An Afternoon at the Pool Pt. 02

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After another 10 minutes or so, Kathy suggested that she needed to cool off again and headed for the pool. I said bye to Joan, set my beer down and jumped in. We could hear Joan dive in on her side. Still in the water, I came up next to Kathy. The first words out of her mouth were I don’t believe you did that. It was sort of a turn on given the circumstances, but I can’t believe you were so bold. Me I answered back, what about you GF, you peed too remember… We continued to talk about it for a few minutes, then grabbed our beers and resumed our positions on the air mattresses. My thoughts wandered about what just took place and I began to get aroused – again.

Eventually I moved my mattress close to Kathy and began doing the flirt thing. Suspecting Joan was still out in her yard and knowing how sound travels, our talk was now in whispers. My plan was to get Kathy over to the picnic table on the patio and make love to her on top of the table. Things were starting to heat up as our bathing suits found their way off and onto the deck. I led us over to the pool steps and motioned to the picnic table – Kathy mumbles something to the effect of I really am brave. Instinctively, as we walk up the steps and onto the deck, we glance over at Joan’s back yard only to see her sitting in a pool chair legs spread apart, with her feet on the table. We exchange waves. From there all Joan could see was our heads. The picnic table was a little further away from the wall so we figured, if we were quiet, we’d probably get away with it.

By now Kathy and I are both worked up and so horny that it probably wouldn’t matter if we had a crowd. We were going to have each other right now, right there. She started for the arcadia door mumbling something about having to go first but I grabbed her and sat her up bahis şirketleri to the picnic table and we proceeded to go at it. She was leaning back on her elbows with her legs spread and feet at the outside edge corners of the table. I was standing at the foot of the table rocking my dick in and out of her very wet pussy.

Though we tried to be quiet, every so often the picnic table moved or one of us would moan. Several minutes had passed when Kathy sat up and announced that she wanted to be on top and that I should lay down on the table. I did so and she straddled me, put my throbbing dick into her and rode me for all I and she were worth. It was incredible. She was making more noise now in addition to the picnic table moving more. I was enjoying this immensely but beginning to get worried about Joan hearing so told Kathy to quiet/slow down. No sooner than I had said that, out of the corner of my eye I catch movement at the fence line. Sure enough, it’s Joan – busted – geez am I turned on now. I glance over again so as not to alert Kathy, Joan is still there – just watching. At this point I can not contain myself any more, I explode into Kathy, feeling my cum work its way the length of my dick and into her warm, wet pussy. What a feeling.

Kathy is now in total screw mode and can not contain her moans, then she does one of these oooh, oooh, oooooh things, her body convulses and she arches her back coming almost off my dick twice then collapses on top of me, every ounce of energy apparently drained with the strength of her obvious incredible orgasm. Still laying on top, only moments later, she again blurts out oooh, ooooh, oh god, oh god no, noooooahhhh, her body tightens, then she raises her pelvis a little just about the time I feel something warm running between us where we are bahis firmaları joined. I am thinking my cum is working it’s way out as it always does, but this time it does not stop when I think it should, and it’s starting to run between us everywhere. My god she’s getting me back now. I’m thinking this feels weird yet erotic as her warm pee runs across my stomach, down my sides, onto my back then onto the table. I cup my hands under her naked, firm breasts and raise her up straight only to watch her pee start to spray and the table – god is this wild or what.

Her pee is clear and odorless as I watch it come out and onto me. It is noisy too. She declares that pay back is a bitch isn’t it, and continues to pee an even stronger stream/spray now.. Apparently she experienced such an orgasm and had to go so bad that it just started to flow involuntarily, well, at least at first anyway. When she realized what was going on, she must have thought what the heck and continued relieving herself. As I lay there holding her up by her breasts, watching her pee, I again glance over to see if Joan is still watching – she is – I can’t believe it – oh well. Eventually Kathy lays back down on top of me. I am still in her and we just lay there – exhausted. Movement again at the fence line – Joan quietly slips away so I finally whisper that we had company.

We lay there whispering, giggling for a few minutes about what had just transpired and our peeping tom, or in this case peeping Joan. After about 5 minutes, when the heat of passion was wearing off, and my senses were beginning to return to normal, I had that familiar, I have to go again feeling. Clearly the precedent had been set that day – down and as dirty as it gets was the rule. So after contemplating asking her to get off so I could go inside kaçak bahis siteleri (or onto the bushes beyond the foot of the picnic table), I decided to do as she did, pee as we lay there, still in her mind you. I began to go and just as with her, the warmth again flowed between us. Now though, she sits up and says with a wicked smile, god are you nasty, stop it. Thinking I had crossed the line (after all, peeing in your partners pussy is a bit unusual) I was able to stop. She moved her legs underneath her and rose up above me high enough for her to grab my dick and pull it out.

As my dick came out so did my cum (and whatever pee was left in her). Some rolled down her inner thighs, some dripped from her pussy which she had positioned over me now onto my stomach. With one hand still holding my dick, she used the other to collect and rub the sperm first on her stomach and breasts, then on mine. Occasionally she stopped to have me lick her fingers or lick them herself – geez was this a dream or what. I had almost completely forgotten about having to pee when she slid forward enough on my chest for my dick to fall behind her onto the table. She laid down again on top of me, my sperm and our pee now sticky between us.

With one hand, she reached behind her, grabbed my dick again, placed and held it between the cheeks of her butt like a hot dog in a bun and whispered in my ear, now finish what you started you nasty boy. Not only did she not mind, now she was helping – again – too cool, totally erotic. I began to pee again, slowly at first then a stronger stream. The clear liquid running up onto the small of her back then down her sides onto me. Some of it running back down the crack in her butt, over my dick and her hand. After I’d run out of pee, we laid there for a long time. Just laying, not saying anything. We finally made our way back to the pool for a quick rinse. The sun was much lower now. The sky was beginning to turn orange. We walked naked up the steps, across the deck and silently into the house. What an afternoon…

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