An Unexpected Encounter

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Megan drove down the street away from the bank. She had made it just before they closed at seven thirty. It had been a long week at work. She just finished a twelve-hour shift on her feet and was anxious to get home and relax.

She turned the corner and out of the corner of her eye she saw a friend at the stop sign, waving at her to stop. Megan pulled over to the side of the road and he pulled up beside her. She rolled down the window and said “Hi Luke, how’s it going?”

“Megan! I haven’t seen you in months, where’ve you been?” he asked

“Long story, Luke.” Megan replied.

“Do you have some time? I just moved and I’d like to show you were I live.” Luke asked.

“Sure, I think I can spare a few minutes.” She said with a grin.

“Just follow me, ok?”

“Lead the way.” She replied.

He pulled away and Megan followed him. They drove for a few blocks then he turned into a parking lot. Megan pulled into a parking space, got out of the car and walked over to Luke.

“We have to park in the back.” He said. They walked away from the parking lot and around the block. He stopped in front of a door and opened the door for her. They went up a few flights of stairs, and he stopped in front o an apartment. Unlocking the door, he motioned her inside. It was a small apartment, just a bathroom, a bedroom and an attached living room and kitchen. There was a sofa and footstool, a few small tables, a television and a stereo.

“Sit down, relax,” he said.

“So what’s going on with you?” she asked.

“I’m starting school in a few weeks, going to take a few courses. He replied.

“What about you? You look great!”

“Well, about six months ago I got a new job and it’s great.”

“Want a beer?” he asked

“Love one,” she answered

He got up and walked away Megan looked at his tight ass and remembered how much she liked that view. He went to the refrigerator and grabbed two bottles. He twisted the cap off one and handed it to Megan. Megan wondered why they had always remained just friends. She was definitely attracted to him, always had thought he was hot. They had spent there lunch hours together almost every day for a year. They had a great time together and had spent a few hours together out side of work as well. Nothing more than a few friendly hugs had ever occurred between them.

He went over to the stereo and switched on some music. He turned off the overhead light and put on a lamp that cast a dim glow over the apartment. The music coming from the speakers had a heavy beat that seemed almost primitive. He walked back to the couch and sat down near her. She had her feet tucked up underneath her; she uncurled and flexed her legs.

“Oh my feet are killing me.” she moaned, “I had a long week at work, worked some long shifts.”

“Well, take off your shoes and get comfortable.” He told her.

“Oh, it’s ok. I can’t stay long anyway, I’m beat. She reached for her beer to take another drink and was surprised to realize it was empty. Luke got up and went to get another. She looked at the bottle in his hand and thought, “Why not?” As she reached out to take it from him, there hands met and she felt a rush of electricity run through her body. She took a deep breath and sat back on the couch. Suddenly feeling nervous she looked around for something to do with her casino şirketleri hands. She saw his video game sitting on the floor by the TV, ” want to play me?” she asked, pointing to the game.

“All I have is sports games, what do you want to play?” he asked

“Do you have racing?” she asked

“Sure” he replied and reached for it and stuck it in. He picked up the controllers and walked over and handed her one. She took it from him and he sat back down. They played in silence for a while, her beat her three times in a row. Megan was determined to win at least once before she quit. The fourth game ended with her almost accomplishing just that. She reached for her beer and drained it. She got up and grabbed another from eh fridge. “Watch out Luke, this time, I’m wining.” She said with a confident smile.

They resumed playing and they were neck in neck at the end but Megan finally pulled ahead at the last minute. “Ha! Told you I had this game.” She set down the controller and leaned back on the couch and put her feet up on the table. She lifted one up and twisted her ankle around. He leaned closer and picked up one of her feet and pulled off her shoe. He did the same with the other and was about to pull off her socks when Megan pulled away.

“Meg?” he questioned, a puzzled expression on his face. What he didn’t know was that under her faded old jeans and t-shirt, she was wearing a black silk corset complete with garters and stockings. If he took off her white ankle socks…

He moved slowly and picked up her foot again and just slowly pulled her sock from first one foot then the other. He saw her stockings and his eyes widened.

“Meg? What’s this?”

Megan turned red all over. “I feel grubby just wearing jeans and t-shirts. So sometimes I wear something underneath that makes me feel sexy.”

He looked at her from head to toe and she felt like he was seeing everything underneath her clothes. He started to slowly massage her foot. It sent sensations all over her body. He took each toe between his fingers and rolled them gently around.

“UUUMMMMMMM” she moaned

He moved her foot slightly and it was in his lap, positioned right between his legs. Megan drained her beer and asked him to get another. He got one quickly and sat back down. He picked up her foot again and started to rub it up and down the center.

“That feels so good” she said huskily.

He took up her other foot and let the free one rest right between his legs. It felt so good; she couldn’t help but let out a little moan. She felt him harden beneath her foot. Her eyes popped open and she looked at her foot resting up against the bulge in his pants. She moved almost involuntarily as her foot began to massage his crotch. He stopped rubbing her foot and looked at her with eyes full of hunger. He moved her feet to either side of him and leaned down on top of her. He leaned closer and gently touched her lips with his own. He rained light feathery kisses all over her face and at last returned to her lips. He began to gently lick them and they parted. He accepted the invitation and his tongue entered her mouth and intertwined with hers.

The kiss seemed to go on forever. They finally broke apart and were both breathing hard. Megan looked in his eyes and saw his desire. She looked at him in disbelief wondering how casino firmaları she had not noticed it before. His hands reached for her shirt and he pulled it off over her head. He took in a breath at the sight of her breasts spilling out of the corset. He leaned forward and gently licked the tops of her breasts. He kissed her neck and her ears. Megan was getting hotter with every touch. His hands wandered down to the zipper of her pants and he pulled it slowly down. She lifted up her hips and he slid her jeans off her. He sat and looked at her and took it all in. His eyes moved from her face down her body, drinking in the sight off her long legs encased in the silk stockings. He let his hands go, running them lightly along her body. They teased and tickled her legs and thighs. Then he reached lower and pulled aside her brief g-string and gently stroked her wet pussy.

“Oh. Mmm.” She gasped.

He moved between her thighs and began to gently lick her pussy. He licked from her clit all the way down and slipped his tongue inside her. Megan was on fire. He began to lick her clit and he inserted a finger into her pussy. She felt so tight and wet. He licked her and pumped his finger in and out slowly rubbing on the inside of her.

“HHmm. God that feels good” she said.

She pushed his head away. She sat up leaned in to kiss him deeply on the mouth; she could taste herself on his tongue. She ended the kiss and leaned into kiss and lick his neck. She reached down and began to stroke him though his jeans. She undid a button and slid down the zipper. He stood up and quickly pulled them down. She tugged on the waistband to his boxers and pulled them down too. He took off his shirt over his head. Megan just stared. She’d seem him without a shirt but never naked. His arms and chest were rippled with muscles, his stomach flat, and the rest of him left her speechless. She got up from the couch and pushed him gently down. He lay down on the couch and she straddled him and shoved her pussy right in his face. He began to lick eagerly and slipped a finger into her again. She leaned down and began to blow on his hard cock. Then she licked him up and down all over. She took his balls into her mouth and gently sucked them. With her hand she stroked him, slowly up and down his length. She was licking his balls and moving slowly toward his cock. She licked her way around him and then brought her mouth right in and sucked the head of his dick into her mouth. She slowly moved her tongue all the around the head, just enough to drive him wild.

He was doing a wonderful job on her pussy she could her herself about to cum and she leaned in and grinded her pussy against his tongue. He inserted another finger into her and rubbed it inside her, and licked her clit in short fast bursts. She took him completely into his mouth until her nose was buried in his hair; she slowly let him slide back out of her. She felt her orgasm coming and she began to suck him quickly up and down, twisting first on way then the other. She exploded and the sweet nectar poured into his eager face.

She sucked him closer now; she could feel him coming closer and closer to his own release. She moved off of him and prodded him off the couch. She turned around and leaned on her elbows on the back of the couch, and spread her legs. She looked over her shoulder to see a güvenilir casino big smile on his face. He stepped closer and inserted his hard cock inside her. The feeling of him sliding inside her, he was so hard, he felt so good.

Oh Luke, fuck me,” she gasped.

He found a good rhythm; he thrust his cock slowly in and out of her. The sensation of her pussy so tight and smooth. He began to move faster, Megan could feel his balls slamming into her pussy she sensed his urgency and knew he was close to cumming. It was too soon; Megan was not ready for this to be over. She smiled thinking that Luke needed a little lesson in patience. He was only twenty-one and maybe needed a little help from a more experienced woman. On his next stroke. Megan moved away. He was surprised she saw it on his face.

“Luke, I don’t want you to cum yet, I want to make this last. Go slower, tease me with your cock, do it slow, then do it fast. Do you get what I mean?” she asked

Oh god, I can’t believe I just said that, she thought.

He did not say anything, he just came turned her back around and slipped himself back inside her. He started slowly, just moving himself in and out of her. He reached a hand underneath her and began o stroke her clit. He increased his pace and began to move quickly, his balls started slapping her pussy again. Then he pulled almost completely out of her and began to fuck her with only the head of his dick.

“OOOOOOhhh my.” She said.

She clenched her muscles and tried to draw his further inside her, his hand was circling her clit in a fast smooth motion. Then he plowed into her and fucked her hard and fast, his hand moved in rhythm.

“Luke, oh. Luke, yes” she moaned

She exploded again her muscles clenching all around him. He pulled out and motioned her to lie down. She obliged him and spread her legs wide. He lay down between her legs and grabbed her ankles. He out them on his shoulders and entered her. She could feel him filling her, his cock was rubbing her gspot, and she could feel the pleasure building. He began to move slowly, teasing her again. He pulled out and began to tease her with the tip again, and then he plunged back in.

“Oh, Fuck me hard now, please, harder” she groaned.

He increased his speed and slammed into her again and again she exploded again and just cumming and cumming. The waves of pleasure kept flowing over and over her again and again. Luke slammed into her again and she felt his cum shooting into her.

“Meg,” he groaned.

He pushed her legs off his shoulders and lay down on top of her. Breathing hard he could feel her pussy throbbing around him; it pushed him out of her. Her sat up and pulled her with him, and then he lay down and pulled her on top of him.

Megan lay there looking at him, not believing what had happened.

“That was incredible, Luke.” She said.

He raised an eyebrow and looked at her. “Incredible? That was mind-blowing Meg, just intense.”

He leaned forward and kissed her. She got up from the couch and looked around for her jeans. She grabbed them and put them on. She pulled her shirt on over her head and sat down on the edge of the couch. She picked up her shoes and slipped them on. She looked around for her purse; spying it on the table she got up and picked it up.

“I’ve got to go, Luke. It was great running into you again.” She leaned down to give him a kiss. She started to walk to the door.


She stopped and turned to look at him. “Yeah?”

“Want to get together for lunch some time?” he asked with a smile.

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