An Awesome Outing With The Twins

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It is 9 o’clock on Sunday morning when I stop in front of Alison’s house. She is my girlfriend of the past 13 months. It is a perfect summer day and we planned on spending the day (which incidentally is my 23rd birthday!) at a very private swimming hole in the mountains. I do not even have to close my eyes to picture us skinny-dipping and making love on the smooth rocks under the clear blue sky. Ever since I got out of bed this morning, I kept feeling this tingling in my pants!

I enter the house and find Alison in the kitchen. The table is laden with picnic baskets, drinks, towels and everything needed for a perfect day in the sun. She comes up to me and gives me a hug and a kiss. She looks quite striking. She has long blonde hair and her tiny yellow bikini top battles to contain her full, firm 36C bust. She is wearing white shorts over her bikini bottoms, which shows off her long, tanned athletic legs quite nicely.

“Hi, love! Happy birthday! I hope you don’t mind, but Blanche’s date cancelled and I said it would be OK for her to join us.” she chirps.

“Of course! No problem at all! The more the merrier!” I reply. But someone might as well have poured a glass of ice cold water down the front of my pants! Blanche is Alison’s identical twin sister, therefore equally beautiful. What I had in mind, however, was a day of lust, nudism and glorious outdoor sex! Now that we’re tagging Blanche along, all prospects of that goes down the drain. Don’t get me wrong! Blanche is a great girl with a very bubbly personality – a definite carbon copy of her sister, but today she would only be cramping style! It is with great difficulty that I hide my disappointment.

Then Blanche appears in the doorway. She’s wearing a bright blue bikini top with exactly the same shorts as Alison over her bikini bottoms. “Hi Bob! Happy birthday, big boy!” she says and gives me a peck on the lips. “I hope you don’t mind me coming along!” she says with a striking smile.

“Not in the least!” I reply, faking my enthusiasm. “Come, let’s get these goodies in the van and hit the road!” We load everything in the back of the van. All three of us get into the front of the van with Blanche sitting in the middle. The fact that these two sisters are absolutely identical in every way has never ceased to amaze (and sometimes confuse!) me. The only way of telling them apart is the tiny mole on Blanche’s shoulder. They like to wear the same clothes, but normally one will wear something of a different color. Like the blue and yellow bikini tops – exactly the same style, but different colors. It does make it easier to tell them apart. Of course it is a different story altogether when you have a conversation with them. Even though their voices sound the same, you can tell them apart by what they say and how they say it. Somehow their mother never has a problem telling them apart, but their father sometimes slips up.

We drive into the countryside, the road meandering through the green hills. Finally we reach the swimming hole. It is very private, totally surrounded by trees. The property belongs to a friend of mine that is out of town, so we have the whole place just to ourselves. We unpack and walk to the side of the pool. We spread our towels on the green grass. It is an absolutely awesome swimming spot! The water cascades over a rocky drop of about 20 feet into a crystal clear pool – so clear that you can see the trout swimming in it. The pool is quite deep in places, but in some areas shallow enough to stand in. More or less in the middle is a huge flat rock which the girls refer to as ‘the island’.

I take off my shirt and lie back on my towel, enjoying the hot sun on my body. Next to me the girls are wiggling out of their shorts. Any guy I know would have given his front teeth to be in my position and here I am sulking because Blanche is cramping my style! They lie down on their tummies on either side of me and I have a perfect view of their tight, round asses, barely covered by the high cut bikini bottoms.

Alison opens the picnic basket and takes out an ice cold bottle of champagne and three glasses. “Come, we have something to celebrate, not so, birthday boy?” She hands me the bottle and I open it. The cork flies into the air with a loud pop and lands in the water. I pour the champagne and we toast. It is hot and we are thirsty. The girls are wolfing down the champagne like cold drink and after a few refills, the bottle is empty.

The girls become noticeably more talkative, but are very far from intoxicated. Alison stretches out next to me on her towel. “Luv, would you please help me put on some suntan lotion?” she asks. I get on my knees next to her and start applying the lotion to her calves, working my way up to her thighs. I find it quite a turn-on kneading her oily, firm flesh with my hands and before long I develop quite a hard-on. Then I put my hands on the two protruding orbs of her butt and work them with my hands. I move up and do her back. I boldly undo her bikini top and smear the lotion all over her back. She does not object. I wipe casino şirketleri my hands and get back onto my towel. She leaves the top undone, lying on her breasts.

“What about me?” Blanche asks. “Mind giving me a hand as well?”

“Sure!” I say. I turn towards her and straddle her. She is also lying face down on her arms. I decide to start with her back. Sitting on her butt, I do her shoulders and then proceed to undo her top. She stops me. “That won’t be necessary, thanks!” she says.

“OK then, but don’t blame me if your top gets all oily!” I reply, disappointed.

“Blanche, for crying out load! Stop being such a prude! Relax! Unwind!” Alison says.

“Well, alright then…” Blanche says and relaxes. I undo the top and apply the lotion to her back. Because she is lying on her arms, her full, firm breasts are bulging out at the sides. I gently run my fingers over the firm flesh of her boobs while applying the lotion. No reaction. I decide not to push my luck and do the backs of her legs. She, too, does not bother to fasten her top.

Alison gets up, holding her loose top over her breasts while she kneels by the picnic basket. She takes out another bottle of wine and opens it. Having to use both hands to open the bottle, her top falls away and exposes her full breast with its rosy tip. She clumsily tries to cover up.

“Hey, who’s a prude now?” I call to her. “Come on! Be a devil and lose the top!”

“Dream on, loverboy!” she replies and pours three glasses of wine. “Here, come and help yourselves.”

“Hey, it IS my birthday, remember..?” I push the envelope.

She thinks for a while, then, with an impish smile she says “OK, you win. But ONLY if Blanche will join me.”

I almost choke on my wine. I cannot believe what I’m hearing. This day is not turning out too bad after all!

“You must be kidding! There’s no ways I’m walking around here, showing off my boobs!” Blanche mumbles.

“There she goes again…” Alison teased.

“Tease as much as you like, I’m not doing it.” Blanche replies and takes a sip of her wine. “Maybe later in the water if we go swimming, but not here in the open.”

“Wow! This is getting better! Having the twins out here all to myself could become very interesting! Double your pleasure, double your fun!” I think to myself.

The girls start chatting and sipping away at their wine. I’m getting impatient. I want some action and in an attempt to speed things up, I dive into the water. I swim around for a while and pretty soon the two girls start wading into the water, holding their tops in front of their boobs. When they are waist deep in the water, Alison removes her top and throws it onto ‘the island’.

“There! Happy birthday, big boy!” she shouts and spreads her arms, showing off her magnificent boobs. But I’m much more interested in seeing Blanche’s boobs at the moment. They probably look identical to Alison’s, but it is the simple fact that they’re not Alison’s, but her sister’s that makes it so much more intriguing!

“Awesome! Thank you, luv!” I call to her. “Too bad your sister is such a prude!”

At this, Blanche wades towards to rock in the middle of the pool. Standing with her back towards us, she too, drops her top on the rock. Then she huddles down neck deep into the water and turns around to face us.

We start splashing around and soon I realize that I’m going to have to watch them very carefully. The only distinguishing feature now is the mole on Blanche’s shoulder and that is not very conspicuous. We don’t want to get the girls mixed up, now, do we! Or do we..? If I ‘accidentally’ mix them up, it could lead to a lot of fun!

I get onto the rock and dive back into the water. I swim underwater in Blanche’s direction, pick her up in my arms and walk her into the shallow water. She shrieks as I lift her up so her breasts come into view. Magnificent! I fold my one hand over her breast. “Whoah! Wrong sister!” she shrieks and starts kicking and pushes me away.

“Sorry..!” I apologize and let her slide back to her feet in the water. This time she doesn’t make an attempt to cover up. She wades around with her proud, firm breasts above the water. Even topless she is an absolute carbon copy of her sister! I decide not to push my luck any further and focus my attention on Alison.

We start frolicking in the water and pretty soon Blanche joins in. I can see that the wine is taking its toll. Inhibitions fade like mist before the sun and Blanche jumps onto my back, trying to dunk my head under the water. The feeling of her naked tits against my back makes my dick strain against my trunks. I turn around and pick her up into my arms, lifting her out of the water. Those tits come into view again, but it does not seem to worry her anymore. I feast my eyes on them, while tilting her backwards, dunking her head under the water. I notice the mole on her shoulder.

I let go of her and swim towards the rock. I take off my swimming trunks under the water and toss it onto the rock. “Skinny dippin’ time!” I shout! Again casino firmaları the girls shriek and before long their bikini bottoms join my trunks on the rock.

I chase them around in the water and eventually grab one around the waist. I check for the mole. There is none. It’s Alison. I take her in my arms and turn her around to face me. I lift her up and she wraps her legs around me. I feel her plump pussy resting on the shaft of my hard dick. I walk her to the rock and resting her back against the rock, she reaches under the water. Her fingers close around the shaft of my dick as she guides it towards her pussy. I push forward and enjoy the familiar feeling of sinking my dick into the hot, wet folds of her pussy. I fuck her gently for a while hoping Blanche will not notice what we’re doing. I support her with my hands under her butt while she has her arms around my neck, her firm breasts jutting into my chest. I walk around with her in the water, slowly fucking her in the process. She rests her head on my shoulder.

Suddenly Blanche lunges forward and tackles us both. We all lose our balance and my dick pulls out of Alison’s pussy. We all shriek with laughter and Alison walks out of the water. “I’m going to fix us something to eat and drink!” she calls as she walks out of the water in all her naked splendor, the subtle jiggle of her full breasts not going unnoticed as she walks. “Be good! See you later!”

This leaves just Blanche and me in the water. I chase after her and she swims away. I catch her behind the rock and pull her towards me. She pushes my head under the water. I grab her and start to tickle her. She kicks and screams and eventually ends up with both arms and legs wrapped around me. I revel in the sensation of her naked breasts pushing into my chest. I put my hands under her naked butt and pull her hips towards mine. My hard dick pokes her in the lower belly and she stiffens. I lift her up and lower her onto my dick, pushing it down between her legs. My dick nestles in the warm slit of her pussy.

“Please… Please don’t!” she says. But there’s no stopping me now! I start to hump her pussy and feel the head of my dick lodge in her slit. She panics and the only way she can stop me from penetrating her is by grabbing hold of my dick. She pulls it away from her pussy and hangs on to it. I lower my head onto her left breast and my lips close around her hard, rosy nipple as I suck it into my mouth. She moans.

“Please! We can’t… For God’s sake, she’s my twin sister, damnit!” I ignore her pleas and continue rolling her nipple between my lips. I start to hump her hand holding my dick. Her grip tightens around it. I slide my right hand underneath her from behind and cup her naked pussy in my hand. She squirms.

“Please don’t… What if Alison sees us?” she pleads.

“She won’t. She’s on the other side of the rock.” I whisper in her ear. Then I take her nipple in my mouth again, at the same time slipping my middle finger into her hungry hole. She moans and pulls my head into her breast. I slip another finger into her cunt and begin to seriously finger fuck her. She squirms and finally I feel her hand beginning to move on my dick. She is wanking me!

I lift her hips slightly and take my fingers out of her cunt. She gets the message. I spread her pussy lips from behind with my fingers, while she raises my dick and places its head against her hungry hole. I lower her onto my dick and she groans as the soft petals of her pussy open up under the pressure of my dickhead and allow my cock to slide effortlessly into the soft warm folds of her cunt. I slowly fuck in and out of her pussy while she wraps her arms around me, her nails biting into the skin of my back. I am surprised at the fact that I might as well be fucking Alison. Everything feels the same, she responds in the exact same way, even making the same whimpering noises as I fuck her. Her hips meet my every thrust with gusto. Then I feel the tempo of her hips picking up. There is a slight trembling in her hips and her hands are roaming frantically over my back and shoulders. I realize that she’s about to come. I grab her hips and fuck her as hard as I can. Then I feel her nails biting into my flesh. Knowing how noisy Alison becomes when she has an orgasm, I anticipate her scream. My hand closes over her mouth to stifle it. She begins to shudder and then her hips contract into uncontrollable rhythmic spasms as she explodes into orgasm! She bucks and I find it hard to keep my dick inside her. I hold her until the bucking subsides. Then I begin to fuck her again gently. Eventually I feel the tension build up in my balls and decide to shoot my load inside her. Then, just as I’m about to come, we hear Alison calling out.

“Snacks and drinks ready!” she shouts. This knocks Blanche to her senses and she pushes me off her. Damn! She wades out of the water with no inhibitions whatsoever and walks into the direction of Alison. I follow with my raging hard-on leading the way.

“My! You ARE glad to see me!” Alison quips.

I ignore her witty güvenilir casino remark and sit down on the towel, taking a sip of wine. We have something to eat and then the two girls walk into the direction of the van. I can see they’re discussing something but cannot hear a thing. Our swimming gear is still lying on ‘the island’ in the middle of the pool.

Then they look at me and start walking in my direction. It is as if I’m seeing double. Even the subtle jiggle of their boobs as they walk seems to be synchronized. Alison has the first aid kit in her hand.

“We would like to give you your birthday present now. But first we’ll have to blindfold you. And remember, once we remove your blindfold, no more talking from any of us!” Alison says.

I’m a little puzzled, but cannot wait to find out what my birthday present is going to be, so I play along. They take a towel and wrap it around my head. I wait for a few seconds and then they remove the towel. Alison pushes me gently onto my back and kisses me. Or is it Blanche? I quickly look for the mole on the shoulder, but am surprised to find it covered by a band-aid. I look at the other sister and am even more surprised to find a band-aid in the exact same position. The devils! Now there is no way I can tell them apart!

I call Alison’s name, but no response from either of the two. Then I get gently pushed onto my back by one of them. She (A) kisses me while the other one (B) wraps her hand around my dick and slowly starts to wank me. My dick is already rock hard! A breaks the kiss and unceremoniously proceeds to sit on my face. She gasps as I suck her clit into my mouth.

Then I feel a warm, moist sensation as B’s lips close around my dick. I slowly fuck in and out of her mouth while eating A’s pussy. This is heaven! But at the same time the uncertainty is agonizing! For some reason I simply HAVE to know who is who!

Suddenly B moves her mouth away from my dick and straddles me. Holding my hard dick upright she lowers herself onto it. I tear my face away from A’s cunt and is just in time to see my dick slowly being swallowed by B’s cunt. She then starts to ride my dick slowly and rhythmically. Who the hell am I fucking?! I look up at the shaven pussy above me, hairless except for a thin line of short hair above the slit – again a carbon copy of the one I’m fucking!

A reaches out and cups B’s breast in her hand, taking her nipple between thumb and forefinger. She gently tugs on the nipple and I can feel B responding. The rhythm of her hips is picking up and she is definitely fucking me harder! The A leans forward and her mouth closes around B’s hard nipple. She sucks hungrily on it! My God! The twins are bi! What a turn-on! How come I have never noticed it in Alison?

Then B begins to tremble lightly. She fucks me harder and then lets out a mighty scream as she comes. She starts to buck uncontrollably! The rhythmic contractions of her pussy on my dick almost push me over the edge as well. She collapses on top of me and I give her time to recover. She gets off me and so does A. I get onto my knees and A kneels in front of me, offering her cunt doggy style. I waste no time in slipping my hard dick into that inviting sopping wet cunt! I start fucking her enthusiastically, but still the uncertainty is killing me!

B lies down on her back in front of A and spreads her legs, offering her hot, wet cunt. A wastes no time and starts to eat B’s pussy with passion. I lean forward and take A’s swinging tits in my hands. I tug on her nipples and roll them between my fingers while fuck her from behind. The sight of my dick pistoning in and out of who knows whose pussy while she’s eating who know who else’s pussy is getting waaayyyy too much for me. My balls feel like they’re going to explode! I grab A’s hips and ram my dick as hard as I can all the way into her cunt and erupts into orgasm! I shoot stream after stream of hot come into her pussy until the come runs out of her pussy and down her thighs. Then I collapse on top of the both of them, totally spent.

They get up, still without saying a word, merely smiling at me. They wade into the water to fetch their bikinis and my trunks from the rock. One of them tosses my trunks in my direction and they start putting on their bikinis, still not talking.

Finally, sanity prevails! I grab Alison and give her a big bear hug. Blanche looks striking as she stands next to the water in her blue bikini. She is brushing her long blonde hair. I walk Alison to the van.

“Jesus, Hon! That was amazing! The best birthday present I ever had!” I said. “But you guys had me so confused I did not know whether I was coming or going! Shit, I never realized that Blanche is such a wildcat!”

“Only goes to show you…” Alison says “Never underestimate anyone. The only thing that you can be sure of is that you cannot be sure of anything!”

We pack everything back into the van and drive back to town, Blanche again sitting in the middle. I sneak peeks down her blue bikini top and decide that she actually has better boobs than Alison. Then I notice the band-aid on her shoulder. “I suppose now that the game is over, there’s no need for this” I say and pull the band-aid off her shoulder. Fuck! What’s this? No mole? They’re shitting me again! They swapped bikinis!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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