An X-Mas Party To Remember

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The office Christmas party was a blast this year our company rented out a hall, with food and a dj, and we were partying all night long. The alcohol was flowing and the dancing was getting down and dirty. I had been paying close attention to one coworker in particular this night. Irene was the new girl in the office. Being a tall sexy and elegant woman was enough to catch my attention, but her beauty and skin tone were more than enough to have me thinking about her in ways that weren’t acceptable in our company’s policy. She was about 6 feet tall with a slim athletic body, you could see her attention to fitness when she walked past you and caught a glimpse of her shapely calves and leg muscles, especially when she wore those heels that she loved so much. They would raise her height to a level that even I at 6 feet tall would now have to look up at her into her sparkling brown eyes. I often imagined what it would be like to have those long luscious legs wrapped around my waist or even better around my head. She looked like a six foot high caramel doll and we all know how sweet caramel tastes on your tongue, I knew she would be no exception.

Our flirtation grew for months ranging from casual teasing to hard core flirtations over the past few months but one look in each others eyes and we both knew that one day sooner or later we had to have each other. That brings me back to the x-mas party. As I was saying, our company had decided to rent out the hall at the Marriott downtown. The atmosphere was right and the music was pumping, Irene and I danced a few times but not too much as to draw attention to ourselves. The last thing we needed was rumors spreading about an office affair. However as it got later in the night and the crowd started breaking up our boss stated that the company would pay for rooms for whomever felt they weren’t able to drive home safely. I caught Irene’s glance from across the room with a look of lust in my eyes as well. We both accepted the boss’s offer hoping that even though he was willing to pay for a room for both of us, one of those rooms would not get used. So ankara escort bayan we all checked in to our individual rooms, it was now around 2 am and most of our coworkers that accepted rooms were heading straight to their pillows, but it was my phone that was ringing.

Irene’s voice greeted me as I answered the line; she asked me in the sexiest voice I had ever heard if I was ready for bed. Shit, I was ready to be in a bed but not to sleep, but I answered her “no”, and asked what she had in mind. She mentioned her feet being sore from all that dancing and wanting to hit the Jacuzzi to unwind. So we agreed to shower and change and meet by the pool. A brother like me hit up room service for a bucket of ice and a bottle of Moet with two glasses. I figured if I’m gonna go out tonight I’m gonna do it like a champ. I hit the shower and my bubbly was waiting for me when I came out. Not having a bathing suit with me I threw my boxers on and the hotel’s terry cloth robe and hit the door. As I sat by the edge of the Jacuzzi with my feet in and the champagne chilling she walked up from the far side of the pool she was wearing the same cloth robe but had it loosely tied and was approaching me with a look of desire on her face. I stood up to greet her and we exchanged a light hug and squeeze.

She asked how the water was as she dropped her robe and stepped in the steamy bath. She too had no bathing suit and opted for her cherry red thong and matching bra. Her partially nude body was a sight to behold for me. Her six foot frame seemed to have legs on it that went straight up to the sky with a thong that seemed to disappear between those large globes of her ass. Seeing her like that as I had imagined her for so long drove me wild inside. I wanted badly to grab her by her shoulder length hair and forcefully pull her head back and attack her neck like a vampire getting blood, but I chilled for a moment. Mostly because as these thoughts crossed my mind my excitement was beginning to show as my dick was growing in my boxers, so I turned and dropped myself into the hot bath sitting across from my etimesgut escort redboned queen. Reaching across I handed her a glass of champagne which she accepted as she brought my fingers to her mouth and gently kissed their tips.

There was no doubt in my mind where this was going tonight but I wanted it to last so I played cool. We chatted about this and that and shared a few laughs as we began to empty out the bottle I had brought with us, when I remembered her mentioning her sore feet so I reached out for them and began to gently massage and rub her feet relieving her stress as she laid her head back and closed her eyes imagining who knows what. She was telling me how strong my hands were and how good it felt to have a real man take care of her like she liked it. I just laughed, knowing that I could take care of this honey in so many more ways than this and I raised her left foot out of the water and to my mouth as I began to lick her toes and place them in my mouth sucking on each one slowly and hungrily.

With her head still back she opened her mouth and began this low soft moaning that brought my dick to full attention, just listening to her moan I was afraid I was going to shoot my load right there. I then took my left foot and placed in on her right knee pushing it away from her left and therefore opening her thighs wide and I found her caramel candy hole with the big toe on my right foot. I began to rub against her slowly with my big toe as her breathing got faster and her moaning louder. She raised her hands out of the water and placed them on the sides of her head still leaning back and began saying my name again and again. I sped up the tempo of my toe stroking and she responded by grabbing her breasts and squeezing them in the water and finally telling me the magic words I wanted to here. “I’m cumming baby don’t stop”. All that from a little toe action, shit I’m gonna make this bitch have a heart attack by the time she sees the whole arsenal I got in store for her.

She pushed my foot away as her orgasm subsided and floated over to my side kızılay escort of the water. Here she approached me with the juiciest wettest lips I have ever had and gently began to kiss me nibbling on my lips and exploring with her soft velvety tongue. She reached down and grabbed onto my dick and said “what do you got for me down here baby?” as she said this she pulled down my boxers and I took of her bra and panties. She couldn’t wait as she plunged herself down onto my cock with all of her weight. Her walls were so tight and wet that the first stroke almost had me shooting in her immediately. I grabbed control of myself as I grabbed her hips and supported her weight on top of me. Damnit man my baby had some kind of ass and I was so glad to have it on me right now as we worked ourselves into a comfortable pace we held each other chest to chest and felt each other’s hearts beat as one.

As she leaned back she grabbed my shoulders to apply more pressure to her ride and pressed down hard on my 7 inches of manhood. I leaned forward and went to work on her petite but shapely breasts gently caressing her nipples as I sucked on their hardness and nibbled on her nipples. Soon she placed her hands in my armpits and pushed herself down as hard as possible on my shit and began grinding like she wanted to break my dick off inside of her this was it for me as I began to blast off round after round into my hot baby’s poom-poom, she grabbed me in a bear hug so hard I thought she was gonna cut off my circulation as she straight out screamed as wave after wave of orgasm worked its way through her body. She finally went limp in my arms and began kissing me again and again all over my face, forehead and neck as she began softly sobbing. I asked if she was alright and she said it was just that she never had an orgasm like that before and all kinds of emotions just hit her like a truck and she sobbed quietly on my shoulder. I held her tight realizing that I was the fuckin’ man, hell yeah.

So I whispered something sweet in her ear that made her giggle and kiss me again and I stepped out of the water covering up in my robe and helping her out of the water and covering up my new treasure with her robe, as I asked “your room or mine”. We looked at each other with that magical grin as she said “mine” I have a surprise for you baby.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32