Alison Goes to London Ch. 05

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The story so far:

It is 2050. Alison Bates, butt-plug magnate’s daughter, has come to London to study at the Royal Academy of Fucking. On the train on the way down she met Rob — whose sister Eva is also studying at the RAF, but has so far proved somewhat unfriendly. One evening, while Alison is relaxing with her friends Bradley and Claire, Rob unexpectedly reappears.


“Hey, Alison, suck my cock! How’re you doing?” said Rob, his eyes lighting up at the sight of her spit-covered face peeping out from under Claire’s ass.

“Shit, Rob, I wasn’t expecting you. But… come in…” said Alison uncertainly, not really knowing what else to do. “Claire, Brad: this is Rob — Rob: Claire and Brad.”

“Suck my cock, Claire,” said Rob politely. “Fuck a bitch, Brad.”

“M’ pussy,” muttered Claire. “Bitch,” grunted Brad. Both were surprised to see a total stranger — and a black man to boot, walk through the door. And both were thoroughly nonplussed to have been interrupted mid-fuck.

Alison peered out from underneath Claire’s ass. “Uh, Rob, Brad and Claire were just about to come. Do you think they could finish off?”

“Oh, sure, of course, so sorry to interrupt — I just happen to be here for the weekend, and –“

“Later, Rob, later” interrupted Alison. “In the meantime, how about putting your cock to good use? Claire, you remember I told you about that black guy who fucked my ass on the train? Well, here he is! I bet you’ve never sucked black dick before — and this one is fucking huge! You want him to fuck your throat?”

“Hey, why not? A spit-roast — fucking! Rob, come here and ram it deep! Brad, keep fucking my ass: I wanna come with two cocks inside me.”

Rob seemed slightly reluctant. “Actually, I just dropped by to see Alison — I can come back later if you prefer?”

“Alison’s not fucking going anywhere,” replied Claire frustratedly, “and nor are you — so get your cock out and fuck my throat, boy!”

Courteously, Rob moved to Claire’s front end, unzipped his fly and took out his flaccid but huge black dick which he gently proffered to her. “Fuuuuck!” exclaimed Claire, in awe at the massive member now dangling in her face, sticking out her tongue to taste the bell-end.

Rob leaned forward to shake Bradley’s hand: “Very nice to meet you, Brad: any friend of Alison’s is a friend of mine.”

Bradley shook Rob’s hand, and replied with a somewhat more perfunctory “Yeah, fuck, hi.” Alison wasn’t sure whether he felt a bit jealous of Rob’s cock size, or whether he knew whose brother Rob was, or whether he was just concentrating on the exquisite sensation of his hard cock still deep in Claire’s tight asshole — which, with perfect concentration and control, he slowly resumed fucking.

Rob was still smiling at Alison, his eyes twinkling with delight at the sight of her face peeping out from under her friend’s body — and he seemed to have forgotten that he was supposed to be fucking Claire’s face. But Claire was having none of it. “Fucking fuck my throat, boy!” she shouted, as she grabbed Rob’s buttocks and dragged him towards her, so that his entire cock disappeared into her gullet in one go. Claire’s throat emitted a loud gagging noise — but she didn’t release him until her tongue was enfolding his balls from below and her eyes were bulging and watering with pleasure.

Rob was still grinning at Alison. “What the fuck is his problem?” Alison wondered to herself. “Why doesn’t he concentrate on the throat he’s supposed to be fucking?” Alison defiantly stuck her middle finger up at him to try to convince him to do just that — but Rob just grinned even more broadly. “Fucking hell,” she sighed in despair, as she slid her head back under Claire’s body, out of Rob’s sight, so she could resume eating Claire’s cunt. It took some more coaxing from Claire to convince Rob to fuck her throat as roughly as she wanted — but at last his black dick was as hard as it was huge, pounding balls-deep in and out of the blonde girl’s throat, who quacked and gagged noisily as geysers of spit erupted from her gullet, splattering all over Rob’s cock, dangling obscenely from his shaft, and splashing down onto Alison’s cunt below.

What with Alison’s skilled oral ministrations upon Claire’s pussy and Brad’s perfectly calibrated ass-pounding, it was not long before Claire was moaning with her impending orgasm. As it washed over her, she screamed one loud long “FUUUUUUUUUaargh!!!” from deep in her gullet before being gagged by another deep thrust from Rob’s cock.

Bradley was again nearing his climax. “Where do you want my cum, Claire? Ass or cunt?”

“What about both of you jerk off over Claire’s face?” suggested Alison.

“Wait a moment, Al,” remonstrated Claire, “I’ve already had a load in my face tonight, and I’ve come twice. I think you deserve something special. Come on, boys, both of you jack off over Alison now, while I eat her out. She’ll look so pretty with all your cum over her face!”

And so Alison knelt on the bed, both men jerking their dicks kaçak iddaa off into her face. Bradley was clearly very close to the edge, but, ever the professional, was holding back so as to give Rob a bit more time. Rob was gazing into Alison’s pretty face with a mixture of lust and adoration, his eyes still twinkling with delight. Claire knelt on the floor so she could reach Alison’s pussy, locked her lips around her clit, and began to finger-fuck her cunt hard. “Oh fuck, Claire,” whimpered Alison, “that’s so fucking good, you’re gonna make come. Oh yeah guys, can you jizz all over my pretty face as I come? Can you do that for me, boys? Go on, jerk those fucking dicks off on my fucking slut-face. Oh yeah, Claire, rub my fucking clit, make me come now, I’m gonna fucking come, I’m fucking coming, oh yeah, OH FUUUUUUUUUCK!!!” Alison screamed, as her orgasm overtook her. At exactly that moment, both dicks exploded. Rob’s cum squirted out in fat streaks which flew through the air in great arcs, landing in Alison’s hair, on her forehead, on her cheeks, in her eyes, and on her puffy round tits. By contrast, Bradley’s cumshot was perfectly timed and perfectly aimed, sharp and efficient: the first three shots squirted straight into Alison’s open mouth, the next two over her nose, the remaining on her cheeks, so that his cream plastered her face and poured down her chin, forming long gloopy strings which dangled like an old man’s beard.

Claire slowly worked her tongue up Alison’s body, from cunt to belly to tits to neck to face, methodically but noisily slurping up every stray drop of man-cum on the way, repeating “Fuck yeah” to herself as she went. As she did so, Alison sucked the two messy spent dicks in turn, sucking out the last few drops of jizz and licking both shafts from balls to glans, guzzling all the precious cock-cream into her mouth. She savoured the heavenly cocktail: Rob’s huge black cock coated with deepthroat spit-slime, Bradley’s smaller white dick tasting of a mixture of cunt and asshole, all topped off by two different flavours of cum. Once Claire’s tongue reached Alison’s face, the two girls tongue-kissed passionately, sharing the combined taste of jizz, cunt and shithole, intertwining tongues around the two gradually softening cocks.

Smiling from ear to ear, Claire looked up at Bradley. “Hey, Brad, I don’t care what anyone says, you’ve got the greatest dick I know, and you can fuck me any time — cunt or ass.” Alison agreed: “Perfect aim, Brad — a facial Cunts would be proud of.”

“Well,” said Bradley honourably, “our new friend here helped out. What did you say your name was? Rod?”

“Rob. Rob Daniels.”

“Daniels? No relation to Eva Daniels…? replied Bradley, a look of alarm crossing his face.

“She’s my sister. Do you know her?” replied Rob enthusiastically.

Bradley paused, thought, steeled himself, then replied diplomatically, “Yes… but not very well…” He suddenly started studying his flaccid cock, which he folded back into his trousers, zipping up his fly. Claire got up and followed him towards the door, leaving Alison still kneeling, licking the last few smears of cum from Rob’s balls.

Rob looked down at Alison and said, “I’ve been so looking forward to seeing you again, Alison.”

“You came to see Eva for the weekend?” she said, getting up and sitting on the bed.

“Yes, but she’s gone out this evening fuck-clubbing with some friends, so I thought I’d drop in to say hello to you.” Alison remained silent, not quite knowing what to say, her mind a jumble of thoughts: Why was Rob being so friendly to her? Why was Eva such a bitch? What had either of them said to the other about her? What the fuck was going on?

Rob didn’t seem to have that much to say either, but sat on the edge of the bed gazing at Alison with what appeared to be an expression of unalloyed delight. Alison smiled back politely, shuffling uncomfortably from one naked buttock to the other. Claire watched, eyes darting from Brad to Rob to Alison, curious and a bit confused by the strange awkwardness which seemed to have descended upon the gathering. At least, she knew why Brad felt awkward: he had been called a “dinky dick” by Rob’s sister, who had refused to let him fuck her throat (“Bitch!”). But what was up between Rob and Alison? “Maybe he just wants to fuck her ass again…?” Claire wondered silently to herself. Eventually she decided that the best thing would be to leave them to it, and so she suggested out loud: “Hey, maybe me and Brad had better go and have a shower and leave you two to have a nice private fuck?”

But Alison wasn’t having any of that. “No no, Claire, don’t go, please. I need you here.”

Rob shifted awkwardly. Claire wasn’t sure what to say. What about that amazing assfuck on the train Alison had told her about? And hadn’t he just covered her face with his cum? He certainly had an amazing and very handsome dick, and — and Claire knew this now from personal experience — he knew what to do with it. So why was Alison so cautious?

Similarly oddly, Rob seemed to just kaçak bahis want to sit and gape at Alison. “Just fuck her already, if that’s what you want!” Claire thought to herself. “And if you don’t want to do that, why the fuck are you just sitting there staring at her?”

Eventually it was Rob who broke the silence. “Alison, I was wondering if you might like to go out for coffee or something…?” His voice faltered under Alison’s incredulous gaze.

“Coffee? Coffee? What is it about coffee? I don’t like coffee!” replied Alison, her anxiety levels rising.

Rob looked mortified. “Or a drink? Or a meal? Or just a walk? It would just be lovely to catch up, I thought…”

“Catch up? With what? You fucked my ass on a train! Lots of guys fuck my ass. I don’t have to fucking ‘catch up’ with them! You can fuck my ass again, if that’s what you want. You just came over my fucking face — and deepthroated my best friend! I mean, what else are we girls good for? ‘Coffee’ — what the fuck? You don’t have to woo me, Rob, if you want to fuck me.” Alison was aware that she was becoming incoherent — but felt so confused and frustrated she hardly knew what to say.

Rob was beginning to look desperate. “Oh, Alison, I’ll do whatever you want. In fact, I… I… I’ll do anything you like, just to be with you… I… I…”

Rob was scrabbling for words — or at least, he knew what he meant but didn’t yet dare say it — for he knew that, in post-Enlightenment white man’s Europe he mustn’t. But suddenly Claire understood, long before Alison. “Oh fuck,” said Claire, as the penny dropped, “you don’t mean you… you…” She gestured back and forth between Rob and Alison, looking into Rob’s face with a “don’t tell me” sort of expression. “Oh fuck. Okay, now me and Brad had better leave you alone for a while, you two. No Alison, don’t stop me, Rob’s got something to tell you. Rob, tell her straight. It might not go down well, but you’re in too deep now. Oh fuck, oh fuck,” she muttered to herself, as she walked, still naked, to the door, pulling Bradley by the cock. “I’ll be in my room, Alison, if you want to talk…”

As the door shut, Alison frowned after Claire, holding her hands up with a “what the fuck?” sort of expression on her face. Turning to Rob, she felt she had no choice but to ask him straight, “Rob, what the fuck is going on? What are you not telling me? Why are you here?”

Rob averted his eyes, bowed his head, and said, very slowly, “Alison, I’m sorry — but I think I’m in love with you. And I want to marry you.”

There was a long pause.

“Oh fuck.”

Alison paused again.

“Oh fuck.” Alison said it again.

“Oh Jesus fucking Christ, of all the stupid fucking things.”

“I wasn’t sure how you’d take it…” said Rob, tentatively.

“How the fuck did you expect me to take it, Rob? One — you’re black: by rights, you shouldn’t even be in this country. Two — you’re sterilised: how the fuck would we ever have children? ‘C’ — sterilised or otherwise, you’re not allowed to marry white girls: that’s the law. Five –” and Alison was speaking more stridently now, “what the fuck does ‘love’ have to do with getting married anyway? And how the fuck do you know you’re in ‘love’ with me, just from fucking my ass? We live in an Enlightened continent, Rob — or has Mister Daniels not fucking noticed? Here, we fuck for pleasure — pure pleasure. And ‘love’ has fuck-all to do with it! Six –” and now Alison’s voice was reaching fever pitch, “in case you hadn’t noticed, I am a fucker! I am going to be the greatest fucker this country has ever known, because this is one of the greatest and noblest callings anyone can have, and nothing and no one with their fancy alternative philosophical notions about ‘love’ is going to stop me. And… uh… four,” — Alison lowered her voice conspiratorially — “this talk is fucking dangerous! Do you know what they will do to you if they find out that you, a black man, have been declaring love to a nice, well brought up, white fuck-slut? You could be culled, Rob, for fuck’s sake — is that what you want?!” Alison stared in anguish at Rob, her hands trembling.

There was a long silence. Rob’s eyes were moist and his lips twitched. Eventually, his eyes downcast, he said softly, “I’m sorry, Alison. I’m sorry. Okay, I’ll go now. Please forgive me. I won’t bother you again.” Rob stood up, walked to the door, opened it, and paused. If he was hoping to be able to say anything back to Alison, or indeed if he was hoping for a change of mind from her, he was mistaken, for Alison added, as a strident afterthought, “And what the fuck is wrong with your sister? She refuses to talk to me — or even let me eat her cunt! She calls me ‘amazing asshole’, calls Brad ‘dinky dick’, and — get this — refuses to let him fuck her throat! What the fuck is that all about?” Rob did not reply, but, eyes still downcast, nodded and, without a backward glance, left, shutting the door quietly behind him.

Alison sat on the edge of her bed, naked, shivering, dishevelled, and smelling slightly of illegal bahis semen. “FUUUUUUUCK!” she screamed hoarsely at the door — but this time it wasn’t out of pleasure but agony. “FUCKING DICKHEAD! WHAT THE FUCK? GO FUCK A DOG, YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE! HOW DARE YOU?!” She began to bawl uncontrollably. “No, no, no. Why is this happening to me? Oh fuck, what do I do now? What do I fucking do?”

Alison leapt up and ran, still naked and sobbing, to the door, and down the corridor to Claire’s room. She did not bother to knock, but barged straight in, whimpering, “Claire, baby, help me. I need help. Oh fuck…” Claire and Bradley were sitting naked side by side on Claire’s bed, watching a fuck-flick on the screen. They had obviously been jerking each other off, as the fingers of Brad’s left hand were glistening at the spread lips of Claire’s pussy, and Claire’s right fist, smeared with cum, was wrapped softly around Bradley’s semi-flaccid cock.

“Oh baby, I’m so sorry,” said Claire, leaping up to give her friend a hug. “What did he say?” Claire kissed Alison on the lips tenderly, accidentally smearing cunt-juice on her right cheek and man-cum on her left. Bradley continued watching the screen — which showed a voluptuous young blonde kneading her tits and making eyes at the camera whilst issuing jerk-off instructions — but helpfully turned the volume down so the girls could talk.

Alison recounted her brief conversation with Rob, as best as she could through her sobs. “What do I do? What do I do?” she repeated. “How dare he violate me in this way? All I did was let him fuck my ass — like any decent girl would — and now tells me he loves me?! Oh God, the shame… How will I ever tell Mommy and Daddy?”

“Fuuuck… fuuuck…” crooned Claire comfortingly, as she gently kissed Alison’s face, stroked her hair out of her face, and caressed her breasts. “It wasn’t your fault — remember that.”

“Oh, but what will people say if they find out? They’ll say I was asking for it, that I led him on, that I wasn’t dressing sluttish enough!” Tears flowed down Alison’s face uncontrollably, and her nose was running. “And all I did was let him fuck my ass!”

“And come on your face…” added Claire, helpfully.

“Yeah, okay — but for him to go from that to saying he loves me! NO, NO, NO!!!” Alison dissolved into anguished sobbing again.

“Fuuuck… fuuuck…” Claire comforted Alison, tenderly licking the tears and snot off her face, and stroking her breasts. “Hey baby slut, you’re too upset to go back to your room tonight. How about you stay here with me, sweet cunt, so I can make you feel better? Fuuuck… fuuuck…” Bradley continued to stroke his cock as he watched the fuck-flick; the girl on the screen was now sticking alternate fingers in her pussy and slurping her juice off lasciviously.

“Oh, thank you, babe: is that okay? Maybe I’ll feel better in the morning,” Alison snivelled, sticking out her tongue needily; Claire gently sucked it between her lips, making Alison dribble spit down her chin. “Baby,” whimpered Alison, “I feel so violated, so tainted. I need to feel like a fucking slut again. Please can you spit on me? I think that’ll make me feel better.”

“Of course, babe,” replied Claire, gathering a gob of saliva in her mouth before spitting it in Alison’s face, so that it oozed down her nose. Alison nodded gratefully. “You need to be treated with respect for a change,” continued Claire. “Fuuuck… fuuuck…” She hawked more sputum from her throat, spitting it over Alison’ face. “Do you want me to piss on your face too, baby? I can do that for you if you want.”

“No, just spit on me; my Mommy always does that when I’m upset. I just need to be treated like a filthy whore again. All this ‘love’ shit has fucked my brain.”

“Fuuuck… fuuuck…” crooned Claire soothingly, continuing to spit into Alison’s face, then rubbing the warm slime all over her cheeks and forehead. “Kneel down, Al,” she said, then called: “Hey, Brad, quit watching that fuck-flick, and come here and put some cum on Al’s face. She needs reassuring.”

“Sure thing,” said Bradley. His cock was fully hard again, thanks to the girl on the screen, who was now enthusiastically ramming her whole fist in and out of her cunt. He got up, still stroking his dick, walked over to Alison, and very efficiently sprayed half a dozen spurts of cum onto her face.

“There,” said Claire reassuringly. Now you look like a proper fucker again. Do you want me to take a picture?”

“No, I’ll just look here.” Alison walked slowly over to Claire’s full-length wall mirror, and looked at her reflection. It was a relief to see her own face covered with a gloopy mess of spit, snot and cum — she really did look like a fucker, not like the beloved child-bearing wife Rob wanted her to be. “Oh, you know how to make me feel better, guys — thank you,” she said, her voice cracking with emotion as her eyes teared up and her nose began to run again. She inserted her middle finger in her cunt, tasted it, and then stuck it up in an obscene gesture towards her reflection in the mirror while pouting her lips sluttishly. “This is what life is meant to be like,” she said out loud to her reflection. “Pleasure. Pure fucking pleasure. None of this ‘love’ shit.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32