An Eventful Weekend

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The sun was scorching hot on a Saturday afternoon. It was half past noon when Brent was preparing to head out. Having an average weight for a guy standing at 5’11, he had black hair and was in his late twenties. Once he had everything he needed, he walked towards the fridge to grab a drink. As he approached it, he noticed a note left by his girlfriend.

“Left for a girlfriend’s place while you were sleeping babe. I’ll probably spend the night there since it’s her birthday. Since, I’ll be gone, you can finally get that tan you’ve been thinking about!” it read.

Brent’s girlfriend had a habit of calling him affectionate terms and employing artificial enthusiasm, to emulate a happy relationship and it hadn’t grown on him.

“That should be fun, I guess,” he thought to himself.

Once he had set up all his things by the pool, Brent stripped down to his speedo, and lay on his reclined chair with his ears plugged up. After half an hour had passed, he got up to grab a drink only to be startled by a Labrador sniffing the bottles. He hurriedly got off his chair and moved away from the dog, accidentally slipping on the floor and falling into his pool. He yelled as he fell in. Having a phobia for dogs, Brent submerged himself in the water for a couple seconds waiting for the dog to go away. After a few seconds of silence, Brent rose from the water to draw some air. He noticed the dog was gone.

He heard someone behind him say, “are you alright?”

As Brent turned around, he noticed a silhouette facing his direction.

“yeah I’m alright,” with squinting eyes, Brent replied.

As he got out of the swimming pool, he saw it was a handsome man wearing a grey robe. He had soft black hair and some stubble around his jaw. He was an inch taller than Brent and about the same age as him.

“Is the dog gone?” asked Brent.

“Yeah,” he replied.

Brent looked around for a moment to see if the dog was nearby.

“You won’t see him around for a while, he scares easy,” the stranger said.

Brent then grabbed a towel and began to wipe himself.

“You must be Brent. Your friend said you would be staying here,” the stranger said.

“Yeah, I’m just here for a weekend getaway,” Brent replied.

The stranger then introduced himself,

“I’m Seth,” he said.

He then noticed that the dog had dropped Brent’s drinks on the floor and so, invited him to his place.

“It’s alright, I wouldn’t want to impose. Besides, I was planning on getting a tan today so I’ll just hang back,” Brent said.

“You can do that at my place, it’s alright,” Seth replied.

After a little hesitation, Brent agreed to his invitation.

“So did you come with anyone?” Seth asked as they walked towards his place.

“I’m here with my girlfriend,” replied Brent.

When they entered his place, Seth showed Brent the tanning area and went into the house to grab a few drinks.

“Make yourself at home,” he said.

Brent took off his robe and lay down on the reclining chair, waiting for Seth. A few minutes later, Seth, returned with a cooler. He set it down by Brent. He then proceeded to take off his robe. As his robe fell off Brent noticed his body. He had a thick chest and a ripped mid section. He was wearing a black speedo and his cock was bulging through it. His butt was firm and round and he had muscular thighs. He had no hair below his neck except for some on his calves.

Brent, to his surprise, felt his dick getting hard. He had been bicurious for a while but had never been so aroused by a man before. He bent his right leg at the knee to hide his erection. Seth oiled himself up completely and lay down on his chair.

They lay there for half an hour and spoke every now and then. Brent had looked at Seth a couple of times. Having decided that it was time to leave Brent, got up from his chair and started preparing to leave.

“Hey thanks for inviting me over and thanks for the drinks, I think I’ll take off now. Maybe I can make it up to you sometime later,” he said.

“Don’t mention it,” Seth looked at him and said.

“It was gonna be a dull weekend for me anyway. My thigh’s been killing me since yesterday so I couldn’t go out. By the way, do you happen to know anyone who gives good massages?” he added.

Brent paused for a second and replied, “Funny that you should mention it. I give really good massages. Which thigh is it?”

He was actually lying but really wanted an excuse to feel Seth’s body.

“You sure?” Seth asked.

“Yeah, no problem,” Brent replied.

Seth said, “Thanks man, I really appreciate it. It’s my right thigh”.

Brent asked him to lay down flat before he started his massage. He then sat at the end of Seth’s chair, facing him with Seth’s calves resting on his quads. He then placed his hands on Seth’s right knee and started moving his hands upwards till he reached his thigh. Placing his palms on both sides of his thigh, he began massaging it.

He then asked Seth, “Does that feel better?”

Seth bahis firmaları replied, “Yeah, that feels good”.

After nearly ten minutes, Brent was starting to get wet. He couldn’t stop staring at Seth’s bulge. It was all he could do not to pull his cock out and suck him off.

Seth was in a relaxed state with his eyes closed.

Brent said, “Hey listen man, I got something to confess”.

Seth opened his eyes and asked, “What is it?”.

“I don’t actually give massages. I was just trying to make it up to you,” confessed Brent.

“Well you should give them. I feel much better,” replied Seth, with a sparkle in his eyes.

“Oh thanks, glad I could help,” replied a blushing Brent.

“Should I continue?” he asked.

“No, I’m good, but you should stay for a little while. The sun is at it’s peak at this hour,” Seth suggested.

“I guess I could stay a little longer,” replied Brent.

He then lay down in his chair.

Sometime later, Brent noticed Seth’s eyes were closed, so he snuck out of his place and returned home. The house was empty. His girlfriend hadn’t returned. After preparing his lunch, he sat in front of his couch, turned on the tv and began to eat. No matter how hard he tried, Brent couldn’t stop wondering if Seth was still out there, tanning his muscular body. So after lunch, he went to bed to clear his mind with a nap. After some lust filled thoughts, he finally fell asleep.

It was evening when Brent woke up. He noticed his girlfriend still hadn’t returned.

“Looks like she’ll spend the night there,” he thought to himself.

Feeling bored, he decided to go to the gym. Once he had packed all his equipment, he left for the gym.

After warming up on the treadmill, Brent moved to the free weights. He was doing some barbell presses when he heard someone walk into the room. Brent finished his set and arose to see it was Seth.

They both greeted each other.

“I was surprised when I woke up next to an empty chair this afternoon,” said Seth.

“Sorry, I was in a hurry and I didn’t want to wake you up,” a nervous Brent replied.

“Well you were in such a hurry, you forgot your watch at my place,” Seth replied.

“Oops, my bad,” remarked Brent.

“It’s alright, you can just swing by later to collect it,” Seth said.

“Sure, what time should I come?” asked Brent.

“Around ten should be fine,” replied Seth.

“Alright, I’ll drop by then,” said Brent.

After this exchange, Brent left the gym. On his way home, Brent wondered why Seth had called him so late rather than calling him earlier. Once he was home, he took a shower. After that, he lay down on the couch and turned on the television and ate his dinner. Once it was ten, an anxious Brent left for Seth’s place.

Once he had reached Seth’s place, he knocked on his door. A couple of seconds later, Seth answered the door. He was wearing the same grey robe he had worn earlier in the day.

“Hey man, come on in,” he said.

Brent smiled and walked in. As they entered his place, Seth told Brent to wait in the living room while he retrieved his watch. Brent made himself comfortable on the couch, waiting for Seth. After a couple minutes, Brent called for Seth, wondering if he was having trouble finding the watch. When there was no reply, he walked towards the room Seth had gone into. The room was empty. A puzzled Brent turned around to find Seth standing right behind him wearing nothing but a pair of red briefs and a lascivious grin.

Brent’s cock was getting hard once again. Although, there was no hiding it this time.

“What’s going on?” asked a nervous Brent as he noticed the seductive look on Seth’s face.

“Let’s not pretend,” said a flirty Seth.

Brent wanted to feign bewilderment but couldn’t let out any words.

“I’ve noticed your glances. Never done this before have you?” added Seth.

Brent was still speechless.

With only an inch between them, Seth whispered “Wanna start?”.

Brent quickly leaned in for a kiss and locked lips with him. Seth’s lips felt exactly like he had imagined. Realising he could finally give in to his homosexual urges and unleash his sexual frustration, Brent pulled off his shirt and tossed it aside after which their lips reunited in embrace. Closing his eyes, Brent began playing with Seth’s tongue. Seth rested his hands on Brent’s neck as Brent moved his hands all over Seth’s body. His hands stopped on round ass. Seth moaned as Brent squeezed his buttcheeks while playing with his tongue. Sliding his fingers into Seth’s briefs, Brent started to finger him. Moving his finger over Seth’s hole, Brent felt himself getting wet. He then pulled Seth towards the bed and lay him flat on his back. After taking off his jeans and kicking them to the side, Brent climbed over Seth.

Brent continued to kiss him while playing with his chest. He then moved lower and started kissing and licking his nipples making a moaning Seth even more wet. Slowly moving his hands down Seth’s body, Brent kaçak iddaa once again slid his hand into Seth’s underwear and firmly rubbed his hole. He then moved towards Seth’s hips. After pulling Seth’s cock out, Brent held the firm and erect member with his right hand and prepared to give his first blowjob. He slowly licked the cum off the tip of Seth’s cock. Then, he knelt before Seth’s legs and continued to tease his throbbing cock with his tongue as Seth’s moans grew loud.

Once he was ready to blow Seth, he closed his eyes and pulled him into his mouth. In and out he went, sucking in a gentle and slow motion. Seth placed his hands on Brent’s head as he continued drawing heavy breaths. Feeling himself getting even more wet, Brent pulled out his cock and started rubbing it.

Pulling Seth’s cock out of his mouth, Brent poured cum onto it with his tongue and then went back to sucking it. After pulling Seth’s underwear down to his meaty thighs, Brent moved towards his balls. Gently swallowing each ball, he licked it as he stroked Seth with his right hand. He then pulled off Seth’s briefs and flung them away. Moving back to Seth’s cock, Brent locked his lips around the head and started licking it.

As Seth’s moans grew even louder, Brent sucked him off harder while extending his other hand to Seth’s nipples and playing with them. Feeling himself about to cum, Seth crossed his legs over Brent’s shoulders and tightened his grip on his head.

“Uhh…I’m gonna cum…ahh,” he yelled.

With a loud yell, he blew his hot load all over Brent’s face. Having tasted cum for the first time, Brent realised he liked the taste.

“Not bad for a first time,” a panting Seth remarked.

Brent grabbed hold of Seth’s thighs and flipped him over. Laying him down flat on his stomach, Brent placed his hands on Seth’s thighs once more and slowly started moving up till he reached his plump cheeks. Squeezing them tight as he marveled at their size, Brent moved his face closer to them. He took a turn at biting each cheek and prepared to taste Seth.

Close enough to Seth’s cheeks, Brent gave them a lick. He then lowered his face into them and began rimming Seth. Seth began to moan again as Brent gave his ass a slap. Placing his hands on the back of Seth’s hips, Brent pulled them upwards till Seth was on his knees while his face continued to lay flat on it’s side. He then placed his hands around Seth’s hips to get a good grip. Licking the cum off his face, Brent spat it on Seth’s hole and continued to rim him. Brent went on for a couple of minutes as they both moaned.

Once Seth’s asshole was covered in Brent’s spit and his own cum, Brent said, “I wanna cum in you”.

Rising to an upright kneeling position, Brent raised Seth up till he was on all fours. After taking off his own underwear, Brent was ready to have anal sex, which was something his girlfriend would never let him do.

Ready to penetrate Seth, Brent grabbed his muscular behind as he slowly entered him. Seth’s asshole wasn’t as tight as Brent had expected it to be. As he entered Seth, he felt how it was to be inside a man. Slowly moving his hips in and out, Brent loved the stimulation he was getting. He started humping faster as Seth moaned.

After a few minutes, Brent knew he couldn’t go on much longer so he stopped to lay Seth back onto his stomach. He then lay on top of Seth and continued to hump him. Feeling himself about to cum, Brent sped up his motion. He was pounding Seth like a jackhammer. Seth was moaning much louder than before. With a loud moan, Brent blew his load inside Seth. Exhausted, Brent fell onto Seth’s hot and sweaty body. This was the most intense sexual encounter he had ever experienced. He then flipped over onto the other side of the bed and they both tried to catch their breath.

Attempting to break the gasp filled atmosphere, Brent said, “That was…”.

Unable to catch his breath or come up with a suitable adjective, Brent didn’t finish his thought. Noticing Brent’s state, Seth let out a giggle before he went back to panting. Feeling too exhausted and drained, Brent and Seth fell asleep right next to each other.

It was a half past eight in the morning when Brent woke up alone. Realising his girlfriend could have already returned home, he hurriedly began to retrieve his clothes that were scattered all over the room, without giving a second thought to where Seth had gone. All dressed up haphazardly, he bolted out the door, and rushed home.

Upon entering, Brent didn’t see any signs of his girlfriend’s return. He checked all the rooms to make sure. Before leaving, he decided to check the answering machine. There were two new messages on the machine from the last hour. Brent played the first one and it was an advertisement. He then played the second one and it was from a woman.

She said, “Hey Brent, this is Jen. I tried your phone but it was dead so I’m leaving this message. Last night was crazy. We got super drunk and had a great time. Although, Kim had a little too much to drink and is out like a light. kaçak bahis Don’t worry I’ll bring her over in a couple hours once I get rid of this damn hangover”.

Brent thought to himself, “Atleast we both had fun last night”.

Once he had listened to the message, Brent reached into his pocket to pull out his phone but to his surprise, couldn’t find it. Upon checking all his other pockets, he realised that he had left it at Seth’s place. Luckily, in his hurry to get home, Brent hadn’t closed Seth’s door completely. Knowing this, Brent went back to Seth’s place to retrieve his phone. There was no one at Seth’s place. After looking in the living room for a few minutes, Brent found his phone on the couch he sat on the previous night.

“It must have fallen out of my pocket,” he thought to himself.

He then heard a noise. Someone was entering the house. Brent saw that it was Seth returning from a morning run.

Seth noticed a shabby Brent and said, “Hey”.

“Hey, I was just grabbing my things,” Brent responded.

Seth walked to the fridge to grab a drink and there was an awkward silence.

As he drank, Brent slowly added, “Last night was…”.

“It was fun, wasn’t it?” Seth interrupted.

Before Brent could respond, Seth said, “I’m going to hit the shower, you look like you could use one”.

He looked him in the eyes as he said this and then walked towards his room. Brent stood where he was for a minute after which, he heard the shower turn on. Hesitating for a moment, he too walked towards Seth’s room.

Standing in the bedroom as Seth showered, Brent thought to himself, “I have a few hours at least”.

He quickly pulled off his clothes till he was naked and approached the bathroom. Upon opening the door, Brent saw Seth’s silhouette in the curtain. Once again aroused by Seth’s body, he slowly walked towards the tub. Once he was close enough, he pulled the curtain aside as silently as he could. Standing in a tub filled with water, Seth was pouring water on himself with a sprinkler.

Seth turned to face Brent as he stepped into the tub. He put the sprinkler aside as Brent slid his arms around Seth’s lower back and embraced him as they kissed. Seth held both of their cocks in his hands, rubbing and stroking them as they played with each other’s tongues. Brent turned Seth around and started licking his neck as his hard cock pressed up against Seth’s ass. Rubbing the underside of his cock on Seth’s ass, Brent ran his left hand all over Seth’s chest and abs and stroked his cock gently with his right hand.

Brent realised his cock was throbbing against Seth’s ass. Wrapping his hands around Seth’s abs, Brent slowly adjusted his cock till he found Seth’s asshole. Brent gently thrusted his hips in and out as they both moaned. Seth turned his head towards Brent and they kissed as Brent stroked his cock while he fucked him.

Brent moved Seth towards the foot of the tub, placed him against the wall and placed his hands on Seth’s hips as Seth placed his palms against the wall. Gently moving his hips in and out, Brent turned Seth’s face towards him and they kissed as they fucked. Brent started moving faster with each penetration. He continued until he couldn’t go any faster.

Seth yelled, “Aw ffuck…” as a gasping Brent fucked him hard.

Brent moaned as he blew his load in Seth. Exhausted after ejaculating for the second time in twelve hours, Brent leaned forward to rest on Seth’s body while still holding him by the hips. Seth slowly turned around, placed his hands on Brent’s face and kissed him. Seth moved Brent towards the head of the tub and made him lean on his back after which, he sat on Brent’s thighs with bent knees and continued kissing him.

Brent slid his hands across Seth’s thighs and rested on his ass, caressing his cheeks as they continued to kiss. Moving towards Seth’s chest, Brent wrapped his arms around Seth’s lower back and pulled him in closer as he licked and played with his nipples.

“I wanna taste your cum again,” Brent said as he looked up at Seth before planting another kiss on his lips.

Seth rose to a kneeling position and Brent grabbed his cock with his hand. Stroking it as he lustfully stared at it, Brent shoved it into his mouth and sucked it hard as they both moaned. Brent raised his other hand up between Seth’s thighs and caressed his balls, slowly moving up to his asshole. Feeling cum dripping into his mouth, Brent started fingering Seth’s hole. Brent moved his finger in and out as he continued sucking Seth. Seth yelled as he once again blew his load into Brent’s mouth.

Collapsing on Brent, Seth flipped over to rest on his body. Turning Seth’s face towards him, Brent kissed him again and they both tasted Seth’s cum. Tilting his head back, Brent closed his eyes and napped. He woke up half an hour later to realise Seth was gone. He arose from the tub and hurriedly left the bathroom, not knowing if his girlfriend had reached home. He rushed to his clothes and began putting them on. As Brent put his clothes back on for the second time that day, he noticed how silent the house was. He looked at his watch and was relieved to find out it had only been an about an hour since he fell asleep. Prepared to leave, he walked into the living room.

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