Amiable Ch. 04

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My name is Paige Stoddard and I am a lesbian.

Boy that makes it sound like I need to be in Lesbians Anonymous or something but hey I might as well get it out there for the world to see. Yesterday morning there was a surprise twist in my usual routine. I met this hot girl on the bus during my morning commute. She’s a lawyer and her name is Amy Drexler. A lawyer is almost as good as a doctor so my mom would be so proud.

I spent the entire day working myself into a tizzy waiting for her to call me. I know what you are thinking. I just met her on the morning bus and I wanted her to call me on the same day? Well guess what, she and I are both female so yes we can call on the day we met.

So after driving my coworker Jenny bonkers all day, I finally went home and wore a hole in the carpet of my apartment pacing as I waited in vain for the phone to ring. Well not exactly ring, more like beep. Phones don’t ring these days which is something I kind of miss although some modern changes are for the best.

I was all washed up, teeth brushed and warm between the sheets when the phone finally beeped. Magically, she was at the other end. I tried to sound casual like I had not been waiting all day to hear from her but I am sure she saw right through that subterfuge. We decided to masturbate together and I came so hard I thought I might wake the neighbors with my moans. Apartment walls seem to get thinner the further into the city you live. But I did sleep like a baby after.

Now it is the next morning. The sun is shining. Bluebirds are sitting on my windowsill, singing their bluebird songs. A fluffy pink robe drops from the ceiling strategically onto my extended arms as dancing mice lead me to the shower. Alright that canlı bahis şirketleri didn’t happen but it sure felt like I was walking on air.

I thought about her as the hot water pelted down upon me in the shower. It was almost a sin to bathe away the scent of our passion but I didn’t want to go to work stinking like a whore. So I scrubbed myself clean like a good girl and, still smiling, made myself some toast and coffee for a quickie breakfast before heading to work.

Of course the chances of me seeing her this morning were pretty good considering I had met her yesterday on the bus. But I did not remember seeing her on my bus before so perhaps she was not a usual rider of that particular route. I highly doubt I would have overlooked such a vision of godliness on my morning commute. I was aching to see her again, to be able to look into her dark eyes and let her know how much I wanted her. But as Jenny would say good things come to those that wait.

Finally dressed, I nearly skipped with glee to the bus top. I was giddy. Now I finally knew what that meant. And I couldn’t wipe this silly grin off my face no matter what I tried.

When the bus pulled up, my heart did a little flip. I was so desperate to see her that I knew I would be disappointed if she wasn’t onboard. So it was with trepidation that I took the steps and managed to climb inside. My eyes scanned the crowd as I tried to look casual and not as if I was some kind of voyeuristic freak. Down the right side and up the left side, my eyes glanced over every occupant of every seat. She wasn’t there.

I frowned. I actually frowned. My smile turned upside down as I sat in a free seat, my heart falling down to the floor of the bus which was sticky canlı kaçak iddaa and dirty. Poor heart, it was going to need some heavy duty scrubbing to get clean after slinking around that bus floor. My eyes cast down so no one on the bus could see how truly upset I was I didn’t want to see anyone or anything as this moment except the bottom of bottle of Jack Daniels. Life sucks.

But the world doesn’t stop just because I am in a funk. No, the bus kept rolling and stopping, letting on new passengers, letting off old passengers, as I sighed over and over again, each time getting a bit louder. There was this big pit forming in the base of my stomach and I was afraid by the time I got to work, it would be so heavy I wouldn’t be able to stand up and disembark at my stop! Life is so cruel.

I was almost about to cry. I swear to God as I am a Pisces so very sensitive. Then I heard her. Her voice was as melodious as I remembered as she bent down and whispered in my ear, “Excuse me, miss. Is this seat taken?”

My frown turned back into a smile, a really bright dorky smile that would get me arrested in some states. I lifted my chin as I gazed up into her eyes. “No, I was saving it for you.”

I slid over to the window and she perched beside me as if she was as light as a feather. If a wind suddenly blew down the corridor of the bus, it would have probably blown her straight out the backdoor. I was tempted to put my hand down on her thigh to hold her in place, like mothers do out of instinct when they stop short at a light and their child is in the seat beside them in the car. But she probably would have thought I was some kind of petting-in-the-bus freak so I resisted the impulse.

After all the waiting and hoping canlı kaçak bahis and praying, I realized I had nothing to say. Usually I am so prepared with speeches and witty comebacks galore stored up in my mind. But for once I was rendered speechless and just gaped at her. Thankfully I did remember to close my mouth. Finally she broke the omniscient silence that lay between us.

“I enjoyed last night,” she smiled, leaning forward. Her hair fell over her glasses in that sweet way I was beginning to love as if her hair was trying to hide them for her.

“Me too,” I sighed, trying not to stammer and sound like an idiot but it was probably too late for that. The bus got incredibly quiet at that moment. It is a pity we can’t stop time since the bus kept moving even when we were silent within it. But it kept rolling until it got to her stop. I suppressed a gasp of dismay but she was all smiles.

“Meet me tonight at Duritys, 8 pm and don’t be late.” Duritys was an alternative lifestyle bar that I had sometimes frequented but had lately avoided since it was a sad place to be when you were single.

“Yes, ma’am, I will,” she was so authoritative that I couldn’t seem to avoid calling her ma’am but I did smile to soften the blow.

She returned the smile, slipping her right hand between my legs. Her fingers lightly caressed my soft sex through my pants as she gazed deep into my eyes. “This is mine.”

I wanted her to fuck me right there. My hips rose off the bus seat in need as she so casually touched my pussy. I could feel my juices already rolling to the surface, aching for that volcanic explosion that would allow them to rest finally, having succeeded in their release from their humble home somewhere inside my body but don’t ask me exactly where, I am not a doctor. I couldn’t resist her. I wouldn’t resist her. “Yes, it is yours.”

She bent in closer, brushing her lips over mine as she whispered, “Good. We understand each other.”

Then she was gone.

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