Amy – A Young Woman’s First Love

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This is my first submission, so I would really appreciate your feedback.

It all began around six months back when I received a phone call from my longtime friend and neighbor’s young daughter Amy.

“Hi Tony, it’s me, Amy. Listen, I have a long weekend break from university coming up soon and I was wondering if I could come and see you?”

“I would love for you to come, let me know when.” I told her.

“Got to go, but I will email you, Miss you.”

The last time I saw Amy was over two years ago at our neighbor’s house. It was her 21st birthday. My wife had been ill for many months and insisted that I take our birthday gift.

Before the party ended, Amy and I had a slow dance together and we ended in a passionate embrace.

Seeing Amy again after the past few years was a pleasurable thought, as my wife passed away weeks after the party and I have lived alone since then.

However, all that was about to change one Friday evening, when the doorbell rang.

On opening the door, there stood this beautiful 23 year-old young woman with rain dripping from her hair.

“Come in, before you get soaked through,” I said, as she more or less ran into my house.

“Hi Tony, I missed you.”

For a moment, we stood looking at each other, me in my sweatpants and shirt, Amy in a green suede jacket, jeans and a white blouse. She reached out her arms and gave me a hug and a peck on the cheek. I kissed her forehead and sent her off upstairs to get out of her wet clothes, while I ordered Pizza. It was a good 20 minutes before I heard Amy coming down the stairs.

“Well, Tony, here I am,” said Amy

She had fastened her hair back with a ribbon and changed into a loose fitting sweatshirt and a pair of lounging pants.

Amy was a beautiful brunette, about 5feet 4inches tall, 110 pounds I would guess, small pert breasts, altogether a beautiful body.

“You look gorgeous. It’s a long time since I last saw you. I can’t believe how you have changed.”

“Thanks Tony. You’re not too bad yourself for a 40 year-old man.” chuckled Amy, blushing as she spoke.

The Pizza delivery guy arrived with my order as we were speaking. After he had left, I poured two glasses of wine and we sat next to each other on the sofa and recounted some of the good times.

Amy also told me that she loved Christmas time, because it was the only time she could openly give me a kiss, under the mistletoe.

She came closer and whispered, “Tony, you are the only person I can trust and confide in, so I want to tell you something. My girlfriends keep asking me how many guys have I been with and they just laugh when I tell them none, because I am waiting for the right one.”

“There’s nothing wrong with waiting for mister right, Amy.”

“I also need to confess something,” she went on to say, “I have had a crush on you for a long time, Tony. Remember my party night and the dance we had? Well, I wanted to keep your smell with me, so I came in here the following day and took the white shirt you were wearing; sorry.”

I told her I had wondered where it had gone, but it was okay now that I knew. Amy sat back on the sofa and we finished off the bottle of wine while we continued talking.

She explained that she was doing a two and a half year degree course in Criminal Justice at the university, hoping to become an attorney.

“When I finish my degree, I want to come back and live in this area. Would you help me find a place?”

“Absolutely. You know I would do anything for you.” I answered, “but right now, look tired. Get a good nights rest and then we can enjoy the weekend.”

Saturday morning started out like every other Saturday morning, I got up, went downstairs and made coffee. However, this weekend was different, I had a beautiful young woman staying with me, and no sooner had I turned on the coffee maker, Amy appeared at the bottom of the stairs. “Good morning Tony,” she said as she walked towards me and gave me a hug. “I really needed that sleep last night. I was very tired after traveling all day.”

“Glad you slept okay. Want some coffee?” I asked.

Amy responded with a nod and waited outside on a lounge chair. I followed her with our coffees and suggested that we go grocery shopping later and maybe head to the riverside park for a picnic.

“That sounds like a plan,” said Amy “But I’d like to just sit out here a while. You don’t get much time to relax at the university.”

The sun was starting to warm up around eleven o’clock and Amy was ready to start her day. “I’ll go and get ready now. Shall we go swim when we are at the park, I did bring a costume with me just in case?” she asked.

“Sounds good to me. I have some swim shorts I can wear,” and we both went upstairs to change.

Grocery shopping done, we arrived at the park and found a good spot under the shade of a large tree. I spread out a blanket seyranbağları escort for our picnic and opened a bottle of wine. Amy unrolled a large beach mat and placed it in a sunny spot, ready to sunbathe.

Amy was already wearing her bikini under her clothes, so she took off her top and lay back on her mat.

“Would you rub some lotion on me please?” she whispered, and handed me the bottle.

“Wait a sec,” she whispered, swiftly removing her shorts “now you can lotion all of me,” she added with a smile.

I stopped and gazed at her for a moment. Wow, she looked stunning. Her bikini was white and had a red heart on one bra cup, Her bikini bottom was also white, but tiny!

Amy turned onto her stomach first, and once I had warmed my hands, I poured some lotion on her back. Amy shivered and complained, saying, “brrr, that was cold!”

I apologized and started to rub the lotion on her shoulders and down the back of her arms. She stretched her arms above her head for the next squirt of lotion, but I poured it into my hand first, and then rubbed it on her back. I massaged all the way down her back to her bikini bottom.

“Mmmm that feels so good Tony, massage my back some more please?” she asked, “unfasten the straps then you can cover everywhere.”

With trembling fingers, I unfastened the bow around her back, but I felt more comfortable untying the neck strap. Her bikini top dropped onto the blanket and only her body prevented it from moving.

I continued with her back once more, using my thumbs to knead either side of her spine and with gentle pressure, I rubbed outward and over her sides then down to her thighs.

“Oooo, you know how to make a woman relaxed, Tony. Your hands feel so good on my skin. Legs please,” she whispered and parted them just enough for my hands to reach the top of her inner thighs.

Loaded up with cream, I rubbed my hands up and down the back of each leg, starting with her feet, but stopped inches from the white fabric covering her butt cheeks. I was starting to feel aroused by this time, and when Amy reached her hands behind her and unfastened the strings on her bikini bottom, I almost had a full erection, thankfully unseen by Amy.

“Cream here too,” she whispered, moving the thin fabric to one side and patted her butt cheeks. “When we went to France on vacation, I sunbathed nude!” She added.

I applied the lotion on her cheeks, gently rubbing each orb in my hands before putting her bikini bottom back over her butt.

“Could you fasten the ties, please? I want to turn over,” Amy asked.

I was so glad she asked, because my erection needed to subside before I could face her.

While I fastened her bottom strings, Amy re-tied her bra strings and turned over onto her back.

“Thanks sweetheart. Oops, can I call you sweetheart? I want to lay here a little while longer, then go for a swim. Are you coming with me?” She asked.

“Yes calling me sweetheart would be very nice, and yes I’ll join you for a swim.”

We spent a good while in the water, swimming together and overall just having fun. I hadn’t enjoyed myself as much in years, thanks to Amy.

On the way home, Amy leaned over and gave me a kiss and said “thank you sweetheart, that was lovely, just the two of us spending time together. I hope I make you feel as happy as I am.”

“I think today is the start of a new life for me and I want you part of it Amy.” I replied and held out my hand for hers.

Amy took my hand, squeezed it and said, “I couldn’t wish for anything better Tony.”

In our recent conversations, we found that we both had a passion for cooking. Dinner that evening was prepared and cooked by the new chef duo.

We had marinated rib eye steak with sautéed vegetables and a delicious side salad, our first joint cooking experience.

After dinner, we sat together outside watching the sunset and talking more about our past family events. Amy soon recalled her party night and how she wished our dance could have lasted longer. She got off the seat and walked into the lounge saying, “Let’s put some music on. Dance with me please.”

After finding some good dance music, she came back outside, tossed off her shoes and put her arms around my neck. We started dancing together just like we did that party night and when the first tune ended, Amy looked up at me and kissed me.

Her kiss came with the same passion that she gave me on that party night, laid her head against my shoulder and said, “Tony, I have waited so long for this moment. I can’t begin to tell you how sad I felt when you left my party.”

Just her look told me how she felt, and a single tear fell from her eyes. Our arms and lips remained locked together as we danced around the patio, eventually dancing into the lounge and collapsing together on the sofa.

We lay there with my arms wrapped sincan escort around her until she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

After about an hour I whispered, “Hey sweetheart, I think it’s time you went to bed.”

When her eyes opened, I kissed her forehead and suggested that she went upstairs to bed.

She remained awake enough to climb the stairs and kiss me ‘good night’ before heading into her bedroom.

I stayed awake a long time that evening, lying in bed thinking about our evening conversations and sometime during the night, I noticed Amy’s bedroom door slightly ajar.

Peeking through the opening, I could only see the mirror on the closet door, but the reflection showed her lying on top of the bed sheets wearing nothing but her panties.

She was holding her breasts with one hand, while the other was busy rubbing the front of her panties. Was she masturbating, I thought?

For a moment, she stopped and looked towards the door. I stepped back quickly, hoping she hadn’t just caught me spying on her.

I had seen her wearing the bikini and thought she had a great figure, but wow, what a body! Her small breasts were perfect in shape. Her nipples were like tiny buds wanting to be plucked, but her pubic mound remained hidden inside her white cotton panties.

Amy laid back down again, opened her legs a little, bent her knees and began to rub her mound while caressing her rosy red nipples with her other hand. I could see the more she teased them, the firmer they became.

“Mmmmmmmmm, oh yes, Tony yes,” she muttered as her fingers pressed beeper into her panties.

She licked her fingers and slipped them inside her panties. I watched as her fingers bobbed up and down under the fabric, her hips began to rise and her body shuddered.

“Aaaagh, mmmmmmmmm,” she moaned as she spread her legs wider, quickened her finger movement and then her body shook with the onset of a small orgasm.

Watching Amy had made me aroused, and with a growing erection inside my shorts, I had to make a quick return to my room.

Sunday came quickly and I was excited to see Amy as she skipped down the stairs, ran into my open arms and kissed me.

“Good morning Tony, sleep well?” she asked.

“Oh, yes I did. The coffee is brewing. Would you like some?” I replied.

Amy wrapped her arms around my waist and gave me another long hard kiss.

She whispered to me, “Sweetheart, yesterday felt so good. I knew it would be right, me being with you!” Then started to cry. “My class starts at nine in the morning.”

Wiping away her tears, I said, “Amy, how about we leave here very early in the morning?”

Amy jumped back a step, then all but knocked me to the floor, wrapped her arms around my neck and cried, “Yes, yes, yes. Oh sweetheart I was hoping you would say something like that.” Amy clung tight to me and added, “Heck yes. I don’t care how early! Let’s go out for lunch today and I’ll pay.”

Amy was eager to go shopping this morning, so we dressed quickly and set off to the stores. On the way there, I kept glancing over at her sat next to me in the car. Her eyes were sparkling and she looked radiant in a flower print summer dress and white shoes.

She suggested lunch at a small bistro café that she used to go to and the staff were happy to see Amy again. We decided not to say anything about her staying with me this past weekend.

“Can we spend the rest of the afternoon by the river again, please?” Amy asked, “I packed my bikini and sun cream just incase you said yes.”

“Come on then, anything for my sweetheart!” I replied.

The sun was just as bright as yesterday and we soon found a good spot for Amy to sun bathe. All she had to do was get changed somehow. As quick as a flash, she reached under her dress and pulled off her panties, handing them to me in exchange for her bikini bottom.

Her panties were pale pink, warm and soft to the touch. I wanted to hold them against my face, but Amy was standing right beside me.

Her top posed a different problem, but just as quick, she pulled down the zipper, unhooked her bra and slipped it off without removing her dress. I handed her the bikini top and she held it against her breasts and let her dress fall in one easy movement. Amy lay down on the blanket, reached behind her back, and tied the bikini strings.

“That looked easy sweetheart.” I commented.

“Well sweetheart, now you can rub some lotion on for me. My front this time.” She whispered as she lay down next to me on the blanket.

Kneeling by her side, I warmed some lotion in my hands and started to rub the front of her shoulders, down over her stomach and onto the front of her legs. She parted her thighs a little to let me rub cream on her inner thighs and her hips rose as I reached the crotch of her bikini bottom.

“Thanks sweetheart, your touch is so gentle,” sıhhiye escort came an excited voice as my hands rubbed up the edges of the fabric and completed covering her thighs with lotion.

We spent all the afternoon by the river and Amy was looking good and tanned by the time we were ready to leave. I packed the things away while Amy slipped her dress over her wet bikini and covered the car seat with a towel for the drive home.

“What shall we do for dinner tonight?” I asked.

“Something light and refreshing, I think. What did we buy yesterday?” Amy asked.

“Salmon. I have a nice peanut coating that I can use. I think you’ll like it. You come up with the rest Amy,” I answered. Amy agreed and the two chefs got to work together again.

After an enjoyable meal, Amy chose a good bottle of wine for us to drink. She placed the lounge chairs side by side on the patio and we held each other’s hand and kissed, long and passionately.

Bedtime and we each went our separate ways upstairs, but it was only a few minutes later when my door opened and Amy stood there in my old shirt and whispered

“Tony, sweetheart, can I sleep with you tonight. It’s my last night with you.”

I couldn’t agree more and waved her in. Amy slipped under the sheets and lay on her side facing me. She put a hand around my neck and reached up to give me a long wet kiss.

“Thank you darling, I hope you don’t mind,” she whispered, as I wrapped one arm around her waist and she laid her head on my chest.

After a few minutes, I decided to make a bold move and raised my other hand up the shirtfront, unfastened the buttons and reached inside to cup her breasts. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her nipples stiffened as soon as I touched them.

Amy gave a tiny gasp as I teased and squeezed them.

“Mmmmmmmmm, oooh. Don’t stop what you’re doing sweetheart, that feels so good” she whispered, arching her back toward my hand.

I teased around her areolas, rubbed her swollen nipples and felt them become erect as my fingers passed over their sensitive tips.

Amy started to pant when my hand moved from her breast and down her body. My fingertips just grazed her naked waist as I moved down onto the lace waistband of her panties.

She gasped and moaned when I rubbed my hand over the silky material and stopped at her pubic mound.

“Ooooh Tony,” she groaned, “You do know I saw you watching me the other night, don’t you? It made me feel so horny,” and flung back the bed sheets.

I now had a full view of Amy’s semi naked body lying next to me, her skin glistening in the dim light and her silky white panties clung to her pubic mound. Her breasts were small but firm and her nipples was a deep red color and very erect.

Pressing my fingers against the soft fabric made her body shake and when she felt them slip over her mound she moaned and gasped louder.

My fingers continued deeper between her thighs and rubbed the silky covering over her outer lips and reached her clitoris.

“Mmmmmm, sweetheart, oooh just there, right there” she whispered and opened her legs wider.

“Put your hand inside my panties like I did the other night,” demanded Amy.

I removed my hand from between her thighs and slipped it underneath the lace waistband. As my hand went further inside her panties, Amy started to buck up and down.

I stroked her soft pubic hair for the first time, teased her naked, swollen outer lips and finally reached her most sensitive spot.

Her clitoris was swollen and responded to my touch as she cried out, “Oh my God sweetheart, right there, mmmmmm. Feel how wet I am baby, oh yes, yes.”

Amy could feel my erection growing beside her body and grinned saying, “Seems like you’re enjoying this too. Don’t stop now.”

“Yes, sweetheart, I had a feeling you saw me the other night. You looked so good lying there with your fingers inside your panties. I had a hard time controlling myself!” I replied, while I increased my finger teasing and kissed the side of her neck again.

Plunging a second finger between her labia lips made Amy grip the sheets with both hands and her hips rose high as she cried out,

“Aaaah, Oh darling Tony, feel me comming, hold me, oh my God,” and she came with her first full orgasm of the weekend.

When I woke the following morning, I couldn’t help notice that her panties had gathered up between her thighs and her soft pubic patch was clearly visible.

I was about to stretch my hand out to touch her when Amy woke, raised her head to mine and gave me a long kiss.

“Mmmmmmmm, that was amazing darling. It felt good the other night but boy, what you did, set me on fire. I could feel sensations running up and down my body for ages after. I love you Tony, I really do.” They were her opening words that day.

My first words of the day were, “And I love you too Amy, very much, but we are going to be late. You need to get dressed!”

We finally managed to leave the house and Amy arrived at the university on time. We embraced and kissed for a few minutes before she had to go.

Amy had just two months left before graduation day, but at that moment, it seemed like an eternity for both of us.

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