Allison Wonderland Ch. 03

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Author’s note: This chapter is long and slow, getting to the sex at the very end, so once again, if you want a quick fix, I suggest looking at other stories, maybe even one I did titled “A Night with a Goddess”. I want to make a quick apology for taking so long to release this chapter, and for the slightly lesser quality to the other two, I had a case of writers block, but hopefully you will still appreciate it. Enjoy the story of Fee and Allie.

I was awoken by soft fingers touching my hair, my arms were stiff from being folded in front of me and holding my head; my neck hurt from the bent over position but it was immediately worth it. Looking up from my arms I saw Allie tentatively touching my hair, and then I felt awful. Her hand slid over my hair before I reached up and grabbed it, pulling it down to my cheek. She smiled slightly, before I broke down into tears, holding her hand to my cheek.

“What did you do Allie?” I whispered, sobbing into her hand before she reached over with her other, seeking my other cheek.

Taking her searching hand, I pulled both to my mouth, kissing her knuckles as tears clouded my vision.

Her voice cracked as she responded, “Fee, you can’t do this, or I’ll cry, and might get infection…”

I clasped her hands hard, trying to hold in the tears while she brushed her fingers over mine. My eyes searched over her face, seeing the small scratches on her cheek but most importantly, the wide white bandage holding cotton patches to her eyes, obscuring her vision and her stark eye colour. I couldn’t hold myself back anymore; I pushed down the rail on her bed and climbed gingerly in next to her. She looked confused at the sudden weight change on her bed, before realizing what I’d done and opening her arms out to me. My head sought her shoulder as I lay down with her, holding her arms as they trailed over me anew. Her fingers searched each part of my body and I couldn’t help but wonder what it felt like to her, touching but not seeing.

“I couldn’t let it happen…” She muttered, her fingers finding my hair and clutching the short strands.

“You should have let the security deal with it,” burying my nose into her shoulder and holding her upper arm tight as she held me.

“I won’t let someone be blatantly homophobic in my club, and I especially won’t allow them to hurt our customers,”

Stifling a sob I held her arm tighter and moved my head up slowly, my nose found her neck and I gently nuzzled her soft skin.

Earlier in the club a group of people had gotten a bit too drunk, apparently only a few of them were gay, but the others had agreed to coming to the club to check it out. The problem had started when one of the regulars had suggested dancing with one of the straight males who had come to the club. We are unsure if the accident would’ve occurred if the man wasn’t as intoxicated as he was, but he became wildly agitated and tried to push the gay man aside and hit him. At that point Allison had noticed and tried to get between the pair. The intoxicated man only saw someone trying to get in the way, and he raised his fist, still holding his half empty glass if vodka and smashed it into Allison’s face. All this happened before security could react, but by the time they got there people were restraining the intoxicated man, and Allison was being tended to, unconscious, by the bar staff. The doctors had warned me that the damaged wouldn’t have been so bad if vodka hadn’t been in the glass. She had glass in her eyes, not very much, but enough to cut her irises, and with the vodka, the damage was furthered.

I reached up and very gently stroked her bandages before burying my hand in her hair, looking up to her face. She sensed my eyes on her and tilted her head down, as she would have if she could still see me. Her lips were so close to mine I could feel her breath soft on mine. Tears slowly trailed down my cheeks as I gently touched her ear and hair. I leaned forward closing my eyes and pressed my lips softly to hers in a delicate soft kiss. She held my hair as her lips returned the soft pressure. Everything in the world faded away and it was just us and the kiss. Her hand slowly stroked my hair as I held her jaw softly, she smiled on my lips while kissing me and I froze. Suddenly I saw us from above, saw the loving expression that would be painted on her face, and the embrace we were in. Everything was locked into place in my head and I had to gasp against her lips. My eyes flung open and I saw her for the first time, really seeing her. Seeing her and how my soul sung for her. She looked confused at the sudden loss of contact, but still happy, and I knew this was different. I touched my lips back to hers and was transported away, my hand very gently cupping her jaw. We tenderly kissed, just holding each other with our lips softly clasped and molding together until we were interrupted by a throat clearing. Both of our heads snapped towards to sound, my cheeks burning red as the doctor stood in the doorway. She was smiling at us with her eyebrow raised, holding her clipboard bets10 to her chest.

“Allison Matthers?” She asked in an amused voice as I slid off the bed and down to my seat, my cheeks still burning with being caught.

“Yes, that’s me,” she answered in a soft voice, her hand reaching out to find my own.

I watched her searching for my hand, and couldn’t help by smile. She was something different, that’s for sure. I took her hand gently and watched her face breaking into a gentle smile, her thumb rolling over my hand. The doctor was surely still watching us, but I couldn’t help but kiss the back of her hand.

“The good news is the surgeons were able to remove all the glass without extensive damage to your retinas, or eyes, but the bad news is you’re going to have to wear that bandage for about a month, till the cuts heal and we make sure there is no substantial infection.”

“So she won’t be blind?” I blurted, holding Allie’s hand to my lips. And I couldn’t tell what I was crying for in that moment, I just was.

“No, she won’t be blind… Er…” She looked at me, realizing she didn’t know my name. I opened my mouth to respond, but Allison beat me to it.

“Felicity,” she said softly, giving my hand a warm squeeze.

“Felicity,” the doctor concluded, smiling at her chart, “you two make a lovely couple by the way.”

“Oh, we aren’t a couple,” Allison said softly, her head dropping slightly trying to pull her hand away from mine very casually.

“Yet.” I returned firmly, holding her hand close to me and reaching over to brush her hair from the bandage.

Allison remained silent until it became slightly uncomfortable and the doctor shuffled her papers.

“Now Allison, we will have to keep you here for a day or two, make sure everything’s okay. But after that you will have to stay at home with a carer. Your parents?” The doctor asked, looking up from her clipboard at the end of the question.

“Uh, my parents died when I was younger,” she answered timidly, once more trying to let go of my hand. I wasn’t about to let go that easily.

“Oh. Who has been your guardian?” She asked, tilting her head slightly and dropping her clipboard to her side.

“My aunt and uncle; until last year when I moved out to live by myself.”

“Well, for obvious reasons we can’t let you go home alone, you need someone to look after you.”

“I… don’t think my aunt and uncle can look after me, and my grandmother lives down in Melbourne.”

“And why can’t you go with your Aunt, dear?” The young doctor asked innocently.

“They “disowned” me once they found out about my sexual preference.” Allison said with a hard voice, looking away from both of us with her bandaged eyes.

The doctor stood awkwardly for a few moments before continuing, “I see… Well… Maybe you’ll have to go to Melbourne for a vacation,”

“No,” I said, startling them both and squeezing Allison’s hand, “I’ll look after her,”

Allison turned her head towards me and shook it sadly, her lips pulling down at the corners, “no, you have to work, and you have to look after yourself, I don’t want to impose,”

“Allie, you can come into work with me, sit out the back and do… Whatever it is you like to do in your free time, plus I’m in all your TAFE classes, so I can easily bring you the work. It makes sense, and I won’t leave you alone,” I returned firmly.

“Okay… But we will stay at my place. It has more room and I know the layout so I won’t bump into things if you step away for a few minutes,”

I smiled and nodded, “Sounds good to me,”

The doctor looked slightly moved then nodded and left the room, leaving me and Allie by ourselves once more. I heard the click of the lock as the door shut and smiled at the cheeky doctor. Allie just sat quietly on the bed; her head turned downwards, unseeingly watching her hands.

“What if I hurt you again, Fee?” She muttered quietly and sadly, before sniffling.

“Allison, you aren’t allowed to cry, so stop that right now. And I know you won’t hurt me again, I’m a big girl I can look after myself,”

She turned her body and curled up on the bed, facing away from me, so I moved up onto the bed behind her. Her body seemed a little stiff as I snuggled into her, classic spoon position and held her waist, but soon she sighed and relaxed into me. We lay there awake, with me holding her close and her stroking my arm softly till we both fell asleep.

I woke up with Allie’s hair tickling my nose, her face tucked into my neck and shoulder delicately. My arms were around her and hers around me. Slowly reaching up I brushed the hair away so I could see her bandaged eyes and her cute mouth. I smiled and trailed my fingertips down her hair and cheek, pulling back only when she shifted. Allie seemed slightly panicked, rising up in the bed, and swinging her head around while recoiling from me.

“Allie, sweetie, calm down,” I said gently, reaching up to stroke her shoulder and coax her back down.

She stopped looking around bets10 giriş at the sound of my voice and smiled, easing back into the bed. Clearly she now remembered where we were and why. I guided her head back to my chest and smiled when she found her perfect fit. Once again we were interrupted by a knock on the door and I swung my legs out of bed to answer it. I looked down and realized I was still, embarrassingly, in my work uniform. Pulling open the door I saw the doctor from last night standing there and smiling.

“Have a good night?”

“Yes actually, I think we did,” I replied before pausing, “I’m sorry doctor, I don’t know your name,”

“Dr. Jones,” she replied with a hint of a smile, “and no, not the one from the song,”

I snickered and opened the door while stepping aside, allowing her to walk to the bed. Allie was sitting up and looking towards us, half smiling. She was so adorable with her slightly messed hair and hospital gown, the smile tugging on her lips, that I could’ve kissed the life out of her right then and there. Dr Jones went about checking the machines and tubes around Allie, before lifting the gauze over her eyes. I got a small peek and gasped, falling back into the wall. Allie’s normally pale eyes were almost pink, with small red lines scattered around. They were extremely bloodshot, and it made them look red and pink. Her eyes darted to me, and I saw the iris dilate, trying to focus on me as she squinted. The doctor replaced the bandages, gave Allie some pills and left, humming the song. I stayed leaning against the wall till Allie cleared her throat.

“That bad, huh?”

“No, love, not bad, just… It was a bit confronting, seeing you like that,”

Slowly I walked back to the bed and sat beside it, reaching out to take her hand. I sat with her as she told me about her childhood and how her parents died young in a car crash. She told me how she’s been living by herself for a year and a half, knuckling down with her job to pay for rent and a car. I admired her will power and stroked her fingers softly as she spoke to me. We talked for a long time about things we enjoy and what we don’t, just holding hands. Around 3 I could start counting her yawns and the minutes between them, and I knew she was struggling to keep awake.

“Allie, I’m going to let you get some rest while I go shower and get my stuff,”

“Oh… Okay…” She said, sounding disappointed but very tired.

“I’ll be back, after I clean up, plus I have to come collect you tomorrow,” I said softly, stroking her hair softly.

She nodded and instinctively leaned her head up. We naturally met together, our lips pressing, as if it was the most natural thing in the world, scripted. She smiled on my lips, and reached up to touch my cheek, holding me close. I held my hand into her pillow and deepened the kiss, slowly parting my lips with hers in time with each others. Allison touched her tongue to mine tentatively and I returned with touch with slow strokes. She moaned softly into my mouth before I drew back.

“See you soon, Allie, have some rest.” She smiled and nodded at me.

I saw her reach over and grab something from the drawer before leaning over and pressing it into my hand. I felt the cool metal of her keys and looked down, confused.

“Take my car, the boss drove it over last night. It’s parked in the patients lot, lot E,”

“Allie, I can’t-” I started before she cut me off.

“You’re gonna have to drive it tomorrow to take me home, seen as you’ll be living there. Might as well just take it now,” I nodded, and turned away to grab my bag.

“Goodnight Hun,” I was sure she was asleep before I even closed the door, and I smiled at that. I had been blind to her this whole time, and now she was here before me. Leaning against the door I took a moment to just smile to myself before my phone buzzed in my pocket. I picked it up and pressed it to my ear before looking at the caller ID.

“FEE! Imsorryimsorryimsoooooosorry!” Sarah’s frantic voice came down the line and I had to recoil, pulling the phone from my ear.

“Jesus,” I muttered before returning the phone to my ear.

“Fee, I don’t know what I was doing; he was charming and SO HOT! Oh em gee, but I didn’t think and next moment I saw you in the door, and I’m so sorry I didn’t want to hurt you. I don’t know what you must think of me, but I never ever ever meant to do that to you Fee, I love you, I love you so much. I’m so so so so sorry…” She babbled into my ear and I couldn’t help but let out a small laugh.

“It’s okay, Sarah,”

That made her pause, “It is?”

“Yes, it is.” I held the phone to my ear and looked around before walking to the exit, “I do love you, Hun, but I know deep down you are well and truly straight. It never would’ve worked between us anyway, and I wasn’t being honest with myself when I held onto you like I did. It was very selfish of me to expect you to return my feelings,”

She paused on the line, taking it all in before mutely replying, “Thank you, Fee. And pleassssse bets10 güvenilir mi don’t be mad at Drew, he’s really upset.”

“I don’t think I’m even capable of being mad at Drew,” I stopped in the car park before spotting the giant E and walking to it, “Look, I’ll be okay and fine with both of you if we just don’t talk or bring this up again. This goes for you and Drew. I don’t want you two following me around apologizing and explaining. I don’t want apologies or explanations, I just want normal. Okay?”

“Okay,” she replied cheerily and said goodbye.

I heard the dial tone just as I found Allie’s car, and climbed in. I dropped my bag on the passenger seat and slowly turned on the car, before fiddling with the cars stereo. It was very high tech, and had a small touch screen, connected to her iPod classic. I pressed “playlists” and saw a small list of things such as “car ride” and “party tracks” before coming across a playlist that said “Felicity”. I clicked it and the car filled with “You got me by Colbie Calliat”. I smiled and reversed, listening through song after song as I drove home. She had put many cute love songs in the list, and I couldn’t help but smile like a dork as I pulled up in front of my apartment.

I showered and changed my clothes finally, and had some dinner. Cooking was never a strong point for me so I made myself some stir-fry and rice, making sure to make extra for Allie. I packed the left overs into a container with a fork and carried it into my room. Packing a bag of clothes, toiletries, my books for TAFE, my sketch book and my laptop with the food I locked up my apartment and then got back in Allie’s car to go back to the hospital.

When I reached her room I smiled mischievously. I slowly opened the door, going as quietly as I could. She was awake on the bed, her head turned to the TV, without seeing it. I paused in my tracks and watched her before walking over and leaning in to kiss her cheek. She startled then smiled widely.

“I wondered when you would be back…”

“I told you I wouldn’t be long,” I said softly, “I brought you a present,”

Pulling the container out of my bag I sat in the chair beside her bed and dug out the fork. She looked interested, her covered eyes facing me. I stabbed a few vegetables and raised them up to her mouth.

“Open wide, Hun” she opened her mouth obediently and I fed her the forkful, watching as she chewed thoughtfully with a smile.

“So good…” She said after she finally swallowed, “the food here is horrible.” Her nose scrunched up before she opened her mouth again and I laughed.

I fed her the entire container before putting it away. She lay down and turned to face me, curled up with her head on her pillow. I crossed my arms on the bed and placed my chin on my arms while I watched her. Her hand reached out slowly and landed on my arm, where she stroked slowly before working up to my hair.

“You’re very beautiful,” she muttered, her fingers working slowly through my hair.

“You are too, more so,” I said, reaching up to take her hand and holding it in mine, kissing the back.

We both fell asleep, with her hand in mine and me in the chair and leaning on her bed. I was awoken by the soft musings of Doctor Jones as she checked on Allison’s vital signs. She smiled at me as I rose and winked.

“Are you sure you aren’t a couple?”

“Positive” my fingers brushed through Allison’s flaming red hair as I responded. She shuffled a bit but remained asleep.

“You have to wake her up now anyway, I need to check on her eyes,”

Gently stroking her cheek I managed to rouse her, again she seemed slightly panicked when she woke up but it lasted less time. The realization struck me and I smacked my head, it was Monday, and that meant TAFE. I left Allison to get the rest of her checked up and went out into the hall to call the TAFE. Explaining the situation was easier then arranging what Allie and I could do. But it was decided that at the end of each day, for the 3 to 4 weeks Allie and I would go to TAFE, collect our work and then hand it in the day it was due. If we could manage to go to the facility in person, that was “strongly encouraged”. With that completed I went back in just as Allie was putting on a tank top, dressed in skin tight jeans and the bandage around her eyes. Doctor Jones was awkwardly trying to help her dress.

“Allie I’ve arranged TAFE for us, we just need to collect our work at the end of each day, and she said we could hand it in as one piece, instead of you doing your own. She said if you could handle going there without sight, then she will talk with the professors to give special treatment,” I said with a cheery smile, placing my phone in my pocket.

“I think I will be able to manage it, if I don’t I will lose my mind sitting around all day,” she said confidently.

Doctor Jones walked over and held out a clipboard with a few papers on it, “I checked her eyes and they are doing much better than anticipated. We should be able to take the bandages off, and wear sunglasses in light, in about a week. But it still will take about a month for them to completely heal, all in all. These are her discharge forms, fill them out and hand them to the receptionist whenever you’re ready. Goodbye girls, I’ll see you in a week,”

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