An Older Woman

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My aunt lived with us when I was young and liked to socialize and visit her friends several times a week. When she did, she frequently came home fairly late, and after everyone had gone to bed.

In those days I liked to stay up late and read, so at times I would bump into her arriving home as I was heading off. She was an attractive old broad, very buxom with a great ass. She wore bright red lipstick all the time and exuded confidence in herself and her body.

We liked to prank each other so one night when I was undressing and almost in the sack, she stuck her head in the door to try and scare me. I was 19 and getting erections frequently at the time so when she looked in, I was down to my underwear with a huge boner. She tried to say “boo”, but my huge prick stopped in her tracks. I decided to be nonchalant and ask her about her card game, while I enjoyed the look on her face and the fact that she couldn’t tear her eyes off my crotch.

She answered but kept looking at my crotch, so we both just enjoyed the moment and then she slowly pulled her head back and went off to her room.

I laid down and felt the raging boner throbbing. What had just happened with my aunt? Wow.

I felt the wet lube from my head, slide down my pipe. It was a nice feeling.

The next night auntie arrived home late again. She did her usual thing and then I heard her heading for my door. I decided to give her a bit of a show. She slowly stuck her head in the door. I had stripped naked, and my prick was erect and hanging. This time she stepped into my room and closed the door quietly. She came over to me and I felt her lovely soft hands caress my cock. “Oh, I like this” she said quietly. She gripped it gently and expertly. She stared at me as I felt the spasm and she slowly began to jerk me off. Her hands were soft and gentle on my hard prick.

It felt so good. My raw hard cock was in her beautiful soft hands, and she pulled back and forth slowly. She put her face up close to mine and smiled knowingly. She watched me get closer to orgasm and continued the slow rocking. I felt the hot come deep in my balls as it shot up and out and all over her hands. She had grabbed me with both hands now and I covered them with a spasm güvenilir bahis of white hot come. It was sticky and there was a lot of it. She reached down and wiped her hands on my pajamas.

She smiled and stepped back and went out like nothing had happened. She glanced over her shoulder at me and one more appreciative look at my boner.

Things were kind of odd for the next few days. She wasn’t at all shy or different with me. We carried on as we always had, joking, and talking. We had had a fun relationship before this had all happened anyway. Now we had a new dimension to the jokes and laughter.

That weekend my family was booked for a trip out of town to see some family friends. It was an all-day trip, and I didn’t feel like going. I was older now and family trips bored me. The day came and they all got up early had breakfast and headed out. My aunt sometimes took days like this and also went out, most times to her sister’s house to play cards and hang out. But not today. It was just her and I.

We went about our daily routine. I spent some time working on my motorcycle in the garage and she watched some of her tv shows and drank tea in the living room.

I came in for a sandwich and she wasn’t anywhere to be seen. Her bedroom door was closed though, which usually meant she was having a nap.

I ate my lunch and was putting things away when I heard her calling me.

I went to her door and tapped gently.

She told me to come in and when I did, I saw her laying on the bed in her garters and slip. She was quite a bit older than me, but she was hot in her own way. She patted the spot next to her, and she said, “Take off your pants honey”. It was semi-dark and quiet in the room. It felt cozy and it aroused me. I pulled off all of my clothes and slid into the bed beside her.

I knew what was happening, but it was shocking, nonetheless.

As I got in beside her, she turned and lay on her side facing me. She put her face up against mine and nuzzled me. Her soft warm body pressed against me. She was plush and soft and smelled good. She put her hand in my thigh and slid it up my leg, and again I felt her warm soft hands on me, stroking and gripping my raging hard cock.

“You like güvenilir bahis siteleri this?” She asked.

“Oh god yes “, I said, and she gripped a little harder.

She turned me over to face her and she opened her legs a bit. She slid my cock up under her panties, and she rubbed the tip of my cock on her wet pussy.

She was wet and soft and warm. I could smell the musk of her pussy as her lips opened up to accept my hard penis. She angled my cock a bit and took an inch or so up inside her. She rocked a bit on it, and now I wanted to get up inside her with my whole shaft. I rolled over on her and she spread her legs wide, and I felt my vicious boner slide past her panties and begin to sink into her big soft warm cunt. She was very wet and plush and pulled me closer and made a little animal cry as I entered her vagina.

“Oh, good boy, stick that fucking thing into me”

I had pushed all the way in. My cock was as hard as a steel poker. She was gripping me with her pussy, and the wetness combined with the friction made me try to push into her deeper. She felt it too and began to push back with her hips. She could screw.

“Fuck me”. she said, as I began to pound on her. I heard the swishy slap. She was so juicy. I hammered away faster and faster, and she began to cry out with each stroke.

“I can’t take much more”, she said I felt the hot come rise up from my balls, and I shot a lot of it up into her big soft box.

She was like a big comfy chair that engulfs you. You don’t want to move or get up. I just let my cock twitch and squirt out all that I had left.

We laid there for a while in the dark of her room. Everything was quiet. I had had my first sexual experience by pounding my aunt, and man was it good.

After a little while I felt my cock coming back to life. She reached down with those beautiful hands and slid them up and down my shaft, to awaken me again.

After I got my erection back Grandma went to her shelf and retrieved a bottle of cream. She coated my penis with it and then got on her elbows doggy style and showed me her ass. Her anus was a tiny pink opening and she told me to gently go up inside it with my finger. I worked my index finger up inside her, and iddaa siteleri she cried out like an animal. I pushed in two fingers and her anus opened up to my touch. She was hot and wet and tight. Then when she was open, she told me to put my penis up there.

Her pussy was nice, but her ass was tighter still. She moaned out loud as I went up inside her and felt that firm grip on my cock. I began to slide up inside, pounding her tight butt and she thrusted back at me hard. Auntie knew how to screw that was for sure.

We screwed all afternoon. At one point she put her head between my legs and took my balls in her mouth. I just laid back and let her suck and fondle them. Her tongue slid down my perineum and she rimmed my anus and stuck her tongue up inside me, while stroking my cock. She made a lot of slurping and sucking noises, and I shot a load out into the bed and partially onto her face.

By the ending the afternoon the bed was soaked with our lube and come. I had fucked her in all her holes. She was like a deluxe carnival ride. She was a really satisfying screw. I looked forward to the next time I could get up inside that amazing pussy.

I got up when we were done and went to the washroom to clean up.

About a half hour later she came out of her room and limped a bit, smiling. She gave me a kiss on the cheek and told me I was a good boy.

Life went on and amazingly, nothing had changed. Auntie would sometimes come into my room after her night out. One time she came in and pulled back my sheets. She opened her legs and straddled me in my bed and sat on my erect prick. She hardly looked at me, just wanting to get it up inside her. She lowered her wet pussy down on me, and I felt her grip me as hard as she could with her big wet box. She slid up and down, satisfying her need to get fucked. She went faster and faster, and pretty soon I was shooting up inside her. She slowed down and got off and dropped her dress. I could see the come running down her leg as she went out, with a little smile on her face.

Sometimes she would come out in the garage to check on me, and if no one was around she would take me to the back corner and pull her dress up and I would fuck her from behind. She was always wet and ready. She was such a horny old broad. Her pussy was intoxicating. So firm, and wet and plush. We never did talk much about our thing. We both just enjoyed each other and left it at that. I still appreciate older women to this day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32