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Chapter 008 � Strange Events at Fort Connor



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This story is an original work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales and incidents are either the products of the author”s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. This is a free electronic story. No part of this electronic story may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means electronic or mechanical including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the author. If you are not of legal age in your location to view and read adult material, please close out of this story and delete any material you have downloaded or copied to your computer




Randy Best: Colonel, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Adam Mann: Colonel, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Robert Masters: Major General, U.S. Army Alpha Zulu Security

Gloria Worthington: aka “Mama Bear” Board Chair of Worthington Industries

(a major multi-national defense contractor)

Luke Worthington: CEO of Worthington Industries

John Worthington: COO R&D of Worthington Industries

Doug Meat: Captain, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Steven Goodman: Captain, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69

Magnus Savage: Captain, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 Medical Trauma Surgeon

Connor Best-Mann: Adopted son of Randy Best and Adam Mann

Randy Adam “RA” Worthington: Adopted son of Connor Best-Mann & John Worthington

Liam McIntyre: CFO Worthington Industries & Partner of Luke Worthington

Aiden McIntyre-Worthington: Son of Liam McIntyre and Adopted son of Luke Worthington

Jason Allman: 1st Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 Platoon Leader

Matt Longdick: Master Sergeant, U.S. Army � Alpha Zulu 69 Squad Leader


Life was returning to normal at Fort Connor and Steven and I had to finish the bureaucratic side of our responsibilities. We had two “meet and greets” left and we were finally done. We had saved our new First Sergeant and Staff Sergeant till last to allow them a chance to get settled and learn the nuisances of Fort Connor so we could discuss all facets of this posting.


We asked First Sergeant Allman to join us first and although we had many previous meetings and discussions with him he felt somewhat anxious when he joined us. We assured him this was a simple “get to know you” and that he could feel free to ask us anything.


We knew from our discussions with the Colonels the circumstances surrounding his selection and I was glad he was one of us. I asked him if he had any regrets looking back on the past few months. He emphatically stated “NO”! He had kept his gay tendencies repressed all these years and Matt coming onto him only released these desires. He regretted being outed in disgrace to his men and all the pain he had caused in Matt”s life in the process. The posting to Fort Connor was a gift from God and he had no intentions of wasting it. He hoped as the future developed with Matt they would become partners for life and seeing how stable a relationship Steven and I had he hoped Matt would know it was possible to be gay, married and be a productive part of the United States Army.


He freely admitted seeing the men naked in the barracks usually gave him a major boner he had never acted on any gay feelings before making love with Matt. Matt was his first and only gay lover and he had no intensions of straying afield. He didn”t know if Matt shared his feelings but he was definitely in love with this beautiful young man.


We discussed his areas of concern about the base and the lives of our men all of which would be given due consideration in the near future. We thanked him for his candor and asked him to wait outside and ask the Staff Sergeant to enter.


A very nervous Staff Sergeant Matt Longdick entered and stood at attention until we said: “At Ease”. (Military courtesy can really get in the way of an informal conversation.) After we had Matt relaxed we asked him if he would feel comfortable answering some personal questions about himself and the First Sergeant. As he blushed red he said: “Ask away”. Your comments when you initially met with the Colonel stated that you lost your virginity at age 14. How did that happen?


To our surprise he both blushed and smiled at the same time. He had lost his virginity to an Eagle Scout in his Boy Scout Troop. He had no idea of what gay sex was but he always had a hard cock when he was around this boy. Apparently this didn”t go unnoticed. On one camping trip he was asked to share a tent with this prime hunk of adolescent male. As this was a cool fall night it was suggested they share one sleeping bag and keep each other warm. He was shocked when he crawled into the sleeping bag to find his friend totally naked. It didn”t take much encouragement for him to strip naked and snuggle against this hard bodied hunk of masculinity. As their talk become more sexual in nature their cocks became hard and leaking profusely. Suddenly, he was held tightly and kissed passionately as his cock erupted spraying cum over the two of them. He was mortified and his buddy only laughed causing him more embarrassment. It wasn”t until he felt a mouth around his cock that he realized there was nothing to be embarrassed about and his balls again erupted only this time shooting down the throat of his now good friend.


As they snuggled the night away, teasing, tweaking, kissing, licking, sucking… giving Matt the first “blow job” of his young life. He loved the flavor of cum and knew he had a new great pastime to share with his new friend. Before the morning sun rose, his cock was buried in his friends throat and suddenly a few fingers snaked up his ass. When they hit his prostate he exploded as his body convulsed in the best orgasm to date of his young life.


They were the first two out of their tents that morning and raced to the stream to wash off the evidence of their night of sexual bliss. That evening after the camp was quiet and the only sounds were that of the owls hooting in the trees, he lost his virgin ass to the most wonderful “man” in the world with a minimum of pain and the maximum of pleasure. He was hooked on anal sex and would be the rest of his life.


Being in the Army really challenged his life and limited his opportunity to have any type of sexual interaction. The communal showers had him sexually frustrated and usually with a raging boner that wouldn”t go down until he found an empty “stall” and jerked off. It was then he decided to admit being gay to his First Sergeant and when that moment arrived he knew he wanted to make love with this man no matter what the cost.


Their first sex was fast and furious and neither of them lasted more than a few minutes before their balls exploded. That was the first orgasm of the night but definitely not the last. Their first long weekend pass off base found them locked away in a mid-priced hotel room and his ass used by a sexually repressed soldier that found totally enjoyment and satisfaction in his body.


They lost count of the number of orgasms they shared and the techniques they enjoyed producing them. The occasionally “quickie” on base was rare and unfortunately one of these “quickies” resulted in the Officer of the Day walking in on them mid orgasm as Jason was filling his ass with his thick hot cum. To say the “shit hit the fan” is an understatement. The rest you know and I hope I can be part of your team, the lover Jason deserves and a proud member of the United States Army.


We discussed any areas of concerns he had regarding his duties and operations of Fort Connor. He truly did have a fresh insight into the operations of our camp. His candor was refreshing. We asked him to invite the First Sergeant to join us and Steven and I extended an invitation for the two of them to join us in our private quarters the first weekend night they were off duty. We emphasized this was an invitation and not a command. They eagerly accepted.


The six month anniversary of “Fort Connor” was fast approaching and Steven had something unique and special planned (It is evident where the “imps” get their devilish nature from). He had one of the men draw up a proof of a “Fort Connor Challenge Coin” and had 2,000 made for purchase through the commissary. Nothing unusual, most bases have a Challenge Coin which is given to special people by individuals assigned to the base. What was devious was the second (Limited edition) Challenge Coin which had “Fort Connor � U.S. Army” circular around a portrait of Connor in the center. On the reverse side was: “I conquered Mt. Meat” circular around a thick giant phallus. Steven only had a couple of hundred made for me and beamed ear to ear when he gave me the box. This was an elite group of men who had conquered Mt. Meat and they also beamed ear to ear also when I gave them this coin upon our next encounter.


Of course, Steven got the first coin after he had a repeat visit to the “mountain”. I could never tire of enjoying his ass and the wonderful feeling of his spraying his cum over me as he descended to the base of the “mountain”. I was in love with this man and after losing Connor I never thought I would be in love again.


That night as I slept in the arms of my lover I had the strangest dream. Connor came to me in my dream and told me how much he loved me and he would be waiting with open arms for the two of us when it was time for us to join him. Until then, he would constantly be with me. bornova escort Strange things then began to happen around the base and the men would quietly talk about weird feelings or seeing a strange shadow when they were alone. Nothing was said about a “ghost” but it quickly became evident: “We were not alone”.


For the first time in many years I had “wet dreams” even after multiple sessions of sex with Steven I still found myself dreaming of Connor and my balls exploding massive amounts of cum coating us with the residue of my dream. Steven was understanding but I needed to talk with Doc to see if there was a physical reason causing this enjoyable but embarrassing problem.


After Doc ran countless tests and examined me inside and out (Damn, that man had long fingers), I got a clean bill of health physically. That left the problem being psychological and I was honest with Doc that I missed Connor but it was a risk we all faced being in the Military. I loved Steven very much and had no regrets in having him as my partner.


It became more strange when Doc said he was getting similar complaints from other individuals on base some of whom weren”t stationed here when Connor died yet ended up shooting their loads into their sheets or all over their lover. It wasn”t just me.


Leave it to the “imps” to solve the problem. There innocent minds shared with us they had seen this strange glowing man walk through the door of their quarters at night, hover over their beds making sure all was right. He smiled at them and then left as quickly as he arrived. Was Connor a restless spirit here to protect those he loved at a base named in his honor. It didn”t take us long for us to apologize to the imps and believe in their “fantasy” as REALITY!


I don”t know who at Worthington Industries pissed off someone but late one night the sirens went off and the familiar “ALERT, ALERT… THIS IS NOT A DRILL” pierced the quiet of the night. As a plane came in hot and fast at the airstrip a group of mercenaries disembarked and proceeded in a frontal attack upon Fort Connor. The Drones with all their Armament, the SAW and the Mini Gun never opened fire. A bright light flashed upon the landing strip and all the intruders fell to the ground unconscious. We were all thankful but in wonderment at what happened. Was this something new Worthington R&D had hidden in our upgrades and neglected to tell us about? I was getting Luke and John out of bed in the middle of the night and I wanted answers (as did they).


The next morning John and the best minds at Worthington R&D were at Fort Connor and after a multi-day evaluation still had no idea of what happened or how it happened. Fort Connor had a guardian angel and I do believe his name is Connor Williams. How or Why this restless spirit came back to help us I”ll never know but I”m not going to refuse any help that keeps my men out of harm”s way. Fortunately, the imps thought it was fantastic to have a roaming spirit on base and it was welcome in their quarters any night. It wasn”t until one night when Steven and I were casually watching the imps quarters on our “spy cams” we saw this Specter and without doubt it was Connor Williams. Steven held me tight as I sobbed out of control, my heart breaking for the first man I had ever loved. Steven was well aware of Connor and that I loved him dearly. He now was concerned how he could fight a ghostly apparition for my love. I assured Steven I still loved him and nothing would change the feelings I had in my heart for him. At least when Steven and I woke in the morning cemented together with my cum we knew Connor had visited us during the night.


Shortly thereafter, one evening the lights in our quarters dimmed and this glowing apparition walked through our locked door and proceeded to turning into a living mass. IT WAS CONNOR!!! I ran to him, wrapped my arms around him, kissing him passionately as tears streamed down my face. Steven collapsed into a chair his hands covering his face with the feeling he had lost me to my first love. Connor was here to tell me why he was back.


In the short time he was allowed to transfigure into human form he quickly stated he was sent back to protect the trio we called “imps”. The future of the United States and the free will of the human race depended upon these three young men remaining safe and growing into adults. Connor held me, kissed me and told me our love was forever and we would eventually be able to share that love again in our next life. Connor went to Steven, pulled him into his arms, looking him in his eyes calmly told him how happy he was that Steven was part of my life and he hoped he would also be part of our eternal life when the time came. Connor kissed Steven and it was evident from the massive spasm of Steven”s body he had an orgasm filling his BDUs with his hot seed. As Connor started to transfigure back into his spirit form he promised to be with us always and protect us from beyond. I was terrified at what must be in our future and it was great to know that Connor was on our side.


The Friday night finally arrived that Jason and Matt finally had a weekend off the duty schedule. The knock on the door of our quarters brought a smile to both of our faces and definitely had the blood rushing south of our beltline. Jason and Matt brought a large bottle of Single Malt whiskey and we knew the night was going to be relaxed and enjoyable.


When we asked the two what they wanted to do this evening they candidly replied they understood we were experts in giving lessons on conquering Mt. Meat. DAMN, they weren”t messing around and went right for the “jugular”. Steven took the lead and sitting between the two love birds gave them a demonstration of his talented tongue massaging their tonsils as his hands brought their cocks to straining their BDUs. It took about 20 seconds and all three were naked and putty in the arms of my fantastic lover and partner. As Matt was the bottom that lived to be fucked Jason proceeded to ream his ass with his cock as Steven kissed his way down so he could suck off his first of many hot loads of the evening. Matt was in orgasmic overload and Mt. Meat was rock hard in anticipation of conquering this young stud.


As Matt came back to reality from his first orgasm he crawled over to me as I was stroking Mt. Meat. He licked his way up my leg, thigh, balls, shaft till he was licking the head of Mt. Meat. Jason was being held securely in Stevens arms as Steven massaged his balls and shaft. As I handed Matt a large bottle of super lube he generously applied it to Mt. Meat and forced as much as possible up his ass.


He knew the drill as he straddled my hips and gently lowered himself down onto the top of Mt. Meat. He knew he would have to use immense pressure to force the huge head into his tight opening. Mt. Meat was the biggest cock he had ever seen and he was going to take and enjoy every inch of it in his body. The determination showed on his face as he forced himself down through the immense pain he endured. Suddenly, an audible sound indicated his ass had snapped around the rim of Mt. Meat. His eyes rolled back in his head and his cock was rock hard leaking to the max.


As his breathing returned to normal I encouraged him to just rest and adjust to the intrusion his body was experiencing. After a few minutes he forced himself downward a few inches and gasp at the pain it caused. Determined to conquer Mt. Meat, in one massive downward thrust he impaled himself on every inch of my super thick monster. He screamed as he collapsed unconscious in my arms. I held him tight as Steven and Jason rushed over to support him. They looked at where his ass was connected to my cock and we all breathed a sigh of relief not finding any blood.


In a few minutes he regained consciousness and I assured him I”d make his sacrifice a night of pleasure he”d never forget. He rode Mt. Meat like an animal out of control and I had orgasm after orgasm filling his gut till it obviously distended from my copious amount of cum. When it finally came time for this first round of the evening to end I rolled Matt over, put his ankles around my neck and piston fucked him till his balls exploded and he was a gibberish mass of semi-conscious flesh.


Jason and Steven held us as we separated from our first round of love making and I never saw two people more in love than the look in Jason”s eyes when he looked into Matt”s face. Massive amounts of my cum was leaking from Matt”s ass as Jason helped him to the shower and to clean up and clean out the mess I left on and in his beautiful body.


Steven held me, kissed me, told me how much he loved me and I knew Mt. Meat had another “climber” that would again be conquering it yet tonight. I was going to have a sore cock and balls by the time sunrise announced morning formation. (As Matt limped in for breakfast nothing was said but all knew he had conquered Mt. Meat.)


As Matt and I cuddled and rested Jason proceeded to give Steven”s ass a good fucking and left him gasping for air and his cock erupting cum over his chest and face. Jason was a great top and Matt considered himself lucky to have him as a partner even if he had a tender ass after most nights and weekend in bed getting his brains fucked out.


Matt asked for a “rain check” on climbing Mt. Meat a second time that night and smiling I assured him when he was ready I”d gladly send him to Nirvana and back. I wrapped my arms around him, kissed him showing him Steven wasn”t the only tongue expert in the room.


Jason and Matt thanked us for a wonderful evening and the fantastic sex and excused themselves returning to their quarters and spent the balance of the weekend off the duty cycle sharing the love they had in their hearts bostancı escort for each other. Matt”s ass was super sore the next morning and he was thankful of the numbing ointment I had sent home with the couple. Actions do have repercussions and having a super sore ass was the repercussion of successfully climbing Mt. Meat and getting ones brains fucked out.


One immediate positive effect of Connor”s apparition being on base was Aiden starting to relax, trust and finally feeling SAFE. The three imps were starting to become a team and I wasn”t shocking when I flipped to their channel on our TV to find Logan and Aiden in a 69 position and their mouths stuffed with the cock of the other. R.A. not to be left out was cuddling with Aiden, kissing his body, giving him words of reassurance and to my surprise massaging Aiden”s ass and occasionally slipping a finger into his body with no negative effect.


As the nights progressed this became a regular routine for the imps and as Aiden blatantly applied a massive amount of lube to his ass I was going to see how far Aiden was ready to go. I asked Steven to immediately join me in our quarters and we settled in to see whether this evening was going to be the break we needed in Aiden”s life or a major fiasco and setback.


Logan and Aiden were going at it hot and heavy and from the body spasms were having some major dry orgasms. R.A. buried his head between the cheeks of Aiden”s ass and was eating him out like a pro. (My little boy was becoming a man.) Suddenly Aiden released Logan”s cock from his mouth and started screaming at R.A. to fuck his ass. Fuck me and fuck me now! This shy conservative traumatized young boy was becoming a sexual animal and all the repressed feelings and desires caused by his rape was now being overcome by his adolescent sexual desires.


R.A. knew better than to fuck Aiden”s ass even with his small four inches of meat between his legs but he was going to show Aiden how much fun ass play can be and how his talented fingers can drive his ass wild.


R.A. lubed up his hand and we then saw one, two, three fingers sneak up Aiden”s ass, twisting, probing, stretching and making Aiden”s body thrash about in uncontrollable pleasures. As R.A. slipped in the fourth finger and grabbed onto Aiden”s prostate we heard a scream of pleasure from Aiden as Logan started gagging on Aiden”s first wet orgasm. R.A. had definitely mastered the art of conquering a “virgin” ass. R.A. looked at Logan who had cum dripping from his nose and mouth and the smile the two shared, they knew Aiden was on the road to being a normal horning adolescent male.


The three imps were now sexual monsters. The three enjoyed the pleasures they could have and they could give. They had enough common sense to use both of the bidets that were installed in their suite so they also had learned proper hygiene before and after sex. I got so horny watching the three having a jerk off session. Steven would walk in our quarters and I”d attack him and fuck him hard and deep with little foreplay. He knew what the imps were doing and knew I”d give him a sore ass before I had my orgasm in him. Even knowing Connor was somewhere around us Steven knew I loved him also and the sex we shared only got better and more often.


Aiden was becoming more secure in his sexuality and wasn”t shy about asking Logan and R.A. to have sex with him. Aiden had a talented mouth and even with the memory of his rape he loved having R.A. work over his prostate. R.A. could now easily slide four fingers into his ass and drive his prostate wild resulting in Aiden having a screaming orgasm. (How I wished I had a brother like R.A. growing up.) I was fortunate to be watching the night Aiden fucked Logan and R.A. I knew the sacrifice Logan and R.A. had made with John and Connor and they beamed as they felt Aiden”s hot ball juice fill their ass. Aiden was almost 100% healed and back to being totally normal. Little did we know the final step would include Steven and me.


Steven and I were surprised to hear a knock at our door one evening and when we opened it three wet imps wrapped in towels asked if they could enter. R.A. said that he and Logan were there for moral support and that Aiden wanted to ask us something.


A very hesitant Aiden stepped forward and meekly asked if we would make love to him. We knew the final step in Aiden”s healing would come eventually but we were shocked when he had selected us for that final step. Aiden asked to conquer Mt. Meat.


We held him, hugged him and as much as we felt honored we didn”t want to cause him any pain. The tears rolling down his face crushed our hearts and we both know how much courage it took him to even ask us. Steven held Aiden tight as his small hands caressed Steven”s BDUs it was evident just the asking had Steven rock hard between his legs. As the tearful eyes pleaded with Steven, Aiden wrapped his arms around Stevens neck and simply said “Please”? Steven”s heart melted and when he looked at me I nodded my approval.


As Steven slid out of his BDUs his cock was hard and at attention. Aiden”s mouth was now wrapped around its head and as his eyes rolled back into his head it was obvious Steven was having a great session of oral sex.


We were shocked when Steven lifted Aiden off his cock and told him if he continued sucking him he”d get a mouthful of cum and that would make it difficult for him to get his ass fucked. Aiden smiled as I tossed the bottle of lube to the devious support staff. Logan and R.A. generously lubed Steven”s cock and actually squirted half a bottle of lube up Aiden”s ass. As the co-conspirators helped Aiden to straddle Steven”s hips they positioned Stevens cock at the entrance to Aiden”s ass. Steven looked into Aiden”s eyes and told him to take it slow, breathe easy and if it hurt too much there was nothing wrong with stopping.


Steven could feel the pressure of Aiden pressing his ass down onto this thick cock. Aiden was determined and Steven only gave him words of encouragement. Aiden had only known pain when he was raped but R.A.”s talented fingers had shown him the pleasure that can come from a caring person making love to his ass. Steven could see the determination on the face of Aiden as he applied more pressure and suddenly the fat head slipped in and Aiden”s ass clamped around the meaty head. Aiden screamed, cried and alligator tears streamed down his face. Steven held him tight, told him how much he was loved and that he had only pleasure now to face if they proceeded. Aiden had no intention of stopped and both Logan and R.A. had told him of the initial pain they had experienced. All that lube Logan and R.A. had squeezed into Aiden”s ass was leaking down Steven”s shaft of hard meat making the decent of Aiden”s ass easier than anticipated. Within minutes he was feeling his ass on Steven”s pubic hair and he breathed a sigh of relief knowing he had succeeded in taking every inch of Steven”s cock.


Aiden looked at Steven and smiled. Thanking him profusely he raised and lowered his ass on Steven”s cock, harder, faster, drilling his ass with this piece of hard meat. He would bring Steven to the brink of orgasm and then stop and rest till Steven was relaxed and do it all over again. Aiden was truly a cock tease and had a tight ass to drive Steven wild.


Finally, Steven had reached a point where the animal in him took over and he flipped Aiden over onto all 4″s and fucked him doggie like a man possessed. Aiden howled as Steven power fucked his ass. Aiden was going to know what to expect if he propositioned another man. Steven was out of control when he gave one massive thrust and started to fill Aiden”s ass with a huge load of his hot seed.


As our two “horny dogs” uncoupled, Aiden”s belly was distended with Steven”s seed and I asked the co-conspirators to help Aiden to their shower and help him to clean up and then put him to bed. Little did we know within the month Aiden would be back to conquer Mt. Meat.


Our trio of young imps were doing far better than expected. Luke and Liam were impressed with Aiden healing from his trauma and the mature individuals Logan and R.A. were becoming. There grades were excellent and beyond what was expected at their age. The Alpha Zulu 69 team loved our three imps and they were always welcome to help and learn regardless of the task. More than once one or more of them would return to their quarters coated in dirt and grease. They weren”t afraid of hard work and manual labor. They worked hard in P.E. and always had encouragement from the men around them. They were well above the physical standards for young men their age. They reached both the ten mile a day goal and twenty mile a day goal faster than their fathers had which impressed everyone including their fathers.


Their parents, Steven and I were so proud of them… We could see the love the men had for them as they frolic naked in the pool. These men loved our imps and ever one would give up his life to protect them. We hoped that would never be necessitated and in the back of my mind the thought of Connor among us had me breathing a sigh of relief.


Seeing the imps frolic naked in the pool caused me to chub up and I had to make a quick dash for our quarters before Mt. Meat rose and demanded satisfaction. One day as I was making a mad dash for my quarters Aiden was right behind me. He slipped in before I could close the door and I told him this wasn”t a good time at the moment for him to be with me. He looked at me with those puppy dog eyes and blatantly said he knew I had a hardon for his ass. (If he only knew all three of them had asses to die for.) I lifted him into my arms, kissed him and told him it was impossible, my cock was simply too buca escort big for his ass. Aiden wrapped his arms around my neck, kissed me passionately and simply said he had to try. If it hurt too much he”d stop but unless he tried he”d never know. This was one horny and determined imp.


I carried him to bed, kissed him, licked his body, tongued his tits driving him crazy with passion and then worked my way down to his cock and balls sucking them into my mouth. I was rewarded with a sweet cummy orgasm which was delicious. I flipped him over and proceeded to eat his ass with my very talented tongue. (Damn his ass was tight.) I grabbed the lube from the night stand and proceeded to work the lube deep into his ass with my fingers. There was no way I would even think of fucking him if he couldn”t take four of my thick fingers in his ass.


When I slid the fourth lubed finger in his ass he went crazy convulsing all over the bed and screaming for me to fuck his ass. I rolled onto my back with Mt. Meat standing at full attention and Aiden scampered to straddle me and place the tip of Mt. Meat at the opening of his ass. He knew when he had it positioned correctly and started the downward pressure as he had with Steven. Mt. Meat had a much thicker head than he had experienced with Steven and he was shocked at how difficult it was to force it into his body. Aiden was determined and with one massive down thrust he plunged the head of Mt. Meat deep into his ass. He screamed as his body convulsed from the pain. I was in Nirvana with this tight silky sheath enveloping my hard piece of flesh. There was no way I was now letting him escape his fate.


As he cried and begged to stop I looked at him and told him to breathe easy and just slide down slowly. As Aiden tried to force himself off of Mt. Meat I was determined to have this young hot piece of flesh. I grabbed his ankles forcing them to wrap around my neck and the only connection his body now had was my cock in his ass. Gravity resolved the issue as inch after inch of my thick flesh entered his tight pleasure chute and screaming body.


His screams were deafening and his cock erupted in a few wet orgasms on the way down to the base of Mt. Meat. When he finally settled his ass at the bottom of Mt. Meat and we both returned to reality I was shocked and ashamed at what I had done. I held Aiden, kissed him, told him I loved him and that I would stop if he wished. Aiden was a determined lover and he told me if I stopped he would never forgive him. I helped him to raise and lower until the pleasure flooded his body and his mind only wanted more of Mt. Meat stuffed in his ass. Those deep thrusts from the head to the base of Mt. Meat drove my mind wild. I became an animal out of control and I gave this young imp the same fuck I gave Steven every night we were in bed.


Aiden was as out of control as I was and his stomach was distended from the massive amounts of hot semen I had shot into his body. I held him, loved him and forced him time and time again down the full length of my meaty shaft. It finally reached the point of my final orgasm and I buried it hard and deep into his willing body. As I rolled him over and gently removed my cock from his still tight ass I was shocked and happy there wasn”t any blood. I wrapped my arms around this young imp and restated my love for him.


My cum gushed from his gaping ass and I held a towel between his beautiful cheeks as I carried him to our shower. I let the water cascade over him and refresh him before I took the shower bidet and carefully cleaned out his bruised ass muscles. He was a trooper and got what he wanted. He wrapped his arms around me, kissed me, hugged me and thanked me for giving him the exact fucking he wanted. He wanted to be treated like a man and I had done that for him. He had now been healed from the trauma of his rape and looked forward to a wonderful future.


As I toweled him off I lavished his body with kisses and reaffirmed my love for him. I hope Steven was as understanding when I confessed this to him this evening. As I was helping Aiden get dressed I casually slipped him a challenge coin and he beamed from ear to ear when he flipped it over and read “I conquered Mt. Meat” on the reverse side.


I watched his astonished brothers when Aiden entered their quarters, flopped exhausted on his bed smiling from ear to ear and showed the coin to his jealous brothers. They didn”t believe him till he dropped his pants, spread his ass cheeks and showed them his bruised and still stretched ass. Logan and R.A. made an Aiden sandwich and cuddled knowing the night terrors were now gone and their best friend was healed.


Aiden had a sore ass for a week and had a conversation with Steven as to how he coped with the pain afterwards. Steven gently applied the ointment supplied by Doc until Aiden was back to normal. My penance from Steven was parody and Mt. Meat was pretty raw and tender after the fuck Steven demanded of me that evening. I truly had a magnificent man to love and cherish. I would never take him for granted.


I asked Luke, John and Connor to fly out to Fort Connor at their earliest convenience. They sat there in shock as I showed them video proof of Connor”s return and what he had shared with me. Luke, John, Connor, Steven and I watched the recording of the imps quarters and the obvious Specter that was in residence with the imps. They all agreed this should not go any further than the five of us. If the military got involved one of two things would happen. 1) They would put us in a padded room or 2) They would try to weaponize Connor. We all loved Connor in life and now even more in his death. He had not died in vain and we knew the love we shared for and with him would be eternal.


The five of us decided what the Army didn”t know would be less of a problem for us and for Connor. After all it was HIS camp. The imps were happy with the nightly visits and we had an additional layer of protection to assist us in protecting them. We all wondered what the future held for these three imps that was so important to bring Connor back from the dead.


Before Luke, John and Connor flew back the next morning Luke came to me and asked if there was some place he could spend the night with Logan. Steven simply invited Aiden and R.A. to spend a night with us cuddling which was never refused. Luke and Logan had their quarters alone to have some father and son bonding time.


Luke hugged his son, kissed him and told him how proud he was and how impressed he was in helping Aiden to heal. “You once asked me to go all the way with you. Is the offer still open?” The smile on Logan”s face was all the answer needed and within seconds both were naked and Logan was between Luke”s legs showing him the oral talents he had learned in such a short time. Luke couldn”t hold back and quick shot a massive load down Logan”s throat. Logan smiled knowing he had pleasured his father and now he wanted to be fucked by the man he loved.


The two settled into bed and wrapped their arms around each others naked body. They hugged and kissed as never before. They could feel the hardness between their legs pressing into the others body. Logan needed this and wanted this from his father. As Luke rolled onto his back his manhood stood hard and proud. Luke helped Logan to lube his cock and Logan”s ass. Luke loved fingering this tight ass and even if it wasn”t virgin he was going to share with his son a moment he”d never forget. As Logan slowly applied downward pressure of his ass onto the head of Luke”s cock it was a battle he was destined to lose. Surprisingly, Logan didn”t scream when the head slipped in. He gasped and smiled at his father. Logan slowly lowered himself on the thick piece of meat his father had. He leaned forward, kissed his father and told him he could never love him more than he did at this moment.


Logan held onto Luke shoulders and rode his cock like an animal out of control. Luke lost count on how many orgasms he shot into Logan”s ass but his ass was a sucking sloppy mess with each thrust of his cock. Luke finally flipped Logan onto his back, looked into his eyes and proceeded to piston fuck him to Nirvana. They both collapsed after a massive orgasm Logan”s cum cementing their flesh together.


As they lay there, their bodies ravished, the event burned into their minds forever, they never wanted this moment to end. Luke was wise enough to help his son into the shower and clean his body so he wouldn”t have too much discomfort in the morning. Steven was sly enough to slip in during the night and Luke found a tube of ointment on the night stand when he woke in the morning to help Logan with the discomfort of the intense fuck his ass had received.


Logan was sore but he couldn”t stop hugging and loving his father. Luke would share this moment with Liam and hopefully Liam would eventually want to bond with Aiden. There were still some “wounds” of the kidnapping that Liam had to accept before his healing was complete. The sex Luke and Liam had their first night back together was intense to the max. Both Luke and Liam had sore asses when they crawled out of bed the next morning. They held each other tight, kissed and knew their love could endure anything.


John and Connor didn”t waste there last night at Fort Connor. The wonderful memories of growing up on this base was always with them. The minute their door closed that evening they were naked and in bed. The sex was intense and truly shown their love and commitment to each other still existed. There were two more raw cocks and sore asses at breakfast the next morning.


As John and Connor gently walked up each step of the plane”s ramp Luke could only smile knowing what transpired. The imps smiled at their fathers and were happy the men had love in their lives and would share that love with them unconditionally. Little did anyone know what the future held in store for them.






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