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All Because of A Storm (1/1)


JT Poole


TimberNick (Justin Timberlake and Nick Carter)




I don”t know any of the celebrities mentioned.  I don”t know anything about their sexuality or any other bit of information about the people mentioned.  This story is all fiction, for entertainment purposes only.


Alternate Reality


Welcome to my life, the lonely bachelor with too much to do and little time for nothing else.  It was the start of the weekend and I decided that I should go ahead and try cleaning up my neglected house.  It was a Friday night and I thought that once I got done cleaning up this joint, I could spend the rest of the weekend resting up and relaxing, taking time to make me happy.

After about an hour and a half of cleaning up, I had finished the bit of housework my body was willing to let me do.  Going back to my personal den, I sat down at my desk and turned the computer screen on.  Deciding to read some of my unread mail, I sat back in my chair and started reading the tons of mail from friends, family, would be sex buddies and junk mail (yuck).  I must have dozed off while reading the mail, the next thing I knew I was shook awake by the sound of the phone ringing.  Looking over to the clock and then looking at the still ringing phone, I leaned over and answered it without checking the caller ID.

“Yo Justin my man, what”s happening?” asked a familiar voice on the phone.  “What”s a freak like you doing home on a Friday night?”

At that very moment, I thought my pressure would go through the roof, but I calmed down quickly, knowing that Nicky didn”t really mean anything by it.  Since we first met in school, he had always called me a `freak” since I was known for doing some strange things with the people I knew. 

“What is it that you want Teaser?”  I asked him, smiling as I could hear him giggling on the other end of the phone.

He called me Freak and I called him Teaser.  When we met in high school, he would always do naughty things that got me all hot and bothered for him.  When it boiled down to it, he was all talk and no action.  He deserve the name he got, always turning me on and would never lit me hit it.

“Hey now, I didn”t say your name like that,” he said as I start smiling, knowing how my southern accent really affected him.  “Well anyway, I”m back in Orlando for a few days.  I thought I would call and see what you were up to these days since its Spring Break.

“Nothing much man, I hadn”t made any plans.  I was just going to study and catch up on some things I needed to do around here.  So what”s going on with you?”

Nicky told me that he was now broken up with that heffa Paris that he met last year around this time.  He found out that she had finally made it big, she was slowly become a star.  A ho I say, but it”s not my business to put my nose into that relationship.  With all that had happened, he decided he wanted to come back to Orlando and visit some of his friends.  I told him how sorry I was, but I was secretly smiling and grinning to myself for that heffa finally leaving him.  I”m sad that he”s hurting like that, but just glad that ho is gone from his life.

To change the subject, he asked me did I have plans for the following evening and I told him that I didn”t plan anything, for him to come over and maybe we can have a small get together or something.  He thought about that for a second and then opted to just have some quiet time that we would do the big friend thing some other time, he just wanted something smile, so I offered to cook for him, since he had always liked my cooking.

We talked for a bit more and I had given him directions to my new house since I moved out of the college dorms, I told him I would see him later on tomorrow.  I got up from my chair and looked at the computer screen.  Well I guess I will actually read more of my mail tomorrow, for that moment, I turned off the screen and walked down to my room to go to bed.

I got up a little after nine to the sound of the phone ringing yet again.  If that was Teaser, I was going to beat him with a dildo across his head.  Talking with my mom for a few moments and telling her that Nicky was back and town, she reiterated to me over and over again not to get my hopes up for someone that wouldn”t give me the time of day.  Promising her that I wouldn”t let my emotions get the best of me, I went and took a shower and got ready to go to the store for some grocery shopping.

After getting home, I began preparing something nice for Nicky.  I went all out and got some steaks, some veggies for steaming and some nice bread for baking.  I also got some things I would need for baking a cake too.  After cooking for awhile I heard the dogs in the back start barking, signaling to me that someone was pulling into the driveway.  Walking towards the front door and looking through the peephole I saw that it was Nicky getting out of a cool new Mitsubishi Gallant. Cool car he has, maybe it”s his and not a rental.  Opening the back door of the car, he pulled out some suitcases and started walking towards the house.  By now I had opened the door.  He looked up and saw that I was looking at him and he give me this big grin that he always give me that told me he had something sinister in his mind.

“Hi Freak, don”t just stand there, are you going to help me with these things or what?”  He asked me.

“I guess I can, seeing that you”re not strong enough to carrying them yourself.

“Oh ha ha ha, really funny Freak,” he said, pouting at me.

“Yeah I know it was, I needed that laugh, that”s why I said it.”  I replied, reaching down and taking two of the bags, helping him get his things into the house. 

When we got inside with all of his bags, he sprung his question on me rather it was cool for him to stay with me for a bit.  It seems his parents and brother was freaking him out with all the questions about that tramp Paris.  Word had gotten around that she had cheated on him and the kicker was she was cheating on him as a porn star.  They were getting on his nerves, asking him why he didn”t see she was cheating on him and all that other crap that parents ask, when they”re children or somewhat heartbroken.  With a small hug and the thought that maybe there was a chance for me and him after all, I told him that he could stay here with me as long as he wanted to, that my house was his home.  Maybe more than wishful thinking to me, it could be our home, but oh well.

Why did I have to buy a big house?  Why couldn”t I just have one bedroom?  Oh well, we got his things down to the guestroom, an empty bedroom right next to mine and I told him to hurry and get cleaned up since dinner would be ready soon.  He opted to eryaman escort wait and I showed him the rest of the house.  Walking into each part of the house, I showed him what being stock broker had gotten me.  After walking around the house, chit-chatting here and there, he said that he would like to go get a shower.

After watching him walk down the hall, his nice ass shaking, almost inviting me to touch it, I went back to the kitchen to finish up dinner.  Turning my attention back to my cooking, I heard a noise behind me and there he was standing buck naked, almost giving me that fatal heart attack…

“Freak, man how am I supposed to take a shower without any soap in my bathroom?”  He asked, standing there looking at me like nothing was strange about the way he was standing there.

I had forgot to stock the guest room bathroom, it”s not like I use it often and I don”t have many guest either.  I told him where he could find some in my bathroom and he left the room.  There I saw that perfect ass again, this time it wasn”t covered up.  Damn if I didn”t have a chance with him, I would have a lot of material for jerk off sessions for later on.

I finally finished cooking as he walked in the room again in some really skimpy shorts and an old t-shirt.

“I hope you don”t mind, but this is how I like to relax.  I call these my “Ole Faithful Clothes”, at least they are still with me and I can always count on them to help me relax,” he said as he sat down at the table and smiled up at me.

“I think we all have our clothes that we wear that make us feel comfortable.  While you”re here, this is your home too, so be comfortable.”  I told him as he kept smiling.  “Alright it”s on.  Everything is done.  I hope you”re ready for this.”

We sat there at the table eating and talking over old times.  We were talking about things that I hadn”t even thought about since…since those things had happened.

“Remember that time when you and Joshua got drunk and kissed behind the bleachers and everyone saw you?”  He asked me and started smiling.

“Yeah I remember that, don”t remind me.  He works at the same company as me and he”s in a relationship with some guy in Accounting named Lance.”  I told him as he made a face.

We kept talking about the old days and such and then he asked me did I still go out drinking.  I told him I still had drinks here and there, but I don”t drink like I use to.  He told me he had cut down on the drinking too and then he started grinning his evil grin at me.

“What are you up to Teaser?”  I asked him as he looked at me funny.

“What makes you think I”m up to something Freak?”  He asked me, still grinning.

“When you look like that, I know you are up to something,” I said looking around quickly, making sure I didn”t miss anything in the room.

He laughed at me and said he had no idea of what I was talking about.  He knew damn well what I was talking about.  Anytime he would smile at me like that, I would always end up with blue fucking balls or end up doing something freaky with someone else.

After we were done eating and had cleared away all the remains of our time in the kitchen, we went into the living room and started talking again.  Smiling again, he asked me did I have any hard liquor or beer in the house and I told him that I had beer in the refrigerator and the heavy stuff in the bar over across the room.  He got up and went into the kitchen and a minute later he was back with two beers.

“This isn”t my brand and all, but it”ll do man,” he said sitting back down and handing me the beer.

“Can you still guzzle the beer like you could in High School?”  He asked me as I looked at him and laughed.

“Can you still do it?”  I asked him as he looked at me and stuck his tongue out.

“Let”s see what you got,” I said as he held up his hand and then motioned to me that he was ready as we started drinking down our beers.  Before he could do anything else, beer started spilling out of his mouth and shooting across at me.  “Man!”

“I”m so sorry, I didn”t mean to do that man,” he said, laughing now as his expression changed.  “It”s only beer Freak.”

“Yeah and you got it all over me and the floor,” I said as he got up and walked into the kitchen.

“It”s only beer, it”s not going to hurt anything,” he said, using the paper towels he got from the kitchen to wipe the floor.  “Do I need to wipe you down to?  That face you”re wearing needs to be put away or something.”

“Nah, I”ll just go take a shower.  You do whatever,” I said leaving him in the living room looking at me like I was crazy.

As I walked down the hall to my room I heard the television come on and heard the channels flipping.  I walked over to my dresser and pulled out some fresh clothes.  Thinking about him actually wiping the beer off me turned me on, but I was going to take mom”s advice and not let my emotions get to me.  I wasn”t going to turn this into one of my secret fantasies about him.  I walked into my bathroom and started my shower, after getting in; I had the funny feeling that someone was watching me.  I pushed the stall door open a little bit, but didn”t see anything.  Just an odd feeling I guess.  Returning my attention to the water running down my body, I got the feeling again.  Turning off the water, I got out of the shower and looked around the bathroom, not finding anything.

I walked into my bedroom and put on my clothes that I had taken out before getting into the shower.  I walked back down to the living room to see Nicky sitting there with the Vodka bottle, some orange juice and the cranberry juice looking up at me.

“I remember you like the Vodka and OJ, the CBJ is for me,” he said, smiling at me and holding up a glass and taking a drink.

“A young man of your age shouldn”t be drinking that stuff like that, you”ll be drunk before you know it,” I said, laughing at him as he gave me the finger.

“I”m a year older than you, what”s your point man?”  He asked me as he took another sip of his drink.

“Oh nothing,” I said, smirking at him as he shook his head and took another sip.

“You know I can out drink you anytime.”  He told me as I sat down.

“Oh yea, let”s see you try it.”  I told him as picked up the glass he had for me and poured some OJ into it and then some Vodka.

After a while of passing the vodka back and forth between the two of us, I started to full my buzz coming on.  He looked over at me and started laughing, knowing that my buzz was already on.

“You”re drunk Justin, I knew you couldn”t hang anymore.  You ain”t no big dawg no more.”  He said, laughing at me as he took another sip.

“You don”t look like you are hanging in there either man,” I said looking over to him.

“Well I”m drunk, but who cares.  No pain, no gain man,” etimesgut escort he said, getting up and walking down the hall.  “I”m going to the bathroom to drain the dragon.”

“Yeah whatever man, just make sure you get it into the toilet.  I don”t want to have to clean the bathroom again,” I say as he gives me the finger again.

I watched him walk down the hall in those skimpy shorts as thoughts of attacking those beautiful globes flashed through my mind.  I walked over and looked out the window as I saw that the window had picked up and blew over some of the chairs in the backyard.  I turned the volume on the TV back up and changed to the weather channel.  Seeing a report for a severe thunder storm heading this way, Nicky walked back into the room and looked at me.

He sat back down on the sofa and picked up the vodka bottle.  He started talking more about Paris and the more he talked about her, the angrier I got.  I don”t know what he saw in a tramp like that.  It couldn”t have been the sex, from what he just told me they weren”t sleeping together much anyway.  I just let him take control of things and see where he would stop.  He looked at me for a second and then down the rest of the vodka bottle on his own.  I wasn”t about to go start on another bottle, I was already passed the call a taxi to get a ride home point and was about to leave him there and just head to bed.

“Man I”ve had too much to drink; I”m going to turn in for the night.  We can talk more about this tomorrow if you like,” I said as he got up too, some tears in his eyes.

“Yeah we can talk more about this in the morning.  I”m drunk too, two drunks close to passing out isn”t a good thing,” he said, smiling weakly at me.  I hugged him goodnight and he walked down to the guest room as I walked to mine.  I surely wish he could sleep with me.  I laid there in bed slowly playing with myself as I think of what he”s doing to himself right now in his bed.  I wish I could run my fingers all over his body and explore every inch of that perfect shell that makes him him.  Mom was totally right, I must be out of my mind.  Here I am, imagining what we could be doing with each other.  She knew what she was talking about when she told me not to let my emotions get away with anything.

I don”t know what time it was when I opened my eyes again.  I knew it was still dark outside and the house was dark too.  Out of nowhere, the whole house lit up and seconds later, the house lit up like I had turned on all the lights.  It was apparent that the storm was still going on and I let my eyes close again as there was a booming sound and then I felt something shaking my bed.  Sitting up quickly, Nicky was laying on my bed next to me.

“Nicky why are you in my bed?”  I asked him.

“I don”t…I don”t like loud thunder,” he said, trembling next to me as I start to laugh a little bit as the lightning flashes and I could see the hurt look on his face.  “Figures you wouldn”t understand.  Storms like this scare the bejesus out of me.”

“I”m sorry Nicky, I shouldn”t have laughed at you.  All the years we”ve known each other, I never knew you were afraid of bad weather,” I said, rubbing his back.

“It”s a lot of things you don”t know about me,” he said, looking away from quickly as he wiped at his eyes and looked down at the bed as I noticed he was naked.

“You can sleep in here if you want, it”s a king-sized bed, there”s plenty of room,” I said, lying back down in bed and turning over and he laid down too.


“Oh fucking great, the power is officially out,” I said as I heard Nicky snoring as I looked over to see that the clock wasn”t on and I couldn”t turn on the lamp.

Getting up and stubbing my toe on the edge of the bed, I start hopping around, holding my foot as the pain seared through my body, as I fell down on the floor and landed on what must have been one of the dog”s toys, rolling over from the pain of that in my back as I bump into the room door. Finally getting into a standing position, I walk down the hall to the kitchen and open my what not draw and dig through it trying to find a flashlight.  Getting what I was looking for, I turn it on and trek back down to my room.

“Hopefully I won”t hurt myself going back to my room,” I said walking back into my room as the light shined across Nicky”s body.  Damn he”s in my bed.  He”s in my bed.  This is my perfect chance to get what I want.  I can”t do that to him.  He would surely feel I was taking advantage of him.

“I was wondering where you went Freak.  It”s hot in here,” he said, scaring the hell out of me as I dropped the flashlight and he got up and picked it up.  “I didn”t mean to scare you Justin.”

“It”s okay,” I said as he reached for my hand and put the flashlight in it, still holding my hand.

“Well it”s still hot.  Is there a way you can get some air in here?”  He asked as I walked into the bathroom and opened the bathroom window and then walked back into my bedroom and opened a few windows, wide enough for air, but not rain.  “Better?”

“Much,” he said as I heard the bed creak, signaling that he had gotten back in bed.  “Why don”t you come back to bed, it”s still not morning yet.”

“Yeah, might as well, hopefully we”ll cool off with the wind blowing the way it is,” I said, going back around the bed to get back on my side.

“Justin are you…are you like seeing someone right now?”  Nicky asked me.

“Why do you want to know that?”  I ask him, picking up the flashlight and turning it on, aiming it at him as he closes his eyes quickly.

“Hey!  I need those to see with,” he said, pushing the flashlight out of his face.

“I”m sorry, I was just trying…oh never mind,” I said, looking away from him, turning the flashlight back off.

“That”s right, never mind,” he said, rolling back over in the bed as my heart started to sink.  Here I am with a friend, a friend that I always had a thing for, asking me was I seeing anyone.  I must have fell and bumped my head.  Wait, I did fall and I bumped my head too.

“Nicky, why did you ask me that?  Why do you want to know if I”m seeing anyone?”  I asked him.

“Because I wanted to know silly,” he said as I felt his hand on my arm.  “Since I”ve been here, I”ve dominated all conversation with talks of that bitch Paris, I never asked you was there a special someone keeping you company in the wee hours of the night.”

“Well so far you”re the only person doing that,” I said as he laughed about that.

“Well I am right now, but I”m talking about those nights when I wasn”t here,” he said, leaning closer to me as I felt something hard and big on my leg.

“Ahhh, well no, I”ve been single since high school.  I”ve been concentrating more on my job and school, than on meeting people,” I said, not knowing ankara escort what to do.

“Why not Justin, you”re a hot guy, I”m sure someone around has noticed you before,” he said, as I felt the bed move and his leg come into contact with mine.

“I doubt anyone has noticed me.  It”s not like I”m all that Nicky,” I said as I could feel his breath on my cheek.

“In my eyes you”re all that and a bag of chips,” he said as I felt something wet on my cheek.

The next thing I knew, I felt the warmth of his body close to me.  I knew now that we were close enough and it was his tongue that I felt on my cheek.  Is he trying to seduce me or what?  Moving my hand, I felt warmth, hair and balls.  There you have it; we have his dick on my leg and my hand on his balls.  This is like totally strange, but hot altogether.  I quickly moved my hand as I noticed that it had been lingering near his balls for too long.

“Put it back Justin, I enjoyed it there,” he said, reaching for my hand and moving it back down to his balls.  “I”ve always wanted you to touch them.”

Moving things ahead a bit, I started massaging his balls, rolling them around in my hand as he moaned close to my ear.  Taking things further, I began touching his cock, causing it to twitch as he moans deeper.  He moved closer to me as his hands found their way to the top of my shirts.

“Don”t stop Justin, I want you to stroke it for me, I”ve always wanted that.  I know the reasons behind why you call me Teaser.”  He told me as he kissed the side of my face.  “I”m not pulling away right now.”

I sat up on the bed just watching him as I reached my hand to take his cock into my hand again.  I was enjoying this way too much.  Was mom wrong about Nicky all those years ago?  From what we”re doing right now, there must be a gay bone in his body.  I was stroking him faster now and his ass was rising up off the bed now as he moaned.

“This feels so good Justin, don”t stop…don”t stop!”  He shouted, bringing me out of my trance-like thoughts.

“I”m glad you like it Nicky,” I said as he sat up in the bed quickly.

“I would have liked it too back when we were younger.  I teased you in hopes that you would at least take things further than the off the wall playing you did with the other guys.”

“I didn”t know that Nicky,” I said, looking down at the bed.

“There must be something totally wrong with your gaydar man.  You don”t know do you?”  He asked me.

“Know what?”  I asked him.

“I”m gay Justin, always have been.  I didn”t love Paris or anything, that”s why we broke up.  I told her a while back that I wasn”t interested in here.  I was only with her because of other people and my parents.  If it wasn”t for those factors, I would have gotten with you a long time ago Justin.”

“Why didn”t you just tell me this back then Nicky?”  I asked him.  “You know you could have told me that, hell you can tell me anything.”

“I was scared to Justin.  I was scared that I would fuck up our friendship,” he said, tears streaming down his face as he leaned in and kissed me quickly.  “I”ve always liked you.”

I quickly took his hard cock in my mouth and began sucking it.  In no time flat, he was pumping his cock in and out of my begging mouth.  While I grunted, he was moaning and groaning on how good it felt. He placed his hand on my head and directed my mouth on his dick like he wanted.

“Oh God Justin, don”t stop, don”t stop.  This feels so fucking hot!”

I was sucking him faster now, causing him to thrust faster into my mouth like the devil had taken over his body.

“Oh you like this Teaser cock don”t ya, I knew you would like it.”  He told me, ramming his cock in my mouth, almost gagging me, as I struggled not to choke on his big dick.

He continued that assault on my mouth for about a good five minutes before I felt him move and he was pulling at my shorts trying to get them down.  Moving into a 69 position, he went down on my cock and it was like fireworks went off in my head.  The moment his mouth made contact with my skin, I was in heaven.  I didn”t know what was happening, all it took was that connection for me to start cumming in his mouth.  Hell this was one of my most popular sexual fantasies.

“I”m so sorry Nicky, I didn”t mean to cum so quickly like that,” I said as he leaned over me and kissed me.

“No problem Justin, I”m quite sure we can do something about that.”  He told me as he lifted my legs and knelt between them as he lifted my ass up off the bed and started rimming me.

“Oh God Nicky!”  I shouted out as I could feel his tongue moving in, out and around my asshole.  “Oh God, you”re wonderful!”

“Thanks,” he said as he repositioned me on the bed and then placed my legs on his shoulder as he kissed me again.

I knew what he was going to do now and it was something I”ve always wanted to do with him.  He leaned down and started kissing me again as his cocked eased into me.  Before long I felt his pubic hairs on my ass, a sign that all of him was in me.  Damn, I”m a cockwhore to take all of that in with no pain.  I don”t think heaven compares to this right now.  He was pumping his dick in and out of my ass, causing me to moan as he hit my prostate.

“Oh shit yeah, fuck me Nicky, Fuck me like you always wanted to!”  I shouted as he started pumping faster and faster into me.

I”m sure he was having just as much fun as I was.  We were both moaning and groaning now with each thrust.  The only sounds that could be heard with the sound of the rain, lightning here and there and the sounds of his balls slapping my ass as he fucked me to make up for old times.  When I opened my eyes, he was looking down at me, tears slowly falling from his eyes as he kisses me passionately.

“Are you okay Nicky?”  I asked him.

“I love you Justin, I”ve always have,” he said as he slowed down his thrusting, kissing me again as he pulled his dick out of my ass and started stroking it to unload his cum on my chest.

While he was stroking his dick, I reached around and put my hands on his ass, inserting my finger into his asshole as he lurched forward and started cumming as his face contorted and he started stroking his dick faster.

“Oh God that”s hot Justin,” he said, breathing heavy now as he used his other hand to start stroking my dick

“Oh God Nicky, I”m really close.”  I tell him as he started stroking faster and I start cumming again for the second time that night.

He leaned down and began to lick my load off from my body and then he smiled at my as he laid down next to me, draping his arms across my chest.

“Now you know what I was up to tonight,” he said kissing me quickly as I start laughing, remember me asking him what he was up to after dinner.

I hugged him closer to me, not letting him move to far away from me in the bed, somewhat afraid that if he left the room, he might not come back.  We cleaned up and fell asleep in each other”s arms.  When Sunday morning came, we started our sex session over.

All it took was a storm to bring me my wish, what would it take for you?

-= THE END =-

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