Amanda Likes Japanese Girls Pt. 01

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Amanda Likes Japanese Girls

by Vincent

Part 1

Amanda was in her bath robe sitting on her bed, waiting for the sound she’s waited for every night this week. Amanda had a crush. She knew it was the real thing, because when she met Hina for the first time her teeth tingled. It was a dead give away. Every time she met someone that piqued her love interest she had that same reaction, tingling teeth. Almost all the girls in her wing of the dorm showered in the morning, like most Americans, to wash away the sleepy. Now Amanda showered at night, usually late, because she waited until she heard the footsteps of the Japanese exchange student at the end of the hall on her way to the shower. Two nights she missed the sound all together, twice there were other girls in the shower room, and once Hina went back to her room because she’d forgotten something.

She heard the distinct flip flop sound of bathroom slippers going past her door, but decided to wait a few minutes to make sure her love interest had already entered the shower when she arrived. Amanda didn’t want to allow her another excuse to go back to her room, claiming she forgot her conditioner or something. She grabbed her towel and shampoo and headed down the hall. There was nobody in the changing room, but Amanda could hear the shower running. She put her robe in a locker and went into the shower room. There were partitions between the showers, but there weren’t any doors. Two rows of three showers went down each side and at the far end there was a bathtub.

Amanda grew up on a Wisconsin dairy farm with two younger brothers. She was no stranger to hard work or rough play. She played softball and basketball in high school, and developed an athletic figure that complimented her blond haired, farm girl beauty very well. In fact, she became a Badger on a softball scholarship. When she entered the shower naked Hina turned to watch the gorgeous Amazon in motion. She couldn’t help thinking it was the most athletic body she had ever seen on a girl and part of her wished she looked just the same. Hina thought her new friend must be very confident and proud.

“Hey there, Hina,” Amanda said with a big smile, “How was your day?” What she really wanted to say was, “You look so beautiful nude and I want to make love with you.” Hina was almost the opposite of Amanda, the top of her head only came up to Amanda’s chin. She had the typical delicate features of an Asian woman, a slim body, small round breasts, creamy beige skin, and big hazel colored eyes that melted Amanda’s heart.

“It was ok,” Hina said, “It’s just that I have a hard time understanding some of my professors.”

“You’re lucky. I can’t understand any of mine.” Amanda stepped into the stall across from Hina and turned on the water. As she wetted herself and began to rub soap on her body she stole glances at Hina. Amanda watched her skin glisten as the lather washed down her body onto the floor. Her bathing had the aura of an erotic dance as she twisted and bent to reach all her places. She imagined what it would be like to move with her, to kiss the skin the foam surrendered. For a moment their eyes locked breaking Amanda’s thoughts. She suddenly became aware she had been unconsciously rubbing the bar of soap back and forth over her vagina. Moreover she realized Hina had seen her. Amanda needed to cover her embarrassment.

“If you need any help with your classes, I would be glad to go over some material with you,” she offered.

“Oh, I couldn’t ask you to do that. You have school and softball and other things. I’m sure you are so busy,” Hina replied, but actually thought she could really use the help.

“Not at all. I usually waste too much time in the evenings; anyway you just live down the hall. I’ll kick you out if I get too busy”

“Ok, that would be nice.” They exchanged smiles. “I hope you don’t mind me saying,” Hina continued, “you have a beautiful body.”

“Thank you,” it pleased Amanda to hear Hina say that.

“You look so strong, yet you are so, uh, like a female.”


“Yes, feminine. Thank you.”

“See, I can help.”

“Would you like me too wash your back? It’s a tradition in Japan. We wash each other’s backs.”

Amanda wasn’t sure what to think, but she liked the idea of closing the physical distance between them. “Sure, that would be nice,” she said.

Hina shut off her water. She took a washcloth and filled it with soap. The girls looked in each other’s eyes for a moment. Amanda wondered if Hina was sharing any of the same feelings.

“Turn around,” Hina said. She began making small circles on Amanda’s back. She started in the middle and had to reach up to get her shoulders, then worked her way down. Hina was doing a very thorough job. “You have beautiful skin.”

“Thank you. It’s from growing up on a dairy farm,” the taller girl said, “That feels nice.”

“What is dairy?”

“Oh, it’s milk. My family raises cows for milk.”

“I love cows. They are so cute.”

“You wouldn’t think so if you canlı bahis had to take care of them.”

“Maybe,” Hina said thoughtfully, “but still I would like to see your dairy farm some day.”

“Sure. It’s about a two hour drive from here. We can go for a weekend.”

“That would be so much fun.”

Hina didn’t stop scrubbing at Amanda’s waist. She continued down to her bottom, rubbing the cloth over each buttock and into the space between, admiring her lean shapely ass. Amanda felt the cloth touch her pussy, but it was very brief and couldn’t tell if it was intentional or not.

“There you go, all done,” Hina said, “now you can rinse.” Amanda turned to let the stream wash the suds away, but Hina didn’t step back. The girls looked at each other silently for a moment, both of them unsure what to do next. They let their gaze lower over each other’s bodies, feeling their desire swell. Hina put her hand on Amanda’s stomach. “I like touching your body,” the smaller girl said, then she broke the silence again, “You don’t have any hair there. Do all American girls shave?”

It took a moment for Amanda to comprehend the question. “Oh, I suppose it’s fashionable these days. I think most girls do.”

“I want to be an American girl, too. I want to be like you,” Hina said. She grabbed her thick black pubic hair in her fingers and pulled. “Japanese girls don’t shave. It would be shameful for them.”

“Why? Nobody would see.”

“In Japan, hot springs are very popular. People would think a girl is a slut if she shaved.”

“So you know the word slut? Your English is pretty good.”

“Japanese people have so much hair, it’s black and hard. I don’t like it. Would you like to feel?”

Amanda reached out, and gently rolled Hina’s pubic hair in her fingertips. Amanda felt her heart aching for this sweet girl; she could hardly believe this was happening. Amanda let her hand go flat against Hina’s mons pubis and began to move her hand slowly down between her legs. Hina drew a deep breath between her teeth and looked up at her new friend, the girls locked eyes. As Amanda leaned down to kiss Hina they were startled by the noise of the locker room door. Hina quickly turned, grabbed her things and walked out of the shower room just as another girl came in to bathe. By the time Amanda had made it to the locker room Hina had left. She put on her robe and went back to her room.

Amanda lay on her bed in her robe thinking about what had just happened. She went over every detail of the encounter in her mind and tried to parse it for veiled meaning. It seemed to her that her crush was returning her feelings, but she couldn’t be sure. She worried she had been leading Hina into doing something against her will because she wanted her to. Maybe Hina was too shy or scared to push her away. Also she had left really quickly when they were about to be discovered. On the other hand she didn’t pull away when Amanda was about to kiss her, and they touched each other so passionately, so freely. Lying on the bed, Amanda felt excited, confused, scared and hopeful, but mostly she felt a desire to be intimate with Hina. She knew she would never get to sleep unless she made herself come.

She could still feel Hina’s hand on her stomach and the way the Japanese girl’s pubic hair felt in her fingers. She was going crazy thinking that her hand had almost caressed her tiny Asian vagina; she wanted so badly to touch it. Amanda slid her hand inside her robe and down between her legs as she imagined Hina’s body, naked, lying next to her. Amanda’s smooth skin was still moist from her shower, but her pussy had become very wet. Her fingers glided easily between the folds of her labia. She found her clitoris and with her fingertips began to rub in a circular motion, then up and down, allowing her fingers to enter her pussy, touching sensitive places deep inside. She imagined it was Hina doing this to her. She imagined kissing her soft breasts. It felt good, she began to tingle inside. It gave her some relief from her sexual tension, but she knew it would only be temporary. She could never be fully satisfied until she had Hina for her own.

Amanda felt her pleasure growing until her orgasm was certain. She was very skilled at masturbating. Sex partners were difficult to come by for a lesbian in rural Wisconsin, so she had to spend many restless evenings satisfying herself. She could orchestrate a big climax for her pussy, especially when she was this excited about a girl. She built her pleasure up to the edge and let it ease back down several times before she couldn’t hold back any longer and went cascading over the edge. Her legs tensed up as she pushed her fingers hard against her clitoris. She felt her pussy pulsating as waves of pleasure rolled over her body. She tried to stifle her scream, the dormitory walls are thin, but the noise came out like a long muffled grunt. After, she lay back on the bed. Her tension was abated, but she certainly wasn’t satisfied. There was only one solution for that. She gently massaged her pussy as the contractions bahis siteleri faded away and she sank into the bed. Sleep finally found her.

The sound of tapping invading Amanda’s restless dream brought her back to consciousness. She realized someone was gently knocking on her door. She checked the clock. It was a little past midnight; she’d only been asleep for about an hour. She stood up and opened the door.

“I can’t sleep,” Hina said, “I keep thinking about what happened in the shower.” The Japanese girl was standing at the door in a pink t-shirt with “Sunshine Girl” written on it that barely covered her navel, and gray cotton panties. Amanda’s heart leaped into her throat at the sight of her crush, at her door, vulnerable, looking so incredibly cute. She couldn’t speak. The silence made Hina wonder if she had made a mistake by coming.

“Come in,” She finally managed to choke out, “I couldn’t sleep either. I tried to masturbate, but it didn’t help.” Hina stepped in and Amanda closed the door behind her.

“What is masturbate?”

“It’s sex with yourself. You touch yourself there.” gesturing to Hina’s pussy.

“Yes, in Japanese we say “manzuri.” It means ten thousand rubs. I tried that, too”

“Well, it doesn’t take quite that many for me.”

“I’m sorry I ran away in the shower. I was having so many feelings, I was confused and I got scared,” Hina said apologetically as the two girls sat on the bed.

“Don’t worry about it. I think it’s a natural reaction.” Amanda took Hina’s hand in hers.

“You were going to kiss me, weren’t you?”

“Yes. I wanted to.”

“Amanda, do you like girls?” Hina asked so quietly.

“Yes, I do. How about you?”

“I’ve never been with a girl, but I’ve never been with a boy either.”

“But you must have feelings, inside. What do you feel?”

“I think you are so beautiful and so exciting. You can still kiss me if you want to?”

Amanda quietly whispered “very much” as she moved her mouth towards Hina’s. The smaller girl lifted up her face and closed her eyes as Amanda pressed her lips on hers. All their anxieties melted away. Both girls felt an electrifying thrill pass through each other’s lips into their bodies. They pressed harder as if they were kissing each other with their entire beings. They were instantly intoxicated by their passion for one another. Their arms instinctively wrapped around each other. Their hands began to roam over the other’s body. They were eager to be as they were in the shower, naked, close, lost in each other’s eyes.

Amanda pulled Hina’s t-shirt over her head and tossed it on the floor. They both looked at the topless girl’s breasts.

“They aren’t as big as yours,” Hina said.

“But they look so cute.” Amanda bent forward and took the small nipple in her mouth. It was so much better than her imagination. She squeezed it between her lips and licked the gentle flesh until it glistened with her saliva, then she did the same to her other breast. Amanda’s robe had come open, Hina pushed it off her shoulders and it dropped to the bed. Both girls lay down on the bed facing each other, their legs became intertwined. They spent the next few minutes kissing, touching each other’s chests and stomach, running their hands over their lover’s ass. They reached the point where they both wanted something more, but Amanda felt she needed to be sensitive to Hina’s inexperience. She thought if she went too fast her friend would become uneasy.

“So you’ve never been with anybody before?” Amanda asked.

“Not really. Just in junior high school with my friends, we talk about boys in our class and practice kissing. I had one friend, we touched each others…how do you say this?”


“We touch our pussy, and we put our pussy together.” Hina made a gesture with her fingers to show her meaning.

“You rubbed your pussies together? Did you like it?”

“It was nice. Then she got a boyfriend and we didn’t do that anymore.”

“Did you want to?”

“Yes, I liked her very much.”

“Would you like to try that with me?”

“Yes.” Hina said so sweetly Amanda had to take her in her arms and hold her to her against her body. Then the girls looked into each other’s eyes, smiled, and resumed their petting.

Amanda’s hand slid over Hina’s ass, under her panties and pushed them down to her knees. Hina kicked her panties the rest of the way off. Amanda drew her hand up over Hina’s thigh and hip, around to her stomach and nestled her fingers in Hina’s coarse black pubic hair.

“You’re right, it’s so hard and thick. My fingers could get stuck,” Amanda said.

“I can save you,” Hina put her hand over Amanda’s and pushed it down further until it covered the opening of her vagina. She guided her lover’s hand back and forth. Amanda could feel Hina’s wetness coating her fingers. She pressed Amanda’s finger against the opening of her pussy and it slipped inside her. Amanda thought her pussy was very small and wondered if two fingers would even fit inside. Hina gasped bahis şirketleri with pleasure and began grinding her hips against Amanda’s hand. She wanted to return the same pleasure to her friend.

“You are so good at that,” Hina said, “Can I try doing it to you?”

“Yes please.”

“I might not be very good.”

“Don’t worry. I’m going to love it.” Without taking her finger out of Hina she lifted her thigh to give Hina easy access to her pussy. Hina looked at the shaved pussy and gently placed her hand flat on her vulva. The girls kissed. Hina gently rubbed her friend until she felt her fingers sliding between the folds of Amanda’s labia.

“How am I doing?” Hina asked. The girl giggled at each other.

“That feels fantastic,” she said, “put your fingers inside me.” Hina slid two fingers down across Amanda’s clitoris and urethra into the opening. She felt the slippery warm wetness coating her fingers. She rubbed her fingers all around the inside of her pussy, reaching into the folds, outlining the contours of all the deep places. Amanda’s finger reached the end of Hina’s small vagina and she traced her finger around her cervix. She pushed on the opening of her friend’s womb, forcing it up into her stomach and wiggled her fingers. The sensation drove Hina crazy with pleasure, she began moaning, “Iku, iku, iku.” Hina’s body tensed and started shaking; she had never felt a thrilling ecstasy like this before. She pressed her body hard against Amada, trapping their hands between them. Amanda felt her orgasm build and shatter along with Hina’s, their moans of pleasure in unison. As the waves of pleasure died down they both rolled onto their back, slow and languid. They giggled and gently caressed each other.

“That was so wonderful,” Hina said, “nobody touched me like that before. You are amazing.”

“Thank you,” Amanda said, “you are amazing, too. What is “iku?” Hina laughed in embarrassment.

“Oh, Japanese people say “iku” when they go…” Hina took Amanda’s fingers and squeezed them rhythmically. “How do you say?”

“Orgasm. Come. We say I’m coming,” she explained.

“In Japanese “iku” means “go,” I’m going,” she said, “Did you coming?”

“Yes, I came very big.”

“Me, too. I came the biggest in my life. I want to come like that every day.” The girls sank back into the mattress and stared at the ceiling holding hands.

“Do you like playing softball?”

“I guess so, but it’s a lot more hard work than in high school. People are more serious about winning at the university level.”

“Do you have friends on your team?”

“Sure, we are teammates. We fight for each other.”

“In Japan, we have an image of softball girls.”

“What’s that?”

“They like girls.”

“Yeah, I guess so. We have that image too, but it’s not so true.”

“How about your team? Do they know you like girls?”

“I don’t really know who likes what, but it doesn’t matter.”

“Can I watch you play sometime?”

“Yes, I would like that. We have home games against Nebraska next week.”

“Amanda, would you make me come again.”

“I would like that very much.”

Amanda rolled over on top of Hina, resting on her elbows so as not to crush the smaller girl. Hina spread her legs and Amanda’s hips nestled between her thighs. Amanda’s breasts hung down and their nipples pressed together. The girls explored each other’s mouths with their lips and tongues. Hina put her hands on Amanda’s ass and pulled it tight into her body. She tried to rub her vulva against her partner’s.

“Your hair is tickling my pussy,” Amanda said.

“Sorry. I want to cut it off.”

“It’s ok. It feels nice.”

“I want to put our pussy together.”

“Good idea.” Amanda sat back and put her legs forward. She put her left leg over Hina’s right, and the right one under Hina’s left leg. They scooted forwards until their pussies touched. They lifted their asses to get more pressure against each other.

“I love this,” Hina said, “It’s much better than with my friend.”

Amanda put her hands under Hina’s ass and raised her up so their clitorises were rubbing against each other. Hina put her hands on Amanda’s shoulders and grinded her pussy against her lovers. The girls began to breathe heavily as their pleasure grew, and exchanged kisses frequently. It was a difficult position to maintain, but the ecstasy was intense. The lubricant from the two girls pussies mixed together to cover their vulvas in slippery wetness. Their tender skin slid across each other effortlessly.

“I’m going to come,” Amanda announced, “this feels so good.”

“I want to come with you. Hold me tight.” Amanda wrapped her arms around Hina and held her to her chest. Both girls began gasping and moaning as floods of pleasure washed over their bodies. Hina threw her head back, her mouth gapping at the ceiling. Amanda leaned forward and kissed her neck hard as they both shared the same orgasm. Having exhausted their spasms they lay back on the bed completely spent. Amanda broke the long silence.

“That was the most wonderful experience of my life,” she said. She pulled the blanket up over herself and her lover and they both fell asleep exchanging kisses just before the late spring sky began to turn light.

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