Ain’t Misbehaving

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“So? Punish me already!” Elena said.

She’d again left trash in the car after Seth had washed it.

“You are so walking into a danger zone,” Seth told her, a stern look on his face.

He said this ignoring the fact that they had two couples over for a nice dinner. Her insolence got to him on a regular basis. He and Elena had a routine they liked to do when she “misbehaved.” She’d toyed with him by taunting him in front of their guests and he was having none of it.

Elena whistled a tune, an annoying pop tune that admitted she’d done it again.

“Okay Elena, you’ve crossed the threshold.”

She gave Seth an “I dare you” look.

To their guests he said, “I’d better explain. Elena and I are into spanking. Sometimes it’s for pleasure, and sometimes it’s for punishment. It might sound serious, but spanking her is a game we play. She taunted me a few minutes ago by saying ‘Punish me already,’ and then by whistling that damn tune. Elena knows how much I hate that tune, don’t you, Elena? She called my bluff, but now I’m calling hers.”

Elena nodded sheepishly, her face reddening, mouth open. She couldn’t speak, afraid of what their friends might think and that Seth would spank her in front of them. He wouldn’t spank her in front of their guests, would he? The thought terrified her!

“What I want to ask is, would it offend you if I spanked her now?” he continued.

Their friends, Joe, Misty, Clay, and Brooke looked at each other. None of them knew what to say.

“I think you should pretend we’re not here, if you’re going to do it,” Joe said in a moment.

“Yeah, I agree,” Brooke said. “It doesn’t matter if you do it bare-assed or not. We’ve all seen butts.”

“Okay, young lady, you heard them. Over my knee,” Seth said as he backed up his dining chair.

“You’re no help at all!” Elena said to their guests. “I ain’t misbehaving, just having fun!”

“Down!” Seth ordered her.

“Oh, come on, Seth!” she pleaded.

“Down!” he repeated.

Elena didn’t see how she had any other choice. She got into position over her husband’s knees.

“Raise your skirt.”

Elena turned her head and gave him a disapproving look, but she obeyed. kaçak iddaa In a moment her black skirt was around her waist, revealing her orange panties. She hung her head.

“You know you were a bad girl, don’t you?” he asked.

“Yes,” she replied meekly.

“Then say it! Tell our guests that you were a bad girl and that you deserve punishment.”

“I,” she said, squirming in his lap.

Her face flushed red with shame and humiliation.

“Say it!” he demanded. “The longer you take to say it, the worse your punishment will be.”

“I was a bad girl,” she said in a quiet voice.

“And you deserve to be punished,” he said.

She said nothing.

“And you deserve to be punished,” he said again, pulling her hair.

“I was a bad girl and I deserve to be punished!” she blurted at last.

Seth ran his hand over her butt for a moment and then raised it.

Crack! His hand came down on her sweet flesh. Crack! Came his hand down on her other cheek. The blows weren’t hard, but they made Elena raise her head. She found she looked straight into Misty’s eyes, and it made her blush. That meant that Clay and Brooke had a first-rate view of her butt.

The spanking continued, alternating on each cheek. Each time Seth’s hand came down on her tender ass, Elena jumped a little and her eyes met Misty’s. As he went on, the spankings got harder. As always, Elena felt her pussy get wet. How could she help it, with her clit pressed against Seth’s knee?

Misty held her hand in front of her mouth. She wore a slight smirk, knowing Elena had become aroused.

Seth stopped, for which Elena was grateful. Her butt felt warm. It shocked her when Seth grabbed the waistband of her panties and pulled them down over her hips!

“Seth!” she protested loudly. “What the hell are you doing?”

“Joe said we should pretend they’re not here. So that’s what I’m doing,” he replied.

Elena felt her face fill with heat.

“Damn you, you bastard.”

Elena’s ass felt cooler once they slid over her ankles and high heels. Her satisfaction was short-lived.

Seth picked up where he left off. He continued to swat her butt, each spank harder than the last. Now Elena kaçak bahis let out a little yelp with each smack of his hand.

Her shaved pussy drooled. She hoped Clay and Brooke couldn’t see it, but she felt Seth’s pants getting damp underneath her. The spankings continued. Her ass felt on fire. She was sure Clay and Brooke had a stellar view of her pink butt. Now it began to sting like a son of a bitch.

“Enough! Enough!” Elena said loudly. “I’m done!”

Seth stopped.

“Have you learned your lesson?” he asked.


“No, I don’t think you have,” he said.

The words filled her with dread.

“Not only did you irritate the hell out of me, you had no regard for my feelings and did it in front of our guests. I don’t think you’ve had enough.”

With that he slipped his hand under her to cup her pussy. He moved it a little, and it slid around her swollen lips.

“Oh my god, Seth,” she whispered.

Why would her husband go this far in front of their guests? Spanking was one thing, but this was?—?she had no words for what this was. In a moment, it no longer mattered.

“Wet. Look how wet you are, little slut,” Seth said.

Elena’s face felt warm with shame.

Seth slipped his middle finger up to her clit and started to rub it. Elena melted in the feeling, no longer caring who saw her. Her eyes closed as her mouth opened in a passionate moan. She was gone, lost in her ecstasy. Seth slipped his fingers over her slick folds. Two fingers made their way between her swollen lips and penetrated her. The slick, squishy sounds as he fingered her in front of their guests embarrassed her.

Elena’s legs had fallen apart, revealing her pink interior. Her glistening folds contrasted with the dark brown lips that surrounded them. Elena felt on display, and to her surprise it turned her on all the more. Her sheath accepted Seth’s fingers, grasping and pulling at them. Instinct made her push and pull with her inner muscles, which made her snatch open lewdly. She imagined Clay and Brooke behind her with a clear view inside her pussy.

Seth’s other hand worked up to her ass, taking some pussy nectar along the way. To her horror and delight, he worked a illegal bahis finger deep inside her ass. He moved his other hand back to her hot clit as he finger-fucked her. Gasping and moaning, her eyes opened to see Misty staring at her and smiling in approval. That did it.

Elena came, crying out for Seth to do her. She bucked in delirious passion across his lap as her orgasm washed over her. And then it was over.

As she lay panting in Seth’s lap, she became aware of how wet she’d made his pants. They were soaked! Her ass had a thrilling sting inside and out, and her pussy felt happy.

Everyone applauded her performance.

“Bravo!” Brooke, a classical musician, said. “Well done!”

When the applause died down, Elena asked, “Am I forgiven now?”

“You’re forgiven. You may get off my lap. But don’t go too far.”

Elena slid off Seth’s lap, stood, and smoothed out her skirt back into place. She could hardly face her guests, but there they were. They smiled, and she noticed that Joe and Clay had hard-ons bulging in their pants. She wondered if Misty and Brooke were wet, and licked her lips at the thought.

She bent over to pick up her panties, trying to avoid the obvious ass shot.

“No,” Seth said as he grabbed her wrist.

“Can’t I have my panties back now?” she asked.

“Nope. There’s one more thing.”

“Oh, come on, honey!” Elena said.

“You’re done when I say you’re done! You’ve been a bad girl tonight.”

“What else do I have to do?” she asked in an exasperated tone.

“You are to take my dining chair, and set it with the back to the corner of the room. Then you will sit on it and face the wall. No panties. Got it?”


Her tone revealed shame, exasperation, and acceptance. She did as she was told.

“What are you going to do?” she asked.

“We’re going to have dessert! Help me out in the kitchen, will you guys?”

Minutes later, they enjoyed their desserts while Elena sat in the corner. Her butt stuck out, still burning red.

Some days later, Elena had some news for Seth.

“Remember when you punished me in front of our friends?” she asked.

“Yeah! A fun time.”

“Misty told me something. She tried spanking him, and Joe is totally into it! Imagine that big burly guy getting paddled by his wife! She’s into it too, and loves it! They want to try pegging soon.”

Seth laughed and laughed.

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