda and I caught the lifts down to level three, and collapsed into some sofas resting in each others arms. I set my mobile alarm to go off a few hours before the library opened so we’d have plenty of time to hide and pretend we’d never been in here before the librarians came.

I knew that tomorrow Miranda would be with her boyfriend, having sex with him and the thought of it brought tears to my eyes as I saw her closed eyes and her cuddled up into the sofa sleeping like a baby.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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