An Unexpected Introduction Pt. 01

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From the time that I met him in November of 2009 until about July 2010, Roger was the only man I was seeing regularly for sex. It slowly became a routine: every 1-2 weeks I would meet Roger at his apartment 2 nights per week. Seven months passed and with such regularity, we became quite familiar with each others bodies. I could literally taste Roger’s cum in my mouth sometimes even if I wasn’t even with him. For all intents and purposes, this was a monogamous relationship.

There was one fantasy of mine that I desperately wanted fulfilled and it involved some combination of either Roger watching me have sex with another man or Roger and another (or several) men taking turns having their way with me.

I begged Roger on several occasions to introduce me to some of his friends whom he had met through various volunteer organizations and book clubs that were mainly for gay men in the Atlanta area.

He flatly turned me down when I first asked, then he began using my pleading as leverage to get more sex from me. I always complied and while he did a great job pleasing me, I still felt that this fantasy was the next thing I wanted most desperately.

On a hot summer night in August of 2010, I was driving over to his apartment per our routine schedule. I would sleep with him tonight, I had a couple of days off so I would probably sleep in tomorrow and that was that.

Roger called me on my cell phone when I was about 10 minutes from his apartment:

“Hey Raj, are we still on for tonight?”

“Y-yes we are, I’m almost there…,” I replied.

“Well, a couple of buddies of mine stopped by and they will still be here when you get here, I just wanted you to know that everything is ok and they will be leaving soon,” he replied.

“Uh, so they are ok?” I asked, surprised by his vague statement to me. I was trying to see if they would be ok with me dropping in wearing short running shorts, tanktop, and smooth shaved legs, ready for sex.

He chuckled, “Yes honey, I met them at a book sale a month or so ago, and I mentioned a few things here and there about you, so they are fine. They may even stay for the fireworks, hahaha!”

I said ok and hung up. I started feeling that familiar knot in my stomach and the nervousness of a virgin on her first night. I looked down at my legs and felt my crotch to make sure everything was fine and I looked myself in the mirror to ensure that I was presentable. Being with one man in a monogamous “relationship” was enough to run the risk of becoming complacent and lazy. I was fortunate enough to continue hitting the gym and my body showed it. I had not eaten today out of anticipation for what was coming so I felt clean and ready to get fucked. The first and last thing I was going to swallow was Roger’s cum…but the possibility came up that it might not be Roger’s cum that would be dripping down my throat tonight…

I reached Roger’s apartment and when I reached his door, I could hear loud laughter and the deep voices of several men being boisterous. I rang the doorbell and one of the men answered.

“Hi, you must be Raj…I’m Dave,” he reached out and shook my hand and led me in.

Dave was of average height and build. He had a small salt and pepper beard which was trimmed down to almost a stubble and he had a head full of salt and pepper hair. By conventional standards, Dave would be considered attractive. By my standards, I preferred my larger, uglier, heavy set men with hairy bodies. If these were Roger’s “buddies” then I wanted no part of them.

Roger came over to me and hugged me and kissed me on the lips. “Hi Raj! You look great tonight!”

“Thanks..” I looked embarrassed as Dave was standing right next to Roger and was eyeballing me up and down and he murmured in agreement.

Roger led me into the living room where another man was sitting.

“Raj, I want you to meet Will,” Roger extended his hand towards a giant of a man who was sitting in the love seat.

Will stood up with a groan and shook my hand. He never broke eye contact with me and he didn’t ever speak to me either.

“Oh hi there,” he said as he gazed at me up and down. He let out a whistle as he pulled me closer by my waist and turned me around. I felt super uncomfortable and I stared at Roger incredulously while Roger stood silently. It was hard for me to deny that a big part of was enjoying this and I was turned on but I didn’t want to give Roger that feeling.

“Well damn Roger, you’ve been keeping this a secret from me?? Just gorgeous. You are beautiful. How old are you? Where are you from? You sure look exotic, I love your skin tone!” Will was truly fascinated by me, I could tell. He kept rubbing his hand up and down my back and he wouldn’t take his eyes off of me. Dave stared at me with similarly lusting eyes, but I figured if I was going to have sex with anyone tonight, it wouldn’t be with Dave.

“26…27 in a month though. My family is from India but I was born here,” I replied to his questions.

Will ultrabet yeni giriş was big man, easily 6’6″ by my estimate. He had a large belly, but he was not obese like Roger. He was easily 4-5 inches taller than Roger and his head was just massive. His fingers were thick like mini sausages and his arms and legs were thick. He had a tattoo on his right arm which was barely visible underneath his thick web of hair. He was wearing a Hawaiian button down shirt. I could see a bush of gray white hair over his upper chest. He was simply massive and while it looked like his belly was hanging over his shorts, he looked relatively well proportioned given his height. He had a balding head but had wisps of white hair which he slicked back and he also had more hair off to the sides. His nose was large and had pockmarks and looked almost like rosacea of the nose which looked enlarged. He did have full lips as well complemented by a thick gray mustache and a small gray beard. He looked somewhat similar to Roger in appearance. In fact, Will seemed like a more boisterous version of Roger. I tried to catch a peek at Will’s crotch and I did see a bulge but I wasn’t sure.

“You’ll get that in a little bit, sweetheart..HAHAHAHA!” Will caught me trying to look…

“I thought – I thought I saw -” I stammered a response, but he cut me off. I was red with embarrassment.

I felt odd being grabbed around the waist by a complete and total stranger. I could not help but feel attracted to him, he had a “creepy” factor in him but I was horny and very much felt a connection to him. I looked back at Roger who looked down.

“Come sit down here next to me Raj,” he pulled me down next to him. I sat with my legs curled up and his left arm was supporting my upper shoulders and his left hand grazed my left arm. He was basically claiming me and Roger sat down by himself. This was certainly an odd situation but I felt powerless to say anything. Will was clearly the alpha male in this threesome of old white men. Dave was silent but continued to eye me with lust. I was actually made more uncomfortable by him.

“I’m Will, I’m 71 years young, and I love fucking hot little ass, especially exotic Indian ass!” Will exclaimed. The other men laughed out loud and I smiled and looked down.

“How did you meet Roger? How many men have you been with? How old is the oldest man you fucked?”

All the questions came up and I answered them. I met Roger online, I had been with around 12 total, the oldest was 79 when I was 19…blah blah.

Without warning Will reached over and pushed his right hand down my shorts.

“Oh hot damn, this is gonna taste good!” he exclaimed as he started playing with my cock. I let out a soft moan and leaned my head back. His left hand was grazing my left breast but he pushed it through the opening in my tanktop and began rubbing it softly with his finger.

“Ahh, oh wow…” I opened my legs more and my head was tilted back. He leaned over and planted his thick lips on mine and pushed his tongue down my throat.

I moaned and squirmed as he kept stroking my nipple and my cock. He pulled his hand out of my shorts and shoved his finger in my mouth and I sucked it and made it nice and wet and he stuffed it back down under my shorts.

“Oh yes baby, Oh damn…very sexy! That’s it sweetheart, keep moaning for daddy” Will said in a deep soothing voice. I forgot the others for a minute while Will was groping me but they both murmured in agreement.

Will continued kissing me deeply and moaned and groaned while becoming more aggressive with his hands. He spread my legs more and started looking for my asshole and found it. By this time, I had slid further down on the sofa and my leg was over his. He pushed his thick finger up my hole and I sighed and gasped as he went in and out.

He kept moving his lips down to my neck. He pulled his finger out and pulled up my tanktop just above my breasts.

“Oh wow, these are beautiful…Roger you kept this a secret from me??”

He grabbed me around the waist and easily hoisted me up on to his lap so that my legs wrapped around his waist and he held my arms behind my back as he pulled me close and began slobbering hungrily over my breasts.

I cocked my head back and my back was arched as I let out a scream..”AHHHHH, Oh fuck…Oh Godddddd…Oh my gawddddd…” I was writhing and squirming but he held me fast in his strong grip as he licked and sucked both breasts. I looked down and watched as he flicked his tongue over my nipples. I watched his monstrous nose against my soft smooth skin. It felt like heaven…

“Will, you think I can taste a little of that?” It was Dave…

“You can both have him once I’m through!” Will barked. I silently thanked him and he continued to suck on my breasts.

He leaned back and pulled me close and I kissed him. I unbuttoned his shirt slowly and kissed his massively hairy chest. He had a thick blanket of silver gray hair which covered his massive ultrabet giriş body. He had a large upper body with a big belly which was hanging over his shorts. I kept going lower and lower until I got to his belly button. I could feel a massive bulge in his shorts and I tried to feel his cock. That’s where he stopped me.

“I’m getting a little impatient. I want to taste some of your honey first so why don’t you pull off those tiny shorts you’ve got on and come lay down next to me?”

He pulled me up and I slowly dropped my tiny running shorts around my ankles.

“Phew, I’m running out of things to say! Shit, look at those long legs. Olive complexion, gorgeous. Beautiful cock, long and thin…what is that 7-8”? He asked me.

“I think 7..haha,” I replied shyly. He reached out and grabbed my thigh and turned me around and let out a whistle.

“That ass is beautiful, very round. Bubble butt!” Dave chirped in.

“I’d eat that all day!” Dave added.

“Like I said Dave, you get him after I’m through..” Will reaffirmed his ownership of me.

Roger was still relatively quiet. “Well Raj, this is what you wanted right?” He chuckled. “I should have kept you a secret. You spoiled me for 7 months.”

I was somewhat embarrassed facing the two men, while Will was playing with my ass. He pushed my back forward and grabbed my ass and began licking my hole. I let out a soft moan and he reached up with his hands and grabbed my breasts with both hands and started playing with my nipples.

Roger stood up and walked towards me. I was bent over and I could feel Will’s tongue on my body. It was rough and thick. I reached back and touched his hands which were firmly placed on my ass. I looked up and Roger was standing in front of me. He simply dropped his boxers, revealing his thick engorged penis which was dripping with precum.

Will hadn’t said a word but I could hear him slurping and sucking hard and making deep groaning sounds out of satisfaction. But he stopped for a second, “Well what are you waiting for? Suck his pecker.”

I immediately lowered my mouth on to his penis. It was a beautiful and familiar place for me to be, bumping my head into Roger’s hanging belly. I sucked his cock was hard and did the best I could given the position I was in. I felt Will’s hands go from my breasts to between my thighs where he grabbed hold my penis which looked super small in his massive thick hands. I moaned with a mouth full of Roger’s cock.

Roger was groaning and kept saying “Oh yes baby” and “That’s right, suck Papa’s fat pecker.”

He grabbed the back of my head and neck and held it in place while he shoved his cock deep into my mouth. I gagged a little and was surprised at how aggressive Roger was being with me tonight. Meanwhile, Dave slowly unzipped his jeans and walked over to where we were. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw that he pulled out his dick. It was long but thin, easily around 9″ in length, it was obviously much longer than Roger’s but not nearly as intimidating as his was at first sight. He began slapping my cheek with his long member and Roger finally released his grip on my neck and I took his cock out of my mouth and looked up at Dave and took his dick in slowly. By this time, Will noticed what happened and stopped.

He stood up behind me and simply said, “On your knees.”

I was intimidated by Will’s booming voice and extreme self confidence. Immediately I dropped to my knees and both Roger and Dave shoved their dicks in my face. I grabbed a hold of both and took turns blowing them. Dave was not really very attractive to me but at this point I no longer cared. I was about to get fucked my 2 complete strangers whose names I had long forgotten and a third man who I had gotten to know well enough in bed. This was turning into a gangbang and I was excited beyond belief. My heart was racing and I knew I looked sexy doing what I was doing. I was pleasing 3 men and achieving new sexual heights.

Before long, I felt Will touch my upper back and he pulled me off of the other 2 men. He was still wearing his shorts although he had taken his shirt off completely. His arms were thick and hairy just like the rest of him. Again I was frozen and he asked me, “Again…what are you staring at? Pull out my cock…you’ve been wanting it since you got here, right?”

I didn’t answer and he grabbed my chin and asked me again and I slowly stammered out, “Y-yes Mister.”

He smiled and I unbuckled his belt slowly and unbuttoned his shorts and unzipped his fly and slowly pulled his shorts down. He was wearing tight white briefs but there was a massive bulge and his briefs were soaking wet. It smelled like a man down there, an odor that I was used to from all my previous encounters. I nervously fumbled with his briefs but finally found the top rim under his large belly and I pulled them down.

Suddenly a large thick cock smacked me on the chin and all three men laughed out loud. I was faced with a beefy veiny thick cock ultrabet güvenilirmi that was easily thicker than Roger’s and longer, probably about 8″. It was uncut and beefy red. It looked angry and ready to fuck me. I slowly grabbed it and pulled his foreskin back revealing a large reddish mushroom head. He was also dripping with precum and I simply attacked it head on, deep throating him from the get-go as he tilted his back and groaned loudly. He grabbed my head and shoved his cock deeper in but was surprisingly gentle. He pulled out and then put his leg up on the center table and so thereby placing himself directly so that I was under his big balls. Equally big as Roger’s and beefy red like his cock, they were covered in a thick web of gray hair. I swallowed them whole and licked them as he groaned loudly…”Oh he is a hot little slut..oh yes sweetheart, daddy is gonna fuck you good tonight.”

I was happy that I was pleasing him. Will seemed like he was extremely experienced and must have been with lots of men. He exuded confidence and power and I was completely under his control. I lost track of where Roger and Dave were but noticed that they were still standing behind me stroking themselves.

“Go ahead and stroke my brother,” Will commanded.

I froze. This was a bombshell. I had no idea that Roger had a brother and I never asked him about his family. It made sense that they were alike in many ways. I stopped sucking and looked up at Roger who laughed.

“I had someone in mind for you this whole time, Raj but I was afraid to introduce you to him,” Roger explained.

“My brother is older than me and way more well connected. I was never really very social. So when I found you online, I kept you a secret from everyone, especially my brother. He can be very horny.”

“Oh God…wow,” was all I could say.

Will grabbed me by the chin and directed me back to his cock. My mouth was full of cock and he started to back up and he didn’t let me pull off. I was crawling on my knees as he purposely directed me to a larger couch. This was the couch that Roger and I used for sex and we had used it very regularly so it was odd that now I was about to get fucked by his older brother on the same couch. It seemed like Will was taking extra steps to getting to the couch and I continued to crawl on my knees with his cock deep in my throat. Finally he sat down and I kneeled down in front of him between his thick hairy legs. He relaxed his grip and I held his thick cock with my hands while sucking and he said, “No hands, just your mouth.”

I let go and deep throated for what seemed like an eternity while groaned deeply. “You can suck a pecker really good, sweetheart,” he said and Roger agreed heartily.

Will motioned for me to stop.

“How about you come sit up here, sweetheart?”

I knew what was next and I sprang up. My tank top was still on, so he pulled it off. He was naked aside from his thick wool socks which were up to his calves. He leaned over and we made out while he played with my breasts. I was stroking his cock while he groaned and grunted as he shoved his tongue down my throat.

He slid off the couch and on to his knees with a loud thud. He was surprisingly nimble for a such a large man. Roger had significant trouble with mobility but his older brother was clearly in better shape.

“Open your legs, spread eagle for me, sweetheart,” he said. I opened my legs and leaned back and he dove right in, swallowing me whole in without effort. My eyes went wide and I gasped and my hands dug deep into the sofa cushion. He wrapped his hands around my waist and pulled me closer to him.

“Where do you think you’re going?” He asked as I helplessly squirmed. He was licking the urethra and flicking his tongue around the head and driving me crazy. I thrashed my legs around and finally took support on his massive shoulders. He was so tall and my feet were up high and I was leaning back into the sofa. He sucked very strongly and was rough but it felt extremely good.

“Oh wow, oh oh ohhhhhhhhh, oooooohhh Mister, ohhhh wow oh god ohhhhhhh m’gawdddddd!” I squealed in ecstasy as he sucked me. He forced my legs open and held them open by my ankles which seemed tiny in his hands. He ran his hands up my legs and my thighs and then grabbed a hold of my breasts and stroked them lightly with his fingers as I screamed and moaned. My head was digging into the sofa and I looked up at the ceiling. Will was about to make me cum and I realized something…I forgot his name. I was so embarrassed that I pushed back on his head so he stopped and he glared up at me.

“Why did you stop me? Doesn’t it feel good?” He asked.

“No, God, no it feels amazing…I’m sorry I just realized I forgot your name,” I said softly.

They all laughed, “what a whore!” Roger said in the background.

“I’m Will and I am 71 years old…remember I told you? Remember also that I am going to fuck you tonight and I doubt you will forget that again,” he said as he dove back and lifted my ass into the air to lick my pussy.

Will continued to suck and go down on me, but Roger and Dave had each taken their clothes off and came and sat down next to me and leaned in from either side to suck my breasts. I was going crazy…

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